Frank and I sat together in companionable silence, content to enjoy our drinks and get pleasantly high from the heady, marijuana laden atmosphere.

“That was a neat little job you did yesterday Paul, that’s quite a team you’ve got there”

“They’re good lads” I agreed, “Bit more importantly Frank, they’re friends too, we learned a long time ago that we could rely on one another”

“Yeah, it shows too mate, I agree with you, they’re the best and talking about the best, would you take a look at those two?”

I turned and looked at Katie and Becky returning from the loo arm in arm, their eyes gleaming as they saw us watching them.

“Well we sorted out the problem of my wet panties daddy” Katie laughed,

“How?” I could see she was still wearing the little g-string, I’d helped her into earlier on this evening.

She giggled and twirled round,

“They’re Becky’s, her being such a slut daddy, she decide that she wanted to wear mine, so we swapped!”

“So now, we’ve both got wet panties on” laughed Becky, “But judging by the crowd tonight, they won’t be on for much longer”

Katie bent over and snaked her tongue between my teeth,

“We’ve arranged for a little present for you daddy”

“A present?”

I reached out with both hands and cupped the breasts that peeked out from beneath what passed for a tee shirt with my daughter,

“You’ve already given me the only present I’ll ever want darling”

“What’s that daddy, I really can’t think what you mean?”

I rolled both hard points of her nipples between my fingers,

“I’ll give you a clue or two” I laughed, “It’s sweet, beautiful, extremely sexy, it’s wearing it’s best friend’s panties and I love it very, very much!”

“Wow” she giggled, “I’m glad you said that because you’ve got to spend the next three weeks with me in Frank’s villa in Gran Canaria”

“What are you going on about?” I laughed, “I’m not going anywhere just yet, I’ve got work to do”

Frank grinned at me and shook his head,

“No you haven’t mate, take her away for a few weeks, get some sun on your back, enjoy it!”

“There’s just one thing though daddy” Katie looked at me with that special “naughty little girl” look of hers,

“What sweetheart?”

“I’ve got something that I want to take with me, is it all right?”

I laughed as she sat on my lap and ground herself down onto my rapidly growing bulge,

“Of course darling, what is it?”

Reaching out to Becky, she took hold of her hand and they looked into each other’s eyes as she sucked slowly at her friend’s fingers,

“It’s called Becky, daddy”

“Frank?” I looked at him and he smiled,

“Fine by me mate, we own a little bar there anyway so she can look in and have a look at the figures while she’s there!”

Leaving us both with lipstick smeared mouths, the girls went hand in hand onto the dance floor to join Sharon and Sadie who were moving slowly together in time to the music, hands on each other’s bottom and lips almost touching.

“She’s quite taken with you Paul, you know that don’t you?”

I must have looked a bit blank at him, because he added quickly,

“Becky I mean, she’s never stopped talking about you just recently”

I grinned but felt uncomfortable at the obvious nuance in his voice,

“She’s gorgeous Frank, absolutely fucking gorgeous, but she ain’t mine so end of story”

“I know she’ll share your bed while you’re away mate and that’s fine by me, but I love her more than anything else in the world, so…”

He let it hang, there was no need for any more to be said, advice? A plea? A warning even? I didn’t really know, but I let it go and said simply,

“Don’t worry Frank, I know the score”

I wandered off then to look around the place, there were couples of all races, ages and genders, most of them knew me, or at least knew of me and if I’d have accepted all the offers of drinks, I’d have been out cold on the floor,

Two women came in whilst I stood propping up the bar enjoying the scenery and I watched as Frank greeted them warmly with a kiss and asked them to have a drink with him,

“Champagne please Frank” they chorused and it was all I could do to stop myself from guffawing as the barman, after a wink from Frank, reached up to a notice above the bar which read,

“The management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, no reason needs to be given”

A standard notice which may be seen in thousands of pubs and clubs all over Britain.

Pulling it out from behind the glass, he deftly replaced it with one which read,

“The management reserves the right to refuse service to any females still wearing underwear after 10 pm when requesting champagne”

“Sorry girls” he said with a straight face, “Rules are rules, isn’t that so boss?”

“You bloody pervert” the dark haired girl laughed as she shimmied sexily out of a little black thong and hung it on a hook, obviously provided for just that very use!

Her blonde friend giggled and lifted up her skirt to show hold up stockings and a clean shaven mons above a beautiful little slit already glistening with tiny droplets of her juices.

“Beat you to it Frank” she laughed as the barman scrabbled frantically for another notice, which no doubt said that underwear had to be removed inside the club!

Frank saw me laughing and beckoned me over to introduce me to the girls,

“This is Sue and Heather” he said, “Two of the sexiest waitresses in London”

The blonde one, Sue leaned forward and kissed me,

“Hi Paul”

“Hi Sue” I grinned at her cheekily, “Nice lips”

“Thank you, it’s a new lip gloss that I…”

Then the penny dropped and she blushed prettily,

“They taste nice too Paul” said Heather and she kissed me too, Turning to Frank she said quietly, “I hear you two had a bit of fun recently”

“Not us Heather” he laughed, “Must have been two other homicidal maniacs!”

Leaving them to their banter, I moved on to where I could watch the dancers on the slightly raised dance floor, Katie saw me and deliberately turned her back on me as she whispered something to Becky.

I wondered for a moment what I’d done wrong, but then Becky’s hands ran down onto my daughter’s sexy little bottom and slowly began to raise her skirt.

“Nice view daddy?” Katie laughed and wiggled her bum provocatively,

I could hardly believe that this beautiful sexy teenager wanted me as much as she obviously did, she could snap her fingers to have any man she wanted, but why worry about it, I thought, I’d already lost count of the times, even in public when she moved her lips close to my ear and whispered,

“Let’s go home daddy, I want you to take me to bed and fuck me!”

Whilst I was day dreaming, Katie had turned back round again but Becky had kept her hands at the same level and now she had her fingers beneath the tiny scrap of my daughter’s little g-string, fingering her sweet little cunt!

“I think you might hit the bottle when we get to the villa Paul”

I turned to find Sadie and Sharon also enjoying the show, still joined with the handcuffs, they were relishing all the attention they were deservedly getting from every single person in the place!

“We?” I asked, but I already knew the answer,

“We’re coming too and Frank says you’ve not got to whinge about it, just do your best darling”

Sharon giggled sexily and taking my hand in her free hand, guided it up between her mother’s legs,

“That’s just one of four juicy wet pussies Paul and only little old you to take care of them!”

I laughed as I slid a finger gently into Sadie’s dripping wet love hole,

“Judging by the interest these four juicy, wet pussies are showing in each other, I’ll have to find my own juicy little pussy to entertain me”

“Don’t even think about it daddy” said Katie with a smile, “We might like pussy, in fact we love pussy”

She stopped for a moment to catch her breath as Becky added another finger,

“Oh God daddy, she’s fucking me, ooh you dirty bitch”

Then she remembered where she’d been in the conversation with me,

“But you’re our man, nobody else’s man, just ours, ok?”

It seemed odd to be agreeing with her whilst I was fingering Sadie’s cunt in full view of everyone, but I knew what she meant and I blew her a kiss.

Suddenly the music stopped and the disc jockey announced free champagne for every female in the club who could prove she wasn’t wearing panties,

I just didn’t know which way to turn as a good fifty per cent of the women in there began to shimmy out of their panties, Sadie reluctantly eased herself off my finger and giggled as her daughter took the glistening wet digit into her mouth.

“Well since we didn’t have any on to start with, I think champagne’s called for don’t you darling?”

And together the two gorgeous black girls strolled towards the bar to collect their drinks!

I was asked very nicely to remove my daughter’s panties as well as those of her (our) lover and sighed deeply as I reached up to the dance floor,

“It’s a hell of a job” I said to a couple who stood nearby smiling at me, “But someone has to do it, don’t they?”

That night it was just the two of us, in the taxi going home she clung to me, my hand between her thighs, whispering delicious little obscenities in my ear, telling me exactly what she wanted me to do to her in bed.

I did them too, I lay on my back whilst she lowered herself down onto my erection, teasing herself (not to mention me) by allowing the tip of my penis to nudge aside her puffy little cunt lips, then just wiggling around a bit before withdrawing.

She anointed my cock with her juices then bent her head and sucked them off, she took each one of my testicles into her mouth and sucked gently, she even ran her tongue between my cheeks and teased my anus.

Finally when I could stand no more, I threw her onto her back and positioned myself between her thighs. Her eyes were wide and excited as I thrust savagely into the swamp that was her cunt, her nails raked my back, her teeth bit into my neck, I felt the spasms in her cunt as she climaxed again and again,

“Rape me daddy, oh yes fuck me you big nasty fucker”

She arched her back up off the bed, her teeth nibbling at my ear as I shafted her, eager now only for my own pleasure,

“Do it daddy, rape me, fucking rape me, make me pregnant, give me a baby daddy”

Even as I exploded inside her clutching pussy, she was cumming again, half out of her mind with lust, begging me to make her pregnant and the last thing I remembered before falling asleep, was her beautiful soft lips on my ear,

“I mean it daddy, I want your baby”

-To be continued…-