Jackie sat at her impressive desk and surveyed the two men and the woman seated across from her. One man was in his twenties, tall, well toned but not too bulky, and quite handsome with his short, dark hair and equally dark eyes. He didn’t tell her his name and sat slightly apart from the other two, not speaking.

The other man, Matt, appeared to be a few years older. He was in his early thirties, tall, and a little more built than the other man. It looked like he worked out with weights regularly, but didn’t go overboard on the bodybuilding. His sandy colored, shoulder length hair hung over his forehead and a pair of piercing blue eyes were locked onto Jackie’s. Of the two men, he was definitely the more attractive. He was also more outgoing and did most of the talking.

The woman, Jackie learned, was the sandy haired man’s fiancĂ©. Her name was Lisa and she had long, light brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders in a natural wave. She had a strikingly beautiful face with high cheekbones , full pouty lips, and warm brown eyes. She also had a lithe, sexy figure, although her tits were a little on the small side. Overall, a very attractive woman.

“So, you’re all ready for your private party?,” Jackie asked after introductions and small talk.

Matt grinned and squeezed Lisa’s hand. “We haven’t been able to think about anything else for two days!”

Lisa returned his grin and licked her lips. “Mmmhmm!,” she said. “I’ve been wanting to do another woman for a long time. I can’t believe it’s actually happening!”

Jackie smiled graciously. “Your pleasure is my business, my dear, but it’s also my pleasure!” She turned to Matt. “There’s just the small matter of my fee and you can get started!” He reached into his jacket and pulled out an envelope, which he passed across the desk to Jackie. She glanced inside, then put it away in her desk.

“I’m sure it’s all there,” she said, standing. “Now, if you’ll all just follow me, I’ll introduce you to my assistant, Andrea, and she will show you to your suite!” The followed her into the lobby where Andrea was chatting with a busty redhead.

“Andrea!,” Jackie called out cheerily, waving her over. Andrea glanced over, waved, and spoke briefly to the redhead, then came over to them, a warm smile on her face. Jackie introduced everyone. “This is Matt, Lisa, and . . . I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name.”

The dark haired man managed a slight smile and shook Andrea’s hand. “Bob,” was all he said.

“Bob,” Jackie repeated. “They are your special eight o’clock appointment in the Presidential Suite.”

“Of course!,” Andrea said, her smile widening. “Very nice to meet you! Everything is all ready. All we need is you to get the party started!” She led them over to the elevator and pushed the button. The doors slid open and everyone but Jackie stepped in. She waved to them as the doors closed. Andrea took a key from her pocket, stuck it into a slot, and turned it. The elevator began to descend into the lower basement of the mansion.

Alyson and Jen sat nervously on the couch, holding hands and trying to remain calm. The drugs were still working, but horny as they were, it was still scary. Julia glanced up at the clock on the wall. Eight-ten. They should be on the way down by now. ‘Christ, I hope they’re not total perverts!,’ she thought as she watched the two girls whose childhood had come to an abrupt end two weeks ago and whose life would never be the same after tonight.

There was a click as the doorknob turned and Julia stood, gesturing for them to do the same. She smiled, urging them to smile as well. She thought they managed not to look too terrified, even though she knew they were.

They watched in silence as Andrea brought the three clients into the room. Jen was relieved to see that Julia hadn’t lied. None of them were fat or ugly.

Julia was also relieved when she saw them. Her instincts told her that this may not be as bad as she feared. While it was impossible to predict what someone would do when they were able to act out their wildest sexual fantasies with little or no thought of the consequences, her intuition told her that they weren’t as crazy as some of Jackie’s clients had been in the past, although the quiet man with the dark hair looked like a wild card. There was something about him that set off a red flag.

Andrea put on her most syrupy smile and made introductions as if they were all old friends of hers. She watched them carefully as they inspected the girls.

“Very nice,” Matt said, walking around behind them. Lisa and Bob nodded their agreement.

“Then I’ll leave you alone,” Andrea said with a smile. “If you need anything at all, just pick up the phone and ask.” With that, she disappeared through the door, leaving the six of them alone.

Matt stepped behind Jen. “What do you think, honey?,” he said, stroking her long, blonde hair. “Blonde . . . ” He moved over to Alyson, caressing her shoulder. “. . . or brunette to start?”

Lisa walked over and looked closely at them both. “Hmm . . . decisions, decisions!” Alyson felt like she was on display at an auction. Lisa placed a finger on her upper lip and looked thoughtfully from Jen to Alyson. “Why don’t we let Bob chose first?”

Bob came over and circled each girl, studying them carefully. He paused at Julia, but then his eyes fell on Alyson. He went over to her and raised her chin, gazing into her scared eyes. He could see the fear in them and she trembled under his piercing stare.

“This one,” he said quietly and took her by the hand. Alyson glanced over at Jen as Bob led her away, but Lisa was already caressing her cheek and Matt was kissing Julia. She allowed Bob to lead her to one of the couches and they both sat down, Alyson perched nervously on the edge of the cushion. Bob moved up, sitting next to her.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, Alyson,” he said. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. “I promise,” he said with a reassuring smile, looking deep into her eyes. Alyson swallowed hard and smiled back, but was too scared to speak. Bob leaned over and kissed her softly, his hands sliding down her arms to her waist, then to her thighs. Alyson found herself a little turned on by his tender touch and warm kiss. She returned his kiss, relaxing a little, her tongue flicking across his as it pushed into her mouth.

His hands went to the buttons of her skirt and undid it. Alyson kissed him harder, driving her tongue even further into his throat. Then she released his lips and stood up, allowing the plaid skirt to drop to the floor at her feet. She kicked it aside and stood before him demurely in her white panties, long white stockings, and thin white blouse.

He leaned forward and grabbed her blouse, ripping it open with one quick motion, buttons flying everywhere. Alyson gasped and jumped, startled by his sudden aggressiveness. Her hands flew automatically to her breasts in an attempt to cover them with the torn top. Bob stood up, pulled her hands away, and took her destroyed blouse off, tossing it onto the floor next to her discarded skirt.

Alyson stood there, half naked and trembling, while Bob examined her firm young tits. He grabbed one, kneading it roughly, then the other, watching her face for a reaction. She made a small cry and looked terrified, which she was, but made no attempt to interrupt his fondling. Andrea’s words still rang in her ears and she allowed him to continue without resisting. But when he tore her shirt off, he lost any hint of trust his kind words had given her.

Her released her tits, giving each nipple a quick twist. She winced in pain and he smiled a little. “Unfasten my pants and take them off, Alyson,” he said quietly, but firmly. Alyson swallowed hard and forced her hands to reach out and grip the button of his jeans. They shook so badly that it took her a few tries to finally get them undone. She began to pull them down and soon spotted the familiar bulge in his boxers. She crouched down to pull them all the way down and he stepped out of them, then stood back up, her head bowed. He raised her face up with one finger so she was looking into his eyes. There was a contemptuous smirk on his face. “Now the boxers,” he said. Knowing that she had no choice, she reached for the waistband and began to lower them. His hard cock sprang out as she did, the tip glistening with precum.

“All the way off,” he said, pushing her to her knees. As she knelt and finished removing them, the strong musky aroma of his precum filled her nostrils. Despite her fear and loathing for what she was being forced to do, the scent somehow excited her and she couldn’t help staring at his hard dick as it bobbed in front of her face. While it wasn’t quite as big as John’s had been, it wasn’t small. Probably about seven or eight inches long, and not as thick, either.

She tossed the boxers aside and started to rise, but he pushed her back down. She looked up at him, already knowing what he wanted her to do. He looked down into her pleading eyes and with the same sadistic smirk on his face, placed his hands on the back of her head.

“Open wide!,” he sneered and pushed her mouth toward his hard cock. Alyson swallowed, opened her mouth, and closed her eyes.

Jen watched Bob lead Alyson over to the other couch, then her attention was diverted by a hand touching her cheek. She turned to see that it belonged to the woman, Lisa, who was smiling at her.

“You’re very pretty,” Lisa said, looking her over. “Have you ever been with a woman before?” Jen nodded her head silently.

“Really?,” Lisa exclaimed, surprised. “I thought you were still a virgin?”

Jen lowered her eyes from Lisa’s warm brown ones. “I . . . I am,” she replied quietly. “They just taught us . . . things.”

“Oh, I see!,” Lisa said, nodding her head. She moved her body closer to Jen’s, her hand slipping from her cheek to her shoulder, then lightly brushing across her perky breasts.

“Such nice, firm tits,” she murmured, her eyes moving up to meet Jen’s. Just then, Bob ripped Alyson’s shirt off and they both turned in time to see it drop to the floor, revealing her bare breasts.

“Mmmm . . . are yours as nice in the flesh as hers are?,” Lisa asked in a sultry voice. She continued watching as Alyson removed Bob’s pants. Matt came over to Lisa.

“Hold on, honey,” he said, placing a hand on Lisa’s arm. “We agreed that Bob and I got first crack at these two.” He motioned for Julia to come over. “Julia tells me that she’s been with lots of women. I think you’d have more fun with her.”

Lisa looked over at the petite blonde with the huge tits. “I suppose,” she said, chewing on her lower lip. She looked back at Jen. “Maybe we can play later?”

Matt chuckled and kissed her. “Of course, darling. We have no time limit here.” She kissed him back and walked over to the bed with Julia, where they both sat down.

Matt looked at Jen, taking in her beautiful face and equally gorgeous young body. “Now, why don’t you and I get better acquainted,” he said with a smile, and pulled her close to him. “Lisa’s right, you are beautiful!” He turned her around and squeezed her ass over her skirt. “Very nice,” he murmured. “But this . . .” He grabbed the button of her skirt and ripped it off, sending it flying somewhere under the bed. “. . . has to go!” He unzipped it and it fell to a pile at Jen’s feet. At his urging, she stepped out of it, fighting back tears.

“Yes,” Matt said, running his hands over the tightly stretched fabric of her cotton panties. “Very nice, indeed!” His hands went to her waist, then up her torso and around to grasp her tits. Jen closed her eyes as he gently squeezed and caressed them. She was still terrified of what they planned to do to her, but something about it also excited her, and she didn’t know why. Her pussy was already wet at the thought of it.

Matt’s hands went to the buttons of her shirt and he undid each one slowly, then slid it over her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. His hands went back to her tits, this time teasing and pinching her nipples until they were erect and very sensitive. Jen gasped in surprised pleasure at how good he made her feel! He turned her around to face him, his eyes dropping to her firm tits.

“My, my . . . that is one fine rack, my dear!,” he exclaimed with a little grin. Jen managed a slight smile, remembering Andrea’s words about pleasing the clients.

“Now, let’s see those legs!,” he said, kneeling down before her.. He slowly rolled her stockings down one at a time, then had her sit on the couch. She lifted one leg, then the other so he could pull them off.

“There!,” he said, running his hands along her long, slender legs up to her thighs. “Almost finished!” He stood and pulled her to her feet and placed his hands on the waist band of her white panties. Looking her straight in the eye, he hooked his fingers in them and ripped them apart in a lateral motion.

Jen jumped, the sudden move surprising her. Matt held up the shredded panties and grinned impishly. “Oops!” He held them to his nose and breathed in the scent of her sex deeply. “Ahhh!,” he sighed, then dropped them to the floor.

Jen now stood completely naked among these strangers. Her long blonde hair fell over one shoulder, partially covering one of her tits. Matt brushed the hair away and let out a low whistle. “Wow! Take a look at this, honey!”

Lisa and Julia were locked in a passionate kiss. Lisa looked over at them and bit her lip at the sight of Jen’s gorgeous naked body. She smiled and nodded approvingly before Julia pulled her back and they resumed making out.

“Now undress me,” Matt said, placing Jen’s hands on the waistband of his jeans. Jen slowly undid the button and unzipped the fly. Matt pulled the golf shirt over his head and off, exposing a well toned chest. Jen couldn’t help but stare for a few seconds before tugging his jeans down to ankles. He pulled her up to her feet and embraced her, moving his lips to hers and kissing her deeply. She obediently returned the passionate kiss. While they kissed, he put her hand on the growing bulge in his boxers and she rubbed his cock through the thin fabric. It was as least as thick as John’s had been and was nearly as long.

‘He’ll tear me in half with that!,’ she thought to herself as her fear rose. She fought back her fear and concentrated on the warm, sensuous kiss. He was a good kisser and she was actually enjoying kissing him. After a few minutes he broke off the kiss and pulled back a little.

“Ok, honey. . . time to get this show started!” He pushed her to a sitting position on the couch and stepped up in front of her. “You know what to do.” He tossed his head in the direction of Bob and Alyson. Alyson was on her knees, sucking on Bob’s cock.

Jen glanced over, then reluctantly grasped the waistband of Matt’s boxers and pulled them down. His big cock sprung out, fully grown, right in front of her face. He waved it at her and, with a look up at his face, she grasped the thick shaft and began to slowly stroke it. Matt gripped her long blonde hair and pulled it back behind her head, then gently pushed her head forward toward his throbbing meat.

Just as the soft tip touched her lips, Jen opened wide and allowed him to push her mouth onto the huge organ, forcing almost half of it into her warm, wet mouth. She rubbed her tongue along the underside of the shaft and sucked hard on it, trying to please him as Andrea had ordered. Matt moaned and began to slowly pump his thick cock in and out of her mouth. ‘At least he wasn’t as rough as John had been,’ she thought. Actually, she didn’t find it real unpleasant, considering the circumstances. After a few minutes of her slow cocksucking, he pulled it from her lips. She gently kissed the tip before looking up at him.

“That’s enough for now,” he said with a lusty grin. She leaned back on the couch, her legs together. Matt knelt before her and put his hands on her knees. “Now let me have a taste of you!” He pushed her knees apart to reveal her pink pussy. The lips were swollen and there was a light peach fuzz of blonde hair covering her mound. “Ahh, a true blonde, I see,” he said with a wink and a grin. Jen forced another smile.

“Slide up a little,” he said, pulling her toward him so that she was perched on the edge of the cushion. He leaned down and ran a finger lightly over her wet, swollen lips. Jen leaned back and sighed, her eyes closing. It felt so good!

He kept rubbing her slit, the wet pink flesh warm on his finger. He slid along her lips to her erect little clit. Jen shuddered as his finger brushed against the sensitive little sex organ. Then he moved down, seeking her tiny virgin opening. He found it and gently pushed a finger into her, causing her to gasp in pleasure. He pushed it in slowly until he touched her intact hymen and grinned at her.

“You really are a virgin!,” he exclaimed. Jen opened her eyes and nodded. He pulled his finger from her warm, wet hole and sniffed it, then held it up to her lips. She opened her mouth and he pushed it inside, watching her intently as she sucked the juices from it. When it was clean, he pulled it from her lips and lowered his mouth to her sweet, virgin pussy.

Julia led Lisa to the bed and sat down beside her, looking over the petite brunette lustily. “Have you ever been with another woman?,” Julia asked her.

Lisa smiled nervously. “No, but it’s always been a fantasy of mine.” She reached out and tentatively touched one of Julia’s huge tits. “They’re beautiful!,” she whispered, not taking her eyes off them. Julia smiled and touched her cheek. They slowly moved closer, their lips almost touching. Lisa’s eyes were closed, lost in Julia’s tender touch. Julia moved closer and kissed Lisa’s soft lips, her tongue probing at them.

Lisa was surprised at the softness of Julia’s full, luscious lips. When she felt her tongue pushing at hers, she parted them, allowing Julia’s soft, warm tongue to touch hers. Caught up in the passion, Lisa opened her mouth and devoured Julia’s tongue, sucking on it as it darted into her mouth.

They slowly pulled apart and Julia smiled at Lisa. “That was nice!,” Lisa exclaimed, returning her smile. “So much different than kissing a man!” She licked her lips, her eyes locked on Julia’s. “show me more!,” she whispered. Her eyes blazed with lust.

Julia slowly unbuttoned her blouse, never taking her eyes off Lisa. She didn’t take it off, but stood up and motioned for Lisa to unfasten her skirt. Lisa undid the button and zipper and let the garment fall to the floor at Julia’s feet, and smiled. Unlike the girls, Julia wasn’t wearing panties and her clean shaven pussy glistened with her juices. She reached out for Lisa’s hands and pulled her to her feet, then took one of her hands and pressed it to her wet snatch, watching her face for her reaction. Lisa slowly rubbed her fingers along Julia’s wet cunt, surprising herself on how hot it made her feel to be touching another woman’s pussy.

As Lisa continued to explore her pussy, Julia reached over and pulled her shirt off, revealing a very sexy black lace bra underneath. Lisa paused her fingering while Julia removed her shirt, and was about to resume when Julia pulled her hand from her pussy and held it up to Lisa’s lips. She smiled and nodded. Lisa hesitantly stuck out her tongue and touched it to her creamy finger. She licked her lips uncertainly, but Julia pushed her finger back toward her lips once more.

“Suck it clean! Show me how much you love my pussy!,” Julia purred. Lisa hesitated, then grinned and popped the wet finger into her mouth, sucking the juices from it.

Julia smiled. “That’s a good girl!,” she said, and kissed her long and hard. While they kissed, Julia unfastened Lisa’s jeans, then knelt down and began wriggling them down over her curvy hips. As she slowly worked them down, Julia saw that she was wearing a pair of black lace panties that matched her bra. She finished removing the jeans and ran her hands softly along Lisa’s slender legs, gently caressing the smooth skin.

She stood up and kissed Lisa again, pulling her slender body tight to hers. This time, she reached behind her back and deftly unhooked her bra. Julia pulled the sexy lingerie free and caressed Lisa’s small, but well formed tits. Her fingers danced lightly across the erect nipples, bringing small sighs of delight from Lisa.

Julia shrugged off her blouse and took Lisa into her arms again, their nipples pressing together as they shared a long, lingering kiss. Julia’s hands dropped to Lisa’s tight, round ass and she squeezed each cheek.

After the kiss ended, Julia pushed Lisa back to the edge of the bed and gently pushed her down on her back. She grabbed Lisa’s panties and Lisa raised herself up from the bed so she could remove them. The scent of Lisa’s sex was strong, mingling with the other sex smells in the room. Julia noticed that Lisa was shaved, too, with only a small triangular patch of hair left over her mound. She pushed her legs apart, then crawled up between them. She winked up at Lisa, then dove into her pussy with relish.

Alyson’s lips parted and Bob began pushing his cock into her mouth. When he reached the back of her throat, she started to gag.

“What’s the problem? Is my cock too big for you?,” he said, his face twisted into a sick grin. Alyson tried to pull free, but he held her head in place so she couldn’t. He kept pushing, trying to force his cock into her throat. Realizing that she either had to swallow it or choke on it, Alyson raised up and leaned her head forward, lining her mouth up with her throat. Slowly, she relaxed her throat muscles and began to swallow Bob’s huge prick.

“Ah, that’s it!,” he moaned. “Yeah, bitch! Take it all!” After what seemed an eternity, Alyson finally felt her nose bump against his stomach and her lips around the base of the shaft. Bob began a slow fuck, but her throat was so tight, he nearly came right away. He pulled out, leaving Alyson coughing and gasping for air.

“Maybe we’ll do that again later,” he said as she finally stopped coughing and caught her breath. “Right now, I want a shot at the hot little cunt between your legs!”

Alyson closed her eyes, fighting back tears. So this was it. After protecting her virginity for that special someone, it was going to be stolen from her by this uncaring asshole! Her eyes overflowed onto her cheeks, but she didn’t sob or cry openly. They ran down her face in tiny rivulets, dripping onto her chest.

“Aw, what’s the matter?,” Bob sneered. “We’re only gonna fuck! You might even like it!” He pulled her to her feet and roughly pushed her toward the bed. She stumbled, nearly falling to the floor. She regained her balance, but he pushed her again and she fell onto the bed. Julia looked up, but quickly went back to what she was doing with Lisa. ‘Fucking asshole!,’ she thought.

Alyson landed on the bed face first. Bob quickly grabbed her ankles and twisted them so that she was lying on her back. He glared at her, his mouth twisted into an evil grin; his eyes wild.

“Crying won’t help, bitch! I’m gonna fuck you until I cum all over that hot little body! Then you’re gonna suck my dick until it’s hard so we can do it again!” Alyson cringed at his words. He was obviously insane, which scared her more than she thought possible. The others looked over briefly at all the commotion, but no one said anything. Jen felt such pain for Alyson that she couldn’t hold back her own tears, but quickly wiped them away before anyone noticed.

Bob crawled onto the bed, forcing Alyson’s legs apart roughly. She was openly sobbing now, not caring who saw her. No punishment Andrea could inflict on her could be worse than this! Her tears only seemed to anger Bob.

“I told you crying won’t help!,” he yelled and slapped her across the face. Shocked by the painful slap, Alyson stopped crying. “That’s better,” he said and reached down to rub a finger over her pussy. He found her opening and he grinned. “Oh, I love a tight pussy!,” he exclaimed, grinning. “This is gonna be fun!”

He pulled his finger out and placed the tip of his cock against her tiny virgin hole. Alyson closed her eyes and gripped the sheets tightly. He applied pressure and she could feel her pussy spreading wider so that his soft head slid inside. He continued forcing the thick shaft into her, spreading her vaginal walls. It hurt like hell, but she wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry out. The pain was bad, but manageable. Then he came to her barrier.

Without even pausing, he shoved through it, ripping it apart. Alyson cried out despite her vow as he tore through her cherry and buried his cock deep in her untouched womb. The burning pain was tenfold what it had been at first and she felt like the thick penis was ripping her tiny body in half. She could feel the rough shaft inside her, gripped tightly by her tender vagina walls. She bit her lip against the pain, drawing blood. Bob leered down at her.

“That’s what a man feels like, bitch!,” he hissed. He began pumping in and out of her tortured pussy, watching her face contort in pain with every stroke. He wanted to really fuck her brains out – pound her mercilessly – but she was so tight, it wasn’t physically possible. The next time would be better, he thought. She’d be loosened up a bit. Maybe he could fuck her in the ass too! ‘Yeah,’ he thought, ‘That would really fuck her up!’ He chuckled at his own pun as he continued to pound away at the hapless teen’s pussy.

Alyson just lay there, staring in utter hatred at the sick bastard raping her. After a while, the pain had eased somewhat. She just felt numb from the waist down. No, she thought, from the neck down. In her mind, it wasn’t her he was doing this to. It was like she was watching it happen to someone else and she was helpless to stop it.

Bob noticed that she wasn’t responding like she had been earlier. “C’mon, slut! I didn’t pay for no dead fuck! Virgin or not!”

Alyson just stared blankly at him. What was his problem? Now he expected her to act like she was enjoying it? ‘No fucking way!,’ she thought, smiling to herself at her small victory.

“All right then,” Bob said, pulling his cock from her ravaged pussy. “Let’s try this then!” He flipped her over onto her stomach and pulled her ass up into the air. Spreading her legs, he found her opening once more and positioned his cock over it. He grabbed her hips and leaned over, putting his lips against her ear. “Take this!,” he hissed, and plunged his dick all the way into her aching pussy in one fast stroke.

“Unhhh!,” Alyson cried out. It felt like his cock was in so far it was bumping against some vital organ. Pleased with her reaction, he began to fucking her harder, pulling back on her hips as he thrust forward into her. Alyson buried her face in her arms as he continued his assault on her tender pussy, wishing he would hurry up and cum so her nightmare would finally end.

Jen leaned back on the couch as Matt began teasing her pussy with his talented tongue. She shivered in pleasure as he slowly licked the entire length of her slit, lingering for a moment at her tiny, erect clit before doing it again. She moaned in pleasure, thinking that maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. She gasped as he slipped his tongue between the folds of her swollen labia and into her tiny opening, sending warm tingling sensations through her young body.

She was startled back to reality when Bob began screaming at Alyson to stop crying. Matt paused his licking and they both looked over to see Bob towering over Alyson, who was cowering in fear and sobbing on the bed. Jen’s eyes welled up at the sight of her best friend being abused so badly, but she wiped them away before Matt turned back to her. She heard the loud slap as Bob hit Alyson and bit her lip to prevent her tears from flowing again.

Matt went back to her now wet and very sensitive pussy, his tongue taking her away and bringing her ever closer to her impending orgasm. As he worked it over her sensitive clit, she felt it building quickly, her entire body tingling. She vaguely heard Alyson cry out again in pain, then the orgasm overtook her senses and nothing mattered but the intense feelings of pleasure as her body convulsed with each wave of orgasmic ecstacy.

“Oh, yes!! Yes!!,” she cried as body stiffened and she thrust her hips forward, forcing her spasming pussy into Matt’s mouth. He nibbled and licked for a few moments, then pulled away and let her gradually come down from her orgasmic high. He watched as her body twitched, then relaxed, her long, blonde hair splayed across her pretty face. Her eyes were closed and there was a dreamy, contented smile on her lips.

Suddenly, Matt’s face was next to hers and he kissed her lightly, her juices still wet on his lips. She opened her eyes and gazed into his. “I promise I won’t treat you like that,” he whispered. Jen managed a slight smile, and a tear ran down her cheek.

“Can’t you ask him to please stop? He’s really hurting her!,” she whispered back.

Matt frowned and shook his head sorrowfully. “I’m sorry. It’s . . . complicated.” His eyes locked sadly on hers and she knew there was nothing he could do.

Suddenly, Bob began moaning. He increased his thrusts for a few more strokes, then pulled his cock from Alyson’s aching and abused pussy. It glistened with their mixed juices and a trace of blood. He grabbed the sobbing teen by the waist and turned her over onto her back, pulling her up to a sitting position by her long hair. He pulled her face to his groin with one hand while he stroked his wet, bloody cock with the other. Alyson stared in mute horror at the blood.

“Open wide, bitch! Here it comes!,” he cried. He shook her by the hair until she opened her mouth. He began stroking it faster and aimed it at her open mouth. His moans got louder, then he groaned as a shot of white cum shot across Alyson’s nose, lips, and into her mouth. She blinked but showed no reaction as shot after shot splashed her face and mouth, and dripped from her chin. Finally, he finished and grinned down at her cum covered face. He tugged on her hair and tilted her head back. She stared blankly up at him, her mouth still open. His semen dribbled from the corners of her mouth and ran down her neck to her tits.

“Hey! Wake up!,” he yelled, and slapped her. She blinked and her eyes seemed to focus on him. “Clean it!,” he ordered, shoving his messy cock against her lips.

He felt a firm hand on his shoulder and turned to see Lisa looking at him. “No, Bob. That’s enough. Leave her alone.” She was still totally naked and stared at him with hard, cold eyes.

He glared at her, not believing what she was saying. This girl was his, bought and paid for! To do with what he pleased! But her steady gaze and firm grip on his shoulder told him she wasn’t backing down.

He felt another pair of hands grip his arm and turned to see Julia, also naked with her huge tits pressing against his naked torso. She smiled at him. “Come on into the bathroom, Bob,” she said in a sultry voice. “I’ll get you all cleaned up.” She glanced down at his deflating penis and winked at him. “Then we’ll see about getting this guy back on the job!” She took his hand and led him silently into the bathroom.

Lisa knelt in front of Alyson. Using the bed sheet, she wiped most of the sticky semen from her face. “Alyson?,” she asked softly, “Can you hear me?” Alyson slowly turned to meet her gaze, her eyes filling with tears. Suddenly, she threw her arms around Lisa’s neck and buried her face in her shoulder, sobbing uncontrollably. Lisa held her, rubbing her back in slow circles.

“There, there . . . it’s all over now. Let it all out, honey,” she whispered soothingly. She glanced over at Matt and shook her head. “It’s over. I can’t continue after this.”

Matt nodded. “I know . . . and I agree.” He looked at Jen apologetically, then they both went over to Lisa and Alyson. “We have to help them,” he said to Lisa. “No one deserves to be treated like that.”

Lisa nodded, stroking Alyson’s hair. “But how?”

Jen spoke up. “Julia told us that if we didn’t please you, Andrea would sell us to some street pimp in another city.” She sat down next to Alyson, who detached herself from Lisa and embraced Jen. They held each other tight, while Jen whispered soothingly to her, rocking her in her arms.

Lisa and Matt looked at each other, saying nothing. After a moment, Matt seemed to come to a decision. “Get dressed.” He looked at Jen . “Everyone. I’ll be right back.”

He gathered up his clothing and went into the change room. As Jen helped Lisa get Alyson dressed she heard Matt talking on the phone in urgent, but hushed tones in the other room. After they had Alyson dressed, Lisa and Jen put their clothes on. Jen had to hold her blouse closed, but it was better than nothing. Lisa went into the bathroom and returned with a large towel, which she wrapped around Jen’s shoulders. “This should help,” she said with a smile. She nodded toward the bathroom. “I think Bob met his match with Julia,” she said with a grin. “She’s sitting on the edge of the tub holding his head between her legs. I heard her tell him that she’s not letting him up until he gets her off four times!”

Matt returned, tucking his shirt into his jeans. His face was serious. “Ok, I’m going to have a meeting with Jackie. I believe I can get you two out of here . . . tonight.”

Ten minutes later, Matt was once again sitting in Jackie’s office. She leaned back in her chair and gazed across her desk at him.

“So let me get this straight,” she said, eyeing him warily. “You want to buy their contract from me for fifty grand?” Matt nodded. Jackie leaned forward, clasping her hands together on her desk blotter, and met Matt’s stare.

“It seems like a very generous offer,” she said thoughtfully. “But you’ve only been with them a little over an hour and you’re willing to pay that much? It makes me think maybe you’re trying to pull a fast one on me. What makes these two worth that much to you?”

Matt shrugged. “My fiancĂ© is quite taken with the blonde, as am I, but she won’t go without her friend. Simple as that.” His face gave no indication of any deception. Jackie sat back again in her plush leather chair and gave him a slight smile.

“I don’t think so. I could make that much off them in only a few weeks,” she said in a quiet, but firm tone.

Matt was unfazed. “Maybe. But they’re not virgins anymore. Plus,” he added with a dismissive wave, “the brunette’s practically comatose. Bob really used her rough.” Jackie eyed him again, trying to read his eyes. But Matt was a skilled businessman and negotiator. His expression told her nothing.

Jackie pondered this for a moment. She had seen the footage from the cameras they had hidden in the room and it was true, the brunette was useless for her purposes. She also knew that the blonde was still a virgin and big money could still be earned from her.

She smiled. “Double your price and they’re yours.”

Matt gave her a knowing smile. “Jackie, be reasonable. Fifty is a very generous offer.”

She shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. My price is one hundred thousand. Take it or leave it.”

Matt sighed and stood up. Jackie assumed he had given up, but he had one more card to play. He leaned over her desk, looking her straight in the eye. “No, that’s too much. And you know it,” he said, his eyes never wavering from hers.

Jackie’s lips formed a cold smile. “And I also know that you didn’t fuck the blonde, meaning she’s still a valuable commodity to me!”

Matt raised one eyebrow , then straightened up and folded his arms over his chest. “Well, well . . . so much for your much touted client privacy. Just how many cameras do you have hidden in that room?” Jackie, realizing what she’d said, just stared at him. He leaned over her desk again, his face inches from hers and his eyes retaining their cold, steely stare. “I don’t think that’s something you’d like to get out, would you?” He kept his eyes locked on hers until she broke away and leaned back, a scowl on her face.

“You really play hardball,” she said flatly, her eyes cold. “Very well, fifty grand.” She leaned forward. “And I never see you or your sick friend in here again!”

Matt straightened up. “Deal. I’ll be back with the cash in a hour. Please have Lisa and the girls moved to another room. My sick colleague is still busy with Julia and I don’t want him around the others.” Jackie nodded.

“Very well.” She picked up a phone and punched a number. “Andrea, could you please move the female client and the two girls to one of the other suites for an hour? . . . No, leave the others there. I’ll explain later . . . Thank you.” She hung up the phone and stood up. “One more thing . . . I don’t want these girls bringing any heat back on me. You keep them isolated. I’ll have their parents’ houses watched. If I see either of them, or you, around there, their parents will suffer. Make sure they both understand that.” Matt hesitated. He had intended to take the girls back to their families. Jackie held her ground and he nodded. At least they would be away from here. “Good,” she said. “You have one hour. One minute late and the deal’s off.” Matt nodded and left her office, wondering just what he had gotten himself into.

– To Be Continued… –