The next time they came I waited on them. While I carried over a tray with their order the slim one got up and went to the men’s room. “ Sorry about what happened last time- with Slim, I mean. I couldn’t believe he did that. He’s so shy, particularly around women. You know, he’s almost 50 and he’s never been laid. I mean never. While we are driving somewhere he keeps asking me what it’s like, what’s it’s like to stick your prick in a pussy. He’s quite dim, you know. Was in Special class in school and he doesn’t read very well. But he’s a good worker.”

“Well can’t he go to women who— who do that for money?

“Not him .I tried to talk him into trying but he’s afraid he wouldn’t know what to do , or couldn’t perform or something and they’d laugh at him. Or afraid his eighty year old mother would find out. He’s one unhappy dude. Oh, I catch him looking at girlie magazines some times and you can see he gets a hard on. I suppose he goes home and jerks off to get some relief.”

“Poor guy. Must be a lonely life. And afraid of women at his age. I feel sorry for him. I’d love to cheer him up.”

“Well, maybe you can” Just then Slim came back and sat down. Then I noticed he wouldn’t look directly at me – that he never had.”

After they had paid their bill, the big guy laid a twenty dollar bill on the table. “ Listen, honey. Ever give anybody a blow job.”

“None of your business ,”I said, indignantly

“Well I’ll tell you what. My wife – she’s a great fuck but she won’t take me in her mouth. Says it’s unsanitary . But I sure want a blow job for a change. So does my partner here. It would sure please us if you could see your way through to do us that favor. 

“No thanks,” I said

“Now, now don’t be hasty. Twenty minutes of your time and you would really be helping us out. You don’t want Slim going through the rest of his life unsatisfied, unhappy , not enjoy living and with no women memories.”

He seemed to make sense. I began to feel sorry for them, especially Slim. I smiled. “You sound desperate.”

“Honey, you don’t know the half of it, dragging your way through every day, so unhappy.”

“Well, I don’t know, I said. “ let me think about it. “

“Sure, sweetie. You think about it. Slim, here, and me .We will be back on Thursday. You gave us a little hope and that means a lot.”

I looked down at the table and saw the twenty. “Take that with you. I’m not a whore. I don’t sell myself.”

“Never thought for a minute that you did. Not a sweet thing like you. Now don’t insult us. That money isn’t for trying to buy you. That’s a tip. Both of us are big tippers. Ask anybody.”

They left and I picked up the twenty. Some tip. That will go a long way to help pay my rent.

The two of them showed up on Thursday as they said they would. When they had finished eating, the big burly one asked, “ Well honey, did you think it over?

“Well, I do feel sorry for Slim especially but maybe you could get someone else to do it.”

“We don’t want anyone else. We like you. You’re so understanding so sympathetic. No one else will do it with such caring. 

I felt flattered . Some one wanted me. Some one who thought I could make them happy. “Okay. Just this once. “

“Great! What time you get through here?”


Slim and I will go up the street for a couple beers. Meet you outside at ten.”

After they left I found another twenty on the table.

At ten I went out and saw them sitting in a pick-up truck. Slim got out. “Hop in,” he said. 

The big burly guy drove up the road, out of town. As he drove, Slim tried to move as far away from me as possible. He wouldn’t look right at me I smiled and reached back and unhooked my bra. I took
Slim’s hand and put it on a tit. Slim,s face turned scarlet but he still wouldn’t look at me. He just stared straight ahead. Actually I was surprised at how good his hand on my tit felt. No one had ever done that to me- just me lying in bed at night. It was so much better with a male hand rubbing it. I felt a dampness on my panties. I put my hand on Slim’s lap and felt his throbbing dick. He groaned as I rubbed it. After a short drive Burt, I had learned his name , pulled into the city dump. “Nobody be around here this time of night.” Slim got out. As I started to get out Burt said, “ Wait a minute. Let me snatch a feel, too. He reached over and grabbed a tit. “ This wasn’t part of the deal, “ I said smiling. “A bonus,” he said. “A bonus for good behavior.”

We both got out of the truck . He reached in the back and pulled out a wooden box. He put it on the ground.
It came up to his belt buckle. I want you to be compfy, sweetie. Take a seat. He reached into his hip pocket and pulled out a pint bottle. “Have a sip of lust juice. I t will looosen you up.” I took a swig and it burned as it went down. I began to cough. Both of them roared laughing . Then Burt took a long drink and handled the bottle to Slim. “ Ok , let’s get this parade rolling.” He opened his pants and took out a massive cock, by far bigger than those three boys had. I felt intimated. It was so thick I wondered how it would fit in my mouth, or a woman’s cunt, for that matter. He laughed as he saw me stare at it. “My wife’s afraid of it. She says it hurts her so most of the time she just jerks me off. But what I want is a good blow job” He put it on my lips and said “open up” I did and it felt like it belonged to a bull or a horse. I ran my tongue around the outside and up and down the shaft. “That’s good,” he would say. “ I can tell this ain’t the first time you gave someone a blow job. Experience shows.”

As I rode my lips up and down his cock I could hear him moaning and sighing and saying, “That’s good. That’s good.. “As he got more and more excited he pushed harder and harder , down my throat. I gasped and pushed him away “ you’re choking me, “ I said. “You’re doing good, “he said. A few more thrusts with my lips and his juices started running down my throat. He pulled it out as it shriveled up and shoved it in his pants.

Slim had stood by watching. He seemed afraid to come near me. I reached out and unzipped his pants. He turned his head to the side, bashful, afraid to look. I took his cock out. “You got a nice one Slim Nothing to be ashamed of. “ I rubbed it a little with my hand .”Nice and big .Do you play with it much?” Actually it was kind of short and very thin. In answer Slim just groaned. I put it in my mouth and Slim came almost immediately. 

They both came in the diner a couple days later. As I stood at the table Slim looked up at me for the first time. “ Thanks. You treat me real good. Make me feel proud of my prick. Do it again for me?”

“We’ll see.” I said. When they left there was no twenty on the table.

A few weeks later Mike, the guy from school, came in with a beautiful girl. I walked over with two glasses of water to take their order. I put the water glasses on the table “Hi, Mike. Great to see you again.” He looked up at me as though he had never seen me before.

“Hello, he said. “Do I know you? “

I was furious. “Maybe you don’t but your prick does. Does your girlfriend here suck you off as well as I did.”

“ Watch your mouth, “he said The girl looked startled, her mouth opened and she glared at Mike.

“I sure remember how you watched my mouth when your prick was in it.”

“Look, you got me mixed up with someone else. I wouldn’t have had anything to do with an ugly like you.”

I was furious. I took a glass of water from the table and threw it in his face.

” Bitch, You ugly bitch. “He got up while wiping his face with a napkin and started toward me. His face was florid. My boss saw what had happened and walked over and stood between us. “ Take it easy,” “I’m sorry about what happened,” he said. Then he turned to me“ And you, you’re history. Pick up your paycheck and get out of here, you ugly slut. And don’t comeback.”

Now I had a problem . I had to find a job or I would be out on the street. I went to an employment agency and was interviewed. When they discovered I had no skills I was told I would have to take an entrance level job. I said that I didn’t care as long as I could make enough money to live on. They sent me to an insurance company as a goffer. I would do things such as delivering the mail to each office, make photo copies, and do some filing. After a week or so I was able to find my way around and take care of other jobs without a problem. As I walked around doing my various jobs, every one pretty much ignored me – no good mornings or even what’s your name. In other words I was back being invisible. Except for one guy. Every time I went to his office to deliver his mail or something he always greeted me with a big smile and asked how I was. He was totally kind and caring. As we occasionally talked, I found out he was single and lived alone, that he bowled once a week with a group of friends, that he liked art and music and lots more stuff. When he asked me about myself I kind of made things up to try to impress him. I liked art too, I told him ,although I knew nothing about it, and I said I was totally into music. God, how he moved my heart. His name was Tim Noble.

After I had been working there for awhile, a memo came around saying there was going to be a party in the office building cafeteria for en employee who was retiring. Tim asked me if I was going and I told him no, that I didn’t really know anybody and I wouldn’t fit in very well. “Oh, come on. You’ll have a good time. I’ll introduce you to some of the other girls and there will be lots of food and music and an open bar. “ “Ok”, I said, “if you’re going to be there.”

The day before the party I went out and bought a whole new outfit, including a skimpy pair of panties just in case. I wore a silky thin blouse and no bra so my nipples pushed out. Then a mini skirt that ended half way up my thigh that might or might not cover my skimpy panties. I didn’t care what anyone else thought. I just wanted to impress Tim, to make him lust after me. After work some of the girls went into the ladies room to change out of their work clothes and into a party outfit. I waited until the room was empty and then put on my new clothes and some make-up.

The party was already swinging by the time I got there. I scanned the room trying to find Tim. I saw him over near the bar with a couple guys and walked over to him. “Hi, Sandy, “ he said. ”Glad you could make it.” He turned to the other guys,” Joe, this is… Sandy, I don’t know your last name.”

“Beach, I said, “Sandy Beach.” 

He laughed.” Love your name, “ he said. After a couple minutes the two other men drifted off and I was standing alone with. Tim. “Have a drink?”, Sandy. What would you like?“

“A gin and tonic,”

“Love your outfit,” Tim lied. Those clothes look great on you. “ Oh God, that man made me float. I absolutely adored him

As we were standing by the bar talking, a woman came over. She went to Tim and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Hi, sweetie, Tim said. “My, don’t you look gorgeous, good enough to eat.”

“ That sounds good. Maybe you’ll get a chance later on.” Tim put his arm around her and pulled her close.

The bitch. My heart sank. Why would I think he would really be interested in an ugly ducking like me. Miss beautiful took his arm and said to me, “Excuse us. Tim and I have something to discuss. About work, of course.” I headed for the bar again and downed one gin and tonic after another. I kept watching them, talking and laughing and touching each other. I was red with rage and felt like slitting that girl’s throat. I kept watching, watching and drinking. At one point he put his arm around her and gave her a squeeze, and kissed her neck. Didn’t look like work talk to me.

Here we are, I thought. The beauty and the beast, Cinderella and the ugly duckling, Snow White and stupid me. The drinks were getting to me and I felt mean and angry. Why was I ever born. Tim had told me he was going to introduce me around but he didn’t. He thinks I’m a joke like everybody else. He’s probably over there now telling that slut what a zero I am . 

After another gin and tonic the room began to spin. I stepped toward the center of the room-heading toward Tim and that floozie. I’ll tell her what a rotten little bitch she is. I swayed back and forth with every step. People noticed now.” Who is she?” people asked. ”Anyone know her.” ” Somebody should get her home.” Tim suddenly appeared. “I’ll take care of her , “ he said. He turned to Rachel. “I’ll take her home and be right back.”He put his arm around me to steady me. I looked up at him. “ Ah, good old Tim to the rescue. My savior. . My knight in shining armor. “ With that I started to collapse. Tim reached out and grabbed me, put his arm under my knees and with the other arm around my back and shoulders he lifted me up. As he held me and carried me across the room to the exit door I knew my skirt was covering nothing and my panties were there in plain sight for all to see. I didn’t care. ‘Enjoy the view,” I called out. “I’m selling tickets next time”

“Cut it out,” Tim said. “The bosses wife isn’t going to like this.”

Tim took me outside and hailed a cab. “ Where do you live, “ he asked. 

“In a room,” I said. “Some where. I don’t know where.”

“You don’t know your address?” 

“Nope. Don’t know- just moved there . It’s a cruddy old place, though. Look for a cruddy place.”

He took my hand bag, opened it, but could find no address.

Then I drifted off. “I’ll take you to my place. You can sleep it off there.”

When I woke up it was Saturday morning.-almost noon No work day. I was lying in a pull-out bed, totally naked. Tim was in his bedroom, just getting up. He came through my room in his pajamas without looking at me and went to the kitchen. He started to make a pot of coffee. I pulled the sheet up around me so he couldn’t see my nakedness. 

Tim turned and saw me. “ Good morning, “he said. “You had quite a night. “

“Good morning, Tim I.. I hope you wore a condom, “I said “I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“What? “his eyes flashed anger. “. You… you think I took advantage of you. You think I…

“Well, didn’t you? You took off all my clothes .You think I’m stupid or something. That I don’t know what you did. Not that I care. But you could have waited until I was at least aware and could enjoy it.”