I am a twenty-nine year old woman who has an unusual sex fixation which I would like to tell you about.

When I was fifteen and just beginning to notice boys, I baby sat one night for my favorite couple whom I had known since I was very small and admired very much. I found a video under a sofa in their TV room and put it into the machine to see what it was. I fell out of the chair when I saw what was on the tape. It was obviously taken by the man of the house and it consisted of the woman being gang-fucked by five black men. I didn’t realize at the time but these five men had huge organs and they stuffed them into the three holes of the woman while the man encouraged them on. I recognized the voice of him and she was enjoying every minute of the experience. They went at her until they all had orgasms, which, incidentally, I was seeing for the first time. After they all came, they sat around while the woman spread for them and showed them her pussy and asshole and offered them her nipples to suck that they all did with great relish.

When they began to get hard again, she got on her hands and knees and the men got in different positions for some more sex. This orgy went on for about three hours and when it was over, she kissed all of them good-by, and her husband put the camera on a tripod and filmed him finally fucking her and finishing with a close-up of him coming about a pint of come into her mouth.

This was the first time I had found my clit but by watching her I knew where it was and I experience my first orgasms watching the action. I came about ten times until I couldn’t come anymore.

Once I discovered the one film, I began to look for others as I sat for them and I found a stash of about twenty reels in his closet which I watched with great desire over a long period of time. The “plots” were always the same. Several men, from three to seven, would gather around her for an orgy sticking their cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass until they had all come as much as they could. They would all leave, and the husband would film his fucking her and finally a close up of his coming in her mouth. Most of the men were black but a few were white and there were even two Chinese men that had very long cocks but were not very thick.

The films all looked like they were taken in a motel, and I think while I was watching the VCRs they were off making new ones.

What that experience gave me was a deep desire for big black cock which has never left me. I have found, since then, that black men are hung about like anyone else but when you find a big one, it is usually a whopper.

When I got to High School it was not possible for me to date black boys even though I had a strong desire to do so. Talking with several of my girl friends I found that only one other had the same fascination with black men as I did.

I have been married twice to nice white men and what broke up both marriages was my having sex with black men on the side and getting caught. I found my self irresistibly attracted to the black men who were around me and I wanted them.

I am now living alone and I have a very good job in a large company which employs many black men and I very quietly proposition a few of them for some fun in my apartment and I ask them if they have any friends they would like to bring over. My sex life now consists of having a few black men over about twice a week for whatever they want and I love it. It’s strange to consider what my life might have been if I hadn’t found that first tape at my friends.

– The End –