When I wrote about the first time I had gone down on a guy, it was difficult to admit that I want a guy’s dick in my mouth and to taste his cum. I love females and the taste of pussy and the feeling of being inside of them. But one thing that only I knew, is that I get instantly hard when I think of tasting a guy’s cum. I had told my wife about it and for month’s she handled it pretty well. She wanted me to tell her the things I had done, how many times and everything I felt about it. But she finally realized I like cock as much as pussy and she began to resent it. I had sucked off more guys than she had!

She teased me in private and eventually began to make comments in front of other people. They just thought she was messing with me and I’d laugh it all off. But she and I knew she was telling people I liked sucking dicks.

One night we had some friends over and after a barbecue, we sat around drinking and things got a little bit loose. My wife was sitting on the couch with her best friend and were talking between themselves, while my friend and I were talking across the room. I caught part of my wife’s conversation and nudged by friend to listen. The girls were talking about sex. I couldn’t hear what my wife had just told her friend, but she looked at me with her hand covering her mouth and giggled saying, “REALLY?”. I hadn’t heard but I suspected right away she told my secret to her friend.

They whispered back and forth and then I saw my wife start laughing at what she had just been told. I looked at my friend and he had a strange look on his face, as I’m sure I had too. The girls looked at us and my wife told us they were wondering which of us had the biggest dick. I started laughing and my friend did too. The girls told us to drop our pants and let them see which of us was bigger. I told them there was no way I was going to show them my dick. They giggled some more and then started telling us to take them out and stand facing each other with our dicks side to side. They wanted to see them both next to each other.

I told my wife I wasn’t going to rub my dick against his dick. She looked at me and said, “Yeah but I know you’d like to put his dick in your mouth”! I went numb but managed a denial. But she came right back at me with, “Come on you told me you liked sucking dicks”. I looked at my friend and tried to play it off, but it was too late. My friend was beet red and trying not to look at me. His wife told him she wanted to see who had the biggest dick and to drop his pants. He told her no, but then she simply told him, “Do it or I’ll tell them how you used to suck dicks too”! Now everything was out in the open.

My wife then told me that now that everyone knew that I liked sucking off guys, I should just admit it. I was frozen and excited and scared at the same time! I couldn’t believe she gave my secret up like that in front of our friends.

Then I realized what the girls had done. They both knew us both and our intimate thoughts. They wanted to see us go down on each other. They wanted to see if we’d really do it. I told the girls if they took their clothes off, I would let them see my dick. I was already thinking that tasting some cum would be kind of nice and letting others see me sucking a guy off would be exciting on top of it all. My friend smiled and told them to take their clothes off and he would let them see his dick too.

The girls started undressing right in the living room. I couldn’t believe it. My friend’s wife was a very pretty red head and her nipples were as pink and inviting as I had ever seen! My wife is pretty too, but a brunette. Her nipples are very light pink and big. They didn’t stop there. They took everything off and sat next to each other brushing their fingers over each other’s breasts. I was already hard when they told us to take our clothes off. My friend was hard too and when I saw his dick I knew I wanted it in my mouth.

The girls told us to face each other and put our dicks side by side. He was smaller than me but just barely. We both had precum leaking and his was getting on me, so I made sure I got some on him too. The girls giggled and my wife told them that I used to suck off my friends when I was younger. She told them some of the things I had done and how often I used to do it. Her friend just sat there with her mouth open and trying to keep from giggling. She then told us that my friend had went down on a few guys too and told her how much he liked having cum in his mouth. She said that he had often told her he would like to taste it again.

I looked at my friend and couldn’t believe it. He was just like me! “Really”, I asked him? He nodded yes and I told him, “me too”.

The girls then told us they wanted to watch us suck each other off. I told them I would suck his dick if they would let us watch them make each other cum. They agreed, and as I sucked my friend’s dick I saw them playing with each other’s clits and pussies.

I was so horny I really got into sucking him. The feeling of getting to have another cock in my mouth was super exciting. I could taste him and the flavor of his dick was so satisfying. It had been years since I had done it. He began cumming in my mouth and I gulped his cum and swallowing what I could, some ran down my chin and dripped onto my chest. I finished sucking him and let him fall from my mouth. My wife came over and kissed me, tasting him cum. She licked it from my chin and chest and told me she wanted some of him too.

His wife told him to suck me and he did. It took only seconds for me to cum and before I finished she leaned in and I came in her mouth too.

Both of our wives told us they wanted us to be happy, but my wife told me she wanted to fuck my friend. His wife told him she wanted to fuck me. We looked at each other realizing we were going to have the best of it all. The taste of cum, the taste of pussy, it was all good.

We meet up often and share each other’s gifts. I’ve still sucked more dicks than my wife has, but she seems satisfied having two men to fuck her. Not to mention the times we have talked the girls into tasting each other.

– The End –