Kyle was my best friend all through high school. Our families lived a couple of doors down from each other so we had actually been playmates since we were old enough to have play dates. Somewhere in jr. high we drifted apart for while. We never had a falling out or anything, we just sort of went our separate ways. We would stop and talk to each other in the hall or on the street, but the afternoons of bike riding or playing video games just ended.

We started hanging out together again in our freshman year. I realized how much I missed him and he missed me too. Things were different though. By 9th grade, he was tall and cute and getting to be fairly popular with the girls.

I had changed a lot too. In 7th grade, I was just another flat chested, scrawny girl. By freshman year, I had grown and developed all the things guys look for in a girl. I had always been cute. I’m blond with pretty blue eyes and a nice photogenic smile. I was athletic by then, I played volleyball, ran track and played soccer so I was in good shape. By my freshman year I had a trim, curvy figure. to go along with long beautiful legs and a really nice rear end . My 34C breasts were fully developed. Like I said my figure was nice. I had a 23 inch waist and 33 inch hips.

I had sex for the first time toward the end of my freshman year. It was a typical case of an upper classman talking a younger girl into having sex. Not that he had to try very hard. I had a crush on him and I had been curious about sex for some time.

It was really enjoyable. I liked seeing, touching and sucking a penis for the first time. I loved having a penis inside of me for the first time. It didn’t hurt at all. Luckily, his penis wasn’t all that big. It was about five and a half inches long. Once he started pumping in and out, I knew I could easily get hooked on sex. I hadn’t started taking the pill yet so he took his penis out before he came. I gave him head until he came and I got my first taste of semen. He entered me again and fucked me until I had an orgasm.

I told Kyle I had lost my virginity while we were watching TV. I didn’t go into all the details, I just told him I had sex. He didn’t say much, I wasn’t sure at all what he was thinking. We just kept on watching and he went home when the program was over. I wasn’t sure if he was mad or disappointed in me. It didn’t cross my mind that he might be jealous.

About a month later he told me he had sex for the first time with a sophomore. She was the sister of one of Kyle’s guy friends. I knew her, she was sweet, popular and really pretty. If I were a guy, I would want my first time to be with a girl like her. I asked if congratulations were due, and he just shrugged and said it was no big deal. I could tell that no matter what he said, he was really proud.

I went to a clinic to get on the pill a couple weeks after I lost my virginity. As soon as I felt like I was protected from getting pregnant, I let the guy who had taken my cherry fuck me again and cum in me. The feeling was really satisfying. I liked the idea that my pussy was so enjoyable.

I went all the way with two other guys from school before the school year ended. Then I went really sex crazy that summer. I had sex with two guys from soccer camp. Then I went to visit my older sister in San Diego and had sex with the cute guy next door, and with my brother in law (my sister’s husband’s younger brother, not her husband).

I met some cute guys when my parents took the family to the ocean. Three cute college guys were staying in a beach house a few doors down from ours. One afternoon, my parents took my 2 younger brothers into town for a movie. I had already seen it so I stayed behind. I wound up visiting the cute guys and had my first gang bang, but I’ll write about that later. I had several more experiences with guys I barely knew that summer. By the time school started again, I realized that although I had been having sex, I had never experienced having anyone make love with me. All of my relationships had been really causal.

I started to think about it and started to wish I had a boy friend so that sex wouldn’t be so meaningless.

It occurred to me that Kyle was my best friend and even without a romantic commitment, sex with him could be making love.

His birthday was coming up and I decided I would have sex with him as an extra birthday present. I gave him a CD of his favorite band at his party. I planned a private party for him the next day.

It was Saturday. My parents were going to be gone all morning at my brothers’ soccer game. I called Kyle and asked if he wanted to come over and keep me company. I told him to come in the back door.

I was naked and peeking out my window waiting for him to arrive. I put a ribbon with a birthday bow around my waist. When I heard Kyle come in I called down the stairs and told him to come up. He had been in my room hundreds of times so it wasn’t unusual for him to keep me company up there.

When he got to my door I yelled come in. I had a cupcake with a candle in it. I held it out in front and sang Happy Birthday. His eyes opened wide when he saw me standing there naked except for the ribbon.

It didn’t take long before he was naked too. His penis was beautiful. It was pretty good sized. I measured it with a tape measure from my sewing kit and it was just over 7 inches. I loved the shape, and the way the head was so swollen from excitement that it looked like it was going to explode. I sucked it for a minute and he told me to stop or he wouldn’t be able to control his climax. I asked what was wrong with that and he said he wanted to come while he was inside of me. That sounded so good.

I got onto my bed and spread my legs so he could see my little pussy. The guys who had seen it all told me how pretty it is so I really wanted him to see it. He gently played with it, putting his finger in it. Then he went down on me. By then I had fucked 14 different guys, but only 3 of them had ever done that to me. It felt soooo good, better even than when my brother in law did it.

I climaxed and then told Kyle I couldn’t wait and to put his penis in me. I was really moist and ready so his penis slid in easily. It felt heavenly. We must have made love for 15 minutes before he came in me. I know I had already cum at least 3 times. We just laid there and talked while he stayed on top of me and still inside of me. He thanked me for the sweetest birthday present he could have had.

He told me he had wanted to do this for so long. I was surprised. He even admitted that he was jealous after I told him about my first time. I felt so sorry because of two things. First, I didn’t want him to feel bad, and I also realized he could have been my first sex partner. I could have been making love with him for months.

Oh well, we made up for it a lot over the rest of school. We hardly ever went more than a week without making love. There were no restrictions, we were both allowed to, and did have other partners for sex. But our love making was always good.

– The End –