“Beep, beep, beep.” The damn alarm clock screams to wake me up for my first day back at college. I wasn’t looking forward to going back for my second semester. I had extremely hard classes scheduled. I had to take my highest math class, my highest science course, and my highest English course, all in one semester. By the time I was out of the shower, my Mom was heading out. My Mom was an English professor at my college. She taught an advanced English course, which I thankfully wasn’t required to take.

My Mother was an incredible woman. She was 35 years old, but didn’t look a day over 29. She had me when she was 16, but had somehow managed to graduate from high school, get into college, and get a doctorate in literature and philosophy. Even with working a hard job and having to put up with a 19 year old son, My Mom had no gray hairs or wrinkles. She even managed to find time to get to the gym and keep her awesome figure (5’5″, 120 lbs, medium breasts which were still perky and not sagging, and a cute bubble butt, sleek mid section, and shoulder length, light brown hair). My Mom was the best looking 35 year old I’ve ever seen.

An hour after my Mom had left, I made my way to school. I got through my first two classes that day and had one left, English. I had never looked at my schedule for the professor’s name. If I had, I wouldn’t have been surprised when my Mom walked into the class room.

” Afternoon class, my name is professor Lucas, this is English 102, section 39…” She continued with her introduction. As she spoke, I wondered how the hell she wound up teaching this class, she was supposed to be teaching a much higher English class. Fortunately for me, she had changed back to her maiden name when she divorced my dad so we had different last names, and no one had caught on to the fact that I was her son. I wasn’t happy at all that I was in her class. Besides the fact she was my Mom, professor Lucas was one of the toughest professors on campus.

After class was out and all the other students had left, I went up to my Mom and asked her how she had wound up teaching this class. She told me that one of the professors had moved and they needed someone to take over this class for him. She then told me that she wouldn’t tell anybody I was her son. She didn’t want anyone to think she was favoring me if I happened to be getting a good grade in the class.

The first couple of weeks weren’t that bad, but she did give a ton of homework, and she always made me participate in the class discussions. During classes I’d always hear some of the guys talking about her, saying, “Hey, look at that ass, don’t you want to fuck her?”.

At first I was sickened by those comments, but it wasn’t long before I found myself thinking those same thoughts, and having visions of her naked. It was easy to have those thoughts. Because of my schedules of school and work, I couldn’t go out on any dates and I hadn’t bedded anybody in almost a year. Soon those thoughts of her naked turned into full-on, X-rated visions. I found myself actually wanting to fuck my own mother. I didn’t actually think it would happen, but it did.

It happened one day at school. My Mom had asked my that morning to stay after class and help her rearrange the room. I agreed to, not having any thoughts or hopes at the time of fucking her. I got through that day and stayed after to help her. We moved the desks all around and moved some cabinets. I went to the opposite side of the room to move a table back toward the wall. I saw a roll of duct tape laying on the floor next to the table. I picked it up and set it on the table, and walked around behind the table to pull it toward the wall. I started pulling the table toward me when I stopped to look at my Mom. She was on the far side of the room with her back turned to me. She was bending over a desk trying to move it. I stood there admiring her ass and her legs. She was wearing somewhat tight blue jeans and a gray pullover sweater. I had visions of tearing them off of her when I got an idea.

I grabbed the roll of duct tape in front of me and crouched down behind the table. I took the roll and began taping around a support bar under the table. I then made a long strip with the tape running from the cross bar. “What are you doing?” My Mom surprised me.

“Nothing.” I said, looking up at her. She was leaning over the table to see what I was doing. I noticed she had her hands on the table in front of her. I slowly reached my hand up for hers. I took hold of them and said, ” Here, feel this.”

Her hands followed mine to the edge of the table. Then in a quick move I grabbed her hands with my left hand, pulled her toward me, causing her to fall onto the table, then I taped her wrists together with my right hand. “What ere you doing?” She asked as if I were playing a joke. I didn’t answer, I just walked around behind her. She was bent over the table and couldn’t move that well. Her hands were restrained and her feet barely touched the floor. I stood right behind her, reached under her and undid her jeans.

“No. Please don’t?” She begged. I slowly pulled her jeans down to her ankles, took off her shoes and sock, and pulled her jeans off. I took out my pocket knife and cut away her sweater, which was the only thing she wore besides her bra. Now she lay bent over the table wearing only her black bra and panties. I then cut away her bra.

“Honey don’t do this.” She pleaded. I didn’t listen to her. I slowly pulled her panties down past her ass. I stared lovingly at it for a second before sliding her panties all the way down her silky legs and tossed them aside. Feeling desperate at this moment, my Mom started kicking her legs, trying to fight me away. She was sobbing now still asking me to stop, but I was just starting. I crouched down behind her and took hold of her legs. She was still trying to fight me off, but I had a tight grip. I leaned into her and ran my tongue over her love triangle. She tried fighting even more. I then began flicking my tongue over her pussy lips, first slow then fast.

Her sobs of tears soon became soft moans of pleasure. She still tried to kick me off of her. I searched around the slit of her entrance with my tongue, up and down. I then inserted my tongue into her. She let out a loud moan. Her legs stopped kicking. As my tongue searched inside of her she gave up fighting. At this point she was to far gone to care that I was her son. As I tongue fucked her, moaned in pleasure. I was sure someone could hear her.

I then went for the kill, I slid my tongue out of her and searched around until I found her clit. I licked around it, flicked it with my tongue, and then covered it with my lips and began to suck. Her moans turned to screams. Her legs shuddered as I sucked her clit. Her body was writhing in pleasure and soon she came. Her body slowly settled down after I stopped sucking. I stood up to look at my Mom. She lay prone on the table. Over her heavy breaths she said, “Fuck me.”

“What was that?” I replied.

“Fuck me Erik. Finish what you started,” she demanded.

I quickly removed my shoes and socks. I threw my shirt across the room, pulled my jeans off, and removed my boxers. I stood behind my Mom, took hold of my cock and began rubbing it along the entrance to her pussy. The in one trust, I slid into my Mother. With that one simple move, our relationship changed from Mother and Son to lovers. I buried my dick into her balls deep. She let out a load moan.

“Come on fuck me. Fuck me until I can’t walk anymore.” She screamed.

I did as I was told. I fucked my Mother’s pussy real slow and then a little faster, and then slow again. I kept changing the pace and it was driving her crazy. She felt so good. Her cunt was very hot and wet. Each time I drove in and out of her, she became hotter. Her pussy was so hot it felt like it could burn my man-pole. I pulled my cock out until just the head remained in, then I drove it into her as hard as I could. Then I slowly pulled it back out, this time I completely removed it. I stood there and watched her reaction. Her body was still bucking.

“Fucking put it back in me, I want you to fuck me harder, I want to feel you cum in me.” She demanded.

I did as she requested and shoved it back into her. I fucked her as fast and as hard as I could. I felt her pussy muscles clinch my dick and she began to shudder as she came. I followed right behind her, driving my cock into her one last time as I came in my Mom. I leaned over onto her and we stayed like that for a moment without saying a word. We stuck to each other from the sweat and I could fell her taking deep breaths. I reached for my knife and went to cut her free only to realize that she had broken through the tape from her orgasm.

“Please leave.” She said in a half whisper. “Just hand me my raincoat from that cabinet and go.”

I did just that, got dressed and left. I left her there, laying bent over a table that was covered in sweat, completely naked. That night when my Mom got home, she went straight to her room. She said nothing to me and she was gone before I got up the next morning. I didn’t see her the entire day until I had to go to class. At first it didn’t look like she’d show. Finally she walked in ten minutes late, wearing a black dress that showed the shape of her body very well.

The entire class was just a discussion. For the first time she totally ignored me. She didn’t call on me once. Things were not looking good. After class was over I heard her ask, “Erik may I speak to you for a minute?”.

I stayed and waited for everybody to leave. After all the other students were gone, my Mom pulled up a chair near her desk. “Have a seat, I’ll be right back.”

She walked out of the room and I took a seat in the chair. I sat there and waited for a few minutes before she walked back into the room and took a seat on her desk directly in front of me. She just sat there for a minute looking at me. I was feeling pretty nervous at this point.

“Mom..”, I tried to say but she cut me off.

“No, don’t say anything.” She said, “I know you’re thinking that I’m going to give you the speech about how what we did was wrong and that it will never happen again.”, she paused. She stood up, walked over behind her desk, opened a drawer and stuck her hand in it.

“But I’m not going to.” She withdrew her hand from the drawer and showed me what she was holding. It was the roll of duct tape. She walked over to me, crouched down, pulled the pant legs up on my jeans and taped my right ankle to the right leg of the chair and my left ankle to the left leg. Now I was restrained. My Mom then undid my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles along with my boxer shorts. She pulled my shirt off and stood up. She then began to strip. She kicked off her heals and pulled her shoulder straps off and let her dress fall to the floor. She wore no underwear. She stood there completely naked before me. She walked up and slowly straddled me in the chair. Her wet, warm womanhood pressed against my manhood.

“Welcome to sex ed one-on-one, this is the hands on training section, I am your professor, you may call me Dr. Lucas.” She began. “Would you like to start this lab?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Would you like to fuck me?”



She then slid off of me and crouched down before me. She took my prick in her hand and put the tip in her mouth. She circled her tongue around the tip, then she out the head back in her mouth, but this time followed through and went all the way down the shaft. She slowly bobbed her head up and down. She kept this up using her hand and tongue. She could tell I couldn’t take much more of this.

She stood up, took hold of my cock, and as she straddled me, she put the head up to her pussy lips. She rubbed it in then sat down onto it. We both moaned as my prick easily slipped into her. She slowly rocked up and down on my dick. She was now in control and she loved it. She was getting her pay back and she’d take full advantage of it. She fucked me faster and faster. I couldn’t take much more, but just when I was about to come she stopped for a second, waited then slowly started again.

She fucked my slow, but hard, grinding her hips into mine. I took hold of her breasts and took turns sucking each one. I played with each nipple, flicking my tongue over each one and then sucking on them. She took hold of my hands and guided them down her body to her ass. My hands greedily grabbed each cheek. My mouth still played with her breasts as she fucked me in the chair. She picked up the pace again. Sweat poured off her body. She looked so beautiful with the sweat gleaming on her body. I leaned back in the chair, my hands still holding her lovely ass as she fucked me as fast as she could go. I was coming, but then she stopped again. She continued this three or four more times. Slowly fucking me, then picking up the pace, and stopping before I came. This payback was hell, but at the same time it was heaven. She stopped one last time.

“Are you ready? I know I am.” She said.

“Yes I’m ready.” I responded.

“Then let’s come together.”

She didn’t bother starting slow. She went straight for the kill. She fucked me with all that she had left in her. Soon, I felt her pussy muscles tighten as she leaned back to get more leverage. My hands harnessed her in as she picked up the pace to an unbelievable speed. It wasn’t long before we were both coming. I came in my Mother as she had her orgasm and then collapsed onto me. We held each other for a few hours in that chair before going home where we fucked again, this time all night long.

-The End-