It’s all a bit blurred now, as I said we were both quite drunk, but I do remember us getting into bed and me pulling the black lacy panties down over her hips, I also remember that she was hot, pushing her hips up to my face even as I pulled the panties off over her ankles.

I vaguely remember her telling me to turn round and the feel of her lips as they surrounded my penis, the aroma of her cunt assailing my nostrils, the way she clung to me as I turned round and slid into her wet, clinging channel, but most clearly of all I can remember her falling asleep on my chest, her tears wetting me as my seed oozed out of her body onto my thighs!

The shrill ringing of the telephone woke us up in the morning, Angie reached across for it as I stirred and felt the softness of her breast brushing across my face.

“It’s the doctor” she mouthed at me as I sat up and took the receiver from her, I listened to the doctor’s words, nodding as if he was there with me and finally said, “Thank-you doctor, we’ll be down later on”

“Tell me please Dave, it’s bad isn’t it?”

I nodded and said softly,

“A complete nervous breakdown, she had to be sedated in the night, heavily sedated”

“Oh Dave”

We sat in silence for a good few minutes, each of us lost in our own thoughts, then the phone rang again, it was Jeff, my mate on the force,

“Can I come and see you Dave, I’ve got something to tell you?”

“Yeah, gimme some good news mate, I fucking need it”

“You got it, I’m just pulling up outside now, put the kettle on”

Angie had heard him, she stepped into a clean pair of panties and jeans as I hurriedly dressed and ran downstairs to let him in, still pulling on a tee shirt as she went.

His news was mixed, good as far as I was concerned but it could have been better, the city of Leeds police were poised to arrest him that very morning on a variety of charges ranging from running an illegal gaming club, through prostitution to blackmail and extortion!

“Dave the bad news is, he’s transferred all of what he calls his bad debts over to a collection agency, you got to pay them mate, it’s shit but it’s legal shit”

“Who owns the collection agency Jeff?”

He looked uncomfortable as he told me that Peter owned it through a variety of off shore companies,

“But the end result mate, is that you’ll have to pay, I suggest you ring them up and make an offer to settle, they’ll usually accept something in the region of half the current debt”

I told him about Mickey and he looked genuinely shocked.

“Aw fucking hell Dave, oh shit”

“Yeah well, we’re not giving up on her are we babes?”

Angie squeezed my hand,

“We’ll never do that, never”

“Can I make a suggestion mate?”

“Get on with it Jeff” I growled, “We go back too fucking far for that sort of shit”

“Pay the debt and tell her it’s paid, it might just help her”

“It’s one thing less on her mind Dave” Angie put in and I had to agree, contrary to popular opinion, nervous breakdowns are hardly ever caused by one specific worry, or one particular thing, usually a combination of stress, boredom even or just general depression can bring on a breakdown.

(Author’s note: before the usual one or two smart asses write with their opinions, I’m right, believe me I know I’m right and that’s all I’m saying)

He gave me the number of the agency and I rang them whilst he was there, it took a lot of self control to talk rationally to the piece of crap on the other end, but I just thought of my sister not knowing what the hell was going on around her and I managed to finally get a settlement figure out of him.

“Have they agreed to stop the interest from this minute Dave?”

“Yeah, but it’s still going to cost me ten fucking grand”

I felt Angie stiffen and gripped her hand tightly as I added hurriedly, they’re coming down tomorrow morning and I might actually manage a smile when I pay it over Jeff”

“Best I could do mate” he shrugged, “Sorry, but they agreed to wait for you to do this before they move in, just to see if the scumbag in the agency had to ring him first for permission to settle”

At that very moment his mobile rang, he listened for a minute and his face lit up,

“I’ll tell him”

He turned to us excitedly,

“The so-called owner of the agency was speaking to our man as he was supposedly working out a settlement figure, our colleagues in Leeds have bugged his blower, he actually said on tape that he’d got a lovely little piece of blackmail over Angie there and Mickey, but that he’d got a bit fed up of all the aggro and he told him to settle for ten grand”

None of it meant much to me and I said so,

“Blackmail Dave, demanding money with menaces, pay the debt tomorrow by cheque, only cheque mind and I can almost guarantee that it won’t ever get cashed”


“Better than fuck all Dave” he looked at Angie and apologised,


“Don’t be silly Jeff” she smiled graciously.

He grinned at her and punched a number into his mobile,

“Jeff here in derby sir”

He nodded and laughed, “Thank you sir, I appreciate your co-operation, now get the bastard”

The feeling of elation we shared on the way to see Mickey evaporated the minute we were shown into her room, she was propped up on her pillows laughing at a silly cartoon programme on television,

“Hello” she said simply and went back to her viewing,

“Mickey, it’s me” I said,


“Hello beautiful” I kissed her cheek,

“Hi Mickey” said Angie and stroked her arm,

“I’m watching Tom and Jerry” she said and beamed at us, “It’s ever so good”

Then something seemed to dawn in her eyes and just for a moment she seemed lucid,

“When’s mum and dad’s funeral Dave?”

The question stunned me and for a moment I was at a loss, but Angie (again) was on the ball,

“We’re not sure yet Michelle, but it’s soon, we’ll let you know”

“Let me know what?”

She looked genuinely puzzled but then an anguished shriek from Tom, or was it Jerry? regained her attention and she giggled with pleasure,

The box had her whole attention again!

“David, I know we’re in the twenty first century, but as far as mental illness goes, we’re still in the dark ages, we know practically nothing about it, we can control it with pills and tablets, in extreme cases, we get the person sectioned and lock them away, that’s how far we’ve gone David since in the middle ages they were locked away, absolutely bloody nowhere”

“I want her back Doc, she’s all I’ve got left”

I stole a sideways glance at Angie and we shared an understanding smile,

“Time David” he said sombrely, “We have to give it time, let me tell you what I think, can I?”

“Of course”

We can treat it as a form of epilepsy…”


“Bear with me David, epilepsy is an umbrella if you like, it covers things we know nothing about, or we can treat it as a breakdown and that’s how I want to go, with your permission of course”

“What, the breakdown route?”

“Yes, I really think that’s how we should treat it”

Angie and I looked at each other blankly and it was she who spoke up,

“I think we’re in your hands to be honest, is she on medication?”

He nodded,

“Yes at the moment she’s on quite a strong sedative, but I’d like to try her without it, give her nothing and just keep an eye on her for the next couple of days”

“What good will that do, for Christ’s sake?”

He was a lot calmer than I was thank God,

“It may do no good at all David, but I’d rather start out like that, with just Michelle, no drugs, no tablets, nothing except me and a girl I delivered into this shitty world of ours a long time ago, let me do it David”

Angie wrenched her hand from mine and hugged him,

“Do what ever you think for her please”

He looked at me and I nodded,

“Yes, I don’t know what else to do, we’re in your hands” I could hardly hear myself.

“Come back any time David, you too Angela, in the meantime I’m going to talk to her now, it’s a start” he grinned at us

“And at least I’ve got something to tell her”

“Yes” Angie and I whispered in unison and both of us hugged him, I felt no embarrassment whatsoever, this man was going to give me my sister back!

We ate a silent meal in a pub near to the hospital, but I was grateful to Angie, more grateful than I knew how to tell her!

“Angie?” I began awkwardly,


“Thank you”




We went home afterwards and spent the afternoon sorting ot mum and dad’s clothes, I asked Angie if there was anything she wanted, but the look she gave me instead of a reply was withering and I apologised immediately!

“Now what?” she said as she threw the last bag of clothing into the “Clothes for Romanian refugees” bin, or whatever the hell it was, I stood for a moment lost in my memories and she stood still beside me in a respectful silence,

“Gardening” I said with a smile,


“Gardening” I confirmed with a smile, “I want that garden ready for when she comes home, but as it’s a very warm night, I think you may need to dress correctly, just in case”

“In case of what?”

“Heat stroke”

“Ok, would it be all right if I helped you wearing just panties and a smile?”

I pretended to think about it for a moment, or for as long as it took her to deliver a hefty kick to my left shin,

“Come on Dave, let’s get this garden ready for someone we both love”

I felt a surge of love for her, her concern was more than that of a close friend, a lover even, she meant it,

“And when we fuck later on, I’ll be thinking of Mickey” she added,

“Thanks Angie” I said as I kissed her lips,

“So will I”

-To be continued…-