As she returned from the restroom, Daniella saw MzDominica talking with Janie the waitress, who nodded, turned, and left. Daniella arrived at the table and sat down — making sure to keep her legs spread, just as Mistress required.

Dominica turned toward her slave and quietly asked, “Do you have something for me, slave?”

Daniella was still holding the key in her palm. “Of course, Mistress,” she replied. Despite everything, she found herself blushing as she lifted her hand, and stretched her arm across the table at head height, dangling the key on it’s little chain.

The tall blonde and her friends — Daniella was beginning to think of them as “the leather ladies” — began to ooh and ahh over the key. “And what have you got locked on her, Dommy?” the blonde teased. Annie, that was her name, Daniella remembered. “Can we see?”

Daniella’s blush deepened to a dark crimson, and her eyes grew wide — darting one direction, then another, as a feeling of panic began to rise.

“Daniella! Look at me, Daniella,” MzDominica commanded. She slowly reached out to the slave with both her hands, and stared into those frightened eyes. “Look into my eyes, sweetie. Easy.” She grasped Daniella’s hand in both of hers, held the slave’s gaze as she calmed down, and gently retrieved the key with one hand, the other still holding Daniella’s. “We’ll let them imagine what this key locks up, for now,” she said, nodding her head. “They have VERY busy imaginations. Don’t worry, they won’t feel disappointed.” Mistress smiled.

Daniella’s head nodded back, and she smiled, her breathing easing as she calmed down. Dominica released her hand, and the slave dropped it into her lap. Then she shifted position in her seat, finding herself surprisingly aroused. The throbbing in her rubber panties had started up again, and her hips had begun rocking — oh, so gently.

“Well,” said Annie, “I can IMAGINE a lot of things…” as she took a renewed interest in the place where Daniella’s long legs disappeared under her short, black rubber skirt. “Oh, God!” she exclaimed. “Where did you get those stockings?” Clearly, she had just realized the filigree criss-crossing over and over Daniella’s legs wasn’t just lacy texturing, but spelled “Fuck me” over and over.

“Someday, I’ll tell you,” Dominica replied. “If you’re good.”

“Oops, I guess you’ll never know,” quipped one of her friends, Roxy, earning a jab from the blonde’s elbow.

“Talk about ‘come fuck me’ clothes!” said Barb, the third leather lady. Daniella hadn’t realized a girl could leer so lecherously!

“Can I touch them?” Annie asked. Her voice was suddenly, surprisingly gentle.

Daniella looked to Mistress, with no idea of how to respond. After a moment, gauging whether her slave looked like she was going to panic again, Dominica replied, “Okay.” She leaned forward a bit and commanded, “Look into my eyes, Daniella. Watch ME. You cannot look away.”

Dominica’s gaze became her entire world as Daniella felt a hand caress the outside of her thigh, trailing over the textured hose (fuck me… fuck me…), catching a little, then sliding, then catching again. (Fuck me… oh, please, fuck me…) The hand then stroked up the top of her thigh, from the knee to the edge of the mini skirt. (Fuck me…) Daniella’s hearing seemed to change, as all the sounds in the restaurant became muted. (Please…) Inside her rubber halter, her nipples ached so badly, it felt like they were on fire. (Green eyes… fuck me… yes…) Her hips tilted forward, spreading her legs even wider. The hand stroked down the top of her thigh, so slowly, so teasingly. (Fuck me… fuck me… please…) Then it curled around to the inside of her knee and began to stroke upward…

“That’s enough,” Dominica announced.

Daniella inhaled a gasp of breath. She hadn’t realized she’d been holding it.

“Oh, poo!” the blonde exclaimed, pouting, withdrawing her hand.

“‘Poo’? What’s next? ‘Sugar’?” said Roxy, earning another jab in the ribs.

Suddenly, a busboy was rearranging things on the table, and setting dishes in front of everybody, while Janie also set down dishes and made sure everybody got the right order. Daniella found her water glass being filled up again.

“Can I get you anything else?” Janie asked.

MzDominica leaned toward Daniella and whispered, “You’ve had a lot of water this evening. Would you like a glass of wine with that chicken?”

Thinking it might help her relax a little, Daniella replied, “Yes, Mistress. If I may.”

“Of course, Babi,” Dominica confirmed. She turned. “Janie, a glass of Chablis for my friend, here.”

“Certainly,” Janie replied. She said it kind of oddly, as if she’d been waiting for a cue. “But — I hope you don’t mind my asking — but could I see your ID, please?”

“Whoa!” said Annie. The leather ladies were applauding. “You’re being carded!” “Whoo-hoo!” “But officer, I never knew she was jailbait! Honest!”

Daniella looked ready to stand bolt upright and run. Her ID? The waitress was going to see it was Dan’s ID! What was she going to think? Daniella actually felt herself beginning to get out of her chair.

Dominica pointed to Daniella’s plate and quietly commanded, “Daniella! Take a bite of your fruit salad.”

An image exploded into Daniella’s head, of kneeling at Dominica’s feet earlier today. Eating lunch. And licking her boots. The big bowl of fruit. “Fruit… boot… fruit… boot…” Suddenly, she felt so calm, and sleepy. She relaxed back into her chair. Drifting.

“That’s right,” Dominica whispered. “Take a bite of fruit.”

Boot… fruit… boot…

All Daniella could seem to see was the bowl of fruit salad. She reached up with her fingers…

“Use your fork, Babi,” Mistress said.

She picked up the fork, seeing the length of shiny metal more than recognizing it as an eating utensil. Then she jabbed a peach slice, put it in her mouth, began to chew. Swallowed. So cool. So sweet.

Fruit… boot… fruit… boot…

Mistress was sitting. Her boots were down on the floor. Daniella set down the fork, and began to get out of her chair…

“Daniellllaaaa,” MzDominica said. “You need to show your driver’s license now. Just calmly get it out, and show it to Janie. Can you do that, Babi?”

Daniella nodded, whispering, “Yes, Mistress.” She reached down to her clutch purse, undid the catch, and pulled out Dan’s wallet. She opened it, pulled out the driver’s license, and handed it to the waitress.

“Good girl,” Dominica cooed.

Janie examined the license, and looked at Daniella. Then at MzDominica. Then she gently grabbed Dominica’s shoulder and shook it for a moment, smiling at her. In another moment, she had returned Dan’s license to Daniella, and departed, saying “I’ll be right back with your glass of Chablis.”

Daniella was dumbfounded. She held the license in her hand, unable to move.

“Put your ID away, now, Babi,” Dominica said. Put your wallet back in your purse.

The slave did as she was told, feeling her head so fuzzy. She found herself unable to follow the conversation for a while. She took a bite of chicken. Then some fruit. (Boot… fruit… boot…) She sipped the wine, not remembering when it had arrived at the table. The throbbing in her rubber panties continued. Gently. Insistently. Making her so hot. She was constantly aware of MzDominica’s boots. So near. So kissable. She wanted to drop down onto the floor, kneel before her Mistress, and run her tongue up the tops of her boots. Up, up, up, along the laces. Up to her knees…

“Daniellllllaaaa!” she heard her Mistress calling.

“Yes, Mistress.” The slave’s answer was automatic. Without conscious thought. She stared blankly before her, awaiting instructions.

“Mmmm, good girl,” Dominica said.

Daniella felt Mistress’ boot pressed against her left leg, making the throbbing in her panties feel even stronger. She also felt a boot pressed against her right leg, and began to emerge from her trance, realizing it must be Annie again.

“Time to pay the check, Babi,” Dominica said. “So we can go dancing!”

Daniella realized that what she had been staring at, so blankly, was the plastic folder, holding the check for her and Mistress. She looked up at MzDominica, who smiled at her, making the whole world seem right, and smiled herself. Then she looked around at Roxy, Barb, and Annie — whose expression scared her a little. She felt Annie’s leg more firmly against hers, now. Daniella woke up, pulled Dan’s wallet out of her purse again, and put his credit card in the folder. A squeeze on her left shoulder and the sudden removal of the folder told Daniella that Janie had picked up the folder, and would be back.

“Dancing?” Daniella replied. She looked over at MzDominica again, suddenly finding herself lost in those swirling green eyes. “Yes, Mistress,” she replied, feeling hazy again. The throbbing in her sex was becoming more powerful again. She felt a hand brush the outside of her right thigh, and knew it must be Annie.

She barely remembered to sign her name “Dan” when Janie returned with the plastic folder. As all five of them piled into the mini-van, Daniella kept trying to remember whether she had signed her name or Dan’s, trying to reassure herself she had done it right. She had let Dominica calculate the tip. Numbers, thinking, were completely beyond her right now.

They were going dancing.


And her clit was soooo hard!

* * * * *

Funny thing about this ride in the van. Daniella KNEW she was no longer wearing the goggles, that made everything spell MzDominica’s name. But she still saw the effect anyway. Even as they passed the occasional roadside street light, its after-image trailed past them, the streaks of light stretching into long trails that turned into handwritten letters, spelling “Dominica.” Daniella sat in the back seat, between two of the “leather ladies,” Barb and Roxy, while Annie sat in the passenger seat up front, next to Mistress. Daniella could feel the heat from their thighs pressed against hers, and her pussy seemed to be melting. Her legs were wide open, available for anything that ANYONE might want to do to her. Anyone. The butt plug seemed to pump… pump… pump… into her ass with every little bump in the road as they drove. Her nipples pulsed with every tiny bounce and jiggle of the van. It was getting to be more and more difficult for Daniella to gauge the passage of time. Things just seemed to happen, and slide by.

Like the trails of light on either side of the van, spelling “Dommmiiiiinnnniiicaaaaaaa…..” Of course the name of the club was “Dominica’s” — at least, as far as Daniella could tell. She had only had the ONE glass of wine, right? So why did she feel so dizzy? So disoriented? Mistress got out of the driver’s seat, and as soon as She closed the door, Daniella’s pussy began to feel that inescapable massaging again, as MzDominica moved farther away. Pushing, gliding, throbbing, teasing — making her clitty so hard. She wanted to cum. It was beginning to be the center of her universe, her life. She wanted to fall down at Mistress’ feet, and cry, and beg, and beat her hands on the ground — she felt so helpless! She found Roxy and Barb helping her to undo the seatbelt, get her moving out of the van. They were doing their best to chatter, and be encouraging — but it all sounded like nonsense syllables to Daniella. She watched as Dominica and Annie walked, side by side, across the parking lot, finding herself unable to take her eyes off Dominica’s boots.

Following her Mistress’ boots was what got her walking… walking… suddenly finding herself inside the club, dazzled by the colors, the strobe lights, the loud music. They were all barely able to hear one another over the loud band — but with shouting and gestures to each other, they managed to find a table, buy the drinks for their cover charge, and started pointing out the hot guys — and hot girls — on the dance floor. Even seated, Daniella found her ass swinging and bumping to the beat, tapping her little booted feet, feeling her boobs jiggle with every bump. As long as she kept moving, she could think about something OTHER than the ache in her clit! Daniella found herself staring at the deep red leather of Annie’s costume, mentally undoing the black laces, that held the pieces of leather together, long gaps exposing her smooth, shiny flesh underneath, finding her mind drifting… Suddenly, she realized Annie was shouting and signing to her: “Wanna dance?” Daniella gasped a deep intake of breath, feeling strangely guilty, that she hadn’t been thinking of her Mistress. She looked over at MzDominica, completely unsure whether she wanted Mistress to say “yes” or “no” — or to command her to drop to her knees and beg forgiveness. She was doubly surprised when Dominica almost pushed her off her stool, shouted under the music, and waved her hands, clearly commanding her to “Go on and dance, babi! Go dance!”

Annie stood, and held out her left hand, arm straight, like an invitation. Daniella felt a gentle nudge between her shoulder blades. She reached out with her right hand and took Annie’s fingers in hers. They might have paraded onto the dance floor, if it had been less crowded. Hand in hand, they pushed their way into the middle of the crowd, the loud music thumping in their ears. Annie stared into Daniella’s eyes for a moment, then bowed — still holding her right hand. Then she straightened, released her hold on Daniella, and began to dance. At first, Daniella was scared. She was so hot in the tight, rubber halter and mini-skirt. Little droplets of sweat turned into trails, and ran, tickling, between her breasts and down her exposed tummy. The bright lights from overhead, and the crowd all around didn’t make her feel any cooler. But she watched Annie, as her movements took on a sensuality, a sinuousness that made Daniella’s clit start to throb again. She looked over at Dominica, across the dance floor, and found her Mistress watching her… smiling. She looked back at Annie, and thought — what the hell? She began to mimic Annie’s movements, swaying her hips, jiggling her breasts, weaving her arms into patterns that looked like Celtic knots. Little by little, their movements were becoming synchronized — everything Annie did, Daniella did, too — at almost the same time.

Annie wiggled her entire body, like a snake, and ran her hands over her breasts, down her belly, to her thighs. Daniella copied every movement, the music thump-thump-thumping in her head, wiping out all conscious thought. Annie danced closer, and Daniella stepped toward her. Annie danced away, and Daniella stepped back. Annie took a step to her right, and Daniella took one to her left — a perfect mirror image. Annie began to circle around and around, staring into Daniella’s eyes — and Daniella circled right with her. Annie approached, and trailed her hand down Daniella’s left shoulder, over the rubber, stopping on her bare waist. Daniella trailed her hand down Annie’s side, and began to tug at the black laces, holding the leather together… Suddenly, the music stopped! Daniella found herself breathing heavily — and not from the dancing. She wasn’t sure what to do. She looked at Dominica, who was applauding her performance. She looked at Annie, who stared into her eyes and bowed again, then took her hand and led her back to the table.

“Whoo! You can DANCE, girl,” said Roxy. “Me next! Me next!” shouted Barb, as the band started up again with a new song, R&B heavily laced with wailing guitars and a strong back-beat. Barb started to get up… and MzDominica pushed her back onto her chair. Commandingly, Mistress reached out her right hand, waiting for Daniella to respond. The sweating rubber slave grasped Dominica’s hand instantly, feeling a tingle as their fingers touched. Daniella’s eyes caught a glint of something shiny in Dominica’s other hand. At first, she thought it was just some of Mistress’ jewelry — rings or a bracelet. Then she realized Dominica was holding a black rubber glove. Her jaw dropped open, and she started to pant. On the dance floor, Mistress released Daniella’s hand, and they both started to dance. Dominica favored bouncy movements, nodding her head, grinding her hips, stepping around. Daniella began to copy her Mistress’ dance, like she had done with Annie — and suddenly realized that Dominica was tugging the rubber glove onto her left hand. She imitated the motion in reverse, sliding her left hand over her right forearm. The music grew louder and louder, the beat even stronger. Then, just as the singer was reaching the end of a verse, MzDominica reached toward her slave, and touched the index finger of her gloved hand to Daniella’s own outstretched finger. And, just like at the restaurant yesterday afternoon, Daniella saw the rubber spread over her skin. She watched, still dancing, as Dominica’s black rubber glove seemed to turn itself inside-out and cover HER hand, glide up her arm, looking so shiny!

Then it began to stretch upward, covering her elbow, her shoulder. As soon as it touched her rubber halter top, the top began to stretch and grow, spreading upward over her neck and head, across and over her left hand, downward over her bare waist to her rubber mini-skirt. Then the skirt stretched downward and covered her legs, oozing down inside her ringed leather boots, covering her feet. As Daniella felt herself completely encased in tight, black rubber, the band began a wailing guitar solo. Riffs running up and down the scale trailed electric caresses up and down the slave’s body. Her dancing became an expression of ecstasy, arms reaching upward, grabbing the sky and pulling it down, as her hips gyrated, seeming to fuck the empty air. She stepped, and twirled — always returning her empty-headed gaze to MzDominica’s hypnotic stare — writhing with the trills and chords from the lead guitar. Shivering.

The drums began to pick up the beat again, and Daniella’s buttocks thrust backward with every thump! thump! thump! — trying to impale herself on a lover, a dildo, anything she could find, though nothing was behind her. The singer resumed, vocalizing the final verses, and Dominica reached out again, touching Daniella’s hand with her own. The slave could feel the rubber contracting, receding, turning back into a mini-skirt, a halter top. Her sweaty skin felt cool where it was suddenly exposed again. Finally, she saw the black rubber glove turn itself inside-out again, gliding onto Dominica’s hand and arm — just as the song ended. Daniella didn’t know what to do. Her head felt completely empty. She stood on the dance floor, panting, staring mindlessly into Dominica’s green eyes, not even aware that she was waiting for instructions. Dominica’s hand shifted, clasped the slave’s hand, and she gently pulled, guiding Daniella back to the table. “What was THAT?” Annie shouted, totally amazed. “Whoa! You rock, girl!” Daniella was still too blank to answer. MzDominica gently pushed her down onto a seat, just as Barb and Roxy got up together to dance with the next number. The slave watched them, her clit throbbing in time with the music, her ass sucking on the butt plug, unaware that Annie and Dominica were having an intense conversation — well, shouting into each other’s ears, actually. At length, MzDominica smiled — a big, almost predatory smile. Annie nodded, eyes wide, also smiling. And the two shook hands.

“Thank you, thank you,” the lead singer’s voice boomed, nearly drowning out the applause, as Barb and Roxy returned from the dance floor. “We’re gonna take a short break now! We’ll be back in a few minutes. Enjoy yourselves!” All the guys in the band set their instruments down, and walked off the stage. Daniella was drifting, now. Staring at the singer’s ass, for no special reason. Her clit throbbed, and the butt plug pumped mercilessly into her behind. She could not think. Could not move. When their waitress arrived, asking if they wanted refills, Dominica crooked her finger, drawing the girl close, even though the band had stopped for a while. “I want to talk to Howie. Tell him it’s MzDominica. Okay?” The waitress clearly had no idea what was going on, but she straightened and left — apparently to relay the message. In a few moments, a bald-headed man approached the table, holding a kitchen towel. He reached out, and hugged Mistress, greeting her. “MzDominica! Welcome, welcome! I didn’t know you were here! Enjoying the band?”

“They’re pretty good,” Mistress replied. “They really got my little slave here going.” She glanced over at Daniella, indicating who she was talking about. Howie smiled and nodded. “Yeah, I saw her dancing. These guys are here for three more days, then they move on. I’m gonna miss them!” “Yeah!” Mistress replied. “Um, Howie, I was wondering — is your back room available?” “Aw, I’m sorry Mistress! I’ve got a private party there this evening.” “Too bad. I just want a private room for a short while… Maybe 15 minutes?” Howie was clearly thinking. “How much room do you need?” “Just enough for four of us to stand in a circle,” Mistress replied, “and one in the center.” Howie actually blushed. A deep crimson. Daniella was just enough aware that she was actually charmed. Just enough aware that she couldn’t take her eyes off the boner that had suddenly appeared in Howie’s pants. She slouched further down into the chair and spread her legs wider. Her mouth felt sooooo empty. “Um… Well…” He actually mopped his forehead with the kitchen towel.

“You could use my office. If that’s okay…” his voice trailed off, eyes locked on Dominica’s. “Of course,” Mistress replied. She raised her hand and snapped her fingers. Everybody jumped. Even Howie. “Girls, follow me!” Annie and Barb almost lifted Daniella out of her chair. Her clit was throbbing. Her ass felt so full, and the butt plug wouldn’t stay still. She wanted to beg them to please touch her nipples, but she couldn’t form words. In a few moments, she found herself in a small room — cheap wood paneling on all four walls, a computer desk along one wall, an office chair, file cabinets and papers everywhere else. “On your knees, Daniella,” she heard Mistress command. She dropped to the floor, barely able to stand anyway. Arms outstretched, straight, head bowed, staring blankly at the worn rug. “We’re going to play a game, girls,” MzDominica began. “A game of… spin the bimbo.” At the trigger word, Daniella’s mind went completely blank. Her eyes closed, and her mind drifted, empty. “Open your eyes, Daniella,” Mistress commanded. The slave found it so hard to comply. She had to force her eyes open, grimacing, struggling to see, when everything in her head was trying to force her into a deep, sleepy trance. She looked forward. And to either side. Everywhere, there were women’s legs in beautiful, leather boots. Her clit continued pumping. Her ass kept sucking the thick dildo. “Listen carefully, Daniella,” Mistress said. “We’re going to blindfold you. Then spin you around. All you have to do is find the boots you crave the most. The boots you want to suck. Need to suck. Find them, and begin kissing them. Do you understand?” Her answer seemed to come from far away. “Yes, Mistress.”

Daniella could feel her mouth forming the words, but it did not seem to be part of herself. She felt a scarf being looped around her head, covering her eyes, being tied at the back of her neck. Her eyelids dropped, tightened, showing deep, dark red with little flashes of color, and not-color, sparkling in her empty mind. “In fact, let’s turn off the light,” Dominica said. “Let’s make SURE you can’t see. Right, girls?” Daniella could hear them, mm-hmming their assent. The deep red background turned even darker. “Now,” Dominica commanded, “spin around, Daniella. After you’re done, crawl forward, and find the boots you crave. Spin, my little slut! One… two… three… four times! NOW, EVERYBODY QUIET!!!” The slave couldn’t even hear breathing, as she passed right arm over left, again and again, knees shuffling, and spun on the floor. She felt dizzy already, and this only added to her feeling of disorientation, of confusion. Her clit was beginning to hurt. Her nipples to ache. The thick butt plug was as much a comfort as a goad, because she needed to be fucked, so bad! Hand over hand, knees shuffling. In the dark. In the silence. So horny. Under the blindfold, Daniella began to cry. She needed relief so much. She spun, and spun, losing all track of time. Then, for no reason, she stopped. Panting. Aching. She crawled forward. Inches at a time. Her left cheek rubbed the carpet. It felt so good. So solid.

Her hips started pumping down. Up. Down. Up. Humping the air. Wishing her pussy could touch something. Someone. Anything. Scooting forward on the floor, pushing with her knees. Her face encountered something hard. Pointed. She could smell the leather. Scooting forward, she began to nuzzle it. Rub her cheek against it. Mind empty, yet she felt compelled to move to the left. Carpet rubbing her face. Tongue trailing drool over the rug. Another boot. Further left. Face between two boots. She began to pant. Rubbed her face in little figure-eights, feeling the boots against her cheeks. Smelling the leather. Something… beyond thought. Still, she felt compelled to scoot to the left. Face over the boot. Across the rug. She moaned. She did not realize it, but the deep, aching moan escaped her lips — and all the women in the room, standing around her, suddenly felt their knees go weak with the power of that moan. Daniella scooted, pushed, dragged her face across the carpet. Something hard. Another boot. She turned her head to the left, pushing her nose against the sole, smelling the leather. She squeaked — so gently. Rocking back, she lifted her head, shifted a little further to the left, and began licking the boot. Kissing it. Little moans and squeals escaped her throat, as she continued to tongue and kiss the boot, mindlessly, obediently. She shifted even further forward, her tongue licking at the arch, running up to the instep… “Lights on,” MzDominica commanded. They all looked down at Daniella, kneeling in a little ball at Dominica’s feet, licking and kissing her right boot. “I think the contest is over,” Dominica declared.

“Stop, Daniella,” she commanded. “Remain on the floor, and be still.” Daniella rocked backward, almost sitting on her heels. Her face was still pressed downward, onto the carpet. She knelt, mind empty, still blindfolded, waiting for her next instructions. “Annie, untie her,” Dominica commanded. The red leather covered girl dropped to one knee and undid the scarf. Then, after a second’s pause — unsure whether she should — Annie stood up again. Daniella’s gaze drifted toward her, and the slave noticed her face was oddly pale. She hadn’t even realized the lights had been turned back on. “Listen to me, Daniella,” MzDominica said. The slave’s eyes swiveled, all attention on her Mistress. “We had a little bet, Annie and I.” Dominica looked at Annie, and smiled. That predatory smile again. “Whoever you had chosen, was going to get to have you for the night.” She looked around at the others. “All night. For whatever she wanted to do with you.” Dominica leaned forward, toward Daniella, her ample breasts suddenly capturing the horny slave’s stare. “Of course… I had you already! So Annie had to make a special promise.” That smile, again. “I’m sure if either Barb or Roxy had gotten you, Annie would have been in charge anyway.” “Hey,” Roxy said. Barb touched her shoulder, and mimed a “shush.” “But if I won…” Dominica continued, “then Roxy and Barb get Annie for the night.” The two girls’ eyes went wide. Then THEY smiled. A predatory smile. “Anything they want to do with her. Or to her,” Mistress teased. She turned, looking straight at Annie. “Come here, girl,” she said, as she raised her hand. She was holding a long, glittering crystal.

* * * * * *

Daniella and MzDominica walked through the parking lot, arm in arm, toward the mini-van. The slave was having trouble remembering what had just happened, but realized that the other three women were near the front entrance to the dance club, getting into a cab. Suddenly, she recovered her wits — just enough — and her curiosity became intense. Irresistible. She felt compelled to ask a question. “Mistress,” she began, “what if I had picked somebody else’s boots?” She couldn’t quite ask, how could you risk losing me like that? “Aw, sweet little slave,” Mistress replied, understanding full well what Daniella could not say. “The outcome was never in any doubt. Dominica always wins!” Daniella started to say something, then forgot what it was. “You’re too deeply conditioned to respond to ME,” Dominica continued. “If you can remember at all, you’ll realize I didn’t even use the remote on you.” Daniella’s stride slowed for a moment, as that fact entered her brain. There had been no cheating, no tricks. She simply had responded, mindlessly — and had zeroed in directly onto Dominica’s booted feet. She also suddenly remembered Dominica’s hypnotic commands to Annie, forcing her to obey whatever Barb and Roxy wanted to do with her. And part of it was a compulsion, to tell them what she had wanted to do with Daniella. And to report to Dominica, later, everything she had gone through. Though Annie was “leader of the pack,” she was in for quite a night at the hands of her “followers.” The idea of it all completely overwhelmed the slave. The throbbing in her clit. The delicious butt plug in her ass. Just as they reached the mini-van, Daniella dropped to her knees — legs wide, back arched, arms behind her, face turned up in open need and helpless supplication.

“Please, Mistress! I beg you! Please let me cum! I’m going crazy. It hurts. I feel so full and… and empty… and…” Tears ran down her cheeks again, and her lips curled as she began sobbing. “Oh, sweet babi!” Dominica replied. She stroked her fingers along Daniella’s wet, upturned cheeks, one side, then the other. “Soon, babi. Soon.” Daniella’s eyes closed, and she moaned. “I have something extra special for you, first. Now, stand up, and get in the van.” Daniella whimpered, but she stood. She touched her right knee, and realized she’d gotten a run in her stocking from a rock or something on the parking lot. That only made the ache more intense. She staggered, almost zombie-like, to the passenger side of the mini-van, waited for Mistress to unlock the door, then opened it and climbed in. She began to lose focus, lose consciousness, as she pulled the door closed, buckled the seat belt, and the van began to move. Her eyes drifted open and closed, watching the trails of the street lights spell “Dommmminnnnniiicaaaa…” as her pussy pulsed and throbbed.

As her ass wiggled down further into the seat, pushing the butt plug in further. As her nipples ached to be stroked and pinched — but her hands could not move. Cum… cum… cum… She needed to cum… Sooooo bad! Soon… what was soon? What was next? She had to obey her Mistress. Must obey Dominica. Aching, pulsing, hoping for release. Soon… Something special… Soon… Lights trailing… Cum… Need to cum… Need to cum… Every little bump. Every little wiggle. Need to cum… Cum… Need to cum…

* * * * *

Oh, dear! What DOES Mistress have in store for our sweaty little bimbo?

To Be Continued…