Chapter One:

Naked and Performing in a Public Live-Sex Peepshow

If any of you readers do not know about the live-sex-shows in bars, the live-sex-show peepshows, and porn-video arcades along the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany, you may not completely understand my story. So I have added some information about it at the end of this chapter that you may want to read first. For those who have seen or heard about the depraved sex-scene on the Reeperbahn, just read on.

Like all the live-sex-show peepshows and many of the live-sex-show bars along the Reeperbahn there were two glass-cased bulletin boards. One faced the passers-by on the sidewalk, and on that one there were color photographs advertising the sex-performers’ completely nude bodies, usually in contrived indecent poses.

Just steps inside the doorway there were more color photographs advertising the completely naked low-life sex-performers. In that bulletin board the photographs captured the naked pieces-of-ass disgracing themselves by engaging in lewd oral or coital sex-acts as publicly performed in that establishment’s sex-shows.

The outside bulletin board facing passers-by on the sidewalk showed photographs of nude dancers. It also showed pictures of a naked black woman and naked white man. They had been taken from behind and showed-off both of the sluts on their hands and knees with their legs spread wide apart and obscenely exhibiting their bare asses, assholes, and sex organs like soliciting whores to passers-by on the street.

I was a nude art model in Cleveland. I had no objections to their public nudity. But I said to myself that these were definitely not nude art poses.

Inside the doorway were more full-body photos. One was of the black woman on her on her knees engaging in fellatio. Another was of the white man on his knees in front of her engaging in cunnilingus. Another was of him on his knees behind her engaging in anilingus.

The interracial couple was definitely not in nude art poses there, either. I put them down in my mind as shameless low-life naked pieces-of-ass.

Beside that bulletin board was another larger one with larger color pictures. It showed two different pairs of naked interracial sluts.

One was the same black girl and white man and had their names, Monica and Harold. The other was a white girl and black man named Sally and Hamza.

In both large color photographs the naked white piece-of-ass was clearly licking the black sex-model’s asshole, white male licking black female’s in one photo, white female licking black male’s in the other.

The bulletin board was emblazoned with the rationale for the sex-shows. There was a large statement in English and two smaller ones, no doubt saying the same, in French and German:

It said: “Our filthy naked white pieces-of-ass atone for slavery, colonialism, and white racism by dirtily licking-out and tongue-fucking black assholes. They need you to watch them defile themselves to make up for it.”

I saw it as promotional droll. They were cashing in on the successful blacks on blondes themes prevalent in pornography.

But I kept looking at it. I had licked black whores’ assholes to show them that I wasn’t a wham-bam-thankyou-ma’am racist honky. Maybe there was some guilt thing to it? Anyway there was no shortage of white models for blacks-dominating-whites porn, a popular genre with whites.

Whatever that may be, the peepshow’s advertised sex-show looked amusingly lewd and dirty enough, so I went in.

So there I was in the neon-emblazoned storefront Hamburg peepshow waiting to see its scheduled on-the-hour live-sex-show. A combination of being in a foreign country, adult years of viewing pornography, and talking with prostitutes made it seem normal.

I had no intentions of writing anything that day. If the thought had crossed my mind, it would only have been a brief “experience” paragraph. Because I did not intend to write anything, the following is from recollection after several years have now gone by.

My recollection now is that I was mulling whether I should go in and take a look at the raunchy lewd sex-show that was advertised on the bulletin board.

I went in. Like all live peep-show sex-shows on the Reeperbahn, that establishment also had an arcade of coin-operated video viewing booths which showed commercial European and American porn videos.

It had video viewing booths along both sides of the interior until near the back the customer reached a circular wood-veneer structure externally about twenty feet in diameter and seven feet high. Around the outside of this live-sex-show structure were seventeen narrow viewing booth doors, each opening to allow the live-show customer into a tall narrow booth that had a roughly three-foot by three-foot (one meter by one meter) floor space.

Two people could comfortably have squeezed in — and couples did — but three people in one of those booths would have been nearly impossible. Thus at any given time during a half-hour sex performance no more than thirty viewers could watch. However, the coin-operated windows were only set for a minute, and when a customer’s coins ran out, he or she would leave and be replaced by another viewer.

As a result, during a half-hour sex-show performance there might be a over hundred different sex-show spectators who had stopped in to view the naked public sex-performers and would have seen them engaging in at least one sex act before they departed the booths. And since the same naked sex-performers performed six to seven half-hour sex-shows each day, perhaps six hundred to seven hundred different spectators ogled their bare flesh and lewd public sex-acts every day.

Virtually always during a live-sex-show, all the booths were occupied, often later in the evening when the Reeperbahn came to life there were sex-show fans waiting outside the booth doors until a person or couple departed a booth. Then the new spectator would hurry in with a handful of coins to leer at the lewd naked performers publicly engaging in sex-acts.

When the live-sex-show was not being performed, few viewers observed a nude female “dancer” on the slowly rotating seven-foot-diameter turntable. The booths were sparsely occupied.

I had moments earlier stepped into one of the booths, dropped a single Deutsche mark coin into its coin-box and waited for a small window blind to raise from covering a viewing-booth window. For a few minutes I had inspected a young German woman exhibiting her shapely bare body dancing to canned music. Behind her the door through which the performers had to enter the sex-show arena was just another door similar to those on the viewing booths.

In between live-sex-acts that took place in peep-show places along the Reeperbahn, a series of nude female dancers always cavorted to some rhythmical music on the live-sex-act turntable between the hourly actual live sex shows. The times for the live-sex-shows were advertised on the bulletin board out in front of the peepshow arcade. Customers generally waited until the actual live-sex-shows were being performed.

The viewing windows at this peepshow were one-way mirrors. Blinding bright spotlights had been positioned just above the windows to shine on the naked human bodies on the turntable.

As a result of this combination, the brightly spotlighted sexy naked woman I was looking over was denied even the faintest potential of seeing me or any of the other people examining her bare body and fantasizing about it. In a few minutes I planned to watch two naked people shamelessly engaging in sex-acts on that turntable for audience amusement.

The one-way viewing mirrors were clearly intended to prevent the nude dancers and live-sex-act performers from having any knowledge of the facial identities of perhaps a hundred people who might be viewing their bare bodies and sex-acts during each half-hour performance. Over the course of days and weeks these unknown anonymous spectators would accumulate into thousands of assorted people that the naked sex-models would never know.

In that way, this peepshow’s live-sex performers were not unlike porno models who performed in videos. They would go out on the street without having the faintest idea of who might have seen their pubic parts and public sensation and scandal.

This was generally true even though the sex-show performers had to walk across the arcade in front of arcade customers in G-strings to get to the live-sex-show arena. Sex-show performers walked quickly and briskly. They could sometimes catch a glimpse of one or more of the people who might or might not be staring at their naked flesh in the arena.

Most of the live-sex-show spectators were already inside the booths watching the interim performer, a nude female dancer when the live-sex performers hurried to their dirty naked jobs.

The seventeen booths were always completely occupied during the live-sex-show performances, sometimes with more than one person watching. In addition, many spectators would come and go during the live sex performance.

So there were always between twenty-five and a hundred different observers of each half-hour live-sex-show performance. The naked performers were not able to get the slightest inkling of who they might have been.

It may have been a twist of irony or just a construction cost-cutter that a booth — from which the whole wall separating it from the turntable arena had been removed — was the entrance through which the sex-performers entered the turntable arena.

It was the only booth with a doorknob. The dancers and sex-performers opened the doorknob, slipped off their G-strings in a small floor-area. This area was about one meter by one meter, equal to that of the other viewing booths, and clambered up naked onto the brightly spotlighted turntable.

When I went into one of the regular the turntable viewing booths to view the nude German female dancer, I happened to get in one directly across from the performers’ changing booth where she had removed her red G-string. I saw it on a small shelf.

It was just a diversion. My attention was on bare female flesh. I spent a couple one-Deutsche mark coins viewing the undressed young woman wriggling her attractive bare ass and body and then left that booth.

I went out and strolled across the arcade to one of the video viewing booths lining the wall.

I remember going over to the video booths with a large handful of one-mark coins. Because there were still some minutes before the scheduled live-sex-show I went into one of them that had six European porn videos. Customers like me deposited one-mark coins, each giving about a minute of porn viewing, and then had freedom to choose from the menu of six videos.

One of several porn videos that I viewed after depositing several one-mark coins — each allowing about a minute of viewing each when dropped into the coin box — showed a bare black male and a naked German-looking blond engaging in sex act of anilingus. She was enthusiastically rimming his black anus.

I went through the channels of stripped porno models engaging in coital sex, cunnilingus, and fellatio. In one, a tall and muscular naked black man in his thirties was fucking a thin naked light-skinned Arab-looking girl in the ass doggy-style. He had a long thick black cock and rammed it into her small asshole with great relish.

She seemed to wince with discomfort as the long thick stiff black penis rammed into her rectum through the stretched flesh of her asshole. The camera person had scurrilously delighted in focusing for some seconds and from several angles on her facial identity and expression as she winced with each fuck into her asshole, so I got a good look at her.

Then the view went to a full shot from the side and behind showing both of their bare bodies while he fucked her in the ass. He yanked his long thick stiff black male meat out of her asshole.

“Okay, slut,” he told her loudly in English with a sneer in a West Indies accent. “Suck my cock after it come out your asshole.” It was probably one of those European porn videos made with the large American market in mind. German translation subtitles appeared across the bottom of the screen.

The camera person kept the full shot of their bodies to grant the viewer an uninterrupted, unequivocal, and authentic account of the Arab-looking girl’s consummate defilement and disgrace. Even in this full camera shot, her facial expression betrayed a certain eagerness for the dirty defilement and disgrace.

She immediately opened her mouth to prepare for the insertion of his stiff cock that had just come out of her asshole. Then she turned and crawled on her hands and knees to it while he remained kneeling in place, waiting and grinning at her impatience and exertion to get his cock that had just come out of her asshole into her mouth.

She crawled up to it, slipped it into her mouth, wrapped her lips around it, and sucked cock. He assisted her by literally fucking her in the mouth as he had just done fucking her in her asshole.

He tensed, exhaled a quick moan, and rammed his cock deep down her throat in an obvious ejaculation. She gagged on his hard long cock and ejaculated cum and expelled his cock in a gagging cough. And then she hacked several more coughs to clear her throat while he grinned at her. “That was great, Rita,” he sneered at her. “You’re a real filthy slut.”

“Rita” looked up at him, wiped her mouth against her bare arm, and gave him a pleasant satisfied smile. The guy was right. Naked Rita was a real filthy smut slut.

I scrolled through the menu of porn video offerings and got to a video where a different bare muscular black male was eating a naked white blond female’s pussy, both of them lying on a rug on the floor.

I could see the blond female respond to a request from the director and then look directly into the lens of the camera videotaping her. And the black guy also looked out of the corner of his eye at someone off-screen clearly speaking to him while he ate pussy on-camera.

“Lick my asshole, bitch,” the naked blond woman told the naked black man.

The blond female rolled over on her stomach, and now her bare ass was in the black man’s face. He looked at the director, then clearly complied with a directive and squashed his face between the blonde’s buttocks and slipped his tongue around her anal flesh.

He licked her anal flesh and forced his tongue in and out of her asshole for some length of time when the camera operator zoomed in on a close-up of the act of anilingus where he looked at the camera while he licked around her asshole.

But my coins ran out after about a half-minute of this shot, and the color television screen went blank after the coin-allotted time ran out.

I went to the change booth and got more coins. But I intended to go to the live-sex-show booths with them. Instead of turning on a television screen, these coins raised a blind so spectators like me could see the live unclothed couple engaging in sexual acts.

As I got the coins, I saw the nude German dancer that I had earlier been watching live. But this time she was on a color television monitor screen inside the change booth.

“There’s a video camera inside the live show arena?” I blurted out to the woman cashier in English. She was about thirty, a blue-eyed blond woman in a summer dress. She looked up at me with a mocking grin.

“To monitor our filthy naked pieces-of-ass. So the obscene show is okay for our customers,” she told me in German-accented English with a smirk. “The manager has a television set in his office, also to monitor.”

“You speak English quite well,” I noted.

“I lived in New York for a few years,” she smiled. “You from New York?”

“No, Ohio,” I answered. “So, you monitor your — uh — performers?”

“Call them filthy pieces-of-ass,” she smirked. “We want customers to see us debauching our filthy naked pieces-of-ass.” She shot me a grin knowing that I would approve.

“Sound’s good,” I told her.

“We have the filthiest naked pieces-of-ass in Hamburg. Disgracing and shaming themselves just for you. At least one of our filthy male or female bitches publicly licks an asshole in each dirty show.” she touted for her business, but smirked to convey a judgment about indecency of their sex-performers. “That is, of course, why you came here.”

“Yeah,” I grinned to show approval of what they were doing.

“If you want to take pictures or videos of our filthy naked sluts, go ahead,” she told me in a faux conspiratorial whisper.

I nodded to a sign that said in several languages: NO CAMERAS ALLOWED. “Says no cameras?”

“Forget it,” she told me with a grin and a wink. “Prevents our low-life pieces-of-ass from suing us if someone publishes pictures or sells videotapes of them.”

“Sign does that?” I asked.

“Sign warned customers,” she snickered. “It puts legal responsibility on the customers. It just prevents our filthy sluts from giving our business any problems. But we make all of our male and female bitches sign model releases.”

“Model releases?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she said with a grin and obviously pleased by it. “The pieces-of-ass sign away legal rights to any images of themselves. That takes away the money motivation to sue. And since they voluntarily defame themselves with public nakedness and public dirty sex-acts the pieces-of-ass have no slander against us for pictures showing them naked and doing defaming things.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I said with a shrug.

“Lots of light in the sex-show arena. You can get good pictures and videos,” she told me with a sneering grin.

“I don’t have a camera,” I told her.

“Too bad,” the blonde cashier said with a German accent as she shrugged. “Too bad for you, and too bad for us. You can’t show your friends pictures of the naked pieces-of-ass whom we shame and degrade. Therefore they may not come here to see our live disgraced sluts for themselves.”

A couple standing in line for coins behind me and listening did have a home video camera, however. I took my coins and waved the cashier a quick good bye.

I wandered toward the live-sex-show booths.

The final “nude dancer” act prior to the live sex show was about to be over. The live-sex-shows began exactly on the hour and there were still a few minutes. I ambled between rows of porn-video booths toward the booths of the live-sex-act arena.

I was, like all the other men and women streaming in to specifically see the live-sex-show. I was expecting to be entertained by two naked people voluntarily engaging in sex-acts in public — something that society defined as indecency, degradation, and shame.

I was simply another customer waiting to see the live-sex-show when the loudspeaker announced in English and German that it would begin in a few minutes.

To proclaim it, a tape or CD of noisy heavy-beat music was put on, along with more loud public address announcements touting the upcoming scheduled live-sex-show.

The nude young woman I had seen displaying her fine attributes on the turntable a few minutes earlier emerged from the only door with a doorknob. She was bare breasted and wearing the red G-string I had seen on the shelf.

She looked straight ahead and tried to ignore the arcade customers as she strolled across the green-and-white squares of the vinyl tile floor. She was swaying her all-but-bare G-stringed fanny as she passed several porn video booths to a door that led to a back room.

Standing almost next to the sex-arena entrance door from which she had come was the taunt, thin, and unshaven 30-something German manager in a rumpled tweed sports coat and rumpled gray trousers. He scarcely acknowledged his nearly bare female employee as she strode quickly by him.

That was because he was having an animated discussion in a mixture of German and English with a small sexy and shapely young black woman decently dressed in short and tight white shorts, a light colored tanktop, and loafers.

Her hair was shaved off in a bald-fade style. And she had a couple large gold rings swinging from her ears. She had on something like violet eye shadow and bright red lipstick that matched bright red nail polish on clipped-short fingernails.

I ambled nearer to them and stood listening.

I quickly gathered that she and the manager were having it out about a crisis. Her sex-act male partner had failed to show-up on time. The scheduled live sex show was about to begin, and he was not coming. I stood curious, fascinated, and discourteously gawking.

Even if I had not heard the conversation, I knew from nude photos advertising her that were pinned up on a bulletin board near the entrance that she was half of the live sex show.

I had seen three photographs showing the young black woman naked on the bulletin board facing the sidewalk. In the first she stood facing the camera. In the second she was in a naked cheesecake pose. In the third the photographer had taken a shot from behind that advertised her bare black ass and showed off the split bulge of her twat as she knelt on all fours looking back at the camera like a soliciting whore.

The first of two color photographs on the bulletin board in the entranceway, a step off the sidewalk for anyone walking by, showed her naked and kneeling in front of a tall naked white man with his large stiff penis swallowed deep down her throat. In the other they were both naked while he fucked her doggy style.

I stood there impolitely listening and staring at the shapely and sexy young woman who fucked and sucked naked in public. While I stood watching, the manager fumed and she countered.

Enough sex-show spectators had now gathered to fill many of the seventeen viewing booths, and several were now inside them. The others were keeping an eye on the small entrance door to the turntable area from which the nude dancer had just emerged, clearly hoping to get a good look at the two shameless sluts who would strip naked and lewdly engage in a half-hour of sex-acts for their amusement.

The female sex-act performer and the manager both shot me glances. But they returned to their wrangling about the male sex-show partner and where he might be and whether they might get him back in the next few minutes. The young black woman implied that he was with his regular girlfriend somewhere, and she was not about to interfere.

Back in the States where I was a nude art model nakedness in front of groups of decently dressed people did not bother me. Moreover, I was in Germany. No one I knew would see me as naked piece-of-ass publicly engaging in sex-acts for pay. Even videos and photographs taken of me would by and large stay in Europe. Those that did make it to the States would be used for private gossipy tourist-trip occasions.

I liked the idea that there might be a chance to find out how it felt to strip and perform in a live-sex-show, and I decided to send out a feeler.

“What happens if he doesn’t show up?” I asked her in good American English.

The young black woman broke her turbulent eye contact with the manager turned to glare at me.

“So you want to fill-in or something?” she asked me point blank in English in a smug assertive tone.

Blurted out angrily that way, her statement was meant not to invite but to chastise for standing and impolitely listening to their business discussion.

She had initially — and as far as that went, correctly — sized me up as an average male sex-show customer who had come to leer at her degeneration and humiliation. But she was not quite correct. She had thought that I was one of those customer-guys who would never in a million years strip naked and perform sex-acts with her in front of a leering and taunting peepshow audience.

Rather than quickly looking away and hurrying to steer clear of such offers and innuendo, I took a deep mulling breath with a look of “maybe” written all over my face. She was a shapely sexy black girl and clearly had a nice black ass. I was anxious to try out being a live-sex-show performer in a peepshow, but I was weighing aftereffects.

Her self-righteous glare immediately softened. So did the manager’s. Both quickly gathered that I might be the solution to their dilemma. The black girl shot me a coquettish and knowing grin.

“You want to?” she asked.

“Ten marks each show,” the manager immediately offered. A Deutsche mark was then worth about forty cents. It meant I would get four dollars per half-hour live-sex-act.

Four dollars for stripping naked and engaging in sex-acts for a half-hour in a sex show may not sound like much money. But consider that the shows ran daily every two hours seven days per week. They ran from circa two in the afternoon until three in the wee hours of the morning, seven shows seven days per week. Sometimes on Sunday they reduced the number of shows to six.

That adds up to about a hundred sixty dollars a week in American terms. In the internal German economic terms, however, the money had somewhat more purchasing power. So a guy could live on it for stripping and engaging in sex-acts in joints along the Reeperbahn, and there was harder work around that paid less. The money would help me stretch out my stay in Germany.

But the manager’s offer was not for a month or more of sex work. It was simply four dollars, and for stripping naked and engaging in sex-acts for public amusement and sport for the next half-hour show. But it was clear that it probably would include more ten-mark payments for other live-sex-shows for the rest of the day.

I think he realized that, but felt, as show time rapidly approached, that was the going rate. I was looking eager enough, so the German equivalent of four dollars should be adequate to have the black girl and me as a live-sex-show couple performing on schedule.

I glanced around. There was no one I knew. No one would know it was me.

“Okay,” I told him.

He shot me a perfunctory smile. It was just business to him. “Good,” he said, half-sounding like the similar German word for “good.”

“Should I just go into the peepshow with her now?” I asked

“Come into my office first,” he beckoned as he started hastily for it.

The office was effectively part of the cashier booth where I had just been talking to the blonde cashier lady who was contemptuous of “filthy pieces-of-ass” who performed in live-sex-shows.

She had seen and heard everything and shot me a dirty smirking sneer.

The black girl and I followed the manager. “The other white guy licked-out and tongue-fucked my black asshole every show,” she told me. “You’ll do it, too?”

“The manager turned his head as he walked ahead of us. “You have to. Asshole-licking is our black-dominating-white theme that brings in customers. Our white piece-of-ass always has to.”

“Anyway he knows that I don’t do that dirty disgusting rimming stuff,” the black girl told me. “Okay?”

I had given rim jobs to black whores. I had no material objections to licking her black asshole. The fact that I would be performing the dirty humiliating sex-act in public even thrilled me slightly.

“Okay,” I shrugged.

The manager hurried across the arcade and went into his office, leaving the door wide open. He had a schedule to meet and wasted no time when we got there.

“Take off your clothes,” he told me in a businesslike tone. “I need dirty pictures for our bulletin board outside on the street.”

When I had come in, I had seen the debasing photographs facing the sidewalk. The photos showed their naked sex-show performers touting their asses and sex-organs like whores toward passers-by. Anyone walking by could look at them and recognize that the debasing photos were of debauched whores paid to publicly perform sex-acts in the peepshow.

There was something else, though. The manager was clearly inferring that I would be one of his live-sex-show performers for more than one show, even for more than one day. He was going through the trouble of taking instant photographs of my naked body in lewd poses so as to advertise me as one of his naked dirty sex-show bitches.

I didn’t balk. As a nude art model I had stripped naked and had been photographed for arty photos a number of times.

But I became self-conscious of entering a devalued social caste of photographed naked porno models and live-sex-show performers. My personal value as far as getting good income jobs was going to go way down if this got back to the States. My value to the manager was debauched flesh for his sex-shows, clearly at least several days of them.

He and his change-booth lady were pleased to see that a half-dozen potential paying customers were looking in through the open office door, he because it was good business, she because I was now one more of their dirty pieces-of-ass.

The black girl scowled at me to indicate that I should not hesitate.

She kicked off her loafers. She was not wearing socks.

She cast a scurrilous glance at me and began taking off her tanktop. “Get undressed, white bitch,” she told me. “Strip!”

I turned my back to the open door and the arcade customers who were casually looking in. I had stripped naked in front of art students, art teachers, and art class guests thousands of times. This was just one more, even if I had slight reservations about the dirtier and more degrading purpose of stripping.

As many as a dozen tourist-dressed people were looking into the office. This time I was getting naked with the sole intention of performing sex-acts together for their audience sport and amusement.

The black girl peeled off her tanktop and put it in a wire basket on a chair beside the manager’s desk. She had worn no bra or undershirt beneath it and thus exhibited small almost flat bare breasts. The rich ebony flesh of her tummy bulged ever so slightly and called attention to her belly button.

She pulled down her shorts. She was not wearing any panties, clearly arriving at the sex-show place with no other intention but performing in their live sex show.

She dropped her shorts on top of her loafers and picked up shoes and shorts and put them into the wire basket. I looked over her bare ebony flesh and twat while I slipped my jeans off.

I dropped my jeans in a pile over my T-shirt and loafers on the rug-covered floor.

Then as I had done for numerous art classes, I slipped out of the last raiment, my underpants. Feeling naked, I picked all of my clothes up in a bundle and placed them in the wire basket on the chair beside the black girl’s things. It was obviously where their sex-models put their clothes.

The manager had gotten his instant camera. He had me turn and face him. Now totally naked I could see the spectators looking at the bare black girl and me through the door. He snapped a photograph.

“I need a picture of your bare ass,” he told me.

“You saw the pictures on the bulletin board out in front,” the black girl told me. “Just get into those same dirty poses.”

“Kneel on my desk on your hands and knees,” the manager specifically told me in case I still did not get it.

Because one side of the desk was close to the wall, the only way he was going to photograph my bare ass was with it toward the open door and the people pointing, snickering, and grinning at the little free show we were putting on.

I climbed up awkwardly in my nakedness onto the desk on all fours. For a moment I was glad I was in far-away Germany.

But even as I let out a faint sigh at the thought, I was acquiring numbness to the disgrace and degradation. I had been naked in front of fellow male high school students in gym-class showers. So here I was naked in front of decently clothed women and men. He went around behind me.

“Spread your legs wider and look back at the camera,” he told me. I looked back at it. I could also see the group of summer-dressed arcade customers smirking at the fact that my naked body and bare ass were being photographed in that dirty degrading pose for showing on the bulletin board facing the sidewalk.

Their grins and snickers told me that I was being mocked not only for being publicly naked, but also for my defiling pose and prostituted live-sex-show performer abasement.

He snapped several photographs of my bare ass and dangling sex organs from slightly below the level of the desk while I looked back at the camera to reveal my facial identity to the passers-by on the sidewalk.

He looked at the photographs after they were all printed out.

“Okay,” he said gruffly. He put the camera in his desk and pulled out a form and a pen. “Model release. Sign here.” It was in German.

“Just sign it. I did,” the black girl told me. She was now wearing only a red G-string. “It just lets people publish pictures of you, naked or otherwise. They can sell and show dirty pictures of you whenever they want.”

I remembered the blonde cashier’s invitation to me and customers to photograph and videotape the live-sex-show “pieces-of-ass” and knew that I would be signing away any way to get back at them. “Sign it and let’s go,” the black girl insisted. As I scrawled my name on the dotted line, she held out a tan G-String made of gauze-like see-through fabric and thin strings of black elastic.

“Put it on,” the manager told me. “Hamburg rules. Wear it when you walk in the arcade. Take it off in the sex-show arena.”

I put it on. It was a skimpy piece of tan gauze with an elastic thread that went between my buttocks and an elastic thread that went around my waist. The tiny patch of gauze was deliberately thin to permit a view of my penis and balls, and it was so small that one of my hairy balls stuck out.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ten-Deutsche mark bill and placed it on top of my clothes in the wire basket. I acknowledged this equivalent of four dollars pay for my upcoming half-hour live sex show performance. He turned and walked out of his office toward the sidewalk bulletin board with the two nude photographs of me and carrying a stapler to fasten them to it.

The young black woman diverted my attention quickly to her.

“Come on, white bitch,” she told me with a firm contemptuous nod. “Show time.”

And as the clock on the wall showed, it was indeed show time and there was literally no more time to waste.

Walking saucily ahead of me and swaying her sexy bare black buttocks as if to taunt me that my face would be squashed between them, she led me toward the door to the inside the circular arena structure. It was the door that the nearly bare young woman dancer had just come out from.

Out in the arcade, walking barefoot and wearing a skimpy transparent G-string that let one of my balls hang out, I was not flustered that everyone looking at my nearly naked flesh. But I knew that they were looking at me because I was the dirty debauched male piece-of-ass of the live sex show team that they were about to watch.

Ten boys and girls were among those looking at me. They were three German boys, two black boys, two black girls, and three German girls.

I knew that they legally had to be in their upper-teens to come in. But in a quick glance I could not guess whether they were older of younger than that.

They had come into the arcade while the black girl and I were in the office. When I had looked back I had caught a glimpse of them watching the manager photograph my facial identity along my bare ass and dangling sex-organs.

The ten of them stood watching the black girl and me with ridiculing giggles, smirks, and snickers as we headed toward the door of the live-sex-show arena.

The black boys and girls were rather clearly Americans, most likely kids of American military service people stationed in Germany. I couldn’t tell for the moment if the white boys and girls were German or American.

But it was now clear that Americans would be watching my dirty naked sex-show acts, including the humiliating act of licking the black girl’s asshole in public. I might be in Germany, but Americans whom I might again meet were going to observe my prostituted debasement and were already snickering and sneering heckles and taunts at me.

The black and white teenagers wore jeans, shorts, tee shirts. None of the girls wore dresses. Two black boys carried compact video cameras and two white boys carried still cameras. Two white girls also carried video cameras and one black girl carried a still camera.

“They’re the filthy bitches who are going to suck and fuck for us?” one of the black girls said as they all looked over our G-stringed bodies and pointed laughing at our sex organs and our bare behinds revealed by the thin gauzy G-strings.

“Shouldn’t you brats be in school?” my black female sex partner snapped back at them.

“We’re not brats,” one of the teenage black girls objected.

“But you’re a cock sucking slut,” one of the white boys told her with a grin and with a German accent. I guessed that the other white boys and girls were also German.

“Is he going to lick out your black asshole like the other white bitch-guy yesterday?” another teenage black girl asked her.

My haughty sex-show partner ignored it. It was true. She was a public cock sucker, and she knew it. She knew my mouth and tongue would be publicly on her asshole.

But for one thing, talking to the customers would only delay us. It was time for the dirty sex-show to begin. For another, it would only give them and other customers more time and pleasure to heckle and taunt us as the dirty degraded pieces-of-ass that we all knew we were.

“We’re in Hamburg for a German-American Study Club meeting,” the first black girl told us as they all walked next to us toward the sex-show arena.

“We’re studying filthy naked pieces-of-ass like you,” the German boy next to her sneered.

Several of them grinned and showed her hands filled with coins, enough to watch our whole sex show. They were going to have fun with our public indecencies.

And it was clear from the black girl’s statement about the previous white male sex-performer’s act of anilingus that they would be watching multiple future sex-shows in which I performed.

The brats wanted some of our attention. If only for that, I tried not to appear to be looking at them. But I wanted to see at least some of their facial identities so I would know them if I met them again somewhere else.

So as I hurried toward the arena entrance in my skimpy see-through G-string I glanced quickly at them. They were pleased to see that they had gotten some attention from me and returned my glances with either heckling winks or mocking smirks. I didn’t have to be reminded that they and the other customers regarded me as a low life dirty piece-of-ass. But they made sure that the black girl and I knew how they thought of us, anyway.

When we got to the arena entrance door then they all hurried jocularly to several open viewing booth doors, and five boy-and-girl pairs squeezed into five booths.

The dozen-or-so people who had been standing around waiting to view the live sex show, five of them of them women with men, also shot us cognizant ogling looks and snickered and sneered at our sex organs seen through our G-strings.

My black female sex-show partner opened the entrance door to the sex-show arena.

The customers watching us made small efforts — like syrupy condescending smiles and exchanging looks of knowing innuendo between themselves — to let us know they regarded us as lewd amusements.

The black girl and I glanced around at the people we would probably strip naked and engage in sex-acts to amuse. The booths were mostly filled with others whom we would never see behind one-way-visible mirrors while the bright spotlights illuminated our bare flesh and shined in our eyes.

When I glanced back at the dozen people waiting to see the live sex show I had not fully formed my ideas on the subject. But the impression was quite clear. It was as if recognizing and participating in an instantaneous master-slave, debaucher-debauchee, buyer-seller exchange.

A single young man vacated one of the viewing booths to get more coins. A fortyish Italian-looking man in a blue sports coat, white pressed trousers, and white shined shoes and his twenty-something Italian-looking wife or girlfriend in a chartreuse summer blouse, light blue shorts, and light-colored sandals went into the vacated booth. They would be watching the black girl and me. And he was carrying an expensive Japanese camera with a special lens system. She was carrying an expensive compact video camera.

After my chat with the cashier I knew the small sign on the cashier’s booth saying “No Cameras” in several languages was virtually a reminder and an invitation to people to photograph and videotape what she termed “the naked filthy pieces-of-ass.” I had seen numerous people in and out of the booths with cameras over the previous days. I had thought of buying a cheap camera and shooting some porn myself.

Once inside the booths, spectators were behind closed booth doors and the management could not see and did not care what they did. And they could point their various cameras through the one-way-visible mirrors at the brightly-spotlighted bare human bodies. The naked sex-performers could only see mirrors and were not able to see who might be ogling them let alone who might be photographing and videotaping them.

The black girl and I both noted the couple carrying a still camera and a video camera into the booth to photograph and videotape us. She looked at me with a shrug. She as well as I had also had seen the ten American and German teenagers with their still and video cameras. She said nothing and clearly was used to it.

The people waiting to get into the viewing booths, some of them also carrying still and video cameras, pointed at us and snickered innuendo. They dirtily grinned at us and some winked to heckle our degeneracy and disgrace. As if understanding what this exchange with the people who would be watching us meant and wanting to end it quickly, the black girl broke eye-contact with them.

“Let’s go,” she told me with a look of scorn while holding the door open while onlookers were pointing or snickering.

She ushered me in, and shut the door. She immediately slipped off her scanty see-through G-string and so did I.

Now we were in the sex-show’s turntable arena. It was like being shut off from the heckling and taunting spectators even though I knew that the real purpose was to provide those and other spectators with anonymous and complete viewing and image capturing of our facial identities, paraded nakedness, flagrant public sex-acts, and flaunted degradation.

I looked into the turntable arena. All around the slowly rotating turntable were what looked like seventeen harmless silver mirrors. I knew that these were actually one-way viewing windows that allowed paying viewers see us naked sex-performers and denied us any possibility of seeing them. But from the inside it only looked like a round room with mirrors all around it.

I knew that some of the same people, including the German teenagers, were now viewing us from behind those one-way-visible mirrors. But not being able to see them made it seem almost like a private little room.

I have to note here that the following observations of that first time inside of the sex-show arena took place in a matter of a few seconds, even though describing it may make it seem artificially longer.

I had only a few seconds to glance around. And I did it as much out of curiosity as to familiarize myself with the place where I would perform sex-acts for public amusement.

A dozen or so extremely bright quartz spotlights mounted far out of reach on the ceiling, and eight other spotlights encased in black metal boxes mounted above the viewing windows, flooded the inside of the sex-show arena, especially its turntable, with glaring bright light.

It was clearly intended that the audience should have no trouble seeing facial expressions and identities, naked bodies, behinds, sex organs, and the scandalous details of the sex-acts their socially debauched naked fellow humans performed in public.

Mounted on the top of the sex-show arena structure was a video camera pointed down at the turntable. It allowed the manager in his office and the person in the cashier’s cage to monitor the ongoing sex-acts and naked sex-performers on the turntable on their television screens.

A padded turntable was covered with a light blue rug. It was raised a couple feet above the floor. There was about a one-foot gap between it and the circular wall of peep-show booths where cobwebs and dust had gathered along the gray vinyl-tile floor.

Scattered on the floor in the dust and cobwebs in this foot-and-a-half space below the turntable were some old dusty candy bar wrappers and empty cigarette packages. It had not been swept in at least a couple weeks, and a few bare-foot footprints showed where naked performers had stepped, perhaps inadvertently, off of the turntable.

Other scuffling shoe prints in the dust showed where employees had come in to replace or repair blinds over the one-way mirror-windows and their small electric motors.

A viewing-booth spectator could not, of course, see the dust, cobwebs, and wrappers on the vinyl-tile floor beneath the turntable. I had just been in one of the booths taking a gander at one of the nude dancer’s attributes, and the viewing angle only permitted seeing the top of the turning turntable. I had not been the least bit aware of its edge or what was below it. Like all the spectators, my attention had been on the bare live human flesh centrally posed on it.

It was a show place, and like all show places, it was constructed to offer illusions while presenting reality.

The light blue padded rug covering the turntable was simply naturally dusty around the outer edge where it was folded over and under the circular edge. It may not have been vacuumed more than once a week, but constant activity of bare feet stepping around on it and female dancers and male and female live sex-show performers rolling and scooting their naked bodies on it kept dust off of the central turntable performance area.

There were some splotches on the light blue or gray rug that looked like beer had been spilled long ago.

Some small splotches were undoubtedly ejaculated semen, and very likely some were a mixture of saliva and semen from ejaculations into naked female performers’ mouths and subsequent voluntary or involuntary coughing up and spitting out, as I had seen in a live sex show down the street. But it was not a dirty rug, just splotched and stained here and there and a little dusty around the circular edge.

All around the wall about two feet apart were the seventeen about one-foot-square silver one-way-visible mirror-windows behind which were the viewing booths — except for a missing one by the stage entrance door through which we had both just come.

In front of each viewing window was a flat black window-blind attached to a string on a roller which was operated by a small electric motor. The motor lifted the blind when a coin was dropped into a coin-slot inside the viewing booth. Only then could the sex-show fans look out and see us.

I remember that most of the blinds were then raised above the silver one-way mirror windows. That indicated that spectators inside those viewing booths had deposited coins into the coin-box slots and were now ogling the naked young black woman and me.

The reconstructed viewing booth by the entrance door permitted a small two-foot by three-and-a half-foot patch of vinyl-covered floor where sex-performers undressed, usually out of G-strings like ours.

From there they would mount the slowly turning turntable and perform our sex-acts on it while being turned so all spectators could have views of the naked flesh and sex-acts. The vinyl tile floor below me was also was free of dust from many feet trampling there, but it grew dusty on each side when it joined the unswept gap between the turntable and the circular wall.

The one impression that stands out in my mind is the glaring brightness made by the many spotlights. The padded rug of the turntable almost seemed to emit light itself the glare on it was so bright.

The circle of seventeen one-foot by one-foot one-way mirrors glittered in the bright spotlights. I could see that I would not have even the faintest idea of who might be looking at my nude body, let alone now photographing and videotaping me through them.

As a result of my experience in lying my prone five-foot-ten bare male Caucasian body across the diameter of the turntable during several sex-acts, I would say it had to be six-and-a-half to seven feet, or a little over two meters, in diameter.

As I stood for those few seconds aware of my bare ass and publicly exhibited sex organs, the black girl grinned.

The real sport the paying spectators, including the ten American and German teenagers and the Italian couple, were having with us both at that moment, was the scandal, the debaucher-debauchee context. We were their sex objects, their whore debauchees.

And some of them were surely taking photographs and videotaping us from behind those one-way mirrors to permanently stigmatize us. But I was pretty sure that these would be shown around on a small private individual scale and not mass-production of our bare flesh and facial identities as with image-captured porno models. I guessed that any home videos or snapshots taken would not circulate beyond small circles of intimates because the people taking pictures or videotaping had, unlike the young black woman and I, reputations to protect.

But whether or not captured in amateur cameras, we stood there naked on public exhibit like ancient Aztec and Egyptian society slaves and captives who had to submit to going naked outdoors in public as an indication of their social status.

Thoughts raced through my mind in that split second as I felt a coolness of air between my legs. In my new nakedness on public exhibit I felt I had crossed a line and was now one of those male equivalents of a female whore.

But there was also a thrill as the cool air from a ceiling fan on my bare buttocks and genitals reminding me of my nakedness. I had sought the stripped-live- sex-show-model experience for its socially rebellious audacity, the thrill of publicly pealing naked, and the new sexual-experience all of its own of engaging in sex in public, similar to “doing it on-camera.” The fleeting rush of shame and embarrassment may have been part of that thrill.

People are ranked by the services they can sell and thus are assigned a value and social status. The truck driver and typist are always lower in social standing than the business executive or politician. Near the bottom are the convenience store clerk, house cleaner, garbage collector. But still at the bottom is the socially despised prostitute.

Dichotomy defines relationships: master-servant, higher servant-lower servant, buyer-seller, and customer-whore. And I was now whoring naked for four dollars to amuse sex-show customers with obscene defiling acts.

But that was it. I had passed the point of no return.

It would have been more embarrassing to show cowardice and up and quit on her and the audience and put my G-string back on, storm out, and confront the manager while putting my regular clothes back on. The easier path was to go through with it, at least for that half-hour live sex show.

The young black woman and I and stood naked on exhibit as sex-performers and had our jobs of a half-hour of sex-acts to do.

With a bland expression, she looked my bare flesh and sex-organs over for a second, and I did the same with her.

I had arrived at the live-sex-show place intending to anonymously leer like the other spectators at her breasts, bare black ass, and exposed genitals and fantasize about her bare body.

So I suggestively look her over now that I was her sex-partner. And as my sex-partner and a professional naked sex-act performer now showing her bare body off to an audience, she could hardly cast a censuring eye on my indecently looking over her publicly exhibited bare ass.

I could hear the audience murmuring and shuffling, hear coins dropping in coin boxes causing the motors of the black viewing-booth blinds to hum and raise them. Each time I saw a black blind raise above a silvered one-way-mirror viewing window, I knew it allowed the hidden onlooker behind it to view and perhaps photograph and videotape our bare bodies.

The loudspeaker was like a barker hawking our sex show in two languages.

I was now a naked public sex-performer in a public sex-show arena, but I could not help being amazed at how “private” it also was. The naked black girl and I were in a small “private” room and could not see even a hint of the people staring at our naked flesh through the surrounding row of seventeen one-way-visible mirrors.

All we could see were our own reflections, and not even that very well in the intense glare of the bright spotlights in our eyes. I vaguely recall that they all had their blinds raised so that each of the seventeen viewing-booths had at least one person viewing us.

In some of the booths there were some couples squeezed in, including the ten German teenagers and the Italian man and woman.

So I estimate that more than twenty people were viewing our bare bodies at that moment. Even given a usual turnover of two or three times that during the half hour we performed sex-acts on the turntable, it would amount to no more than a hundred people who observed us. That was a lot but not many compared to the thousands or even millions who might see naked models on any given porno movie or porn video.

Some of those hundred who were in the booths for between a few minutes and the whole half-hour sex show would undoubtedly have taken photographs and made videotapes, but they would be used in small private circles not be mass produced.

Because the blinds moved up and down as people paid, I had a cognizance of spectators leering and gawking from behind the silvered mirror-windows. But the only other awareness that the private little room permitted of them were sounds of coins dropping, muffled mostly incomprehensible voices of people conversing, some ridiculing muffled cackles and laughs, and a certain shuffling around coming through the thin veneer walls from the viewing booths.

Much of this was drowned out into a kind of benign background noise made by the low grinding-wobbling sound of the turntable motor and its gears.

The young black woman looked me and my dangling dong over with a cute insolent smirk even as I shot a glance at her tuft of kinky black pubic hair and twat.

By right of experience, after having stripped and performed sex-acts in public numerous times, she knew that she was in command and apparently knew I, as a total beginner, was slightly anxious and did not know what to do.

I found out later that she had previously done it with others picked out of the prospective audience and therefore knew how to handle us nervous, slightly embarrassed, and willing to be told newcomers to her socially degrading profession.

“Well, let’s do it, white bitch,” she told me with a sneer that failed to hide a reluctant sigh.

She turned to get ready to step up onto the slowly rotating turntable. The step up onto it was a little high, but not much worse than stepping, say, onto a bus.

I had come to the sex-show place to leer lewdly at her bare behind, so I looked a politically incorrect ogle at the shapely round flesh of her black buttocks and indecently stared at them to follow their sensuous undulations as she stepped to the turning turntable. As she set her foot on it and started to step up, I examined the appearance the split bulge and fleshy lips of her female sexuality and her cleanly scrubbed anus above it.

As if knowing what I would be doing, she looked back a chastising sneer at my male sexual interest in her bare butt as she stepped up onto the turntable.

But I just grinned at her. Her bare hindquarters were on public exhibit for spectator viewing, including mine.

“Nice ass,” I told her, taking advantage of the opportunity to say something that would amount to sexual harassment in just about any other context.

Naked live sex-show performer exhibiting her bare “nice ass” in public or not, she still sensed the intrinsic macho insolence and shot me a faint scowl.

“Glad you like my nice black ass,” she smirked.

I pointedly looked over the sensuous shape of her bare ebony buttocks and again examined her asshole as she continued to step up on the turntable of our disrepute.

Images of the black guy licking the blond woman’s anus were still fresh in my mind from the porn video a few minutes earlier. I was already audacious for having stripped bare to publicly perform sex-acts on the turntable.

Anilingus was being performed in porno movies, peep-show videos, and often in other live sex shows along the Reeperbahn, males licking female assholes, females licking male assholes, so licking the black girl’s asshole was a perfectly acceptable sex act to publicly perform in a live sex show joint in Hamburg.

But I also felt a pang of squeamishness about performing more that vulgar and degrading sex act in front of people I knew were leering at me as well as photographing and videotaping me.

I took a last glance at the young black woman’s asshole and twat as she got completely up on the turning turntable.

She again glanced back at me with a mocking sneer. “Like that stuff?” she chided.

On the turning turntable my sex-show partner looked blandly the other way while she planted her feet wide apart to wait for me. It had been clear from the beginning, when she had contemptuously asked me if I wanted to fill-in as her sex-show partner in order to frighten me away from listening to her and the manager, that she really did not like me. I was one of those dudes who had come in to see the smutty live sex show and have sport with her shame.

Even now, naked and a sex object myself for other spectators’ similar amusements, I was still that dude who had originally come in to watch her. And she knew that I was one of those thrill-seekers who were there to rebel against the conventions of polite society and experience the thrill of nudity and sex in public.

But like workers in a factory who did not much care for each other, we two naked sex-industry “workers” still had our lewd “work” to do together, still had our obscene “job” to do.

I climbed onto the turning turntable. The focused glaring spotlights on our bare flesh were noticeably brighter, and I could feel their heat.

The slow rotation created a strange sensation, and the silvered viewing-booth one-way mirrors going by produced not so much dizziness as a slight disoriented feeling of loss of control of environment.

As we were slowly rotated, I was aware that we were not only naked on display but on a turntable constructed solely to put us on three-hundred sixty degree exhibit as it rotated us around while we engaged in sex-acts. It was so that the audience could view all sides of our bare bodies, sex organs, bare buttocks, and all of the public sexual acts and contacts of our two bare bodies. But I was there, and I wanted to be.

I am not sure now of the precise wording we used after we had stood facing each other and figuratively feeling each other out on the turntable for some seconds, but it went something like this.

“You want me to do something?” I asked her, meaning what kind of sex-acts should we do first.

“You have to lick out my black asshole, white bitch,” she tossed out as a contemptuous epithet, with a scornful sneer at my stupid question. “Let’s do that first.”

When I showed no hostility, she looked my facial expression over with a dirty grin. We had to quickly agree, of course, on some kind of sex act while we stood naked on the rotating turntable with spectators watching, waiting, and paying.

As I think back now — and I seem to recall even thinking it then and being mildly surprised at myself — I felt absolutely no shame or embarrassment anymore.

The only time a feeling of shame had briefly occurred was when I had walked by the customers identified as a low-life sex-performer because I was wearing only a scanty G-string. Those first moments in the sex show arena were a little unsettling when I had removed my G-string and experienced a sudden faint tinge of squeamish realization about the implications. But the feeling had quickly disappeared into the back of my mind.

Now, standing naked on the turning turntable and being rotated past viewing windows so all the anonymous spectators concealed behind one-way mirror-windows could have views of my bare ass and genitals from any angle, I literally did not feel a thing. I was just a guy standing there — not thinking about my nakedness at all and only hazily aware of it somewhere on the far periphery of my consciousness.

“You want me to lick your asshole first?” I asked artlessly to open a quick and dirty discussion of what we should perform first. But she accepted it as literal.

“Yeah, white bitch,” she told me with a scoffing sneer. Then she bit her lip and grinned dirtily. “I know you want to lick out my black asshole. So, go ahead.”

It was clear that she was trying it out on me. I looked over her smirking expression as the turntable slowly rotated us.

“You have to or this is your last show here,” she replied looking me over with contemptuously twinkling big brown eyes and a self-important knowing grin. “I just took a shower.”

She had. A faint scent of soap wafted from her bare body. She looked my face over dirtily for a second. Seeing no suggestion of objection, she turned around and as if to make it plain that I should kneel down behind her bare butt.

She stood with her back against my chest and belly, her bare ass brushing up against my penis. She was about five-foot-three and the top of her closely cut kinky black hair was about roughly even with my chin. Her only attire was a pair of large gold earrings hanging down from her ears.

Anilingus was in a lot of European porn — lesbian-lesbian anilingus, and heterosexual anilingus, both ways. It may have been the “in” thing in pornography and live sex shows.

Possibly if I had not just come out of a porn video booth where I had been watching a black guy lick around a blond woman’s anal flesh immediately before I met my young black woman sex-show partner, I would not have publicly performed this particular sex act.

The young black woman wiggled her bare buttocks across my genitals, turned her head, and winked an obvious requirement I should now perform the agreed sex act.

With surprisingly few qualms, I got down on my knees behind her while the turntable slowly turned us for audience inspection. I looked over the fine smooth shape of her black buttocks. She could no longer wait and backed her behind into my face.

I squashed my face between her buttocks, connected my mouth to her asshole, stuck my tongue out and began licking anal flesh. A teenage girl’s voice in one of the booths cackled tauntingly.

The blonde woman in the cashier’s cage, or maybe the manager in his office, must have noted from seeing us on his television screen monitor that the actual public sex-acts had begun. One of them turned on some extremely loud and blaring music to accompany us.

American rap music had not come of full age yet, but similar loud and almost deafening rock music with a heavy beat came on and drowned out audience’s shuffling, cackling, heckling, and mocking. I could no longer be aware of coins dropping into viewing-booth coin-boxes and whirring motors raising blinds to allow views or our naked bodies.

I backed my face out of the young black woman’s buttocks and looked for a second at her bare behind. Around us there was only the private little room with rows of mirrors seeming to go by as the turntable turned us, and no sounds entered it except the loud booming music.

At that point one of those tricks the mind pulls in such situations took hold. There was only she and I on a turning turntable. For all intents and purposes, awareness of a leering and mocking audience slipped to the back of consciousness, aided by the fact that we could not see them and could no longer hear those unsubtle indications of their presence.

There was only the booming beat of the music, the small room, the turning turntable, and the rows of silver mirror-windows slowly drifting by. There was only the naked young black woman and the fact that we had to consume the next half-hour performing sex-acts.

I pressed my face into her bare rear again and licked her anal flesh, sometimes forcing my tongue in and out, for what seemed five minutes, but was probably less.

Many times when I was engaging in anilingus and cunnilingus over that half-hour, I became oblivious to the audience. There was only the sex act. There was often only awareness of her behind or a twat in front of my face, and I may have once or twice licked them with my eyes closed. I don’t know if it was a trick of the mind or if I just did not care. But sometimes I was just performing a sex act and not even slightly aware of an audience.

That was the case then. With my eyelids closed against the soft flesh of her buttocks and my face squashed between them, I vaguely recall having lost cognizance of spectators watching us.

But I remember thinking that it was her call. Whenever she felt this sex act should change to another pose or sex act, she could move her cute little black behind out of my face.

With my face buried between her buttocks and my eyes closed while I licked, I was even more removed from the real world. There was just blackness while the loud music boomed and the flesh of her buttocks squashed against my face and a saliva wetness of anal flesh squashed around my mouth in a dark and totally tactile world.

My basic concern of the moment was to breathe while I licked her asshole. The flesh of her black buttocks completely covered my face. My nose was squashed into the soft flesh of her ass so I could not breathe through it. My mouth was crammed tight against her asshole in order to keep my tongue on it, and it was crammed even tighter when I forced my tongue in and out of it.

So I had to slurp in air and blow out air through my mouth squeezed against her asshole. And my oral exertion in her ass made a lot of saliva, and I instinctively gulped it while I licked.

My gulping and slurping to inhale and exhale breaths and laboriously using my neck and tongue muscles to actively lick and force my tongue in and out of her asshole made me grunt obscenely. It was amplified by having my head bent slightly backward to lick upward on her anal flesh. But only I could hear it. All around was the heavy beat of noisy canned music.

After what seemed several minutes, she finally stepped forward.

I looked up. She shouted, “Lie down!” But it was almost inaudible in the booming music, and I saw her motion me to lie on the turntable.

I scooted and scrambled on the coarse rug fabric of the turning turntable to lie across its diameter.

Once on my back I could look down and see my bare body and genitals. It brought an awareness that I was a lewd sex-performer on exhibit, but I either genuinely did not care or knew deep down that it did not matter even if I did. I just lay there in the booming music as those silvered mirror-windows — I think with all their blinds up — drifted slowly by, abstractly knowing there was a leering audience dropping coins into coin-boxes.

The point of no return had been passed, and since the naked young black woman and I had already been seen performing a sex act for public amusement, it could hardly make any difference now if we continued.

She got on her knees beside me, leaned her head over my hips and genitals, reached her hand over and took light hold of my penis. She licked around it and a feeling of ecstasy shot through me as my male organ stiffened.

And as she gave me head for a minute. On my back with viewing windows slowly drifting by, I was both aroused and aware of her doing it as a sex performance in front of an audience, which was strangely erotic in itself.

I glanced at her bare buttocks raised up higher than her head now as she slowly pumped my male meat in and out of her mouth. Her black behind was slowly being turned past all of the viewing windows to give the audience a good look at it while she performed fellatio.

We had to keep the live sex act going for a half-hour, and only a few minutes had gone by. Clearly knowing this would be a poor time to end it with an ejaculation, the naked young woman broke off her oral sex act and sat back on her haunches.

Her expression was bland. It was a job, and she was doing it.

I sat up, and she lay back on the turning turntable.

She spread her legs apart to invite me to perform cunnilingus.

I took a good look at her juicy female sexuality and then scooted over on my belly while getting my mouth in position over her genitalia.

That was awkward, so I pulled my knees under me, raised my rear up, slipped my palms under her buttocks, and lowered my face into her crotch. To my surprise, her cunt was fragrant and moist and her clit was a stiff little knob. Whether she liked me or not, she had been sexually turned-on by my mouth and tongue exciting her anal flesh.

Now I was aware that it was my bare behind and genitals, not hers, being rotated past the viewing-booth windows, on display while I performed cunnilingus.

The widely experienced young woman sex-performer and I were very aware of differences between male and female sexuality. There was no need for me to cut short the public act of cunnilingus for fear of an ejaculation. So I orally excited her sexuality for long minutes while she greedily squirmed her twat, writhed her crotch and hips with sexual agony, and moaned and groaned, some of which may have been part of the act, but clearly much of which was genuinely sexual.

Partly because of my posture exhibiting my bare ass to the mirror-windows drifting by while I performed cunnilingus, I was far more aware of performing in front of an audience than with the act of anilingus. But it was by now a dulled and resigned awareness.

I ate pussy with an ever present but abstract awareness that my bare body was being looked over. Every once in a while when I thought of it, I licked her twat theatrically. But mostly my attention was on her female sexuality and her sexual responses, and I ate pussy like I always had.

After some minutes the young black woman groaned as if in a minor orgasm. She rolled over and manipulatively presented her bare behind in front of my face with obvious innuendo.

When I looked up she was not looking back. She just lay there slowly moving her black behind and tauntingly undulating her buttocks, knowing that the pose and position obligated me to lick her asshole in public again.

I pressed my face between her shapely black buttocks and began licking there again. After a few seconds she raised up her rear and got on all fours, forcing me to do the same behind her if I was to continue giving her a rim job.

Now on all fours with my tongue slipping around her anus, my own behind and dangling sex organs were again being rotated on display. Unlike the earlier act of anilingus when my face was squashed deep between her buttocks with my eyes closed, I was now much more aware of being on exhibit performing that sex act.

Even if I could not see anyone, I knew that none of the anonymous faces behind the one-way mirror-windows was ever more than five feet away from the young black woman’s bare fanny and my face. And they could all clearly see my tongue slipping around and in and out of anal flesh as the turntable rotated us around and around.

On the turntable and engrossed in the performance of the sex act it genuinely no longer mattered. Only later, outside the sex-show arena and decently dressed, did I begin to feel any tinge of shame or embarrassment.

As minutes slipped by a kind of comfort with the situation seeped in. I was more or less getting used to it, and being naked and performing sex-acts in the public viewing arena, including anilingus, seemed increasingly just a normal thing to do.

After what seemed some minutes, the young black woman rolled her behind away from my face and scooted into a sitting position with her legs spread apart to expose her saliva glistening genitalia to me as well as the peep-show audience.

I straightened up on my knees, sat back on my haunches, and studied the naked young black woman’s intentions.

We both knew we could not sit there and look at each other long. An audience was paying and waiting to see our bare bodies engage in another sex act. The music blared and boomed making conversation impossible.

She smiled at me for the first time, then bit her lip suggestively, and grinned. I took it as acceptance, from a widely experienced professional, of me as an amateur sex-performer.

We had been naked and engaged in sex-acts for audience amusement for ten or fifteen minutes by then. She might have assumed that the initial thrills in her thrill-seeker sex-partner had evaporated and that by now I realized that we were only two naked sex-performers on commercial exhibit who had another fifteen to twenty minutes of sex-act “work” to do. And I do vaguely recall at some point — but maybe not at that one — feeling something like that.

But it may have been more than that. We had engaged in arousing sex together for ten or fifteen minutes. The naked young black woman in the public sex-act arena was now turned-on to me and pleased.

We had met with her knowing that I was just another white male pornography and live sex-show enthusiast who had come to ogle her nakedness and delight in her degradation.

Even on our entry into the live-show arena and undressing in front of each other and the audience, she knew why I had come there. There had been a live sex-show scheduled, and I had bailed her out. But at that point, before we had climbed onto the turntable to begin engaging in sex-acts, she had an obvious dislike of me and was intending to perform with me just to get it over with.

Now she was not only turned on sexually, she was having fun. And now she was indicating that she was willing to accept me as a fellow naked sex-performer.

I looked over her shapely naked young ebony body, her small flat breasts and tits, her genitalia that she was clearly presenting for my view as well as the peep-show audience’s, and then at her average but not unattractive face.

She smiled again, sighed, and motioned me to stand.

When I stood she scooted over on her hands and knees in front of me, sat on her haunches with her face in front of my genitals, and looked up with a pleased grin.

She reached up and held my limp penis upward, then continuing to hold it up to allow the peep-show audience a good view of her facial identity and expression, she began licking my hairy balls.

She had done this many times now as a professional sex-performer, and she was doing it for audience amusement more than to turn me on sexually. But knowing that this young woman was publicly licking my balls for audience amusement was arousing in itself.

She did it for some time, stiffening my male meat with this kind of psychological arousal as well as the titillating physical excitement.

When she began performing fellatio, she did it as performance. After my penis was stiff, she sucked it slowly, graphically, and carefully, playing to the audience and looking from time to time toward the viewing mirrors with my cock in her mouth. We still had maybe fifteen minutes of live sex performance to go.

The mere thought of this naked young woman employing her mouth to amuse an audience with an act of fellatio was quite arousing. I soon backed off and withdrew my male member from between her lips in fear of ejaculating.

Kneeling in front of me, she looked up and grinned knowingly.

She rolled her bare black body around on the slowly rotating turntable and got on all fours with her behind toward me, turned her face toward me, and then winked and licked her lips to indicate what she wanted me to do in her behind. She clearly liked that stuff.

I prepared to get on all fours behind her. The thought crossed my mind that the young black woman was turned on not only by the physical sexual stimulation but also by the thought of a naked white man licking-out and tongue-fucking her asshole in front of an audience for their amusement. It was probably like I had felt during her acts of fellatio.

And I don’t think her black West Indies regular sex-show partner ever performed anilingus on her, neither in public nor probably in private. In the one show I later saw of the two of them performing, he never did.

But she clearly liked that stuff, and now I figured that from the moment she shot me that crisp non-invitation to perform with her, she had somehow seen me coming.

I got down on all fours behind her and publicly licked her asshole for several more minutes while the turntable turned us around for all of the unknown unseen faces to see through their mirrored booth windows.

She lowered her chest to the turntable rug, which presented her saliva-moist anus glistening in the bright spotlights even more clearly for the audience to view while I licked it.

I was aware of them not only watching that sex act but my bare butt and dangling genitalia being turned past them as the turntable rotated.

I lowered my mouth and performed cunnilingus from behind while she greedily squirmed and squashed her sexuality against my mouth and moaned and groaned for more minutes.

As the clock ticked on, we rolled, crawled, and scooted our naked bodies into other oral sex-act poses and positions and went through several more acts of cunnilingus, fellatio, and anilingus.

During that first live sex show together we only engaged in varieties of oral sex with each other and did not copulate.

I remember clearly that I was performing anilingus with both of us in tandem on all fours when time was about to run out. The loud heavy-beat music was turned off as a signal that we should wrap it up.

The abrupt end of the deafening and all-obliterating music made me suddenly aware of my nakedness and anal-flesh-licking degradation in a sex-show-arena. At the same time, I knew I had been viewed naked and engaging in oral sex-acts for about a half-hour and what I did for the few minutes from then on could hardly make any difference about anything.

As the music stopped, the young black woman turned and grinned at me publicly licking her anus.

“That means we’re almost through,” she told me. “Let me suck you off.”

She scooted around. I knelt back to sit on my haunches. I was used to the slow rotation of the turntable now. And the silver viewing-booth mirror-windows slowly drifting by no longer lent a feeling of being out of control of my environment.

I could hear coins dropping into viewing-booth coin-boxes again. Usually the coins simply allowed the viewer more time with his or her blind remaining up. But sometimes a black blind went down to cover a silvered window and the subsequent whirring of motors raised it back up.

If I had been paying the slightest attention to it then I might have noted that sometimes a sex-show viewer just let the time slip and had to hastily put a coin in when the black blind started down over the window. At other times I might have noted that the blind stayed down long enough for one viewer to leave and another to enter the booth and put in his or her own coins.

But while from time to time aware of my nakedness and degradation on exhibit for public sport during the half hour, I was always too consumed with performing sex-acts to pay any real attention to anything but my sex-partner’s bare body, her reactions, and performing this or that sex act.

The cessation of the loud music only let in a slightly greater awareness of spectators watching us. On the other side of the thin veneer sex-show arena wall I could hear commentary in German from couples with unknown anonymous faces who had apparently squeezed in two-to-a-viewing-booth.

And then I heard one young woman’s voice in American English.

“Filthy sluts?” she commented, or something close to it.

“Well, you wanted to see a filthy sex show,” her male companion said, also in American English. “Come on, we’ve got to get back to the base.”

They were American military.

The young black woman and I exchanged brief shrugs. If either of us felt any insult or even cared slightly there was nothing we could do about it.

As if to confirm that, she lowered her face into my pelvic area, wrapped her lips around my penis, and began a last act of public fellatio for that sex show.

“Wait,” said the American female voice. “She’s sucking him off.”

“Yeah, I gotta see this,” said her male companion.

I think I heard a coin drop into the box in that booth, but the turntable kept rotating us around, and sound was deceptive anyway on that sex-show turntable.

I grinned down at the young black woman’s head bobbing to orally slip my stiff penis in and out of her mouth. It was still exciting and erotic to know that she was performing fellatio on me in public.

She was a professional. Unlike the earlier fellatio shows she had put on during the sex-act performance, she was now in earnest about sucking me off to ejaculation.

Over the years I had seen numerous porno movies, porn videos, and still pornography photographs showing male porno models cutely ejaculating onto the faces of their female partners.

Alas, that must be a learned skill — probably as much learned by the female as by the male and done with a high degree of cooperation between the two.

The young black woman and I had discussed no such arrangement.

She was aware of my breathing becoming heavy, but she continued to publicly and stimulatingly slip my penis in and out of her mouth.

To neither of our surprise, I ejaculated into her mouth. But somewhat to my surprise, she continued to give me head following the ejaculation until my penis began to lose its stiffness.

To this day I don’t know whether she swallowed it. I think she must have.

She raised her head up and looked grinning as if in triumph at me, lips wet with saliva and possibly some sperm-loaded semen.

“That it?” I asked.

“Yeah, that’s it,” the naked young black woman told me as we sat sprawling naked on the turntable of shame looking at each other. “Next show in an hour-and-a-half. Want to get some lunch?”

The next nude dancer opened the door and stepped in, carefully avoiding stepping on our two piles of clothes in the small cramped area. She was a brown-eyed German blonde, about twenty-five, wearing only a magenta G-string.

She left the door wide open.

A number of summer-dressed men and women tourist-type visitors to the sex-show establishment stood around looking in through the open door at us. They were obviously taking the opportunity to see the inside of the turntable arena where naked sex models publicly engaged in sex-acts more than for a free look at our bare flesh.

The young black woman and I were still momentarily sprawled naked on the perpetually turning turntable. I still have a vague recollection of being disappointed that it was all over. Even stretched out by contrivance to a half-hour that first public sex-act performance seemed to have lasted all too brief a time.

But that was that. It was over. The German blonde stood looking us over with an amused grin.

“Nice filthy sex show,” she congratulated us in a German accent as she slipped out of her G-string and dropped it on the floor oblivious to the on looking tourists gawking at our nakedness.

“Thanks,” the young black woman responded as she stood up on the slowly rotating turntable.

I stood up, too.

“You watch us?” I asked the naked blonde.

“Customer wanted me to watch you with him and feel my bare ass,” she told us nonchalantly. “Got a nice tip.”

It was difficult to keep eye-contact with her as the turntable rotated the young black woman and me. My sex-show partner stepped down off of it, and I followed.

We three nudes standing in a two-by-two-foot square by an open door could not help but bump and press against one another. But additional to that I felt the blonde’s hand moving on the bare flesh of my buttocks.

The ten black and German teenage boys and girls were now standing outside the open door. Those boys and girls who had video cameras or still cameras were photographing and videotaping us three nudes.

“You lick a lot of assholes?” the nude German dancer asked with a grin as she squeezed one of my buttocks.

“You?” I asked in return.

“Never,” she told me.

She shot me a knowing grin, winked and stuck her tongue out at me. She patted my bare behind and climbed naked up onto the turntable.

As soon as the blonde climbed up onto the stage and made some room for us the young black woman picked up G-string, stepped into it, and pulled it on.

Summer-dressed men and women still looked in through the open door.

I picked up my G-string, shot a glance at the American and German teenagers videotaping and photographing me, stepped into it, and pulled it on. The virtual non-garment had the effect of giving me a false sense of wearing something even if it left my buttocks bare and deliberately revealed my sex organs.

We went out, and she closed the door.

Several men and women, who had probably watched our naked sex performances, but at least had seen us naked on the live-sex-show turntable through the open door engaged in pointing fingers at us. They were calling our attention to the fact that they were whispering apparent dirty things in each other’s ears as we walked by them.

Others of them besides the American and German teenagers were photographing and videotaping us.

“Your face smells like my cunt,” my young black woman sex-partner told me. “You going to wash up?”

“No,” I told her. “Why bother. We’re going to do it again in an hour-and-a-half.”

We walked over to the office. She put on her white shorts, a light colored tanktop, and loafers. I put on my jeans, tee shirt, and loafers. Neither of us had on any underclothes or socks. We had gotten dressed while some of the customers watched, photographed, and videotaped us through the open door.

I put the ten-Deutsche mark bill in my wallet and sighed at the four dollars that I had gotten for prostituting myself by stripping naked and engaging in dirty and degrading public sex-acts for a half hour.

I was aware that my face smelled like a stimulated female sex organ, but I wanted it that way when we walked out and sat in the restaurant. It was not only so I might get any comments about it, but to show myself off as a sex-performer. I was feeling a kind of raunchy macho audacity at having done it.

But the young black woman, still wet around her mouth from fellatio, also did not wash up.

We knew we would both be back stripping and publicly engaging in the same sex-acts in less than an hour-and-a-half.

We walked by the cashier’s cage. The blonde blue-eyed German woman shot me a sneer.

“Very good, bitch,” she told me. “You looked like our filthiest naked piece-of-ass on my television.”

“Thanks,” I told her.

“I’ll see you licking her black asshole again in an hour and a half,” she taunted while pointing to the television monitor.

“Enjoy it,” I said.

She sneered a guffaw.

“I know a good pizza place,” the young black woman told me. “And cheap.”

“Great,” I replied.

While several tourists watched with looks of knowing what we were, the young black woman and I ambled toward Reeperbahn.

Strangely, as I walked past them now fully clothed, I felt tinges of regret and shame. I had not really felt these when I was naked and publicly engaging in sex-acts on the turntable. I remember feeling it after the first time that I stripped naked and modeled nude for art students. But I never felt it again when I modeled nude for art classes, artists, or photographers.

I was always, however, aware that even after I had gotten dressed I was ever so slightly discredited by being a known nude model.

And that feeling came back again. Now I was dressed and presenting myself as an equal among them. But I was the naked male whore they had just paid to see lick out a black asshole, suck off a black pussy, and get sucked off by a naked black girl’s mouth.

I felt a sense that they were not regarding me as their equal. I was their debauchee in their debaucher-debauchee relationship. I was the stigmatized as a naked male public whore that they had ogled.

I could feel them looking at me like anyone would at some low-life piece-of-ass they had just seen naked and licking a woman’s twat and asshole in public.

I acted as if I did not care. And in a way, I didn’t. I told myself not to care. I had, like all the porno models I had seen, already done it. If I started to care now — too late — it would work some kind of havoc on me. There was nothing I could do to change anything. So I deliberately did not care.

But walking out of the sex-show-palace fully dressed after having stripped and performed cunnilingus and anilingus in that first sex-show, I remember being embarrassed and concerned about future consequences.

A thin dark twenty-something Middle East man with a two-day growth of beard caught my attention and waggled his tongue at me. An athletic but shapely thirty-something blue-eyed blonde woman winked cutely and also waggled her tongue at me with a big dirty grin.

I grinned back as if at my audacity. Why should I care?

Now that I was fully dressed and out among them, they had to tolerate me.

They were anonymous. I would go on to other things and back to the USA, and if any of them would ever find out who I was, none of them would care a hoot.

In the entranceway the manager had stapled two new Polaroid porn photographs to the bulletin board. One showed the naked black girl on all fours and naked me behind her on all fours licking her asshole. The other showed me kneeling behind her with my face pressed between her black buttocks. The manager must have slipped into a vacant booth and snapped the photos.

Next to it was the small sign I had thought about earlier: “Our filthy naked white pieces-of-ass atone for slavery, colonialism, and white racism by dirtily licking-out and tongue-fucking black assholes. They need you to watch them defile themselves to make up for it.”

Below the photos were our names. They were stapled under the advertisement photographs showing us performing public sex-acts.

One showed my white face in her black ass. MONICA & TOM, each of the two advertisements read. I had publicly engaged in sex-acts with her, including licking out and tongue-fucking her black asshole. But this was the first time she knew my name.

“You’re Tom?” she asked.

“Yeah, Monica,” I shrugged.

The following is background for those who may be curious about the raunchy Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany. You can better understand my story if you know about this scene.

These sleazy walk-in peepshow and sex-show joints were all similar. First there was an arcade of video peep-show booths. In these a customer would drop a one-mark coin — then the same value and size as an American quarter — into a coin-box. The video screen would light up with a naked couple or an orgy-group engaging in various sex acts.

In addition to these porn-video peep-show booths, there was a separate set of live-sex-show booths. On entering one of these and depositing a coin, a customer found himself or herself looking out of one of the fifteen to twenty view-windows surrounding a small rotating turntable arena-stage.

The customer would look through a viewing window into the brightly lit arena where live naked low-life sex-performers publicly engaged in sex-acts on the slowly turning turntable. Between live-sex-shows a nude female dancer cavorted on it.

Coins dropped into coin boxes in those booths raised a blind and allowed a minute of viewing, either of the lone nude female or the live naked male-and-female couple publicly engaging in sex-acts, depending on the schedule.

The live-sex peepshows were designed to offer customers a private viewing site. The customers stood in private booths and looked through windows that were either plain glass or one-way-visible mirrors at nude heterosexual couples engaging in sex-acts, or at the female dancer fill-ins between these live-sex-show acts. There are similar places in New York City, but the sex-acts seemed more raunchy in Hamburg.

In all of these peepshows in Hamburg — as opposed to other live-sex-show formats there — the naked performers engaged in sex-acts on slowly revolving turntables. Their nude bodies were gradually rotated 360 degrees in front of fifteen-to-twenty booth windows arranged in a circle around the turntable.

Because it rotated the naked female and male at a steady slow creep, spectators viewing their nude bodies through the private booth windows got to see all sides and angles of the sex-performers’ publicly bare flesh. As they were slowly turned nothing could hide their sex organs, bare asses, facial identities, and all the sexual acts and contacts made by their two bodies.

Besides the live-sex peepshows, there were several other selections of public live-sex-show presentation platforms and formats in Hamburg. Any adult – something like mid-teens there — male or female, could buy a ticket and walk in to see the live-sex-show. They could also walk in free and buy an overpriced drink and sit watching one, or sometimes just step into a bar and take a free look, then leave.

The live-sex-shows that drew the most tourists were elaborate and lavish productions involving dozens of sex-performers. These were performed on genuine large theatrical stages in three large traditional theaters.

In addition to them, there were average-looking storefront bars with small sex-performance stages a foot or two higher than floor-level and usually constructed up against walls, but in a few cases low round rostrums in the center of the cocktail lounge.

In these establishments the male-and-female sex-performers usually wore skimpy thongs, scanty T-bars, or paltry gauze-material G-strings. These scantily clad sex-performers were mostly barefoot while mingling with the bar customers.

At show time or on demand from the bar manager, most of the sex-performers took off their thongs, T-bars, or G-strings behind the bar and walked completely naked past small drink tables where they had been mingling with seated drinking spectators to the sex-show stage. At some bars they walked to the stage in their skimpy sexual costumes and stripped them off there.

These slightly larger than bed-sized stages had been constructed solely for the public performance of sex-acts and were covered with padded rugs. The naked sex-performers engaged in sex-acts in front of the bar patrons, who sat anywhere from right at the edge of the stage to tables several feet away.

And then there was yet another live-sex-show format. There were a number of bars that were just like average American working-class bars except for the fact that spotlights fastened to the ceilings glared down on the center of the bar itself, or on a small platform contiguous to the bar but just behind it. In the spotlights, lying on the bar — where customers sat on bar stools right in front of them — were a naked male-and-female couple in a sexual sixty-nine position.

The naked male was underneath the naked female with his face under her bare buttocks and twat and ready to eat pussy, and the woman was always facing toward the outside door to see the customers coming in and had her face positioned near her male partner’s sex organs.

They would from time-to-time engage in mutual oral sex-acts. But they always remained naked and positioned ready to perform these acts of fellatio and cunnilingus, and sometimes the male performing anilingus, on top of the bar or its adjacent sex-act platform.

So along the Reeperbahn in the St. Pauli district — and to a lesser extent near the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof in the St. Georgi district — there were four formats for public viewing of naked human beings engaging in live sex-acts: 1. the lavish sex-act extravaganzas on authentic stages in theaters; 2. the small bars with small low sex-act stages; 3. the bars with naked performers engaging in sex-acts either on top of the bar counter itself, or on a platform connected to it; and 4. the live-sex-act peep-shows.

The live-show in the peep-show joint that I had walked into, like all the other live sex-act peep-shows on the Reeperbahn, was performed on a slowly rotating turntable in a brightly spotlighted small arena surrounded by standing-room-only booths with viewing windows.

While all the peepshows had the same turntable format, each had its uniqueness. This one had its turntable placed a little differently from the one in the live-sex-show peepshow down the street where I had viewed several shows by two different pairs of nude sex-performers. The turntable there was raised-up about four-and-a-half feet above floor level. It rotated the lying-nude sex-performers at about eye level as I stood in the booth.

But the turntable here was raised only two feet above the floor level. Viewers looking through windows about five feet above the booth floor stood looking down on the naked sex-performers if they were lying on the turntable, or looking straight out at genitals or bare behinds if the performers were standing on the two-foot-high turntable.

The distance from any given viewing booth to the center of the turntable was about four feet. The center of the turntable was, of course, the farthest that a naked sex-performer could ever get from viewing windows because the booths had been constructed in a circle around the turntable. So the properly dressed customers in the booths looked at bare human bodies as close to them as six inches, but never more than a few feet away.

Also unlike the peepshow down the street, the spectators here viewed the nude models and their sex-acts through one-way-visible mirrors instead of plain glass windows. The standing audience thus looked slightly downward on the naked performers engaging in sex-acts while their bare bodies were lying or kneeling on the turntable.

And these spectators viewed the publicly nude sex-performers and their facial expressions and identities in the brightly illuminated turntable arena while their own facial identities remained hidden and anonymous behind one-way-visible mirrors.

Low-life sex-performers in the arena were only allowed see each other’s nude bodies and their own reflections in the viewing-window mirrors. They were thus shamelessly naked, indecently up-close, scandalously obscene, and intentionally kept ignorant of public spectators to their implicit defilement.

To put this sex-show-joint in perspective I must reiterate the wide-openness of sex in St. Pauli and St. Georgi districts of Hamburg. In these districts there were several large legal houses of prostitution. There were numerous porn-video arcades and porno movie theaters. And there were a number of live female nude dancer shows.

But most notably, there were the abundant live-sex-shows — more and with more variety than in New York City at that time. I counted five different live-sex-shows in the less well known St. Georgi district near the main Hamburg railroad station. Two were on peep-show turntables. Three were in bars on stages constructed solely for public sex-acts and intimately close to the customers.

In the larger St. Pauli district, which includes the Reeperbahn, Grosse Freiheit, and a few other streets, I have to reckon from recollection because live-sex-shows were too numerous to count on one hand.

There were at least three large extravaganza hard-core sex shows with dozens of elaborately costumed sex-performers — albeit not their sex organs, and clearly poking fun at social conventions involving clothing. The otherwise nude performers were outfitted in flashy hats, colorful stockings, dazzling vests and jackets open in front, especially for the women to expose their bare breasts, but nothing covering sex organs or bare asses. Often they wore gaudy trousers with the upper parts missing to focus audience attention on genitals and bare behinds.

In these three large theaters on Grosse Freiheit, which runs perpendicular into the Reeperbahn, the sex-performers engaged in sex-acts to the music of live bands. And I recall at least one or two smaller but fairly lavish choreographed and similarly debauched-costumed live-sex-shows on small sex-stages in bars on that street.

Along the Reeperbahn itself were numerous live-show bars with naked sex- performers either right on the bars or engaging in sex-acts on small stages contiguous to the bar. The naked male and female performers were almost always lying sexually joined in a sixty-nine position waiting for a customer to come in. When customers entered, the sex-performers would begin oral sex on each other. As soon as the customer bought an overpriced drink, the sex-performers would cease their sex act until another customer or group of customers came in.

Then they would get their mouths on sex organs and begin “working” again. It was a come-on to sell expensive drinks. I believe there were about ten of these cocktail lounge joints with naked couples poised to perform sex-acts or publicly engaging in fellatio, cunnilingus, and sometimes anilingus on or right in back of the bar.

And there were a number of bars that had bona fide sex-stages where a naked male and female sex-show team walked by the tables, climbed up onto the stage, and engaged in various sex-acts for twenty-to-thirty-minute scheduled shows. As opposed to the off-and-on cunnilingus and fellatio on top of the bars in the other drinking establishments, these were actual live-sex performances with naked females and males engaging in one sex act and then going on to another sex act. They were putting on a “performance” of various sex-acts in a number of explicit poses and positions.

All of these open-to-the-public live sex shows, and a few more where live sex-acts were performed in semi-private “clubs” — where membership was sold at the door for the price of a ticket — were completely open to all male and female spectators more than fifteen-years-old.

Most places had no air-conditioning. In summer, the sex-on-stage and sex-on-the-bar cocktail lounge joints kept open their doors to the street and even pulled back the black velvet curtains halfheartedly meant to block views of the naked performers and sex shows. Thus often someone walking by on the Reeperbahn sidewalk could catch a glimpse of a naked man and woman inside publicly engaging in a sex-act on a bar or on a small sex stage.

In addition to all of the above, there were at least seven live-sex-show peep-shows along the Reeperbahn and in the St. Georgi district, including the one I was standing in. The actual nude male-female sex shows in these were scheduled either on the hour or on the half-hour and lasted a half-hour or more.

These joints flagrantly advertised their various lewd offerings out onto the street. Virtually all of them, from video arcades and porno movies to live-sex-shows exhibited posters and photographs of naked women, and often with naked men. The live-sex-shows all additionally had bulletin boards just inside the door and generally visible from the street showing color photographs of their naked sex-wares engaging in coital and oral sex acts.

All in all, in the two “sex districts” in Hamburg, there were at least thirty different entirely legal and open-to-the-public live-sex-show theaters, bars, and peep-shows, all having different bare heterosexual couples engaging in sex-acts for the amusement of any customer over fifteen.

The larger ones, like Salambo and two others, exhibited as many as a dozen lavishly costumed — albeit never covering female breasts or male or female genitals and buttocks — sex-performers simultaneously engaging in sex-acts. Live bands played, and through the length of each show in each of these, perhaps a total of fifty different sex-performers engaged in sex-acts on stage for a choreographed hard-core sex show, perhaps a total of a hundred fifty for these three establishments alone.

On any given day — and in addition to the numerous females and males who had performed on-camera in hard core porno movies, porn videos, and for magazine still photographs — there were a total of a few hundred different bare-assed live male-female sex-performers legally employed at engaging in public live-sex-acts in Hamburg.

These several hundred sex-performers had to have backups and replacements as well as the usual turnover of personnel.

So there were probably five hundred to a thousand different people in Hamburg who were actually naked and sucking or fucking in front of spectators on any given day, or had either engaged in public live-sex-acts within the week, or were on-call to do so.

The author: Nudemodel worked as a nude male art model in Cleveland. He lived in Germany for a summer where he was a naked white public piece-of-ass giving rim jobs in black-dominating-white interracial live-sex-shows, porn videos, and photo shoots. As a result of these he was also a naked white whore primarily for rimming in all-black sex-parties. He had nothing against it and tells about it with some editing assistance.

To Be Continued…