Bert Bayne sat in the rear of the darkened club and watched his daughter perform on stage. She was naked, sandwiched between a man and a woman. The man rubbed his cock on her rump as the woman sucked her breasts.

Bert’s prick stiffened as he watched his daughter. She was in her early twenties, quite pretty, with curled blond hair and brown eyes. She was big-boned and full-bodied; not chubby, just firm with a full body. She had big tits and a big ass.

He stroked his crotch as he watched his daughter being licked. The woman, an attractive redhead, now had her face buried between his daughter’s thighs and was licking her pussy. The man had his dick at her mouth and she sucked avidly on it.

Bert’s peter was now stiff and throbbing and he openly rubbed it. Most of the other people sitting in the club did the same. The threesome on stage were putting on a hot show and all the spectators were affected by it; Bert most of all.

It had been two years since he had seen his daughter. He had served a stretch in jail for certain “underworld” offenses. His daughter Tammy had periodically written to him when he was in jail. In the last letter he had received from her, she had informed him of her move to Los Angeles, and the letter bore a return address that Bert guessed was a film or media location.

Upon his release from jail, he headed for Los Angeles.

The address indeed turned out to be a film company’s location: Firecum Productions, one of many XXX film production companies in the Los Angeles area. At Firecum Productions, Bert learned that his daughter had recently appeared in a film, but that she was not under contract to the production company and her current address was unknown. But he also learned that she, like a number of other “porno” actresses, worked in certain clubs when she was between films. He obtained a list of the clubs.

He would go to each one till he found his daughter, but he first wanted to see the film in which she had appeared.

It was easy enough to see it. The film was playing in a number of X-rated movie houses…

Bert sat in the movie theater and watched the film. It was hot and arousing. His daughter had a major role in the movie. He stroked his prick as he watched a man pump his dick from behind in Tammy’s cunt as she licked a woman’s pussy.

I’m going to fuck you, Bert silently said to his daughter on the screen. If it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to fuck you. He rubbed his rock-hard cock. And that’s not all I’m going to do. I’m going to ride you…You’re going to carry me…You’re going to work for me…You’re going to make me money–a lot of money.

After watching the film, Bert began his search in the clubs. It didn’t take him long to strike pay dirt. The third club he entered featured his daughter….

After the show was over, Bert went backstage. He saw the attractive redhead who had licked his daughter’s cunt in the show, and told her he was looking for Tammy. “Tell her that her daddy Bert is here and wants to see her,” he said. She smiled knowingly and cocked her hips. “Okay, daddy, I’ll tell her.” He watched her prance away to a door, open it and go in. She was dressed in a brief shift, and his mouth literally watered. She was one sexy fox, and Bert’s peter hardened even more. He hadn’t had any pussy in two years, and his dick was hard as a rock; it throbbed and ached.

A moment later she opened the door and called to him. He went over and she motioned toward the inside, “Tammy’s in there.” Bert entered the room.

His daughter was dressed in tight shorts and a halter. She smiled uncertainly at him and murmured “Daddy…”

“Hi, baby,” he said and went to her and took her in his arms. He pressed his stiff throbbing prick between her legs.

“Oh, Daddy,” she said softly. “I can’t believe it. When…when did you get out?”

“A few days ago,” he answered. He pressed his cock harder between her thighs and stroked her back. “I saw the show here.”

She looked down and said, “You did?”

“Yeah. It was good. Real good.”

She was clearly embarrassed. She hadn’t seen her father in two years, and when she did see him, there she was–working in a live sex club. The last time he had seen her, she wasn’t a “harlot”; now–she was a paid sex performer.

“I…I don’t know what to say,” she blushed and held her head down.

“No need to say anything. I saw the movie you were in too.” He nuzzled her cheek and neck, stroked her flanks and hips and mashed his hard peter upon her crotch.

She clearly felt his big hard throbbing prick grinding upon her, and she then knew the score; she understood the situation.

As they left the room, he brushed his hand over her big smooth rump; as they left the club, he ran his hand over it again. She drove to her place, and when she placed the key in the lock to open the door, he stroked her big soft butt.

“Would you like a drink?” she asked when they entered her place.

“Sure, baby,” he replied.

He didn’t waste any time. As she stood at the counter mixing drinks, he went up behind her, slipped his arms around her waist and pressed his crotch upon her rump.

He mashed his stone-hard cock into her butt, grinding it on her big smooth ass. He slid his hands under her halter and cupped her breasts, palming and kneading the cantaloup-sized knockers.

“Ohh,” she breathed out. “Oh Daddy.”

He turned her around, raked her halter up and went down on her tits, licking and sucking the big firm mounds.

“Umm, ahh,” she cooed as he flicked her nipples with his tongue and sucked her teats with his lips. “God, you are turned on,” she breathed huskily.

He unzipped his fly and pulled out his prick. It was big, rigid and throbbing. Her eyes widened and she licked her lips. “My god, you’re big.” She grasped his rod and stroked it. “It’s huge.”

He clasped her head and shoulder and pushed down on her. “Go down, honey. Go down on it.”

She went to her knees and he guided his peter to her face. “Suck it, baby. Suck it like you sucked that man’s cock in the show.”

She opened her lips and he slipped his dick in. He clutched her head and slid his prick into her warm wet silky mouth.

“Oh yes…ahh,” he groaned at the sensation of her lips and tongue on his cock. He drove his dick on in, and then began sliding it back and forth. “Oh yeah, that’s the way, baby,” he huffed. “That’s the way to suck it. Goddamn, but you’ve got a wet hot mouth. Oh baby, suck my prick, suck every inch of it.”

He hunched his crotch on her face, humping his peter down to her throat. “I’m fucking your mouth, baby,” he panted, “I’m deep-throating you.”

She sucked voraciously on his cock, using her palate, gums, tongue and lips.

He felt his balls swelling and the cum churning and swirling in his bag. He slid his dick out of her mouth and went down on his knees and pulled her down on her back. He unsnapped her shorts and slid them off, raised her legs and drew them back, and went down on her. He buried his face on her quim, rubbing it up and down and around.

He clasped her hips and went to town on her cunt. He slid his tongue in and licked and sucked her clit, then began jamming and flicking and jabbing his tongue in her quiff.

She clutched his head and lurched her pussy up, mashing and grinding it on his face. “Oh, ah, your tongue,” she panted. “Oh, it’s so long and thick–ahh–it feels like a cock.”

He tongue-fucked his daughter, jabbing and zipping his tongue up and down her cunt.

“Oh god, eat me, Daddy!” she gasped. “Eat my pussy. Fuck me with your tongue. Goddamn, it feels so fucking good!”

He ate her out for a good five minutes, then he slid his tongue out and mounted her.

He dug his dick up her cunt, stuffing it in her in one continuous stroke.

“Oh god, oh Daddy!” she cried. “Oh, you’re so big, so hard!”

She wrapped her arms and legs around him and lifted her pelvis up to give him full access to her cunt.

He pumped his meat in her, frigging her fast and hard, jabbing every inch of his prick in her quim.

“Oh, ah, you’ve got the biggest cock,” she gasped. “Oh, you’re filling me up–ahh, you’re fucking me to my core–oh god, no one’s ever fucked me so deep, so good!”

He pounded his peter in her, ramming it to her very marrow.

“Fuck!” he cried. “Fuck, baby, fuck!”

“Oh Jesus, oh hot cum!” she panted. “This is the best fucking I’ve ever had. Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me! Pump the meat to me, fill me up with cock!”

He jammed his entire dick up her quiff and let her have it. He pissed a stream of semen in her pussy.

“Cuming in you!” he gasped. “Hot cum deep in your cunt!”

“Goddamn, Jesus Christ, squirt it in me, Daddy! Squirt it deep!”

She panted and gasped and bucked and hunched as her father spurted gob after gob of semen in her….

Later that night, a young attractive woman entered the house. It was the redhead who had been in the show with Bert’s daughter. Her name was Ginger and she shared the house with Tammy. She was a sexy piece, and Bert began to formulate plans–monetary plans that would involve both his daughter and her.

The next morning, Bert awoke with a half-stiff dick. He got up and walked to the kitchen and saw his daughter standing by the counter preparing coffee. All she had on was a short silk slip. His prick hardened as he looked at her. She was pretty, with curled blond hair, deep brown eyes, peachy complexion and flesh, firm and full-bodied, breasts the size and shape of cantaloups, full creamy legs, and a big soft smooth rump. His cock reared up, rigid and throbbing.

He went up behind her and mashed his stiff aching peter on her ass, grinding it in that big soft butt. He ran his hands up to her breasts and rubbed and squeezed the big jugs.

“My dick’s as hard as a rock,” he rasped, hunching it on her rump.

“Oh Daddy, umm, ohh,” she breathed out huskily.

He pulled her ass down and entered her pussy from behind. He groaned with lust as his hard throbbing prick plunged into her warm damp snug quim. “Oh yeah, goddamn, sweet fucking cunt,” he hissed as he jammed his cock up her quiff.

He screwed her fully and soundly, cramming his entire peter in her pussy, frigging her with long strong solid full strokes.

“Ohh, oh Daddy, ahh,” she panted with passion and hunched back at him. “Oh, you’ve got the longest, thickest prick. Ah, ride me, Daddy, ride me.”

He squeezed her tits good and hard as he rapped his dick in her quim.

“Jesus Christ, this is heaven!” she cried. “Oh Daddy, you can ride me. I’ll carry you. Oh, you can stay here, Daddy, I’ll carry you!”

He rammed his big cock in her, screwing her fast and hard.

“Goddamn, sweet motherfucking prick fucking me!” she cried. “Ahh, I want it every day. Oh Daddy, fuck me every day–just like this!”

“Oh yeah,” he huffed, “gonna fuck you every day, baby, gonna pump the meat to you every day.”

He humped it in her, pounding his peter like a jackhammer in her pussy.

“Here it comes, baby,” he grunted. “Here it comes in your cunt.”

He jammed his dick to the hilt up her quiff and let her have it. He spewed a thick glob of sperm in her core.

“Oh god, Jesus fucking Mary, yes!” she cried. “Cum in me, Daddy, give me all you’ve got, squirt cum in your daughter’s cunt!”

He obliged her. He spurted a half-dozen gobs of semen in her marrow, filling her pussy up with thick creamy cum….

Bert knew it was just a matter of time till he would fuck Ginger. His daughter’s housemate knew the score; she knew he was screwing Tammy; she’d even seen them fucking once.

Bert’s cock jerked at the thought of that luscious redhead. She had a heart-shaped baby face, shimmering red hair falling in wispy waves past her shoulders, emerald eyes, creamy flesh, and a curvy voluptuous body. His peter shot up, stiff as a board, pulsating and aching at the thought of that delicious young pussy.

I’m gonna fuck you, Bert thought, stroking his prick. Gonna fuck you good.

The time came soon enough.

Tammy had gone out, leaving Ginger and Bert in the house. All Ginger had on was a short filmy robe. She mixed a drink and sprawled on the sofa. Bert knew the time had come. His dick was rock-hard and throbbing, and that luscious cunt was sprawled on the couch. Yes, now was the time.

He didn’t say a word. He strode to her, grabbed her legs and drew them back and went down on his knees before her. Her quim was wide-open to him. It was like a golden-red peach ripe to eat. He rubbed his whole face on it; then he snaked out his tongue. He slid and rubbed it on her clit, licking the nub with his tongue as he sucked it with his lips.

She lurched up, mashing and grinding her quiff on his face. She clasped his head and began gasping and panting.

He dug his tongue into her pussy, jabbing and flicking and twirling it.

“Ooh, ahh, umm, ahh,” she crooned and rotated her butt. “Ah, what a tongue! God, it’s as big as a cock. Oh, you’re fucking me–you’re fucking me with your tongue!”

He mashed and squeezed her big soft ass as he jammed his tongue in her cunt.

She reached down and clutched his crotch and rubbed his peter. He gasped with the sensation and pulled her down off the couch onto his lap. He hunched up and drove his hard prick into her quim. He didn’t hesitate. He plunged it up her quiff in one continuous stroke. Her pussy was hot, moist and snug. He crammed it good, rapping his dick hard and fast up her cunt.

“Oh god, what a cock!” she panted and hunched. “Ah, you’re a giant! Oh darling, I’ve never been fucked so good. Ooh, ahh, you’ve got the cock I’ve been searching for.”

He went down on her titties, sucking the nubs and flicking the nipples with his tongue.

“Oh, ah, suck, bite my tits!” she gasped. “Bite me, fuck me, ram it in me good. Rape me! Rape me hard!”

He frigged her fast and furiously, pounding his meat in her quim.

“Jesus Christ, what I wouldn’t give to be fucked like this every day!” she cried.

“Gonna give it to you every day, baby.” he hissed. “Gonna give you the prick every day.”

She climaxed twice before he shot his load in her. As he pumped cum in her quiff, she climaxed a third time. “Oh, ah, keep cuming!” she gasped. “Fill me up with fuck. Give me all your cum.”

He poured it in her, pissing a stream of semen deep in her pussy.

They shared an afterfuck. She swirled her cunt on his peter, and he felt it growing stiff again.

He pulled his dick out of her quim and guided it to her mouth. “Suck it,” he said. He clutched the back of her head and pushed his cock against her lips.

“Oh yeah,” he huffed at the sensation of his prick sliding between her lips and into her warm wet mouth. “Suck my dick, baby, suck it down to my balls.”

He fucked the luscious redhead’s mouth, pumping his peter to the hilt, down to her throat. She sucked his cock avidly, bobbing her head, working her lips, tongue, palate, gums all over it.

He gave a great cry of lust and heaved every inch of his prick in her mouth, down to her gullet, and let it go. He spurted a glob of sperm down her throat. She gulped and swallowed and sucked it down.

“Gonna feed you a diet of cum, baby,” he panted. “Gonna squirt cum in your mouth and pussy every day.”

Bert knew he had his daughter and Ginger. He knew he could fuck them every day and night. But he wanted more–much more. He wanted to live off them; he wanted to make money from them–lots of money. And he knew how he could do it. He would whore them out. But he knew he would need some help. He would need to “numb” them down. He needed to obtain some numbing agents.

It didn’t take him long to obtain what he needed. He was savvy; he knew where to go to get the agents.

He obtained quantities of stimulants and aphrodisiacal agents, and began giving them to his daughter and Ginger. At first he mixed them in drinks till the two women were stoned enough; then he had them to snort a powder form of the agents. The result was that his daughter and Ginger stayed bombed–and horny….

Bert watched as his first customer fucked Tammy. The man pumped his dick in her quim, frigging her good. Tammy was glassy-eyed and wore a stoned smile as the man humped her quiff. Bert also wore a smile. The man who was scewing his daughter had paid a goodly sum to him.

Tammy had her arms and legs wrapped around the man and was hunching her cunt to meet his thrusts. Her head was thrown back and she was gasping and panting.

Bert’s prick grew stiff watching his daughter being frigged, watching the man’s peter plunge in and out of her pussy. By the time the man shot his load in Tammy, Bert’s cock was rigid and throbbing.

The man rolled off Tammy, and Bert took over. He threw his daughter’s legs over his shoulders, clutched her big soft ass and stuffed his rock-hard dick up her cunt.

“Fuck!” he hissed. “Fuck, daughter, fuck!”

“Oh yes! Oh Daddy, give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!”

He screwed his young pretty daughter fast and hard, pumping his meat in her, pounding his prick in her quim.

“Oh yeah, hot fucking cum in you, baby!” he huffed. He grunted and growled as he emptied his balls in her, spewing a glob of semen in her pussy.

“Oh god, Jesus Christ–now!” she cried. “I’m cuming now! Cuming so fucking hot, so fucking good!”

Bert pulled his peter out. “She’s hot as hell,” he said to the man. “Fuck her again.”

The man mounted Tammy and frigged her again. She bucked and humped and gasped as he hunched his dick in her, screwing her with lusty jabs.

“Oh, ah, I can’t get enough,” she panted. “Can’t get enough cock. Oh god, keep fucking me, don’t ever stop–I want to fuck forever. I want a prick fucking me every day, every night, every minute. I want a prick stuffed in me all the time.”

The man poured it in her, spurting cum up her cunt.

As soon as the man rolled off, Bert grabbed his daughter, turned her over, pulled her up on her knees and pushed his peter between her rumpmounds. “Ah yes, up your ass, baby,” he hissed. “Up your sweet-fucking ass.”

He pushed and heaved his dick, digging it up his daughter’s big soft butt. “Goddamn, you’re tight as hell,” he huffed. “You’ve got the tightest ass I’ve ever fucked.”

“Oh, oh god, oh Daddy,” she gasped as he stuffed his big hard prick up her rump.

“Screwing your ass, baby,” he grunted. “Oh yeah–screwing that sweet tight ass. Goddamn, I’m gonna have you fucked every day. Gonna have cocks fucking your cunt, your mouth, your ass, every day.”

“Oh, ah, I want it, Daddy. Oh, Jesus Christ, I want cock! I want it every day.”

“You’re gonna get it, baby,” he said. “Every day–and every night.” He gave a mighty heave and rammed every inch of his cock up his daughter’s ass….

Bert stroked his dick in satisfaction as he watched the three men fuck his daughter and Ginger. The men had given him a nice sum, and Bert was pleased as punch. He knew he had a gold mine in his daughter and Ginger, and he intended to mine them for all they were worth. They’re going to make me rich, he thought. How lucky can you get. Two hot young pretty women who’ll do anything I want.

He looked at the three man screwing Ginger and his daughter. One man was pumping his peter in Ginger’s quim as another slid his prick in her mouth. She had a glazed look in her eyes.

Tammy was on her hands and knees and a man was humping her from behind. She had a glassy-eyed, stoned look.

Bert went to his daughter and guided his cock to her mouth. He pushed it forward and grunted with the sensation as it slid between her soft warm lips. He clutched her head and began fucking her mouth.

Ah, it doesn’t get any better than this, he thought as he pumped his dick in his daughter’s mouth. It sure as hell beats working for a living.

-The End-