After about another fifteen miles, we found ourselves on the outskirts of Derby and I knew where I wanted to go,

“Follow the signs to Ashbourne Mickey” I said, “There’s a lovely hotel up there right out in the countryside”

She nodded and went supersonic again,

“What you wearing under the jacket Mickey?”

“Tee shirt and bra, why?” she laughed and unzipped the jacket herself,

“You’re sex mad” she said as my hands slipped inside the jacket and under her tee shirt,

“I’ll stop if you want”

“Not bloody likely”

Her nipples were hard little buds, barely covered by her skimpy bra, easing the bra down over them, I eased both nipples out and squeezed them between thumb and forefinger,

“Mmm yes, that’s nice Dave, nice but dangerous”

“Why dangerous?”

She pulled off the road and down an almost overgrown lane,

“Because I’m going to rape you”

“Women can’t rape men” I said as she pulled up and put the bike up on it’s stand.

Standing on the footrests, she tugged her jeans down, displaying the creamy smooth cheeks of her bottom,

“Maybe not” she hissed, “But I’ll kill you if you don’t fuck me, NOW”

I eased my penis out of the confines of my jeans and tried to move forward to her pussy, but it was too awkward,

“Sit up a bit baby”

“My bum Dave, put it in my bum”

Well I’ve always tried to be polite to the ladies, so I acceded to her request and the long, deep sigh of satisfaction that came from her lips as I slid into her beautifully tight little anus, told me, the boy dun good!

“Ooh yes Dave” she sighed as we moved together, “That’s good, so very, very good”

As I said earlier, I’m quite well endowed and I was amazed that she took it all, but she did! She pushed back to meet me, rectal muscles gripping and squeezing, pulling me in to that darling little hole,

“Christ Mickey, this is fucking wonderful” I gasped,

“Do it hard to me Dave, fuck me hard”

I gripped her hips and began a smooth movement, in and out of her anus, on every stroke backwards, I withdrew almost completely, leaving just the swollen dome inside her and then I’d push back, hard but smoothly and each thrust brought a grunt from her lips.

“I’m nearly there Dave” she gasped as I increased the tempo, “Dave I’m nearly there, oh shit yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me Dave, dave, Dave, DAVE, OH FUCK!”

Hearing the foul language coming from her lips sent me over the top too and I held her like a vice while I erupted in her anus, sending spurt after spurt of semen deep into her bowels!

As we sat together in the grass, helmets off now and sharing the proverbial cigarette, I put an arm around her shoulder and kissed her neck,

“I suppose you’ll need some new knickers now won’t you?”

She had a fit of giggling then,

“What a thing to say, what on earth made you say that?”

I was embarrassed then and explained through my somewhat warped reasoning, that I thought what went in must come out again! And that set her off again in another fit of giggling!

“Yes darling” she said when she’d calmed down again, “But we have muscles you know that can keep things in until we’re ready to let them out”

“I feel stupid now” I said contritely, but she hugged me again,

“Go on tell me what you’d got in mind”

“Well we’re about to go through Ashbourne and I think today’s market day, that’s all, you could buy some new ones there”

“Aw Dave, thanks” she said and kissed me softly, “Yeah I can get some anyway, come on then”

I chose to drive and warned her to keep her hands to herself, in case I took a wrong turn,

A dirty little laugh was my answer as we swung back onto the road again and headed for Ashbourne.

At the market, we settled for an ice cream each and two dainty pairs of panties for Mickey and we pulled into the hotel at tea time, the girl at the reception desk looked askance at Mickey’s eye patch and our black leather gear, but when I said I’d pay in advance as we wanted to leave early in the morning, she accepted our booking and a porter showed us up to our room,

“Will it be all right to go into the dining room in our leathers?” I asked him and he laughed,

“I should think so sir” he said, “The season hasn’t really started yet and bookings are scarce at this time of the year”

A fiver tip was received gratefully and he promised to call us when tea was being served, we used the time to shower together and relax on the bed with a cigarette, which we shared as both of us were concerned about smoking too much.

“What are we going to do Dave?” she asked looking up at me,

I pulled her too me and inhaled the fresh smell of her body, this was the question I’d been dreading, because although I knew what I wanted, I really didn’t know how Mickey viewed the future, our future, if there was one!

“I honestly don’t know sweetheart, what do you want to do?”

I could hardly here her reply she whispered it so softly, but my heart leapt as I thought I’d heard what I wanted to hear!

“Say that again Mickey, I didn’t hear you”

Her voice was even softer then, but her lips brushed my ear,

“I said I want to be with you”

Suddenly she was a little girl again, a lost vulnerable child clinging to me for help, like she’d done that time at school when the class bully had split her lip with his fist because she’d called him an arsehole. I saw it happen, I saw his fist connect and I saw the blood spurt out, I saw her hands fly up to her face and I heard her yell of pain.

That had been more than enough for me, I marched over to where he stood laughing with his cronies and stood in front of him hoping he couldn’t smell my fear!

“I’ll see you after school outside the gate” I said and he laughed,

“Fuck off you little tosser or I’ll…”

That was as far as he got, my right hand grabbed his shirt while the left one smashed into his nose, still gripping his shirt and ignoring his screams, I pulled his head downwards whilst bringing my knee up to connect with his nose again.

His wails were pitiful, but I didn’t give a fuck, he was a year older than me and a lot bigger, he spent two nights in hospital and I was suspended from school until a full investigation was launched. I was cleared by the stories of at least forty witnesses and when I went back to school I was treated like a hero. I didn’t care about that though, I just cared about Mickey and now all those years later I was still caring about her!

“Dave, have I said the wrong thing?”

I shook myself out from my memories and looked into her one good eye, then I laughed,

“Mickey you have no idea how much I wanted to hear you say that”


There was genuine concern in her eyes,

“Really, don’t laugh when I say this Mickey will you?”

“You know I won’t”

I took a deep breath and even as I said the words, I thought they sounded stupid, but they came from the heart, so I said them anyway,

“One day Mickey, I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but one day”

I had to stop then for a moment to compose myself and I felt her hand in mine, squeezing it, encouraging me,

“Go on Dave, please darling, go on, say it”

“There’ll be a very beautiful woman, in a long white wedding gown standing at the alter in a little country church, she’ll be the most beautiful bride in the history of the world”

She snuggled closer to me,

“She’ll be next to a very ordinary looking bloke dolled up to the nines in a suit, they’ll step forward at the vicar’s behest, he’ll say a few words and then the ordinary looking bloke will slip a gold ring on the woman’s finger”

“Oh Dave” her voice broke and I realised when I looked at her that she was crying, but I carried on regardless,

“That woman will be you Mickey and I’ll be the scruffy little git in the borrowed suit”

The in house phone rang then, it was the porter telling us that tea was being served downstairs, so we got up and dressed and went down hand in hand.

We did cause a bit of a stir in the restaurant in our black leathers, but neither of us cared a bit, we were in love and that was all that mattered.

We made love again later on when we went to bed, the conventional way this time and fell asleep in each other’s arms, again in the morning when we awoke we reached for each other, our feelings were incredibly strong compared to what we’d both known before, somehow it mattered to neither of us that our love was outlawed in every civilised society the world over or that we risked imprisonment every time we consummated it.

“We still haven’t made the arrangements for the funeral, have we?”

“Oh shit” I groaned, “Back to reality Mickey, come on let’s go home, it’ll be easier from there”

We managed to behave ourselves on the ride back down to London and stopped off at the local undertakers to get things moving, those people were very good and very professional, we were out of there in less than an hour and about £2000 poorer.

A blue car was outside the cottage as we pulled up and I recognised it as belonging to Peter, her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend.

“Hello Peter” she said coldly, “What brings you here today?”

“Well actually I came yesterday also”


He looked at me as if waiting for me to leave them but Mickey said,

“You can say whatever it is you’ve got to say in front of David”

“New boyfriend is he eh, you didn’t waste much time did you?”

I took my jacket and helmet off and smiled at him,

“I’m her brother, so hurry up and say what you came to say and then leave, she doesn’t want you here”

“Oh I think she may well want me here” he crowed, “Are you sure you want your brother to hear this Michelle?”

“Get on with it”

“Well old love, it’s about your little job at the massage parlour, they want you back there as soon as possible”

I kept my face expressionless, I’d known about her part-time job and while I never liked it, I accepted it, Leeds like any other university city was full of students looking for part-time employment and work was scarce, she’d taken the job like I’d taken a job behind the bar in a pub, because every penny helped!

“I’m not going back Peter” she said firmly, but he grinned again and if I thought he was a prick before, I was now convinced of it!

“Angie sends her love” he smirked and I saw Mickey’s expression change briefly,

“I’m not going back Peter, I’ll write to Angie myself”

“And the punters miss your little speciality Michelle”

Her eye darkened and filled with tears,

“You louse” she whispered, “You absolute fucking louse”

Walking over to his car, I opened the door and invited him to get in,

“Do it now mister” I growled, “And do it fucking quickly”

He grinned at me and pulled out a wicked looking knife,

“Watch your tongue sonny” he said menacingly, “Or you might lose it”

I waited until he got one leg in the car, then I kicked the door, it knocked him off balance and he dropped the knife, quickly I scooped it up and gripped his hair with my other hand.

His throat was bobbing up and down as he swallowed in fear, the knife pressed just far enough into it to draw blood, I put my mouth close to his ear and whispered,

“Fuck off, now, unlike you I don’t bother threatening people, but I’ll make an exception, don’t come back”

Hurriedly he drove away and I turned to my sister,

“You okay?”

She nodded but I could see she was shaking,

“Come on you need a brandy inside you”

It wasn’t until she’d swallowed her brandy and gone for another one that she spoke again,

“Now you know” she said simply and stood there looking down at me,

“I’ve always known Mickey”
“No I don’t think you have Dave” she said, “You see we did more than give massages”

“I said I know Mickey”

“And me and Angie, we did things, shows and stuff for private parties”

“Watch my lips Mickey” I smiled at her and patted the sofa next to me,

“I said I know”

“But how can you know, how can you tell me you love me knowing that I was virtually a prostitute?”

“Mickey, you were never a prostitute, not even close to being one, it’s true that I didn’t really like what you were doing, but would it have made any difference if I’d asked you to stop?”

“Probably not” she agreed,

“Well that’s all there is to it then and as far as Angie’s concerned, it was obvious there was something between you, the way you looked at each other, the way you were always touching, many things Mickey”

“I feel cheap”


The force of my voice startled her, she dropped the brandy and hid her eyes with her hands while she cried,


She ignored me,

“Mickey?” Gently I took her hands away and lifted her eye patch so I could look into both of her eyes,

“I love you more than I ever thought possible”

“Oh Dave” and she hugged me while the tears flowed.