It was fourteen months ago, two months before my wedding when it all started. A simple appointment with the dentist to have my teeth whitened prior to the wedding changed my life completely. John my fiancé played cards every Friday with the dentist and his friends in the flat above his surgery, and all of them apart from John were black. I had only met them a few times with John when we were out together, but thought they were a little rough and ready for my liking. John used to piss me off because he would always tell me to look at the size of their shoes because of the old fallacy of foot size being equal to prick size and said they must have big pricks. I think I annoyed them because I said their brains were in their pricks and all they ever thought about were cards and sex.

I had to take the bus to the surgery because John said he needed the car for some reason or another and it was only about a ten minute ride. The appointment was on Saturday morning at 10:30 and I arrived outside the surgery with about ten minutes to spare.

As I opened the door to the surgery I noticed the curtains open a little in the flat above but couldn’t see who was looking down at me. As I walked in I was greeted by Len, John’s friend who had been practicing there for over four years, he ushered me to the chair in the middle of the surgery, helped me sit down and gave me a glass containing a red liquid. He told me to rinse my mouth with it, which I did, he then told me to drink it and although I thought it strange I did as he said.

The injection in the arm came as a surprise, he told me it would relax me and within seconds I felt light-headed, giddy my eyes became blurred as though I was in a dream world. A door on the opposite wall of the surgery opened and Ian, Don and Jan came through, they were all John’s black friends he played cards with, and behind them was someone holding a video recorder who I couldn’t quite see.

Before I knew what was happening Len lifted me under the arms, Don grabbed and lifted my legs and I was carried from the chair through the door and up the stairs into a small room and thrown onto a large four-poster bed. The injection or the drink I had taken had certainly impaired my strength and faculties and although I made some feeble struggles against them and kept asking what they were doing they were far too strong for me.

Len and Don tied my wrists tightly to each of the two corners of the bed as Jan held my legs and Ian undid the buttons of my jeans and the two of them roughly pulled them off. I tried kicking but they quickly grabbed a leg each and lifted me from the bed up into the air as two sofa cushions were placed on the bed in a position directly under my back, I was then lowered back onto the cushions my legs were pulled wide and tied to the other two legs of the four-poster bed while two more ropes were secured to my knees and tied tightly to the centre of the bed pulling me wide open. Although the room was swaying and the figures had become a little blurred I could hear every word being spoken and listened as Len told Jan and Don to fit the cameras, then watched as two blurred figures fitted two large video cameras to brackets on the ceiling above me.

As I watched them moving around remotely with the lenses moving in and out I heard Len say “John turn that camera off and get the other two working.” Hearing the name John I turned my head and saw my fiancé standing there with a camera in his hand pointing it towards me and as I was about to speak to him Len put his hand over my mouth and told John to get out and get on with what he had been told. In my drugged state I found John getting told off quite funny and started to giggle and that annoyed Len who then slapped me twice hard on the face. He began to tell me about the Friday card game but I kept giggling so he said he would tell me after I’m back to normal and then forced two blue pills into my mouth which I swallowed only after he pinched my nose and held my mouth shut.

After a few minutes most of my senses returned and I began to struggle against the ropes holding me spread eagled to the bed and I screamed and shouted to be released but quieted down after getting two hard slaps to the face and a warning that they would shut me up if I wasn’t quiet. Len came up to me and told me the story of the Friday card game. There were around twenty people excluding John at the game on Friday, John had lost heavily that night and had managed to owe over a grand to each of them but had the chance to win most of it back on the last hand that evening. Don was the other player involved in that hand but John couldn’t see him until he put in £500 in the pot which he didn’t have, but he said he would be willing to accept me as collateral. John challenged him on what he meant by that and was told if he won the game he took the pot and owed them nothing but if he lost I would belong to them until he paid what he owed them all, and they could use me whenever, wherever and however they wanted until that time and John drunk at the time agreed and lost. He then reminded me of my comments a few weeks earlier where I said their brains were in their pricks and he told me I would be getting a lot of their brains today as the first installment of the interest owed by John.

The in depth description of how they used me over that weekend will have to wait until the second chapter of this story, but let me explain why. A week after the incident I received a package containing a computer disk. The front cover contained the word “BEFORE” and pictured me tied spread eagled to the bed with four black men with ski masks standing behind it all with their big rigid black pricks, and the back cover had the word “AFTER” and pictured me still tied but with the four blacks by my head resting their spent pricks on my face. My face, tits and splayed cunt lips were covered with cum and you could see it pouring from my open mouth and well used wide open cunt. Also written on the back was the following statement. ” This is not a mock rape and this woman was repeatedly raped because her boyfriend owes money to us. Groups who wish to participate in action or have a film made in this manner can contact Len at this e-mail address” An accompanying letter from Len warned me not to go to the Police or there would be big trouble for me and I would be called upon when required.

As you can expect I didn’t marry John although two weeks later I was forced to go through a mock wedding with him on a small island off China where we were kidnapped from the church minutes after saying the vows but I will come to that in part 2 as well. I have fourteen tapes and I need to finish looking at the first one now so that I can complete the story.

– The End –