Cindi lay nude on the bed, her boy flushed with lust and excitement, with her legs hanging over the edge and splayed apart as the man kneeling between them applied his lips and tongue to her inner thighs.

Her mind was a sea of conflicting emotions as she lay subject to the ministrations of the man whose head she could see by the side of the bed. . . . It had been close to twenty years since a man had been between her legs. . . .twenty years of abstinence, not necessarily by choice but occasioned by circumstances. First was the divorce, then three kids to raise and the social mores of her family and neighbors.

“Now, the kids were gone, the youngest away at college, and she had a life of her own again and . . . . . .,” she thought and for the life of her she could not remember the name of the man at the foot of the bed.

Meanwhile, the man had moved upwards and his tongue traveled the length of the inner folds of her labia. . . . .slowly upwards from near her anal opening to the base of her clit itself. Cindi’s mind was suddenly enveloped in a, exquisite sensation that brought such pleasure that all other thought was forced out. She reveled in the sensation. . . . .

Gradually the overwhelming sensation abated to a slow, smoldering passion and she lay subject to cunnilingus for her first time [her husband had never wanted to do it] she worried. . . . She wondered if she smelled good in her crotch even though she had taken special care to the matter only a few hours previously. She wondered if ‘what’s his name’ was enjoying what he was doing.

Then, as she lay enjoying the feeling, she thought, “I wonder what the neighbors will think. . . they’ll surely know!” and she felt the fear rise up again. They had surely seen ‘what’s his name’ drive into her garage and would surmise the rest. Then, she thought about the man whose name she couldn’t remember and who was providing such pleasure between her legs. Between surges of erotic feelings she tried to remember his name.

Suddenly she found herself moaning and writhing in response to the tongue that was steadily probing between her legs.. . . . fighting to suppress something!

She couldn’t remember when her overt reactions had started . . . .only that they were strong and she no longer wished fight them.

It was when the tongue probed and massaged her clit that she flew into a new series of erotic spasms. . . . . This time there was no resistance as Cindi allowed the sensual nuances aroused by the probing tongue to flow through through her and heighten her passions.

“He certainly was good at pleasing a woman.” she thought and wondered if he was unusual or if he was an exception. . . . She wondered if she could respond in a manner to please him. . . . Then, she felt the knot of fear in her belly as she reminded herself it had been nearly twenty years without any experience.

As the man continued to administer cunnilingus and Cindi grew more passionate she considered her needs. After her divorce, she had felt no great need for sex; then, as the strong emotions of the divorce and separation abated she had felt a need. . . . vague and easily ignored. As the kids had grown older and she had more time to herself, the needs had become stringer . . . .appetites unfed! Family circumstances had forced her to late night sessions of masturbation and a familiarity with a couple of sex toys.

Even with her late night sessions, her needs were never assuaged. Her needs, though abated by the sessions, continued to grow as each day passed. Then, the kids were gone. “Oh God Milo, I love what you’re doing.” She found herself saying and suddenly she remembered, “Milo. . .Milo Pampner. . . . . That was his name!”

She had met Milo that very afternoon at a church picnic. . . .he had been flirting with her from the time she had arrived and when they met she had found him to be sensitive, charming and a gentleman. . . . She had made up her mind a mere half hour after their meeting that Milo was the one. It had taken no effort to arrange for Milo to come to her house for dinner and Cindi was a good cook.

“Oh yes!,” Cindi said as she felt Milo’s finger inserted into her vagina. Again, she felt a new wave of pleasure. Unlike before, she now actually assisted him and pressed her vagina on to his finger.

“You like that?” Milo asked as he inserted a second finger.

You do that so good!” she responded and once again she was overwhelmed with sensuous pleasure. Cindi had been fingered before. . . .her husband had done it many times. . . .but that was so long ago. She couldn’t remember if the feeling had been so intense.

Earlier, when he had caressed and suckled her breasts, she had felt the pangs of pleasure but was too tense to appreciate them. . . .not so now as she continued to wallow in the intense feelings.

Cindi had decided that she could remain like this forever and allowed the best of the sensuous, intimate play to warm her but for Milo, there was more and he moved over her, kissing and tonguing her belly.

As she felt his move, she was glad she’d spent that time exercising. . . her flat tummy was there for him to enjoy. The concern about the uncertainty of the next step in their foreplay arose again and she considered. . . .

Milo had licked her good. . . .he had brought her pleasure beyond her previous comprehension as he was between her legs. Would he expect the same from her? It would be only fair. . . . Now, her fear became more real and imminent! She had only done it a couple of times and her husband had never seemed pleased with her efforts.

As Milo moved upwards on to he bed it was becoming apparent that he was expecting something more. She moved to the center of the bed. . . .turned. . . .and there was Milo – his dork hanging only inches from her face. She reached and grabbed. . . . .

She moved again and placed her lips over the massive crown of his cock. She licked and suckled the crown and sought his reaction! She found nothing to indicate his pleasure. . . . She lowered her mouth over the crown and experimented with the toy she was mouthing. . . . . Still no reaction and Cindi redoubled her efforts!

Then, she felt it, a slight thrusting of his cock and a whisper of a moan. . . . She was pleasing him. . . Again, she pushed her exertions to the limit.

“Stop,” Milo said, “I’ll come if you keep that up.” Cindi redoubled her efforts. Somehow sucking him to completion became an end in itself.

While it might have been an end for Cindi, Milo wanted more. He moved and pulled her up under him and kissed her on the lips. Then, he began to reposition himself.

“In the night stand drawer,” she whispered to her lover, “put one on quick.” Milo moved quickly and soon his rock hard cock was sheathed in a condom. . . . Cindi watched and waited. . . .

As Milo was getting the condom in place, Cindi thought, “I’ve never been taken by a man with a condom on before.” And she wondered what it might feel like. She had heard that much of the pleasure was muted by flesh against latex; thence, latex against flesh and she wondered. While she had been married, they had never used condoms. . .no need to!

As she contemplated, she felt Milo move over her and position himself for his entry. Cindi, on her back in the missionary position, felt another area of concern. . . . . .this time most troubling yet. She hadn’t been with a man in all those many years. She had been young and supple and healthy and energetic and age had made her mor rounded, less agile and her energy was simply not what it had been.

She felt Milo’s cock at her entrance and it felt dry and unfriendly. . . . .she wondered if the condom thing was supposed to be painful or if there was something wrong with her. . . . As she contemplated, Milo had also sensed the problem and withdrew,as he applied a quantity of spit to the palm of his hand and applied it to the condom for lubrication.

Then, as he approached her opening for the second time, Cindi’s concern was at it’s peak, only to diminish as, after a couple of minor adjustments, after which his tool slipped easily into her. As her concern abated, she realized that the sensations she had remembered were not the same. As he slid into her, she felt the sensations were muted and the pleasure was less than she had hoped. . . . .of course, it might just be that her own body was simply not as attuned to the act as it once was!

She lay motionless as her impalement was complete. It was, she decided, not unpleasant and there was pleasure to be taken in spite of the latex sheath that separated them. Then, as she looked into Milo’s eyes, she sensed no real passion there. She wondered if she was pleasing him. . . . .

As if in response to her unspoken question, he leaned down and kissed her. . . . He moved his cock out until only the tip remained embedded; then, slowly reinserted it to it’s fullest penetration. As Cindi felt the reinsertion, she raised her ass to thrust herself upon him . . . . “Perhaps that would please him.” she thought as the action was repeated.

Then, the action became continuous as the reciprocating motion of his cock was met by her thrusts from below. “If only that rubber wasn’t there . . . .” she thought. She made her very best effort to make it good for her lover. . . . “?At least, he’d get something to remember her. . . ” she thought as she accepted lower expectations for herself. . . . .

As he kissed her long and hard again, she began to feel something. . . . something more intimate than anything she could recall. It sent little shivers of pleasure through her and she responded with a joy she had not anticipated. She kissed him back . . .hard! She drove her ass upwards to slam herself on to him. The muted sensation in her pussy became more sensitive and she felt her passions growing.

As they worked together, their passions grew from smoldering embers into roaring flames of an inferno. As they fucked, she reasoned, “It’ll soon be over. . . .,” and suddenly wanted it to continue. Silently she begged, “Please let me get my relief before you come. . .”

Milo was also concerned as he sensed the woman beneath him’s rather unpassionate demeanor. He tried a number of small movements to bring her up and sensed a small success.

Then, in concert, they continued their fuck with an increased sense of urgency as they reveled in the intense pleasure of their coitus. Cindy worked at an increased tempo. . . .she pushed herself harder; then she was rewarded with a sense that her orgasm, her first one with a man in perhaps 20 years. She tried harder.

Then, as she felt her body begin to respond she felt a sense of relief as she sensed her orgasm approach. . . . . Almost immediately, she was overcome with the intensity of her peak and her mind was a blur of sensation. This was what she craved. . . . .

As she passed her peak and again became rational, she realized that Milo was still driving himself into her with the same steady rhythm as before. . .he had not come. She continued to work with him and poured her very heart, mind and soul into making it good for him. In less time than it had taken previously, she felt her second orgasm approaching. She thought, “This had only happened a couple of times before. . . . two peaks in one encounter.”

Then she became aware of another concern. . . .At forty-three her body simply wasn’t in as good a shape as it had been twenty years ago. . . . jonts ached and muscles became painful from their unusual exertion. She was tired. Milo, on the other hand, showed no signs of tiring and continued his love making with gusto.

Sometime after her second peak, tired and aching, Cindi had reached the limit of her endurance and simply lay inert and allowed her loverto have his way with her. Milo, nearing fifty years of age may have lost some of his youthful vigor but he had developed tremendous staying power.

As she lay allowing herself to be used, Milo sensed the problem. He stopped his movement and lay quietly over her. Cindi, taking his action as one of completion without having dropping his load, Cried out, “Don’t stop! . . . .Take me!”

In response, she felt her lover roll off her and on to his back on the bed. “Get on top,” he said as she mis-understood what his intentions were and hesitated. “Here. Get on top of me and you drive,” he said to clarify what he intended. Still, she hesitated.

“I’ve never done it that way before.” she said and hesitated. Milo also hesitated, giving her time to think. In a second, she moved over him, placing a knee on either side of his hip, and adjusted her position for what she was about to do. Then, she rose up and lowered herself on to the massive man-meat that was pointed at her willing pussy. It was a direct hit on her first attempt and she lowered herself rapidly on to him. . . . Another first. . . .!” she thought.

As she experimented and worked to please the man she was now controlling, she felt her passions reignited and flame rapidly into the roaring inferno they had been moments before. Now, with different muscles and joints in play she was no longer tired and her re-energized lust drove her to new levels of sensations. . . . .

She was in control. . . .she moved like a woman possessed of demonic skills and it was soon Milo’s turn to keep up. . . . . Their rapid and forceful exertions heightened their passion to new levels. Then, it was simply, Harder. . . .Faster! “Fuck me,”Cindi cried.

Only minutes later, when the condom broke, she felt it give way and the heightened sensation of flesh to flesh which stimulated her to even greater levels of passion. With new joints and muscles in play, she rode the man-meat beneath her with the vigor of a young mare in heat. .

All too soon, she felt another orgasm. . . . a third approach and she prepared! She rode hard. . . . she responded to the sensations of her approaching peak with still more vigor. . . . .

This time, as she rose to meet her approaching climax, she felt something beneath her . . . .the cock which filled her was behaving erratically and it signalled the end. . . As she felt he own body let go, she also felt the spurts of semen filling her belly. Then, her mind simply went into overlaod and she reacted by animal instinct alone.

As they exchanged their most precious gifts in a flurry of rapid, uncoordinated movements and animal grunts and groans, they remained enveloped in the pleasures of their mutual peak.

Cindi was the first to become rational. She lay, exhausted, on the belly of her lover in silence. She felt his rapid heartbeat under her. . . .the only indication he was still alive. . . . .that and his now flaccid cock, still embedded in her vagina. For the first time in many years she had no appetite for sex. . . . .

Then, Milo moved . . . .he said nothing as he drew her close for a kiss on the lips. “Thank you.” she said. ” was it good for you?”.

Milo responded with a smile and a sparkle that told her she had been successful. “How about you?” he asked. Cindi responded, “It’s been a very long time and I was afraid I’d forgotten how!” They lay together for an hour or so. . . .enjoying each other and talking!

“Just like riding a bicycle, you never forget,” Milo said as Cindi listened to him tell her about his life. . . about a man with no goals or objectives, no aspirations and no ambition, content to live a life of failures and irresponsibility. Apparently his only success had been in bed where he seemed to excel.

As they showered and dressed, made breakfast and prepared to meet the day, Cini had made a decision. . . . . . It was hardly nine o’clock when Milo had been shown the door.

As he left, he asked, “When will I see you again?” and Cindi answered, “I’ll let you know. . .I’m pretty busy.” Then, with the door shut and alone again, she recalled the delicious feelings of the previous night.

Perhaps she might see him again . . . . and then again, most likely not. Then, again, there were lots of men out there and she could attract most anyone she preferred. . . .

– The End –