My wife and I would sometimes watch XXX movies together. They always turned her on so fast, I wondered what part of them aroused her. I asked her one night when she was watching one with me what she was looking at the most when watching the video. Was it the girl, the guy or what?

She told me just watching people fuck made her horny and want to be fucked right then. She looked at me, never missing anything and asked me what it was I was looking at, the guy, the girl or what? I told her seeing the girls naked and doing all of those things turned me on, but I also looked at the guy’s dicks and they aroused me too.

She looked at me and asked, “Guys dicks turn you on? When did you first realize a guy’s dick got you horny”?

I told her that sometimes in high school gym class I would see guy’s dicks in the shower and sometimes I got a hard on. She giggled at that and asked me if I was afraid someone might see me with a hard on? I told her I managed to not be seen, except for one time, a friend of mine had seen it and teased me about after school.

She wanted to know what had happened. I told her if I told her about it, she could never tell anyone else. She took a sip of beer and turned down the sound to the video, but left it running. She laughed and told me it sounded like something nasty happened. I told her, “well you tell me after I finish telling you what happened.

I told her my friend and I left school and went to the local drive-in for something cold to drink. While parked, he told me he saw that I had a hard on in the shower. He asked me if all of those dicks made me horny. I denied it and told him that I was thinking about one of the girls from gym class and got hard. He laughed and told me he didn’t think that was true. He told me he saw me looking at one of the guy’s cocks.

Another friend of ours came up and got in the car and my friend told him about me getting a hard on in the gym and looking at guy’s cocks. I denied it all and the two of them teased me relentlessly. They said they were going to tell some other friends when they saw them. I told them they had better not, and asked them what kind of friends they were to go around saying stuff like that.

They laughed and teased me some more, but both agreed they were just kidding and wouldn’t tell anyone.

After going home for dinner, I was to meet up with them since it was Friday night and we’d go cruising around looking for a party to go to. We were able to get some beer and ended up parked in the boonies. They began teasing me again about getting horny seeing dicks. They kept it up for a long time and I just gave up. I told them I really didn’t want that crap to get around and asked them to stop talking about it. They both wanted to know if it was true, so I admitted I got hard when I saw one of the guy’s dicks. I told them I was just horny and it happened.

They knew me for years and they knew I wasn’t into guys, but at that point I was willing to do just about anything to get them to drop it. So I told them, “Look I am horny. I got a hard on when I saw one of the guys. Yes I was looking at the guy’s dicks and I got aroused. What do I have to do to get you two to drop it and not tell anyone”?

One of them told me he was horny too and just talking about all of it gave him a hard on. The other friend admitted he was horny too. I told them, “Well here we are all horny, drinking beer and you’re teasing me for looking at another guy’s dick and you’re getting a hard on too. I told them I was going to offer to do something for them but they had to never tell anyone about what happened in the shower and what I did that night.

They agreed and I offered to jack them off, if they jack me off. They both wanted to do it, so I jacked off the guy next to me in the front seat. I told my wife that the guy shot quite a bit of cum all over me and himself! She asked me if I liked jacking him off and I told her it was kind of fun making him cum, but there’s more. I got in the back seat with my other friend and began jacking him off. I had never jacked off a guy that had been circumcised. It was easy to play with the other friend and myself since I just slid the foreskin back and forth over the head of our dicks. I was trying to figure out how to do it right, when he told me I needed to get his dick wet with spit. I really didn’t know what he was talking about, but I took it he was telling me I need to suck it. So I leaned over and began giving him a blowjob. He came pretty quickly and it was then I found I liked the taste of cum! Not only that it was exciting having him in my mouth.

My other friend was asking me how come I didn’t suck his cock too? I told him I would later. That night I gave them both blowjobs.

My wife had a slight smile on her face and asked me if they ever told on me. I told her, that I made sure they didn’t by sucking them off on the weekends for awhile. She wanted to know if they went down on me, and I told her yes, but mostly jacked me off. As long as I got to cum, I didn’t care. She was laughing now and wanted to know how many weekends I had been giving them blowjobs. “Just how, many times did you suck them off”? I told her that for the next two months I sucked them both off on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes twice in a night. She looked at me and told me she never knew I liked sucking guys off so much. I told her it was something that I had kept hidden all of my life. But my two friends knew I liked it. They asked me if I liked doing it and I told them I did and would go down on them whenever they wanted me too. The three of us used each other, but none of us minded. We were all getting off. They took turns jacking me off and one of them finally started sucking me off too.

She was openly giggling now and said I was a pretty nasty guy having sucked those guys’ dicks like that. She wanted to know if I was sure I didn’t want some more. I told her I sometimes had fantasies about it, but as long as I had her, I didn’t need it. She just looked at me for awhile, then said, “Oh you not only need it, you want it again. I’m gonna make sure you get it too. I know just the guy for you.

That night she went down on me and spit my cum into my mouth, telling me to swallow it. I’ve tasted my own cum, and its OK, but I’d rather get cum from another guy. My wife and I had great sex that night, she teased me for giving blow jobs, but told me it made her horny thinking I had done it. I couldn’t wait to taste the guy’s cock that she had in mind for me, but I knew the best part would be white and creamy.

– The End –