Cassandra looked around her one bedroom apartment. It wasn’t really messy, just depressing. There was nothing on the Tri-Vid and she didn’t feel like reading. With a sigh she went over to the VR couch and sat down. She pulled on the gloves and settled the wrap around headset over her eyes and ears. Logging on she selected the site she wanted to visit.

Her vision blurred for a moment while her couch found the site. When it stabilized she found herself in a short hallway with a door behind her and a door in front of her. To the side was a mirror. Of course, most of the better VR sites had mirrors at the entrance. It let surfers make sure that their programs were running correctly.

While it was there Cassandra gave herself a quick look over. Her VR personality was five foot seven. Long dirty blonde hair. Green eyes. A light, but even tan. Large, yet firm breasts. And of course a tight ass. It was nowhere near her real appearance, but that was one of the best things about VR. She was also wearing a blouse and shorts combination with knee high boots. Satisfied that her VR persona was intact she headed for the door in front of her.

There sign on the door simply read “Admittance”. Cassandra tried to door handle and found it locked. With a sigh she turned for the exit door. There was an audible click and the door opened a bit. Curiously she turned back and pulled the door open. On the other side was a wood paneled office. It was contained a desk, two chairs in front of the desk, and one chair behind the desk. The third chair was occupied.

The man in the chair looked up when the door opened. He smiled and waved her in. “Please, sit down. We’re open.”

Hesitantly she went into the office. Closing the door behind her she sat down. “Is everything alright. I’ve tried this site several times during this past week and the door had been locked every time.” “Oh, everything is fine. Could you tell me who gave you the address for this site?” “Sure. Susan McDuff.”

While the man turned to the computer sitting on the desk she studied him. He looked tall and rugged. His muscles stood out clearly beneath the simple robe he wore. His long face was highlighted by a sinister looking goatee. “Here we go,” he said suddenly. He turned the computer monitor so that she could see it.

Cassandra gasped. She knew Susan well. She knew Susan’s VRP. But she hardly recognized her. Susan’s normal summer dress was absent, like most of her clothing. She was wearing what could, generously, be called a french maid’s outfit. The outfit left the breast clear and covered only half her ass.

Then there were the two people using Susan, roughly. One kneeled behind her tight against her. He held her breasts, using them as handles, ramming her up and down his cock. She wasn’t complaining though. The cock in her mouth ensured that. The man standing before her held her hair tightly, guiding her back and forth. Susan held her hands at her sides allowing the men their pleasure.

The man raping her mouth stiffened. Yanking Susan’s head back he shot his load over her face. At the same time the man behind her squeezed her breasts cruel. Cassandras guessed he had just cum as well. He stood and joined his friend in using her hair to clean himself. Then they walked off in conversation, ignoring her. A moment later Susan stood, picked up a discarded feather duster and began dusting. The screen blanked.

The man looked to Cassandra, clearly expecting a response. She obliged. “Wow!” “By the way, my name is Master Jonathan. Welcome to the Virtual Dungeon.” “This is an underground site isn’t?” “Yes it is. That’s why we have this entrance site. We want to make sure anyone coming here knows what they are getting into.” “And just what am I getting into here?”

“This is a male dominated bondage site. Any women entering here have no rights. Any rights they do have are given by the men who own them at the time and can be taken away easily. Many of the safeties are also offline here.” “Which ones?” “Mostly you exit cues. You can’t quit a program, dampen pain, control your VRP, or control any aspect of the program.”

“I’m trapped?”

“Not really. After this you go through the Dream Workshop, where you decide what things you are willing to let happen to you. You will also be given an emergency exit program. You can use that three times. After the third time you come back here to Admittance. We play rough here so we have to keep an eye on things.”

“What about time compression?”

Shortly after commercial VR sites had begun a serious and very dangerous addition had begun. People would have so much fun and excitement in VR they wanted to stay. If they got hungry they would have a virtual snack. Of course it wasn’t real and their bodies were slowly wasting away. Warnings did no good. With VR time in a one-to-one relation with real time people just couldn’t get enough to be satisfied. Then someone had invented time compression. Researches had it up to a 60-to-1 ratio giving sixty hours of adventure to the single hour a person was logged on. Many people had continued to stay on too long so the same researchers had produced a monitoring system. They tracked time online by brain waves. A person was restricted to twelve hours a day and forty-five hours a week. Still, that was nearly four months of adventure in a single week.

“We work with standard time compression. Is this still something you are interested in?” “I think so. I’m curious at the very least.”

Master Jonathan smiled. “Then you can either go through the door behind me to the Dream Workshop or I can alter you personal logon to take you there next time you are online.” Cassandra thought for a moment. “I think I’ll go right to the Dream Workshop.” “Of course,” Master Jonathan replied with a smile. He stood and shook her hand. “Enjoy your time here.” Cassandra headed for the door that had appeared in the back wall. With her hand on the door knob she turned and asked, “Can you tell me what Susan agreed to that resulted in the scene you showed me?” “She went into the pool.” “Excuse me?”

“Sometimes when people come here they aren’t sure what they want to do so the go to the pool. They are standard programs with no real structure. We have a French villa, an English castle, and an American gentleman’s club. Men can take any woman there for a quick fuck or light torture. Occasionally, a couple will meet there and move onto a more structured program.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

She opened the door and entered the next room. It was another office, but much different. The admittance office was a large traditional office. This one was small and looked much like a modern office. Small and paneled wit ceramic. A desk went across the width of the room, little more than a slab of metal. There was a chair in front of the desk and a weird chair thing behind the desk.

The woman in the chair immediately drew Cassandra’s attention. A slim and petite blond hair green eyes looked up when Cassandra entered. She had small firm breasts. Cassandra could tell this since she was naked in the chair. She was also restrained in the chair. Bands held her above and below her breast, squeezing them. Cups were affixed to her nipples with wires running back to the chair. A third band crossed he pelvis with yet another band going from it, back to the chair between her legs. Her hips began to gyrate as much as they could.

“Glad you like me,” the woman said with a lusty smile. Momentarily embarrassed Cassandra asked, “How did you know?” The woman hips increased their motions. “This room has a feedback circuit,” she answered breathlessly. “They more I excite you, the more the chair fucks me.” Cassandra sat down in the open chair. “How?” Now the woman’s breathing was quickening. “D. . . d . . . dildos. They form from the chair in just the right places.” “And the wires?” “Touch . . . touch them and find . . . out.”

Cassandra reached over the desk and pulled at the wires. Cassandra yanked her hand back as she felt current move through the wire. The blond, though, stiffened and then cried out as she climaxed.

“Thank you. I can’t do that. The program won’t let my hands touch the wires. Or any part of me. This damned chair keeps me on edge at all times, but won’t let me climax.”

“Why are you here?”

“It’s one of my fantasies. Me, sexually helpless and at the mercy of a machine. Plus I can process you through while I have my fun. Helps pay my way.

“Now what would you like to happen to you?”

Several hour passed while Cassandra and the blond who called herself Gypsy worked out all the things she was willing to try. She had several program written specifically for her and established the guidelines that would decide what programs she could be pulled into by any man at the site. During the time Gypsy climax three more times, needing Cassandra’s help only once.

With her ever present smile Gypsy said, “They are all entered now. I have modified your logon to take you to the entrance. Next time you come here you can decide to experience one of your fantasies, go to the pool, or be made accessible to guys looking for a play thing.”


“If you want you can go through the side door and start your fun. Only fare considering you have sat there and watch me get it. I’ll have the computer to choose one of you fantasies at random.”

Cassandra looked to her left where door had formed. She got up and started for it. She turned to thank Gypsy again but saw that there was no reason. Gypsy’s hip were moving hard, indicating that the chair was really letting her have in hard. Not the she could confirm it. A dildo had formed from the chair and was forcing its way deep down her throat.

Cassandra stepped through the door and her vision blurred. When it cleared she found herself traveling down a deserted highway in her hover car she was fairly certain she knew which fantasy this was so she continued down the road.

When the light appeared behind her she felt her heart speed up. She had been right. The police car came up behind her and she pulled over. A large brutal looking officer climbed out and approached her. When he got to the window of the car he gave her an appraising look followed by wicked smile.

“You were going a bit fast there,” he said. Cassandra replied, “Sorry, Officer. I’ll be more careful next time.” He nodded. Stepping back he asked, “Would you please step out of the vehicle?” Playing along she did, while asking nervously, “Is something wrong officer?” “Please lean against the vehicle and spread your legs.”

Cassandra complied and the officer began to pat her down. His touch was far more intimate than it should have been. After he had finished with her legs he cupped and squeezed her groin. When she tried to get away from his hands he pushed her against her card hard. He brought his hands down her back, up her sides, and then cupped her breast. He gave them a mighty squeeze.

Cassandra spun away from him and began, “Now look her . . .”

The officer cut her off by back handing her. Before she could fall her grabbed her hair and pulled her close. Dazed and confused she offered no resistance when he kissed he, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth. When he was he pulled her to the front of her car. Then he forced he down onto the hood with her lying on her back. She was starting to recover her wits when he pulled two binders and used them on her wrists, stretching her arms out to the far corners of the hood.

He looked down on her hungrily. “I think I should just fine you here and now.” He pulled her shorts and panties off in a single motion. He licked his lips when here bald mound came into view. Then her ripped her blouse open and tore her bra off. “Let’s see how ready you are,” he commented jamming several fingers up into her pussy. “Ah,” he said pulled his moist fingers out and showing them to her.

Cassandra blushed. She was so turned on by this treatment, she couldn’t believe it. Her blush deepened when he push the fingers into her mouth and she licked them clean. He dropped his pants and climbed onto her. He plowed into her with one harsh thrust. She cried out. She was lubricated but he was large enough to hurt regardless. Grabbing her breast, he put all of his wait onto her, causing her a little trouble breathing. He kneaded her breast cruelly as he rammed into her repeatedly. Cassandra felt her climax building until it erupted into a cry of pain and pleasure. No sooner had she cum than she felt the officer pump his own cum deep into her.

With a grunt he got off of her, pulled up his pants, and went back to his car. Cassandra’s head was still spinning when he drove off, leaving her naked and bound to the hood of her car.

A voice came to her saying, “This fantasy is complete. Do you wish to continue, save and exit to main entrance, or save and exit site.”

Cassandra knew that if she continued the computer would start making things up. Maybe a band of bikers who would be more than glad to “help” her, or something like that. As appealing as she found that, there were things to be done in the real would.

“Save and exit site.” She would be back soon enough.

The End