My husband and I have been swingers for some time but until recently I never had sex with black men. Daniel was our first and we haven’t had any black men over since. Last week we made plans to go out again and my husband told me to have fun. We went to a club in a town a few miles away from where we live close to a military base. I was wearing a short skirt (as usual) and high heels. I noticed alot of young men who were obviously in the military by there haircuts. I went in and sat down at the bar . My husband planned on coming in later. It wouldn’t take long for someone to come over by the way I was dressed. And I was lucky because the majority of the men were well built black men. I ordered a drink and sat for a few minutes when a young black man came over and introduced himself. His name was Tony. About that time my husband came in and sat at the other end of the bar but was positioned so he could see the show. We talked a little and we went out to the dance floor. Tony and I danced a little and he began to caress my body and rub my ass. We sat down at the table he came from and he introduced me to his two friends. Tony and I danced some more and I told him my feet were sore and wanted to go back to my room which my husband and I rented once we got into town. I asked Tony to walk me there so I could change my shoes, and gave him my room key, as and excuse to get him alone . Tony went back to his table as I walked past my husband and told him I would be back later. He nodded and acted like we didn’t talk. Tony talked to his friends a minute or two and walked to the door with me.

Once we got to the room we sat on the bed and removed my shoes. Tony wasted no time and kissed me on my lips> It was a gentle kiss and he rubbed my body. I was thinking this guy was going to fuck me right away but now I am thinking this guy is going to make love to me. I told him I was married and wasn’t on birth control. He said he had a condom. Tony and I undressed and we kissed a little. I then dropped on my knees kneeling before him and took his dick in my mouth. After a minute of sucking his black dick he helped my up and laid me on the bed. He put the condom on his huge young dick and entered me slowly. We fucked slowly for a while. After a few minutes there was a knock at the door. I thought maybe it was my husband but he would call. Tony got up and looked through the hole. He opened the door and his two friends walked in. I covered my self with the blanket and asked what was going on. Tony smiled and said, “you are about to get fucked real good”. I was scared and asked him not to do this. He looked at me and yanked the covers back. His friend were getting undressed. I grabbed my cell phone and Tony grabbed it. His friend grabbed me and pulled my legs apart while Tony got between my legs. Then Tony did what I was hoping would not happen. He pulled the condom off and through it on the ground. I begged him not to but it was to late he was on me and in me in a second. Tony began fucking me hard his friends began rubbing my Tits and before I knew It I had my tongue in one of there mouths and jacking off the other.

Tony pulled me away and told me he was going to cum. I tried to punch away but he pushed in me and I felt him cum. I said what the hell it’s to late now so I responded and my hips met his. As he pulled out the one friend entered me. Tony said they were going to fill my pussy with there cum. .After 3 hours the three men came in me several times. I took one of them in my ass and was Dp’d for a short time.

After they left I called my husband and he came to the room . I told him what happened and that I loved it. We had sex for a while and went home. So far I don’t think I am pregnate but if I am not I am lucky.

– The End –