One time my girlfriend, Denise, and I were doing one of our favorite Friday night activities: snorting some coke while I teased her clitoris and told her the dirtiest kinkiest stories I could think of. This always kept her sopping wet and moaning that she would do everything I told her about in my stories. The problem was that coke always kept me soft. It made me horny as hell but I just couldn’t keep a hard-on with the stuff.

Anyway, she lived in a small studio apartment in a four story townhouse on the west side of Manhattan. The only furniture was a sofa bed which was open and we re on it snorting some lines, having some champagne, and Denise is wearing my favorite outfit of high heels, garters, and a push-up corset that made her 34 B breasts perky and her nipples ready for attention. At five foot seven and weighing only 105 pounds, she was all legs, long limbs, green eyes, luscious breasts, and a tongue that could touch the tip of her nose. She was 24, hot, horny, and willing to do almost anything.

So I had her lying across my lap and my right hand would alternate between sodomizing her with my right index finger and then spanking her perfect ass until it glowed red. Meanwhile, my left hand would pinch her nipples and then softly stroke her clitoris. All the while, I made her keep her arms behind her and her hands clasped in a voluntary submissive position. This form of foreplay would go on for hours and you can imagine how hot she would become because I wouldn’t let her touch herself or permit her to cum!

As I spanked, fucked, and teased her, I would tell her stories about how I was going to a fuck party and invite several men to watch me train her, just as I was now doing, and then she would have to beg me to have permission to lick each one of them hard so that they could fuck her. Denise loved these kinky stories and would moan and say, yes, yes, make me your fuck slave. Fuck me, spank me. I’m imaging that one of the men is fucking my ass as I lay across your lap and another is making me gag on his cock. OH! I’m so hot and horny. Fuck me. But I would just continue to tease her and tell her my stories. We never actually did anything in real life about these stories but they were integral to our sex life!

Until this night when she was so hot she sat up and said, Peter, you have me so fucking horny, I need to be fucked by you right now. And she got on her knees and began to suck my cock, stroke my balls, doing everything she could to make me hard. But it didn’t work. It was late, I was tired, coked up and my dick just didn’t want to party. Suddenly, she just stopped and said, Peter, this isn’t working. Every week you get me worked up and all that happens is I get teased and you get soft. I m tired of you teasing me for hours and then the only relief I get is to jerk myself off. I said something stupid like, “Not my fault you don t turn me on”. She went ballistic. She stood up and said, “Asshole, I wear these stupid outfits for you, I let you have total control over my body, I listen to your pathetic stories and you say I don t turn you on? Get out of my apartment. Go home! I can use my dildo and have more fun than this shit”. Of course, I backpedaled but the truth is it was late, I was tired, and just wasn’t in the mood to fight. So I said, “Fine. I m tired anyway. Suit yourself”. And so I quickly got dressed and left. I m sure the coke, the alcohol, and the late hour (it was probably 1am and I had been teasing for almost three hours) didn’t help.

She was pissed enough that she wouldn’t even kiss me goodbye. So I start down the stairs and as I m leaving the building, I run into her neighbor, Scott, who was 35 and about ten years older than us and was a cool guy who did different odd jobs, had lots of hot girlfriends. He was good looking and at six foot four was always working out and showing off his washboard stomach. He had also become our friend. He says hi to me and asks what s up. He was obviously a little drunk himself. I tell him nothing that I m going home and Denise was going to bed. He just says, ” cool. See ya later.” And I start walking the twenty blocks to my apartment.

About ten blocks and ten minutes later I m starting to think that I am a shit for the way I treated Denise and so I decide to turn around and go back and apologize. When I get back to her building about twenty five minutes have passed. I have the key so I just let myself in and headed up the stairs. When I got to her door, I see that Scott’s door is open so I poke my head into his one bedroom apartment to say hello but no one is there.

I go to Denise s door and can tell it s locked so I figure she must have gone to bed. Since I have a key, I slowly open the door so as not to wake or surprise her. The door opened at such an angle that from its entrance you could see everything in her tiny apartment. I opened the door slowly so that if she had chained the door the sound wouldn’t disturb her (and I could then just leave and not wake her). Well, the door was chained but she was not asleep. What I saw was the hottest thing I have ever witnessed to this day!

I just stood in the doorway with it cracked open as there was Denise sitting on the edge of the sofa bed and Scott was standing in front of her with pants around his ankle and his hand behind her head feeding her what looked like a monster cock! It was at least ten inches, rock hard, and Denise was sucking, licking, and worshipping his swollen purple head like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Scott was saying, “Oh, that s a good girl, now cup my balls and lightly squeeze them while you rub your tongue just under my cock head”. And Denise would do exactly as she was being instructed. I couldn’t believe what I was watching but it was so hot that I said nothing and just watched. Scott continued with talking and the story became clear. He said, “Hmmm, I m glad I ran into Peter and knew that you were still awake. I didn’t know that he left you so ready to be fucked. What a nice surprise when you opened the door thinking I was him. Yea baby, just keep sucking my cock head and wash my dick with your tongue. That s a good baby, Don t you worry, I’ll teach you how to suck cock so well, Peter will ask me to teach you how to fuck” By this point, Denise is rubbing her clitoris, moaning nonsense and looking up into Scott s eyes while is cock is engorging her mouth. Suddenly, Scott, reaches down and with one hand grab s Denise s ponytail, wraps it around his fist, and now has her head completely in his control. Using this hand, he locks her head still and starts to slowly face fuck her. With his left hand, he reached down grabbed one of her nipples and pinched it so hard Denise tried to cry out but couldn’t because Scott s cock was gagging her. With his finger clamped on her nipple, he then started shaking her tit until it vibrated and shook wildly. When he removed his hand her nipple was bright, bright red and obviously super sensitive so he spit into his hand and return to rubbing the nipple very lightly. All the while, fucking her face, and telling her to keep looking in his eyes. This went on for a long time and his stamina in not coming was amazing. He was an expert. After her left tit, he went to work on Denise s right tit and he was always talking to her, ” good girl, that’s a sweet thing, you need a good fucking from a man don t you baby? Wouldn’t you like my swollen cock to please you? Aren’t you glad you opened the door and let me in? Aren’t you glad that I you told me your problem. Don’t worry baby, I’ll train you” Denise was just about out of her mind from the hours of pleasure and was just saying, “yes, yes, oh, oh, yes, I want you to fuck me, yes, please train me, make me your slut”

Finally, Scott, told her to lay on her back and pull her knees to her chest. He then grabbed her legs brought her ankles together and held them in one of his large hands. With his other hand, he reached down and started giving her a spanking that I could only dream about. I mean he did not hold back, he swatted Denise’s ass so hard that I thought the neighbors would hear! By now I was rock hard and pinching the tip of my swollen cock head while I watched. Denise tried to speak but Scott said, “Shut up or I’ll never stop bite your lip”! and she did. When he stopped, her ass was glowing and his cock was like a fucking rock! He took it in his right hand and started beating Denise’s clit with it she went wild and started bucking and cumming suddenly with one smooth stroke he buried his entire rock hard shaft into her pussy. She only groaned and said, “yes, make me yours” He had moved her sideways on the sofa bed so I could see their profiles and he used long graceful strokes while Denise used both hands to hold his head so that she could look into his eyes while he fucked into her submission and told her that if she pleased him then he would fuck her again. I’ll never forget her answer, teach me to please you. And Scott obviously started to reach climax, he said, ” I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first day you moved in and now I want to fuck you while my friends watch what a sweet little pussy you have.” Denise just answered, “teach me, darling, please teach me”. And Scott erupted into orgasm with a long slow guttural growl.

I quietly closed the door and left, realizing that I had cum in my pants! Denise broke up with me about a week later and I hear she married Scott. I am sure that Scott trained her well and they had great sex with his friends.

– The End –