Caramel Girl is probably my closet friend. We met online and have been buds ever since. She is so friendly that she was able to coax some of my deepest sensual fantasies out of me. Recently, I had told her about a date I had scheduled on my birthday, and well, here is what happened on that date as I related the details of my birthday date to my friend Caramel Girl!

Hi KC, give me the dirt, I need details, and don’t you leave anything out; especially the juicy stuff! As you probably already know, besides just falling head over heels for All-That!, I accepted her gracious offer to enter into a D/s relationship as her sub. I am so lucky Caramel!

Okay, details, details, I know you want all the dirt, so here it is:

I awoke to discover that much to my surprise there was a even bigger surprise in store for me on my birthday – for I was finally going to be able to meet my Dream Lady! So, of course, I ran around tidying up a bit, then the bell rang, and my heart began racing!

After discovering it was All-That! about to walk upstairs and through my door, my heart went into overdrive, pounding faster. Oh the excitement was just about unbearable and then, there she was right in front of my eyes as beautiful as can be!

I greeted her w/a kiss on the cheek and a nice big warm hug, and then invited her into my apartment. All-That! was carrying a gift wrapped box and me being the birthday boy, I was dying to find out what was inside, but All-That! kept her cool and said, please sit down, there are a few things we must discuss before I give you your birthday present.

I sat down after offering to get her something to drink. All-That! surprised me when she declined the wine I had brought back from Ireland, and asked for some sparkling water. Being in recovery over 10 years now you have no idea how much this pleased me, as sex is so much better w/out alcohol.

All-That! and I chatted for what seemed like hours, but really was only an hour or so. Then All-That! finally said now there is one last thing which we must go over before I can offer you this present. I nodded, and All-That! mentioned there were certain ground-rules which I must agree to abide by before we can go any further and she proceeded to reach in her purse and hand me a paper to read w/her ground-rules on them and told me to read and memorize them. All-That! stated that if I agree, to sign it and return the paper to her, or if I had any questions, we can discuss them, and as I was looking over the ground-rules All-That! had laid out crystal clear, she said this is your last chance to back out.

The moment of truth arrived when I finished reading the ground-rules and looked into her gorgeous dark eyes and said I accept! I cannot begin to express the joy I was feeling at this moment, but I can say that my entire body was soon covered in goosebumps after signing a statement of submission and handing the paper to All-That! For the very next words out of All-That!’s mouth were strip, I want to see my sub, all of him, and as I did, I could not hide my excitement any longer, All-That! suddenly said in a very soothing voice “kneel down in front of me”!

I did as I was told immediately. All-That! then stood up right in front of my face, looked at me smiling and said now you will get your birthday present. I smiled, reached out and leaned forward, but All-That! told me to stay still and continue facing the couch. I was very anxious and excited now, for I had waited for this moment for sooooooo long, yet, I was being made to wait even longer!

Then All-That! walked up behind me, handed me the box and said to open the ribbon with my teeth – I did so, and then she told me to open the box in the same manner, which I did as fast as possible, and I was so delighted to see a black leather collar w/jewels embroided into it. All-That! smiling, grabbed me by the chin ever so softly and tilted my head as she secured the collar around my neck and gave me the warmest, softest kiss I have ever had!

All-That! then attached a leash she had in her hand which I did not see, and sat back down on the couch directly in front of me. She now said, so you wanted to worship and adore me sub? I started to say yes, but she put a finger over my mouth and said sssh – did I give you permission to speak?

Well that did it right then and there, I was deliriously happy and more xxx-cited than I have been in a long long time! I dared not reply, and just looked longingly into All-That!’s eyes. She then pulled on the leash and said come closer. I did.

All-That! told me I may speak to her after she found out for herself if I had a very talented tongue as she had seen written in the community. All-That! then kicked off her shoes, placed either foot on my shoulder and hiked up her short red skirt, while removing her blouse, and I fast found out she did not have a bra on, and was wearing a garter belt w/out panties.

I thought to myself, how could this be? She hasn’t touched me yet! My body was onfire for All-That! I wanted to take her right now, like she was, but I knew I could not until she told me so! She was enjoying watching me watching her and seeing the horniness in me just made her tease me even further.

Finally, I could not take anymore, so I begun to lick the insole of her foot, but that was a mistake, for All-That now stopped running her slender fingers across her beautiful body and said, oh my sub likes feet, very good, now open your mouth and as I did I felt her place her toes from both feet in my mouth and was instructed to lick and suck her toes.

All-That! must have liked something I was doing with my tounge, for it wasn’t long before she was oo’ing and ahh’ing and using the leash to direct my licks and kisses up her calve’s, behind her knees, along the inside of her thighs, and as she spread her legs wider apart I could see her pussy shineing in all it’s glory, glistening wet from teasing me. It looked soooooo inviting!

All-That! then gave the leash a small tug, pulled me closer and placed her feet behind my neck and pulled my face closer, slowly, so that the tip of my nose could feel her juices, and she said now show me what you can do with your talented tongue and maybe, just maybe, I will allow you one release, but only because it is your birthday!

I can tell you desire a release so much, she said, as I licked her lower pussylips, right at the opening softly, very softly, moving in circles until my tongue slid just inside her dripping wet pussy. However, I wasn’t about to rush this, as I heard her moan and made sure that only the very tip of my tongue carressed her pussylips slowly, then I moved my tongue up and down, but not to her clit just yet, as I could tell All-That! was really enjoying the way my tongue was snaking just barely inbetween and underneath her pussylips.

She began grinding her hips, forcing her pussy up against my face, my nose was now tight against her clit, so I stopped licking for a second, and pushed my tongue inside her heated pussy as far as I could, and I felt her grab me by the ponytail and push my face down even closer, my tongue fucking her and she bucked and let out a thunderous scream as she came, and I began slurping up her juices, you could actually hear my tongue lapping her pussy it was moving as fast as I could, and then I really decided it is time to worship my Dream Lady’s pussy as I envisioned so many times before, if only in my dreams.

Her breathing soon became rushed, her hips thrusting downwards at my tongue while her legs were tightening round my head like a vice grip as I licked her clit, just her clit, in small tight circles, then left to right, never allowing the tip of my tongue to leave the very tip of her engorged clit. All-That!’s pussy was beautiful, so pink, in contrast to her dark skin and that turned me on even more, so now I figured it is time to finish her off w/a few multiples, and licked upwards w/my tongue till I could trap her clit, pushing it straight back as my teeth and lips now found their mark. At first I nibbled on it and she came right away, and I did not know who was enjoying this more, me or her, her!

Now, I closed my lips around her clit and began sucking her clit like it was a little dick, and she loved it, she could not stop cumming, wave after wave of her orgasms soaked my face and I was drinking as much of her juices as I could and there was no end in sight, she must have come 8 or 10 time before releasing my head from her powerful thighs. I turned and began nibbling her thighs, she was moving away from me now, as I made a motion to head back for some of that gorgeous brown sugar, to taste some more of her honey! All of a sudden, I felt a tug at my neck and she was holding the leash tight, and moving me into a standing position, and she said play for me!

I happily began stroking my cock for my Dream Lady! I was so eager to please her and make my Dream Lady happy. So, if this is what she wanted, this is what she will get!

And as I played, she said, hhhhmmmm, I like the show, and I loved how you worshipped me, besides I promised you one release if your tongue proved to be as talented as I read it was, and she pulled me up towards her and wrapped her breasts around my cock, and seeing my white cock inbetween her black breasts just about made me explode right there on the spot. But All-That! had a special birthday present for me and before I knew it, her lips surrounded me as I thrust upwards and her hands were around my ass squeezing me tight and pulling me up farther with each stroke, and then looking at her nipples standing straight up, as I held her breasts together made pre-cum start dripping out my cock, and All-That! began a dance of pleasure for me, as I watched her tongue dancing all over and swirling round the eye of my cock and I could feel my dick throbbing, getting stiffer, if it was possible, and then All-That! moved her head up as I could feel her tug on the leash and her hands move to my back only to be replaced by her feet on my ass and she encircled the head of my cock and sucked me so tightly that i lost it and began fucking her mouth, or was she fucking her mouth w/my cock using her hands, the leash and her feet? I no longer cared, I was caught up in the throes of passion and my dick began pulsing and All-That! look up at me and then moved her mouth off my cock and said happy birthday kc(All-That!) as I watched drop after drop of my hot jism spurting all over her breasts, face and neck, and then I bent down and she wrapped her arms around my neck and we began a long, deep passionate kiss before my body collapsed on hers and we just stayed there awhile, snuggling and talking, feeling the wet stickiness of our juices between us!

And that is all I am going to say for now – because that was just the first 4 hours we spent together, before All-That led me to my bedroom for the second 4 hours w/her leash reminding me that I had gotten my 1 release – and that is – as it should be! ;o)

The end