You were busy in the bedroom, getting one of my sexy outfits ready for me for our evening trip to the park as I lazed in the bath when I called you in to me. “Gina, I want you in here, Now!” I shouted sternly.

You rushed in, eager not to upset me, knowing that you’d be tied up on all fours and left on the back lawn dressed only in your suspenders and nylons all night again if you did! “Yes Mistress, how may I serve you?” you asked, your head bowed as I’d instructed you to do when in my presence.

You looked like a visitation from God as you stood before me and I felt my clitty tingling as I drank in your absolute loveliness. All you were allowed to wear in the house was a short flared black leather skirt over your black lace-up basque, black stockings, and 2 inch heels. Knickers weren’t allowed! I never wore them myself and so you weren’t allowed to either! Besides, if I wanted to feel your hairy cunt or finger-fuck you as you performed your duties around the house, I didn’t want to be bothered with knickers getting in the way! To finish it off you had a broad leather studded dog-collar around your neck, a constant reminder of your lowly position as my bitch on heat!

Your petite, firm breasts that were topped by your large and rubbery nipples, jutted out from your small body and begged to be sucked and caressed by my lips, something I adored doing and frequently thought about when I wanked myself or when you did it for me! That slim waspish waist and those curvaceous hips drove me wild when I traced my tongue over them on it’s way to your most secret place between your legs, to delve deep inside your tight cunt and bring you to within an inch of your orgasm before I stopped and left you… hanging there, begging for orgasmic release! Yes Gina, I knew that as soon as you left me each evening, you wanked yourself off outside my room! I knew because I could smell the musky odour of your cum that lingered there, long after you’d gone to your room! How I truly wished you could lie beside me and we could fuck each other as women should! But, it was not to be! You were my bitch!

God, how I loved you Gina! Words couldn’t describe how good you made me feel inside when we made love together, me as your mistress and you as my servant! I wanted to tell you that I could live with you as my equal but I dared not! You were my slave, I was your cruel Mistress and that’s the way it had to be!

“What outfit have you prepared for me to wear tonight?” I commanded. “With respect Mistress, I’ve laid out your ¼ cup black lacy bra, your matching lacy suspender-belt and black lace-top nylons. To wear on top, I’ve gotten out your short scarlet Lycra dress and black 2 inch heels!” you replied.

“Hmmm, you can forget the dress! Tonight, I’m just going to wear my undies and my dark trench-coat!” I snapped as I stood up and exposed my naked body to you, “Now towel me off and we’ll get ready!” I could see by the look in your eyes that you hungered for my body but daren’t say so as you quickly stole a glance between my thighs at the lush and verdant growth of thick black hair that covered my gash, spreading down my thighs and up my flat belly!

“Come on girl!” I snapped, making you jump violently as you were jolted back into reality, “Now! I haven’t got all fucking night!”

“I’m sorry Mistress, please forgive me!” you mumbled submissively. I followed you into my bedroom where you towelled me dry as I laid on the bed before you covered me with talc, paying special attention to between my thighs! You turned to get the hair-drier from the wardrobe and I stopped you and caught hold of your wrist.

“I want you to kiss me – down there!” I said firmly, dragging your hand between my itching thighs as I spread them wide and made my cunt-lips part slightly before placing your hand over it! You didn’t argue – you daren’t! Instead, you climbed onto the bed and lowered your head between my widespread thighs, your tongue already halfway out!

“Just a minute! Let’s make this more interesting! Get my vibrator!” I commanded.

You instantly got off the bed and opened the bedside drawer, retrieving my vibro and handing it to me. “Now, climb back on the bed… but this time straddle my head with your knees! I want to look at your cunt as you lick mine!” I said slowly.

You did as I instructed, lowering your beautiful cunt to within an inch of my lips before you bent forward and I watched your cunt-lips as they splayed open to reveal your glistening inner-lips as you slowly licked along the full length of my own slit, making me gasp with pure pleasure as you expertly parted my thick bush with your tongue and exposed my large and erect clitty and my crinkly outer cunt-lips, your ultimate goals!

“Hmmm, you like that, don’t you Gina?” I asked quietly as I slowly pushed the vibro in between your cunt-lips and slid it back and forth, coating it with your cunt-juices! “Oh yes Mistress! You know it makes me horny!” you gasped as you pushed your cunt back towards me so’s I could slide the plastic phallus deeper into your aching cunt!

“That’s good, my little angel!” I sighed as I felt that all too familiar tickle deep inside my tummy as you caused my orgasm to rear it’s sleepy head, “Because tonight I want you to be horny – really horny! Tonight we’re gonna go down the park and I’m going to tie you down so’s you can’t move, and then I’m going to fuck you with a cucumber while we’re both in our undies! And if anyone comes along, I’m going to ask them if they want to shag you as well! What do you think of that Gina?”

“If you command me Mistress, I’ll obey!” you replied, a husky note in your voice, “I’m here to do as you ask!” You said all the right things my darling Gina, and as my orgasm drew nearer, I so wished I could let you have your own as I fucked my vibro in and out of your now drooling cunt!

My orgasm was approaching rapidly and I shoved the vibro deep into your gaping cunt and dropped both hands to the bed, clutching at the duvet, humping my hips at your probing tongue and gyrating my hips in a vain attempt to get all of your tongue inside my itching twat! I looked up and saw my vibro impaling your tight cunt, lewdly sticking out of you, your cunt-lips stretched around it as my orgasm flooded over me and that familiar warm glow spread across my body, it was here!

My hips left the bed as I arched my body upward in an orgasmic, spasmodic movement and an animal-like croak came from deep down inside my throat, a delicious sensation rocketing through my body, too beautiful for words to describe! I was coming!!!!!!!!

To your credit, you kept on licking and sucking me, now finger-fucking me as your tongue passed across my over-sensitive clitty and giving me an electric-like shock, causing me to take a sharp intake of breath as I reached up and rammed the vibro in and out of you and sucked on your little pearly clitty, my tongue diving into your gaping cunt and lapping up your cunt-juices as I pulled the vibro out and threw it onto the bed!

You saw it and instantly rammed it all the way inside me and I blacked-out! “Mistress…. are you awake now Mistress?” I could hear your voice in the distance and slowly came round and found you kneeling beside me, gently shaking me to rouse me from my orgasmic slumber, “Here Mistress, I’ve brought you a drink!”

I shakily took the glass from your hand and you helped me lift it to my lips, the potent Southern Comfort flowing through my body with a warmth that resembled my recent orgasm. I tried to sit up but couldn’t, as my strength had been sapped from my body with the ferocity of the orgasm you just brought about! “Thank you Gina.” I said weakly, and in a moment of forgetfulness but one of truth, my hand slid slowly up your thigh, around your waist and I drew you to me to kiss you!

I realised what I was doing and stopped, causing a puzzled look to flash across your face momentarily. At that instant, I knew that you had a real but well hidden affection for me! “Help me sit up!” I ordered, taking on the dominant role again, “It’s time for you to dry and style my hair and apply my makeup!”

You dutifully helped me upright and jumped off the bed, plugging in the drier and fussing about to get your Mistress ready for the evening.

As you later squatted beside me and applied my eye-makeup, I looked into your eyes and so wished I didn’t have to play the role of a Mistress, I so wanted to be your lover but knew that you’d never allow that!

Your gorgeous cunt was just inches away from my fingers and I could actually feel the heat coming off it as I used my position as Mistress and slid two of them deep inside you and slowly finger-fucked you, taking my fingers out and slowly sucking them clean of your cunt-juices before reinserting them into your wet and warm cavern as you applied my makeup and never flinched when I withdrew them again and traced the cum-coated digits across your own lips! You lived your life as being a submissive bitch for me and that’s the way it had to be between us, if I was to see you at all!

Finally, you finished doing my makeup to my satisfaction and you dressed me in my undies as I stood naked beside the dressing table, securing the front-fastening on my bra and sliding your tiny hand between my bra-cups and my tits to get them sitting comfortably, then hooking my nylons to my four suspenders before smoothing the nylon all the way up my long legs with your hand! As usual, you announced to me that you were finished by leaning forward and kissing my erect clitty as I stood there with my legs apart and slid my hands over my nipples, caressing them and thinking of fucking you! I remember the first time you kissed me there and made the mistake of saying how large my clitty was and how far it stood out from under my clitoral-hood! I punished you for your impertinence by making you take a freezing cold shower to calm your ardour!

“Right Mistress, you’re ready!” you announced as you looked at the floor. “Very well, follow me downstairs and we’ll get you ready!” I replied.

As I stood in the lounge, you slid my arms into the sleeves of my coat before wrapping it around my waist and tying the belt. Then you went to the hook on the wall and came back to present me with a chain dog-lead with a leather loop for my hand, carefully folded in two on your upturned palms! On the snap-hook end of the chain was fixed a much lighter chain made of 9ct gold with a tiny golden snap-hook on each end!

“Okay Gina, spread your legs!” I commanded. You hitched up your leather skirt and spread your legs wide as I squatted in front of you and reached up to your hairy slit, taking hold of each of your outer cunt-lips in turn and pushing a snap-hook through each of your pierced labia majora before letting the lead fall onto the carpet between your legs!

The sheer weight of the chain attached to your cunt-lips stretched them to a point and they hung down either thigh like miniature cat’s ears!

You turned to get your raincoat, the lead dragging along the carpet and the weight of it obscenely pulled and stretched your cunt-lips even more, only returning them to near normal size and shape when you stopped to put your raincoat on, tying your belt around it and waiting for permission to go outside. “Wait there!” I said as I went into the kitchen and returned a moment later with a plastic shopping bag, “Here, take this with us!”

You took it from me and turned round as I squatted down and took hold of your lead, passing my hand through the leather loop and arranging the chain so’s it passed up the vent at the back of your raincoat! My bitch was now ready for walkies!

It was dark outside and it took us ten minutes to get to the park gates, you walking in front of me with both our coats wide open and flapping in the cool night air, exposing everything we had to the world, the lead still in my hand and the chain disappearing between the slit in the back of your raincoat and up to your pierced cunt-lips!

So’s not to attract too much attraction to ourselves, you had my permission to hold your coat together if someone was walking toward us or if a car came along but you had to let it fall open to expose your tits and cunt for the rest of the time!

We reached the gates and went inside, you remembering your place by removing your coat and putting it over your arm as we walked along the path so’s you were walking along a public footpath in a park wearing only your skirt, lace-up black basque, which you’d unlaced before we’d left home and exposed all of your tits, your nylons and shoes.

If anyone came along, you were instructed to come to me and ask permission before putting your raincoat back on, thereby giving whoever it was a chance to see your nakedness! Fortunately for you, we didn’t meet anyone as we walked along the path but we both knew that it got busy later on when the pubs started to empty, with guys looking for ‘a lady of the night’ to satisfy their desires! “Turn off here and go down the path Gina!” I said as we reached a thickly wooded bit, “This’ll suit what I have in mind just fine!” You obediently turned off the tarmac path and onto the rough ground, stopping only about 10ft in when I pulled up behind you and you felt the chain pull sharply on your sensitive cunt-lips!

“Okay, give me the bag and take your chain off while I get ready!” I said in a low voice, “Tonight we’re gonna fuck alfresco!”

I took my coat off as you squatted down with your knees apart and unclipped the lead from your cunt-lips, folding it carefully and putting it in your coat pocket as I spread a blanket on the ground and laid down with my knees bent and splayed wide open.

You turned and smiled, as you knew what was expected of you and you’d been looking forward to your outing all week! You dropped to your knees and slowly licked from my knee to my hairy bush, leaving a wet trail of saliva up my nylon-clad thighs as you nuzzled your nose between my cunt-lips, parting them before you inserted your fingers into me and sliding them in and out of my hot cunt! “Okay Gina, as a special treat, for the next hour – and only for the next hour, you can do what you want with me and ask me to do anything to you! This is a ‘one off’ you understand, so don’t expect it to happen again!”

“Thank you Mistress, I’ll do my best to please you!” you replied as you looked up from over my bush and smiled at me.

After only ten minutes of you expertly licking and sucking my cunt, you brought me off to a shuddering climax and lapped up my cum before getting into the 69 position and lowering your beautiful cunt down onto my mouth! Unknown to you, I reached into the plastic shopping bag and pulled out a courgette, slowly sliding it into your juicing cunt before taking it out and easing it into your ass!

You moaned softly and pushed your ass back at me in an effort to take even more of the phallus-shaped vegetable up inside your ass before I clamped my lips over your clitty and tickled it with my tongue, all the time reaching down and caressing your beautifully firm breasts and erect nipples! Your juices flowed from your gaping cunt like sugary rain from the heavens and I slurped noisily on them as you rocked your hips back and forth, my nose rubbing the full length of your hairy and gaping gash!

After only a few minutes of you doing that with your cunt on my face and me pushing my tongue deeper inside you, I felt the muscles in your flat belly and the tendons in you thighs tighten! You were fast approaching your orgasm and I thought it would be interesting to see if you’d warn me beforehand! Your cunt-juices were now flooding from you and your breath was rapid on my clitty as your orgasm built up in your cunt and belly and you fought to restrain it for fear of upsetting me!

My darling Gina, I’d already decided to let you have an orgasm tonight and the only thing that I wanted was to be part of it! You were now like a coiled spring and the sweat poured from your slim and perfectly formed body you fought for your breath as your orgasm built up inside you and became imminent. “Mistress!” you gasped with a great sense of urgency, “If you don’t stop tonguing me now, I’m going to come!”

“Then come Gina!” I replied softly, “Suck my cunt and let yourself…. come!”

I redoubled my tonguing and rolled you onto your back so I was above you and pressing my erect and throbbing clitty into your face!

“Gina, I’m gonna come as well!” I said as I suddenly felt my orgasm come from nowhere and course through my body like lightening!

You responded by gripping my head between your thighs and arcing your belly into the air, letting out an guttural animal groan as your orgasm ripped through your body, immediately followed by my own! We’d both come together – as one, as it should always be! You writhed about beneath me, the sweat pouring from you as you swallowed my cum and I swallowed yours in return, both of us gulping on it as we chewed each other’s cunts and caressed each other’s bodies like two demented people! Then, you surprised me! I felt a warm trickle in my mouth and realised you’d lost control of your bladder and you were pissing yourself! I never knew how I held off from clamping my mouth over your cunt and swallowing your piss down but instead, I let go of my own bladder and pissed into your mouth! You opened it wide and I could hear your mouth noisily filling up with my hot and salty piss, the noise only stopping when you closed your mouth to gulp it down and then opened it wide again to receive some more!

Three times I filled your mouth with my piss and three times you swallowed it all before I climbed off you and laid beside you, the courgette still sticking half out of your ass!

“Thank you for letting me finally come Mistress!” you finally said as you got your breath back, “And thank you for pissing in my mouth Mistress! It tasted really lovely!”

“Okay, but your hour’s up!” I replied, “Now, I want you to get on all fours, that’s right! Now stay just as you are while I put these knee-spreaders on you and tie you down!” I kicked your knees to make you splay them even wider as I fastened the spreaders to each of them, stretching your cunt-lips apart and presenting your cunt and ass to my gaze. I then got two doggy tie-downs from the bag and screwed them into the ground, fastening a cuff around each wrist before attaching them to the tie-downs!

You were now fastened on all fours dressed only in your short leather skirt, basque and nylons and totally unable to move, other than to drop down to your elbows and make your cunt and ass even more vulnerable to an unwanted intrusion of your holes! I lifted the hem of your skirt up and threw it over your back, totally exposing your beautiful hairy cunt, it’s lips pulling wide open so’s even in the dim light, I could see right up it as it was framed by your taut suspenders! Then I loosened the laces on your basque so’s your tits fell out and the hard nipples pointed at the damp earth below them.

Walking to the edge of the path, I looked back at my handy-work and drank in the erotic sight before me as I slowly played with my throbbing clitty and sensitive nipples. As the blue-white moonlight came through the bushes, a dappled pattern fell on your submissive body and you were exposed in all your glory! God, I wanted you!

It looked as though you were waiting for someone to walk up behind you and mount you and fuck you like a bitch in heat! Your tits were exposed and dangled between your outstretched arms, your suspender-framed cunt was gaping wide open and glistening with your cum from our fuck earlier and the courgette was sticking halfway out of your ass like a green turd that you were having trouble passing! All that was needed now was one more touch before it was perfect. I went to the shopping bag and took out a large cucumber, easing it into your cunt and making you moan with the discomfort of it’s girth as it stretched your cunt-lips and they looked as though they were sucking on it! I stood back again to look at the latest vegetable to be pushed into your body and felt a definite tickle in my cunt as I took in the sight of these two green phallus-shaped vegetables sticking out of you, one in your ass and one impaled deep inside your cunt! Now you were ready!

“I’m going up to the pub for a drink and maybe to have a word with some of the locals about the sight that would await them if they bothered to take a walk in the woods tonight!” I told you, “Don’t go away now!” As if you could!!!

You turned and looked at me as I threw my coat over my arm, a genuine look of fear and concern on your face as I laughed at you and set off up the path wearing only my undies, leaving you there – bound and totally helpless if anyone came along and decided to fuck you! Once in the pub, I bought myself a drink and sat down at a table, ‘carelessly’ letting my coat fall open slightly to reveal my suspenders and stocking-tops. I didn’t have long to wait before two guys came over and sat down beside me, one of them laying his hand on my knee and slowly sliding it up my thigh to my naked bush! Seeing that I wasn’t about to complain, he asked me if I was interested in having a ‘good time’ with him? “Well you seem to be having a good time!” I replied quietly.

“I am actually, would you be interested in going a lot further?” he asked. “If it’s a fuck you’re after, I happen to know there’s a girl down in the park that’d be only too willing to let you fuck her!” I replied, “She can’t come up here herself because she’s sort of…. tied up at the moment! Why don’t I wait here while you and your friend go down there and ‘enjoy the scenery’ and then come back to tell everyone else what you found down there? Turn off the path at the second bench – you’ll see her… waiting!”

I smiled as they got up and left, knowing you were about to be raped by both of them! Half an hour later they walked back in, grinning like two Cheshire Cats! One stuck his thumb up at me and nodded as I smiled and walked towards them on my way out.

“Don’t forget, let everyone know what you found there! And I do mean tell everyone!” I whispered to him and went out of the door.

The scene was set and I smiled to myself as I walked back the short distance to the park, my coat now wide open again, knowing you’d just been fucked by two guys you’d never seen before and that you were about to be fucked and abused by quite a few more!

Upon reaching the glade you were tied up in, I turned off the path and saw you still kneeling there as I’d left you. The cucumber was still sticking out of your cunt and the courgette was still in your ass! The only evidence of anyone else having been there was that the shoulder straps of your basque had been unhooked and the top of your basque had been shoved down so’s you were now completely topless, and some thick cum was oozing past the veggie in your cunt and running down your thighs and soaking into your stocking-tops! And when I got closer to you, I saw there was also some cum splattered in your hair and over your face! They’d undoubtedly ‘double-ended’ you!

“Well Gina, did you have a good time?” I asked as I mockingly traced my finger through a wad of cum that was sticking to your cheek and slowly tasted it! “Thank you, yes Mistress!” you answered without looking at me. “And just what did they do?” I asked.

“They fucked me Mistress, one in my cunt and one in my mouth! Then they swapped ends and fucked me again!” you replied. “And did you swallow their cum?”

“Yes Mistress, you’d have been proud of me, I did everything you taught me to do!” “Well there might just be some more visiting you shortly! I’ll just sit back and watch how my bitch takes a cock!” I said as I lit a cigarette and stroked my cunt.

We only had to wait a few minutes before 5 guys came along and found me kneeling behind you as I smoked my cigarette and fucked the cucumber into your oozing twat! “Welcome gentlemen!” I said in a hushed voice, “My bitch here is ‘on heat’ and needs servicing! Are any of you up to it?”

“Just you watch us!” one of them said as he dropped his pants and knelt behind you, sliding the cucumber out of your twat and sinking his cock straight into you, making you gasp! Another went round in front of you and fed his erection into your mouth, tossing himself off and coming within a few seconds as he looked down and watched you swallowing his sticky cum! Then some more guys arrived and waited their turn to fuck you as we all stood by and watched!

“Pardon me for a moment gentlemen!” I said as the third cock pulled out of your gaping and oozing cunt and I knelt behind you, “I hate to see good cum go to waste!” I clamped my lips over your cunt-lips and sucked on the cum as it dribbled from your cunt, soon feeling a cock being roughly pushed into my own! The guy fucked into me and I soon felt his cum spurting inside me as his cock throbbed and jerked about.

Another guy quickly took his place and his cock too, filled me with it’s cum before shrinking in my cunt and pulling out. Before another could slide into me, I moved round to your face and watched yet another guy kneel behind you and roughly fuck his massive cock into you – perhaps I’d moved away too soon? I’d have loved to have had that monster inside me and actually felt a twinge of jealousy that your cunt was getting fucked by it instead of mine!

The moment wasn’t lost for me though, I had other plans! I stood in front of you and squatted slightly, telling you to look up at me and to open your mouth! Once you did, I moved forward and took my finger from over my gash and pulled my cunt-lips apart, watching the cum of my two fucks slither out of my gaping cunt and into your mouth as your body rocked back and forth in time with the thrusts of the massive cock deep inside your well stretched and oozing cunt!

“Thank you Mistress!” you said quietly as the last few drops of cum splattered onto your extended tongue, “Oh my God!”

I looked down, first at you, and then at the guy pumping his massive tool into you, he was thrusting erratically and obviously now coming and spurting deep inside you! So that’s why you called out, you could feel his cum spurting up your cunt!

I quickly moved round behind you again, determined to taste some of that lovely cum and get a mouthful of it as it spilled from your gaping cunt when he pulled out! “I want you to fuck me afterwards, d’you think you could manage it again?” I asked him. “No problem!” he replied confidently, “And there’ll be just as much cum spurted inside your cunt as there was inside this one!” I found out later that he wasn’t lying!

I quickly knelt down behind you again and looked at your gaping cunt in the moonlight as someone else shoved their cock into me, it was wide open and your inner lips and crinkly walls were perfectly visible! I watched transfixed as I saw you tightening your cunt-muscles and the cum starting to ooze out of you and could plainly see the large pool of cum that laid in the bottom of your twat, so recently put there by your unknown rapist! I leant forward and licked on the sticky flow of cum as it slithered down your well defined crack towards your clitty, catching it just before it dropped off and greedily swallowing it down before clamping my mouth over your cunt for the rest of it!

I then let the guy that was fucking me come inside me before announcing that I was going to empty my cunt into your mouth again and then untie you and let you lie on your back before anyone else fucked you! As you rolled over and onto your back to have your legs tied to the trees so’s they were kept apart, you thanked me and told me that you were starting to get cramps with being in the same position for so long!

A group of about 20 guys then lined up to fuck you, each of them getting their cocks sucked by me as I went down the line and received a finger-fuck off each of them!

Over the next hour or so, you took cock after cock in your cunt, up your ass and in your mouth and greedily swallowed the cum that dribbled from my cunt after I’d been fucked by them as well! One of the best parts happened just as I was standing up and being fucked by someone as I straddled you with my legs spread so’s you could watch me getting shagged. I watched as one guy came in your mouth and you swallowed it down just before he pissed over your face, some of it going into your mouth as you opened it wide and rolled your head from side to side! This was followed by two guys then fucking you, one in your cunt and one in your mouth and both of them doing the same as the last guy, pissing over your entire body and into your open mouth!

It was just after that when the landlord came over to me and asked if we wanted to go back to his pub, where he’d lock the doors and turn down the lights while the guys fucked you and we could have a drink! I readily agreed and he told the guys what the plan was. The guy with the monster cock came over to me and told me that he wanted to fuck me now, before we went to the pub, so I told the rest of the guys to set off to the pub and we’d be along in a minute or two as we had some unfinished business to conduct! I untied your legs and then told you to stand up with them apart so’s I could suck you out whilst the guy fucked me! You shakily got to your feet and held onto a branch to support yourself, bending forward for me to suck on your oozing twat as the guy eased his massive knob-end into me and started to slide his cock into my waiting cunt!

You tasted good Gina, real good and as I sucked on the cum that flowed from your cunt, I got some that oozed from your ass as well! The guy inside me certainly knew how to fuck a woman and as I’d almost sucked you dry, I told you to kneel between my thighs and suck my clitty and then drink his cum, once he’d finished coming inside me!

You’d just started sucking on my large and erect clitty when he said he was gonna come and I sat back on his thrusting cock, impaling my cunt on it and determined to have him spurt as deep inside me as he could!

I then knew why you’d cried out when he came inside you! It felt like someone had turned a hose on inside my twat and he literally flooded me with cum as you lapped up the sticky mess that oozed from between his thick and pulsating shaft and my gaping cunt-lips! As he pulled out, I put my fingers over the opening to my cunt and told you to suck him clean before you clamped your lips over my hole and drank the frothy cum that drained from it! To finish our evening in the park, I then spread my cunt-lips with my fingers and we both pissed into your upturned mouth as you knelt before us! “C’mon Gina, we’re going to the pub!” I told you, “Stand up!”

You stood up and automatically spread your legs for me to clip the chain to you, the guy watching on in amazement as I led you along the path, tethered by your cunt-lips! We walked up the road towards the pub, you carried our coats and bags, still just dressed in your basque, nylons and shoes, your tits, ass and cum-filled cunt fully exposed! Once inside, they got you to lie on a table, spread your legs and watched as I undid the snap-hooks that were fastened to your cunt-lips before you had to stretch your cunt wide open so’s they could take turns in looking right up inside you!

Several of the guys whistled when they realised that they were actually looking right up inside a woman’s cunt and could actually see your cervix and the cum that still clung to the crinkly red walls of what used to be your most private place!

Everyone having had a good look inside you, the landlord put two tables together for you to be fucked on and I told you to kneel up and make yourself ready for all of the cocks that were going to fill you with cum again! You obeyed instantly and they again lined up behind you and fucked you into the small hours of the night!

All in all Gina, you must’ve been fucked over 200 times and swallowed a gallon of piss and cum before they finally fucked themselves dry and we said ‘goodnight’ to them, me fixing the chain to your cunt-lips again and leading you through the park and all the way home through the streets to my house and up to bed, still only dressed in your undies!

It was there, for the first time, I let you share my bed with me and we made love with each other, you as my equal through the night, like only two women know how!

The End