It was the morning after our encounter with Mickey’s ex lover and we were sitting in the kitchen drinking our first coffee of the day.

My sister was wearing just one of my tee shirts, not even long enough to cover the cheeks of her sexy little bottom, a pair of her new pink panties was her only other garment and I was doing my best not to slobber over her!

“Do you think we’ll hear any more from him Dave?”

“I shouldn’t think so darling, not if he’s got any sense”

“He gives me the creeps” and she shuddered as if to prove a point,

“Yeah, I didn’t like him the first time I met him”

“Why didn’t you say so?”

I laughed at the silliness of her question,

“Would you have listened Mickey?”

“No probably not” and then she wrinkled her nose up at me, “Smart arse”

We walked out together into the garden, even though it was only spring, it was a lovely warm morning and after being cooped up in a hospital for three weeks, she wanted the fresh air!

“Dave, how come you’ve not asked me any questions about the massage parlour and what went on there?”

“‘Cos it’s none of my business, it would be now if you wanted to go back there, but that’s because we’re, well we’re you know”


I hadn’t got a clue as to why I was so embarrassed about the word “lovers” I’d found my ideal woman, my soul mate, I wanted to tell the whole world what I’d got and the vow I’d made to her, the night before was one I intended to keep!

“Yes lovers” I grinned at her to cover my embarrassment.

“Would you let me, if I wanted to go back to it?”

“Do you?”

“I don’t know Dave, honestly, I really don’t know, but I certainly wouldn’t go back to that creep in Leeds, that’s for sure”

“Well I suppose that’s something at least” I could feel my hackles rising, I really didn’t want her going to bed with other men, the thought of it was repulsive to me and yet she seemed quite keen on the idea!

“Why are you getting angry Dave, you’ve already said that I’m a very sexy woman and I know I am, I’m very highly sexed, I need a lot of it”

“More than I can give you?”

Her face split into an impish grin,

“I don’t know, try me”

She squealed as I picked her up bodily and held her, her nipples were like two little pieces of iron jutting out beneath the tee shirt.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Anything” she laughed, “Come on buster do it”

She squealed again as I spun her round so that her scantily clad pussy was in my face and her own face was being attacked by the erection I’d had ever since she’d come downstairs dressed like she was.

Ripping the delicate lace panties to one side, I fastened my mouth onto her cunt, she hadn’t showered yet, but her aroma was like an aphrodisiac to me, arousing me, spurring me on.

The sheer speed of my assault had almost overwhelmed her, all she could do was to pull my shorts down and take my rock hard penis into her mouth clinging onto me while I feasted on her,

As soon as she realised I wasn’t going to drop her, she relaxed and cupped my balls in her hands, her mouth was all over me, taking each testicle and sucking it leaving it moist and gleaming with her saliva,

“Put me down Dave” she hissed, “I need to go”

I think my cock jerking against her chin must have given her a clue and told her that I had absolutely no intentions whatsoever of letting her go,

“Dave, please”

I ran my tongue down from where it had been flicking over her clitoris, through her legs and onto her anus, she howled and a spurt of urine shot upwards like a geyser,

“Oh shit Mickey” I laughed and closed my mouth over the fountain, it was sweet and warm from her body and I thought that it was the sexiest act I’d ever witnessed.

She gave up struggling and trying to get away and concentrated all her efforts on drawing out my seed, but as I couldn’t possibly have swallowed all of her pee, some of it trickled back down over her stomach and breasts, a little found it’s way onto my penis and it was when I saw her lips closing over it again that I gave out a mighty growl and pumped spurt after spurt of my cum into her mouth!

“What if it was just Angie and me?”

We were sitting together on the couch in our big fluffy bath robes having showered ourselves clean,

“Hey that’s cheating” I smiled, “You know it’s every man’s fantasy to watch two sexy girls getting into each other”

She smelled of soap and talcum powder and there was mischief in her eyes as she slid a hand under my robe and caressed my flaccid penis, flicking her tongue into my ear, she whispered sexily,

“Just imagine two very wet, shaven pussies to entertain you Dave, you’re fucking one of them and licking the other one”

I groaned at the thought of it, she was getting to me and she knew it,

“And the girls are kissing each other while you’re doing it”

“The one on your face has a weak bladder”

“For God’s sake Mickey, what do you want?”

“We can be in Leeds in less than three hours” and her lips closed over the swollen dome of my penis!

To say that Angie was surprised to see us would be an understatement, she hugged Mickey like her life depended on it and they both cried a bit while I stood there and shuffled my feet.

“Oh God, come in, come in, I’m so sorry”

I walked behind them into the flat and tried not to look at the outline of Angie’s deliciously curvy buttocks beneath the skimpy little robe that she had on.

“We’ve got something to tell you Angie” Mickey said, “And we’ve got a proposition to put to you too, which do you want first?”

They sat together on the couch, clutching hands and in spite of my best intentions, I felt a little stirring in my jeans when my mind kept flashing me images of them together, doing what my sister had said that very morning!

“Look I know it’s only lunch time” I suggested, “But why don’t we go to the pub for a drink and a bite to eat?”

“You’ll do for me Dave” Angie agreed and they disappeared into her bedroom while she changed.

My mind turned cartwheels while I was waiting for them, what where they doing? I imagined them locked in a lesbian embrace, kissing hungrily, pulling at clothing, falling onto her bed, so I was quite disappointed when they emerged after only about five minutes, they were smiling though, so I suppose that was a good sign at least!

We found a little back street pub not far from her flat and ordered three bar lunches with our drinks, I kept trying to catch Mickey’s eye to see if she’d told Angie about us, but the bloody tease avoided my gaze deliberately.

All through the meal, I sat eating quietly while Mickey told her about the crash, which the charming Peter hadn’t mentioned to her at all!

She commented on the eye patch, which she said was very sexy,

“You look Evil Mickey” she giggled and I had to change position once again!

“Evil, but very sexy, don’t you think so Dave?”

“Er yeah, sexy”

“So what’s the proposition or should I ask what you’ve got to tell me first?”

Mickey and I looked at each other and she said to Angie,

“I think we should put the proposition to you first”

“Ok, but it sounds very mysterious”

“No, don’t be silly” Mickey laughed, “It’s just that–, well would you like to come to London and live with us?”


She thought about it for a moment,


I actually saw Mickey blush and I felt a rush of love for her, she looked embarrassed and uncomfortable, but not half as uncomfortable as I was!

“Yes us Angie” she looked at me and reached across for my hand, I nodded and Angie looked mystified,

“Us Angie, me and Dave”

She cleared her throat and looked at the floor,

“We’re an item now”

“An item?”

To help her understand and grasp exactly what she was saying, Mickey moved in closer to me and smiled at her as I slipped my hand beneath her skirt,

Gradually it dawned on her, her eyes widened, her mouth formed an “O” and the slightest touch of a smile touched the corners of her mouth.

A couple sitting opposite us looked on as my fingers sneaked under Mickey’s panties, the woman said something and stood up, beckoning urgently to her husband,

She looked daggers at us as she marched past us, but the man smiled and whispered, “Thank you and good luck”

“Damn” Angie laughed, “There go my dry panties”

We thought it prudent to leave then and as we passed by the couple who were just getting into their car Angie slipped her hand up the back of Mickey’s short skirt.

“Hurry up you two” she said in a loud voice, “I need seeing to now” and the man winked again!

Back at her flat, we set about persuading her to join us in London, I found it quite hard to concentrate because the girls were sitting together on the couch, both showing rather a lot of leg, not to mention the occasional flash of panty!

“Basically Angie” I said, “We don’t think you’re safe here any more, we’ve already had one run in with Peter and to be honest, I find him quite bloody repulsive!

“He was annoyed when he found out about the crash, I knew something had upset him but the bastard never told me Mickey had been hurt, he just said he didn’t know where she was!”

“He knew all right Angie” Mickey said and held her friend’s hand, “He came to see me in hospital when I was all bandaged up and then did a runner when he thought I’d lost my looks”

“Shallow twat” I muttered and grinned at them both,

“So what’s on offer Mickey, I do have to work you know?”

Mickey shrugged her shoulders,

“I honestly don’t know yet, but we’ve got a fair bit of money to come from mum and dad’s insurance, I’m not going back to university, neither is Dave, he knows what you and I did up here”

She smiled at me coyly,

“You know, with each other for the punters”

Angie smiled back at her and I saw the look they exchanged,

“We’re going to buy a pub” I said and Mickey looked at me in astonishment,

“We are?”

“Yes, a little country pub that’s busy in the summer, so we make our money then, but pretty quiet out of season, with a local trade to keep us going, you remember us talking about it the other night?”

“Oh yes, that pub?”

“And where do I fit in?”

“You’re our star attraction, the two of you, young sexy women in short skirts and low cut tops to bring in the punters”

“And what about pay?”

“No idea Angie” I laughed and Mickey kicked me on the shin,

“He’s got no idea because he’s only just bloody thought of it”

“Correct, are you in?”

She thought about it for half a second and then nodded,

“Yeah why not?”

“Why not indeed?” Mickey and I said in unison!

-To be continued…-