I had been waiting for this day for 18 years, and had been planning it out for a few months. My best friend Sarah was out of town as a councilor at a youth camp. As usual my parents were gone also. That was ok though since it was the way Sarah and I had planned it. Sarah’s mother had died giving birth to her, and her dad had spent 40 hours a week slaving away at the factory to give her a good life. They were not wealthy, but they lived comfortably and I felt more at home there than in my own house. I had spent a lot of time there growing up because my own parents were out of town on business so much.

I took a long bath and put on my makeup along with a touch of my favorite perfume in some strategic spots. Then I put on my red dress and a pair of heels that were a bit higher than anything I was really used to walking in. I drove over and knocked on the door and Mr. Williams, Sarah’s father, answered.

I stepped in and tossed my purse and car keys on the coffee table. Then I told him it was my 18th birthday and I was planning to celebrate it in a special way and he was part of the plan. I could tell he wasn’t exactly comfortable with me being there. He saw the way I was dressed, and he knew I usually didn’t stop by when Sarah wasn’t home.

I stepped up to him and pressed my body against his then I kissed him. I could feel my nipples getting so hard and I felt his reaction too. I undid the button that was holding my dress up. He just stood back and stared as my dress fell to the floor at my feet and I heard him gasp. I just smiled at him then I turned around to model for him as he just stood there staring with his mouth open.

He was saying something about how I really should be leaving, but I just stood there a minute and he reached out to touch my breasts. He didn’t resist when undid his belt and unzipped his pants. Then it was my turn to be stunned. When I pulled him out I was staring at about 9 inches of rock-hard manhood. I had never seen anything like it. The boys I dated in school never had anything like that. I just smiled and kissed him again then kneeled down to attack that monster.

I stroked it and kissed it all over, and then I cupped his balls as I wrapped my lips around it. I was starting to get concerned about going through with my plan because he was so big. He moaned and put his hands gently on my head. He wasn’t trying to force me or anything, so I somehow knew I had to go through with it. I kept pulling him deeper and deeper into my mouth, backing off just when I thought I was going to choke. Then with one more attempt I pushed in and felt my nose against his body as my throat swelled with his fullness.

I was scared and pulled back pretty fast because I couldn’t breathe. He smiled down at me and asked if I could do that again, so I did it as I looked up into his eyes. They were pleading at me in a way I couldn’t resist so I did it again and kept it there as I used my throat to massage his manhood. I could feel his balls tightening and knew he was close, but I needed a breath so I backed off for a second and went back for more before he exploded filling my throat with so much come I thought it was going to run out my nose before I swallowed it all. I licked him clean as I enjoyed his moans.

It seemed to take him a minute, and then he seemed to come back to reality. He kept saying, “Oh my God Gina, what have I done.” He just kept saying that over and over. I held his hand and told him it was my birthday, I was in my birthday suit except for these “fuck me” shoes, and my birthday wasn’t over yet. Then I led him upstairs to the bedroom. He didn’t resist.

– The End –