This story is true some of the names and places have been changed But it is still true! First you should know that my Mothers, brothers, were all bikers, I remember as a small child, standing inside a circle of Indian motorcycles as they roared around and around me. Dink, D.R. and J.W. were my three favorites, she has nine brothers. One of the three was always willing to let a snot nosed kid ride along with them. As I grew into a teenaged boy with his hormones raging, my Uncles all got together and decided that I needed my own bike. No, I did not receive the old Indian Chief that I dearly loved and no my first bike was not a Harley. No I was not put on a piece of Jap crap either, they were all WW II vets, and no way was their nephew going to ride Jap steel. Then what was my first ride? It was a Triumph 650 Bonneville, a damn quick bike for a teen-aged boy just moving into his manhood.

Shortly after receiving this great gift, I learned there was a certain class of girls that liked the bad boys and hot bikes and at that moment I knew no matter what life handed me, I would always endeavor to be as my Uncles, a biker, true to his friends, and a lover to all the ladies that would let me.

My first sexual experience with something other than my right hand happened just shortly after my bike arrived. My oldest sister had a friend stay over for the weekend; she was in awe of the bike and right away wanted to feel the wind in her hair. So, being the young southern gentleman, I obliged by letting her place her firm well-rounded ass on the seat behind me. We rode for hours all over the county, down paved roads, across fields and down the old red dirt roads of Alabama. In my young mind I was on top of the world, a great bike, a young raven haired beauty behind me and nothing but road out ahead.

But we were young and of course had parents to answer too, so about 8:00 pm we started home, upon arrival my Mother was very upset and of a mind to draw and quarter me, but Dad, being Dad, said “leave my boy alone, he knows what he is doing!” Dad did always try to help me in the girl area when Mom was around. Any way after all was smoothed over the girls went off to shower and do girl things. I stayed out in the garage until about 10:00 pm washing and cleaning my bike, before I came in to shower and clean up. After the 10:00 news went off my parents were off to bed, my younger sisters were already asleep, and my oldest sister and her friend were preparing to go to bed. I was in the den watching T.V. there was a movie on, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was keeping my attention, because before I knew it, it was midnight.

I heard a noise coming from the kitchen and thought Dad was up for a late night snack, but shortly there after, this raven haired, dark brown eyed, beauty stuck her head into the den and asked if she could watch the T.V. with me. Sure I said, come on in. I was not prepared for the vision that greeted me when she came through the door.

Although this happened 28 years ago the memory is as fresh as if it were last night, she had on this sheer pink baby doll outfit, were it came from I don’t know…maybe she had planed something all along. But there in front of me was an angel willing to let me explore her fine firm body. Her tits were just beyond the budding stage, and beckoning to be licked and sucked. Her belly was firm and flat and smooth as any silk. Her pussy was covered with fine soft hair not yet coarse. Her ass was tight and firm as she bent over to let me have a look.

I was so close to cumming and hadn’t even taken my dick out of my pants yet…oh the joys and sorrows of being a young man.

She sat down next to me and began to nuzzle up close, I reached over and opened her top and placed my hand on her sweet small breast, at this point I could fell the precum dripping from my dick, I thought, my first and I am going to squirt before I ever get naked. She leaned over and kissed me, hard, wet and passionately. I took her hand and helped her stand so she could face me, then pulled her to me where she could set straddle of me while I licked and kissed her tits. She reached down and unzipped my jeans and took out my dick, I almost came when she touched it! I stopped her for just a moment while I regained my composure, by this time I had removed her top and she was dressed only in her panties, sheer pink see through and wet through and through. She leaned into me as I delicately sucked her breast and tongued her nipples; she reached down between us and started jacking me off as she rubbed my dick on her panty-clad pussy. It didn’t take long and her panties were covered with spunk shot from a dick that had yet to be inside a pussy.

We sat there like that for some time, me kissing and sucking her breast while my hands played with her ass, she continued to stroke my now semi-rigid cock with one hand while pulling my head and mouth to her breast with the other. After a while she stood up and slipped her panties off, taking them in her hand she began to wipe the cum from my dick and balls that I had spewed earlier, this was all it took and my cock was again a ready and willing participant in this game. Her cunt was so wet that as she stood up woman fluid ran down her thighs. New to this and not really knowing what to do I was left only to my instincts and at that very moment they told me to get on my knees and lick her love juice from the inside of her thighs…as I did this she moaned loudly and then bit her bottom lip, as if she were saying to her self, be quite don’t wake anyone. As I licked her thighs clean I moved up to her perfect young mound and I licked ever so softly across her lovely pink lips. Her scent was driving me over the edge, I was doing things and didn’t know if they were right or not, but I knew she seemed to be enjoying herself. As I was on my knees between her legs I reached up with my hands and spread apart her luscious lips and started licking, not fast but with long slow deliberate strokes from bottom to top, she began to quiver and shake, her knees buckled and all of a sudden my mouth was full, my face covered with so much of her honey that I thought I would drown. She collapsed into my arms and we sat there on the floor as I held her tightly and ran my fingers through her hair.

After a while she began to stir and I some what released her from my grip. She looked up at me with those beautiful dark brown eyes that seemed to sparkle even in the dim light in which we were surrounded. Those eyes still today I think they were the most perfect set I have ever seen.

She asked “Do you want to fuck me, are you hard again?”

Hell I was hard enough at that point I could have fucked forever; at least I thought so.

“Yes! I want to fuck you, again and again if you will let me.” I said.

I helped her to her knees then pushed her upper body onto the sofa so that her ass and back were facing me. I spread her legs so that I might place my knees between them and fuck her doggy style, but as I looked down the thought struck me, she has the cutest little tight ass hole, wonder what she would do if I licked it? So I leaned down and without warning I placed my tongue upon her tight pink, and yes it was pink, ass hole. She almost screamed as without warning to either of us she came again in buckets it seemed.

By this time my cock was throbbing and I knew it had to be relieved or it would burst. So I placed myself back into position and slid the head of my cock into her tight very wet pussy.

I almost came; my first piece of ass and it being so deliciously wet and warm was almost overloading my senses. But I did manage to hold on, just a while longer, as I slipped it into her deeper my mind was reeling, with pleasures here to for unknown. Now my dick is not huge by any means…but I gave her all I had and she seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. As I was stroking her sweet pussy, she did find it somewhere some how in her mind to let me know that she was not taking any kind of birth control and that I shouldn’t cum in her if at all possible. I wanted very badly to slam my cock deep inside and empty myself into her. I pulled out just before cumming and placed a load that seemed would fill a quart jar on her back

We lay there for what seemed like hours before we moved, but finally we did move and we gathered our clothes and walked down the hall to the bathroom. We washed one another, kissed and promised we would do it all over again the next night. We did and some other things too.

The next morning was somewhat; to say the least awkward. At breakfast we kept giving the other side ways glances. Finding a reason to touch one another and hoping that no one else would pick up on our little game. Damn how I wanted to put her on the table and fuck her brains out, now that I knew what fucking felt like I was having trouble containing my thoughts. But, I did have a job at the local shoe store, stocking the shelves and unloading trucks, and she HAD come over to spend time with my sister, so we went our separate ways to try to make it through the day.

All day I was trying my damnedest to figure a way of getting her on my bike and away from my house. I didn’t want to raise any suspicions, and my sister was kind of cool, I didn’t want her to be upset that her friend was spending more time with me than her. I wondered, how can I do this, where can I turn, who can help me? And then all of a sudden some one or some thing turned a light on in my brain! Call some of our mutual friends (my sisters and mine) and see if they would all get together that night at the local skating rink. Teenage meeting places are limited you know. I knew Mom and Dad would let us hang out there as long as we wanted and on Saturday nights there was always an all night skate deal going on. So the calls were made and the plan put into motion, damn even back then I was good!

I got off work at 5:00 and couldn’t wait to get home, the old Triumph was buzzing through town, as if she also could feel the urgency stirring in my body. I arrived in world record time, twenty minutes from down town to home…if Mom had known that SHE would have killed the bike and me both! As I parked the bike and walked around the garage to enter the house I heard noises coming from the back near the pool, I walked around the corner and there she was more beautiful than I thought, that red bikini set off her dark hair and brilliant eyes even more. She was magnificent, her flat belly, her firm young breast, and that ass, heart shaped and just big enough to fill my hands.

As she looked up and seen me, “Hey, you’re home!” she said.

I was brought out of my daze and realized that we weren’t alone and I was sporting some major wood.

I turned quickly as I spoke “We all going to the skating rink tonight?”

Almost as one she and my sister sounded with an enthusiastic yes. Although I hated to walk away from this vision of pure sexuality I had to get into the house and shower and get things ready for the night. As I entered Mom greeted me and as usual she wanted to know if I wanted something to eat.

“No, but thanks any way, Mom.”

Dad was in the den watching some ball game and he was in his own little world so I let him be. I showered quickly and then began making the phone calls, my cousin to cover my plans, my friends to keep my sister occupied and my best friend Steve just for moral support. So the plan was made, my cousin, since he had a driver’s license would pick up the girls and drive them to the rink, my friends would make sure my sister was having a fun filled night and keep her busy and Steve; well he was my safety valve, my look out so to speak. He and he alone would be told where T, the bike and I would be, if anything should happen he would come get us.

Now that I had everything arranged I needed to let her in on my little plan, but how? She and my sister were stuck to one another at this particular time and I had no idea as to how to separate them with out causing some one to ask questions. But when they came in to get ready for the night I saw my chance. I would tell her while my sister was in the bath, IF I could keep them from going in together. You know how women are, always needing a buddy in the bathroom. Don’t believe it? Set in a bar and watch, they always go in pairs!

But I did get my chance and she seemed even more excited than I. I think she really liked this; she was with one of the local bad boys and was being involved in clandestine affairs. I could tell by the glint in those big beautiful brown eyes that this would be a night to remember!

Everything was set, Mom and Dad, were cool. We were just down the road two or three miles and they knew Mr. Collins that owned the rink, so the all night skate was on! My cousin arrived between 7:30 and 8:00 pm to pick the girls up and I followed on the bike.

We all went in together, the girls, my cousin, Steve and myself. We stood and talked and done the usual teenaged bullshit. T walked over and slid herself under my arm and I gladly placed it around her. We stayed long enough to make sure my sister was thoroughly involved in having her night of fun, and then we slipped out, with just a nod to Steve.

Out, on the bike, wind in our hair, stars shining above of us. The night was ours!

The feel of her against my back was soothing, the sound of the motor, reassuring. I was on top of the world. At the time I didn’t know what to call it, but a warm southern night, on a bike that you own and a beautiful willing woman behind you, it’s sensual. A feeling that is hard to describe until one has been there. We rode, we stopped, we talked and kissed and played with one another and we rode again. We had all night and we were enjoying one another’s company. After awhile I headed the bike down an old dirt road and up to an old deer hunting camp Steve’s Dad had built, it was used only during hunting season and that was still a few months away. I coasted the bike to a stop and she stepped off. I turned so that I was not straddle of the bike but had both legs on the same side and pulled her to me. Without a word she kissed me then took my hand and led me inside. The camp was dark but there was a battery-operated light on the shelf so I turned it on. She was so beautiful, standing there in the dimness of that light, small, delicate and sexy! I walked over to her, kissed her deeply as I squeezed her firm ass. A slight moan escaped from her somewhere deep inside. I reached up to unbutton her shirt and she stopped me.

She said, “I will do it, you just watch.”

With that I sat down and let my eyes drink in the beauty of this young raven-haired vixen. She undressed and folded and placed her clothes neatly in a pile on the table, and then walked over to me and started to unbutton my shirt. She slipped her hands inside and around to my back stroking lightly and bringing chills up and down my spine. After removing my shirt she started to work on my jeans, but I stopped her. “Your turn.” I said. Without removing my jeans or my boots I walked over to the old chest where I knew blankets were kept for the cold nights spent there during hunting season. I reached inside and pulled one out and placed it on the table. I helped her on to it and had her lie down on her belly.

Slowly then and oh so lightly I started stroking her body with my fingers, touching her as if she were only a ghost. From her shoulders down her spine to those lovely ass cheeks my fingers traveled She was I thought purring much like a cat as it is being stroked. I continued down, the inside of her thighs, the back of her knees, her ankles, the soles of her feet. Every now and then a gasp would escape from her sweet luscious lips. I worked my way back up and occasionally would let my bare arms and chest touch her back and ass. At that moment I wanted so very badly to tell her that I loved her and that we would always be together, but something inside wouldn’t let me, maybe it was the code with which I was raised.

“Son, be true in everything you do. If you tell a bro something do it! If you want a piece of ass tell the woman don’t lie and tell her you love her…just tell her you want to fuck her cause you find her attractive.”

And damn this girl was very attractive! I moved back down her body with soft kisses and gentle licks. I little nip here and there. I was learning, trying to pay attention to her body, what brings about the best reaction, what happens when I touch her here or there? I spent quite a few minutes licking and kissing her ass; she seemed to enjoy that so much. I moved down her legs once more slowly until I reached her feet. Gently I took her left foot in my hands and raised it so as to kiss the soles of her feet. As I did she jerked slightly and with a giggle said, “Don’t! That tickles!”

I helped her roll over and she looked up at me with those eyes, eyes that you could swim in, deep dark brown beautiful eyes! She started to sit up but I firmly but gently placed a hand on her shoulder and bent over to kiss her breast. They were so sweet and firm, pink nipples jutting out begging for attention. Slowly I licked and kissed them both, while running my hand around in light circles on her belly. She was beginning to moan loudly, I was glad we were not at my parent’s house but out here all alone.

I trailed kisses down her taught flat stomach as I slid my hand down her thigh. I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my hand but I did not touch her there, no, not yet. I continued kissing down her legs to her feet, I made sure to give each toe equal attention. I started back up and it seemed that I could see smoke rising from her sweet honey pot, it seemed to be begging to be touched, to be stroked, to be licked, anything! I placed my hand just above her pussy, no not on it, but just above and pressed somewhat firmly and began to move it in circles, I guess this was just enough because she screamed as her body started to quiver and shake, there was a flood between her legs and her convulsions were causing a sexy sucking sound.

Quickly I grabbed a chair and then pulled her to the edge of the table so as to place her legs around my neck. Eagerly I placed my tongue upon her pussy, I don’t know if I ever directly touched her clit or not, I didn’t even know what one was at this time. But I began to lap up her juices, suck her swollen blood engorged lips, and stick my tongue inside her sweet tight honey hole. She rewarded me with another round of juice as she nearly tore my head off with her legs as she came.

After her body had a chance to settle down just a little, I picked her up and placed her in my lap. I held her as a mother would hold a small child and as she lay there in my arms, eyes closed, every now and then I could feel her body twitch as it was recuperating from her massive orgasm.

After awhile she began to stir and opened her eyes to look at me. “What happened?” she asked, “How long have you been holding me?”

“Just a while,” I answered, “I don’t mind I could hold you forever.”

She sat up and with amazement said, “You still have your boots and jeans on, when are you going to get naked?”

“Right now!” I replied.

I removed my boots and socks then stood to remove my jeans, but as I did she knelt before me and began to remove them Before my jeans were around my ankles she had taken my rigid young cock into her mouth. Now this was the first blowjob I had ever received and also the first she had ever given but hell, I didn’t know it could only get better, I felt I was in heaven. She sucked my dick hard and then would release the pressure and slowly move her lips back along the shaft. She reached up and put one hand on each of my hips as to steady herself. Now she began to move back and forth, back and forth in a steady rhythm, bringing me closer and closer to a massive explosion that I knew would choke her if she continued to keep my swollen rock hard cock in her mouth. Just as I was about to cum I let out with an animalistic grunt that must have told her something was getting ready to happen, because just at that moment she pulled back and I covered her face and pert young tits with what seemed like a gallon of cum. As I stood there weak in the knees and shaking to beat the band, she was laughing, laughing out loud!

“What is so damn funny?” I asked her, “Why are you laughing so?”

While wiping the fresh spewed cum from her face she said, ” That was fun, and you should have seen the face you made, I know it had to feel good!”

Feel good it did, but I wasn’t through with her this night, not by a long shot.

I helped her to her feet and found an old rag near the washbasin to clean the cum from her face. After gently wiping her clean I leaned down and kissed her and at the same time slid my hand down to her pussy. It was still very wet and oh so hot to the touch, I slid two fingers inside her. She moaned with approval,” Please” she said, “let’s move over to bed.”

I led her over to bed and she lay down, looking up at me, and with the cutest girlish grin she asked, “Are we going to fuck now?”

How could I refuse, we must have fucked in every position possible, starting with me on top, then her on top (that made me cum again, something about the woman on top and I can’t hold my beans). We fucked doggy style, we fucked sitting up with her straddle of me. Any way we could get my dick in her pussy we fucked. After a while we just lay there talking as kids do. Telling one another of our great plans for the future. And thinking we would live forever. I knew it was getting on near time for us to get back to the skating rink, but before we left I had one more thing in mind. I wanted to fuck her asshole and I wanted that badly. She had very strong objections to that one. But I did finally convince her to at least let me jack off on it while she reached back and spread her cheeks for me.

I went outside to an old cistern to bring in a bucket of water, we both cleaned up and dressed and promised one another that we would always be there for the other. Then, we walked out into the warm night air, through our legs over the Triumph and head back to the rink. We had quite a few more occasions to get together and it was great while it lasted. But eventually they had to move, her Dad had gotten a job in another state and he just couldn’t turn down the money. We lost touch, but sometimes when I am out there all by myself, and the Harley is playing its tune in the chilly night air, her memory comes to me, and I smile.

– The End –