Cassandra finally got her door to unlock and walked into her apartment. It had been a long week capped off by a Friday that seemed to last forever. It may have had something to do with the long weekend, but every time she tried to get out of work, some else had come up that required her attention. She dropped her bags and stumbled into her living room where she flopped down onto the couch. Her head rolled back and she closed her eyes. She briefly toyed with the idea of heading out of town for the holiday, but it seemed like too much effort. When she opened her eyes she found herself staring at the VR couch.

What the hell, she thought. I don’t have anything else happening this weekend.

She quickly got her things put away. Then she changed into a set of used but comfortable sweats. A quick check of her apartment showed everything was in order, the doors and windows locked and her security system set. While it was unusual, more than one person had been robbed, or worse, while in VR. Cassandra also set some food in the micro-heater and set the timer so she would have food when she finished. With everything set she laid down on the couch and put on her gear.

She logged on to the Virtual Dungeon and found herself in the Reception Room. It always looked like a receptionist office, although the “receptionists” were never the same. Nor were they bound in the same way. This time the woman was standing with o post between her legs. Cassandra was certain that a large dildo capped the post. The woman’s ankles were shackled to the base of the post, preventing her escape. There were clamps fixed the her nipples with lines, attached overhead, pulling them away from her body. Her long blonde hair was done up in a ponytail and a rope was tied into it holding her head up. Drool ran down her chin and dripped onto her ample breast, thanks to the large ball gag between her lips.

Smiling, Cassandra approached the woman. She saw that the receptionist’s hands were shackled to the counter just in front of the keyboard for the computer she operated. Sky blue eyes looked out from the deformed face. Speech was impossible, but she made a small gesture with her hand.

“I would like the pool, please. I’m here for the full twelve hours.” The woman arched an eyebrow but entered her choice into the program. Then a second hand gesture motioned Cassandra to the door.

Cassandra stepped through and found herself in the Display Room next. She was chained, spread-eagle, and standing up in a display case. She was surrounded on all four sides by glass. Men walked around looking at the various women who occupied the other cases. Cassandra knew that the plaque in front of her case would tell those men how far she was willing to go. When a man found a woman, or women, he pushed a button next to the plaque and away she went.

Cassandra hung in the display room for several hours. Long enough that she was more than thankful that the Masters had disabled the pain routines in the room. Finally, a large, dangerous looking man approached her case. He leered up at her, walking around his case, like he was inspecting a slab of meat. It was enough to get her juices flowing. He nodded and pushed the button.

When her vision stabilized again she found herself in a well appointed office. She was wearing a maroon suit. Just from the fell of the material she could tell it was tailored to her exact measurements.

“Miss Hollis?” a voice asked.

Cassandra looked up as the program cued up her name for the fantasy. She saw an older man sitting behind the desk. He, too, wore a suit, though his jacket hung on the back of his chair. The program gave her his name. “I’m sorry, D.A. Lewis, my mind must have wondered.” The man nodded. “An Assistant D.A.’s mind shouldn’t wonder, Miss Hollis, especially when we are talking about a case this important.”

“Of course.”

“As I was saying, we have to win this case. Now Roger Spiel, an inmate at the state prison has information that will allow us to nail those murderers. I want you to go and talk to him. Give him anything he wants, but get his testimony.”

“Yes, sir. I want fail you.”

The D.A. nodded in dismissal and Cassandra walked out of the office. The program directed her out of the building onto an average street. She caught a cab and went to the prison. Once inside she was recognized as an ADA She was shown to an interview room while they located ‘Roger Spiel’. Cassandra wasn’t surprised when the man the Display Room was escorted in.

“Well, well, well,” he drawled, “to what do I owe this visit, Miss ADA?” “You have testimony we need, Mr. Spiel. I’m here to get it.” “Are you now?”, he asked leaning back in his chair. “Just what will you do for it?” “I have been told by the D.A. not to leave here without it. Roger nodded. “Then why don’t you have these cuffs removed and ask that guard to step out. We can negotiate in private.” “Anything else, Mr. Spiel?”, Cassandra asked as she nodded to the guard. “Yeah,” have him leave cuffs and his nightstick. We may need them.”

The guard left the items behind and left the room. Roger got up and walked around the table, sitting down on it in front of Cassandra. He propped his foot on Cassandra’s chair, pinning the material of her skirt.

“Now what?”, she asked.

Taking the nightstick he tiled her head to the side, then up, examining her face. “Now, we see just what Lewis has sent me.” The tip of the nightstick dropped to the point between her breasts, where her jacket buttoned. “He did tell what I was in for?”

Cassandra shook her head while she removed her jacket.

“I’m a rapist. And it’s been awhile since I had a good piece of ass. So here’s the deal,” he said as he picked up the handcuffs, you’re going to put these on, I’m going to fuck your brains out, and then I may give you the information you want. What do you say?”

Cassandra thought for a moment and then stood up. Roger’s foot was still holding down her skirt, so it was pulled down as she stood. Taking the handcuffs, she locked her hands behind her back. “The room is soundproofed. Do you want me to scream?”

Roger grabbed her by the back of the neck and covered her mouth with his own. At the same time his other hand ripped her blouse and bra, freeing her tits. He began to maul her breasts. Pinching and pulling her nipples. Tiring of her tits his hand drifted down. He worked it under the material of her panties and started to fondle her pussy. He forced his fingers into her causing her to stand up on her toes. The treatment soon had her flowing.

He pulled her back with a lewd grin. Her forced her down onto her knees and pushed his crotch into her face. “Open it,” he commanded, “with your teeth.”

With some effort Cassandra unzipped his pants and freed his dick. It was eight inched long and already hard. She needed to order to begin licking the member. Then she began to work it into her mouth. She was soon glad she had modified her VRP when she first began visiting the dungeon, she had suppressed her gag reflex. As Roger began to force more of himself into her she felt him, first at the back of her throat and then in her throat. He was holding onto her hair moving her back and forth with slow deliberate strokes. His pace began to quicken. Then he yanked her back and came on her face.

Then he dragged her back to her feet and threw her onto her back on the table. Her skirt had fallen free. He pulled of her panties and began to eat her out. His tongue ran up and down her slit, teasing her clit. He soon had her breathing hard, moaning in pleasure. He brought her to the edge and stopped. She looked at him in confusion and frustration. He grinned down at her and brought his prick to her gash. She laid her head back with a sigh as he worked his way into her. Again, he moved with slow deliberate strokes. In now time he had her back to the edge and then she was over. She quivered in passion.

For a moment she failed to notice that her had rolled her onto her stomach, then he jabbed into her ass, tearing a scream for her. No longer slow and deliberate he pistoned into her cruelly. She moaned in pain, but he only went fast, pushed harder. Her motion though, was rubbing her clit on the edge of the table. One of his large hands grabbed her breast again while the other forced her face around so her could force her to kiss him. The heat was building up in her again. She came even faster than before. Then he pulled back and ejaculated all over the back of her blouse.

Roger sat back in the chair with a sigh. “That was good,” he said. “It would have been better if I had caught you out on the highway, but it was good never the less.”

He pulled Cassandra off the table and she fell to the ground. He got her up on her knees and pulled her face into his crotch. “Clean it, whore.”

Weakly, Cassandra licked his dick clean of all the juices. Then knelt there while her put his tool away. Finally he pulled her back to her feet. Put her skirt back on, and draped her jacket over her handcuffed hands. Putting the arms of the jacket into the pockets it almost looked like her arms where in them. There was enough of her blouse left that it didn’t look too odd.

While her straightened up her outfit he said, “Now I want you to go back to dear old Lewis and thank him, for me, for the fine toy he sent. You can also tell him that I was in a county lockup when the particular deed he wanted my testimony for occurred. Still you’re welcome to visit me again anytime you want.

Roger opened the door for her and patted her ass on her way out. Just as Cassandra began to wonder how she was going top get back to the D.A.’s office the world grayed around her.

When it cleared up she was back in her case. Roger, or the man who had been roger looked up at her. He nodded once and strolled away. Cassandra still felt an echo of her previous exertions but the pain and fatigue had been muted. She looked around, wondering who would take her next.

The end