When I was 21, I went to Turkey on holiday with a couple of friends. As girls do, we went out to party in the resort where we were staying. As it was summer and very warm, we were all wearing skimpy tops and very short skirts to show off out well shaped tanned legs and arms. While we were walking towards the next bar, I got separated from my friends. Being tired and a bit drunk, I decided to find my own way home. So I walked the streets for an hour or so, before realizing I was totally lost.

Just as I decided to get a taxi, a police car pulled up next to me. A Turkish policeman got out and bundled me into the car. I sat in the back terrified, wondering what I had done wrong. I tried to speak to them, but the two policemen ignored me. Neither of them appeared to understand English. As we drove down along the dark streets, I started to panic. I didn’t know where I was, where they were taking me, and what they intended to do to me.

We soon arrived at a small police station which consisted of a dingy looking office and one police cell. In the cell, there was a group about 15 rough looking men who leered at me as I walked in escorted by the two policemen. In the office there was only one other policemen, who looked like he was in command.

I tried to speak to the commander in English. He glared at me with disdain and motioned to the cell, taking my hand bag from me. The other two grabbed me and dragged me to the cell. To my horror, they opened the cell door and threw me in amongst the men there.

At first I cowered in a corner as they all closed in on me, leering with evil grins on their unshaven faces. Then, in unison they all charged forward and grabbed out at me. I kicked and screamed and as they carried me into the center of the room shouting in Turkish. Several of them pinned my arms and m legs to the floor, immobilizing me face up on the stone floor, as others ripped off my skirt, my top and my panties in a brutal frenzy. And then the gang rape began.

I cried out as the first cock rammed in my pussy. Above me a bearded middle-aged face panted and grunted as he fucked me hard. I cried out, begging the police to save me. But no one came to my rescue. It was not long before his face converted into an ecstatic snarl and I felt his hot spunk shoot into me. The next one was in me within a second, as another Turkish cock hammered deep into my pussy. I cried out, sobbing, but was drowned out by the jeers of the men around me. I felt him explode inside me with a cry of joy and I screamed, pleading them to stop. As I lay there helplessly, I moaned and cried out constantly as I felt one cock after another assault my tender pussy. Again and again the men took their turn to rape me as they thrust their eager cocks into me and came ecstatically in my pussy, oblivious to my sobbing pleas.

Eventually, I got exhausted screaming, and I just lay there whimpering as they lay on top of me one by one and rammed their cocks into with snarls of joy. In my submissive state, lying spread-eagled on the cold ground, I looked up and saw the policemen watching, jeering with the criminals and obviously enjoying the spectacle.

Suddenly, I was dragged up to my knees and was held up by two men. One of them rammed his cock into my mouth. I gagged and choked as his cock hammered deep into my throat. I realized that he had already fucked me before because I could taste my pussy on his cock as he thrust it repeatedly into my mouth, causing me to gag and groan. He roared with satisfaction as he came in my mouth and I felt his come gush down my neck. I choked heavily, coughing uncontrollably, as he forced me to suck his cock dry. Feeling completely humiliated and dirty, I didn’t even have the will to wipe my mouth as I knelt there with his spunk dribbled from my lips and nose.

Another man grabbed my hair and I thought I would have to endure it again. But I heard the cell door open and the two policemen barged their way in to free me to the protestations of the criminals.

I was led out to the commander who was sitting at a desk, grinning up at me evilly. “You have choice. You fuck us and you can go.” He said in broken English. “Or you go back in cell.” I heard the criminals in the cell shouting in Turkish and making obscene gestures towards me.

I realized I had no choice. So I nodded my head slightly and whispered, “OK”. The two policemen took me to a shower where they watched over me as I cleaned off. Then they led me back, still naked, to the office.

The commander was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room. He grinned at me. “You sit on cock.” The commander waived his large erect cock as it pointed upwards like some sort of phallic monument, his grin widening. The two policemen led me over and I straddled him with my naked body, facing towards the commander. He grabbed my hips and impaled my already worn pussy on his cock. I heard him groan as he started bouncing me up and down. At each side of me, the two policemen started waving their huge erect cocks in front of my face. I heard and saw the criminals in the cell jeer at me. That only reminded me that I had no choice. I would have to fuck the commander and suck these cocks if I was to get out of here.

“You suck cocks, now!” ordered the commander, as if that wasn’t obvious. Obediently, I licked and sucked each cock in turn as the commander fucked my and fondled my breasts, leering at me evilly. He really was giving me a hard fucking with his enormous cock, causing me to raise my head and moan from the intensity. Often, I had to stop sucking the cocks to let out an uncontrollable groan. But one the policemen would grab me roughly by the hair and force me back onto his cock again.

The commander started to ram his cock into me harder and faster and my body jolted at each thrust. “You like Turkish cock, eh.” The commander jeered as I moaned again out loud yet again. “English whore like good fucking.” At the same time, I did my best to diligently suck, lick and slaver over the two cocks that I had in each hand. I knew what I had to do.

At last, one of the policeman I was sucking came into my mouth with a moan and I sighed as I let his sticky spunk dribble out of my mouth and down my chin. I squeezed his cock dry with my mouth and hand to his groans of delight before turning my full attention to that second cock. And that was just as well. I was being jolted so hard by the commander’s rapid thrusts now that I was having difficulty keeping that one cock in my mouth, never mind two.

Bucked up and down, I sucked hard on the length of that second cock as it rammed into my mouth. Eventually the policeman grunted and he spurted his sticky come over my face to the jeers of the criminals in the cell. Almost immediately afterwards, the commander groaned out loud and came into me as I bounced hard and fast on his ejaculating cock. As I moaned out loud from the intensity, I couldn’t help rubbing my clit with the fingers of my free hand and coming with an ecstatic cry of joy.

I was just getting in to it now, and it was with a little disappointment that they threw me some oversized male cloths and told me to get dressed. Obviously, they’d had their satisfaction with me. They dropped me off near my hotel without a murmur and sped off. Being abused like that had turned me on and I was feeling really horny. I walked back to the hotel to get changed. For me the night had just begun.

– The End –