Kimiko groaned softly to herself as the wide straps of her bra dug deep into her slender shoulders, and while only standing five feet tall and weighing in at a scant ninety five pounds, you’d swear that at least half of that weight was residing inside of the 32DD lace bra of the cute twenty three year old Japanese-American flight attendant!!! After being on her feet all day inside the cramped airliner, she was dying to get checked into her hotel room and just soak for and hour in a hot tub!!! The cab ride to the hotel was uneventful, but it was at the reservations desk that trouble reared it’s ugly head!!! “What do you mean you don’t have my reservation,” she asked wearily, “I’ve had a standing reservation at this hotel for the past two years, and now you tell me I’m not in your computer!!!” “I’m sorry, ma’am,” the young man behind the counter said apologetically, “I can try to find you a room in another hotel, but since there’s a convention in town it might not be too easy!!!” “Oh that’s just great,” she replied sarcastically, “so I guess I’ll just bed down right here in the lobby!!!” The young man was about to answer her retort when a familiar voice came from behind her and asked, “Having some trouble, Kim!?!”After spinning around quickly she said to her friend with a sigh, “Oh, hi, Mindy, you’re not gonna believe it but they’ve lost my reservation!!!” “Really,” Mindy asked, “well, why not bunk down in my room, I’m sure the hotel won’t mind since they screwed up your reservation in the first place!!!” The young man behind the counter, just happy that every thing was working out replied quickly, “Of course you may stay in her room at no extra charge, do you want me to have a Redcap take care of your bags!?!” “Uh, no thanks,” Mindy replied while pulling her bag behind her as she and Kimiko headed off to the elevator, “we can manage just fine, thank you!!!” While they rode up to the twenty third floor Kimiko commented, “Thanks for coming to the rescue, hon, I don’t know what I’d have done without you!!!” As the doors to the elevator slid silently open and the two young women made their way to room 2314, Mindy replied with a laugh, “No problem, babe, I’m just glad to be of service, maybe next time it will be me who needs a favor!!!”

Once inside to the well appointed room, Kimiko flopped back down on the single queen size bed and said softly, “God, am I beat, and my shoulders, oh man do they ever hurt!!!” “Here,” Mindy offered, “let’s get you out of those things and into the tub, what you need is a good soaking!!!” “You’re so right,” Kimiko replied while slipping out of her blouse, “that’s exactly what I need, a good long soaking in a tub full of hot water!!!” She was just about to drop her skirt when Mindy gasped, “My goodness, look at your shoulders, no wonder they’re sore, these straps are cutting into you like a sharp knife, here, let me help you get this contraption off of you!!!” Kimiko just stood there quietly while Mindy undid her four bra catches, and after the last of them was lose, she gently shrugged her shoulders allowing the brutal garment to slip easily over her arms to the floor!!! “Wow,” Mindy whispered while massaging the deep indentations in Kimiko’s shoulders, “you should do what I do and get a bra with super wide straps and padding!!!