It was a boring Sunday morning. She was sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee when she heard a knock at the door.. To her surprise it was a man she had been dreaming about. She knew him for 6 yrs. His gorgeous blue eyes and bald head was just in her mind for days. He was wearing a tight pare of blue jeans, and a flannel sweater. He held something in his hand. It was a bag. He gave her the bag and then told her to put it on.

It was sexy langerie. Immediately she put it on. He was watching her. She ran the bath with whipping cream in her hand. He led her to the tub where he ate the whipping cream that was all over her sexy wet body.. Using her fingers she ran the tips up his chest and then to his swollen shaft. She gently rubbed the whipping cream over his shaft and slowly he began to breathe heavy. They were both covered in whipping cream.. They slowly got out of the tub and headed for the bedroom. She threw him on the the bed and began licking the whipping cream off of his body. His breathing became more intense as she licked him up and down. She used the tip of her tongue on his penis which began dripping precum.

She slowly moved her lips to his chest and around his nipples where the chest hairs were. She began to lick ever so lightly. His hand was around her wet juicy pussy which was calling for him. Her clit was erect and waiting for an entry. As she licked him and then slowly went back down to direct her attention to his enlarged penis she began to put her lips around the tip of his penis gently sucking the juice in.. His breathing was even more intense as he placed his fingers deep into her wet pussy. More vigorously she sucked in his penis even deeper and deeper until he was just about to cum.. Then she stopped. He was all over her, licking her lips and then directing it towards her pussy. His tongue would rub around her clit and her lips then he placed his tongue deep inside her wet pussy.. She began to grab his hair and then she grabbed his back and began to scracth.. Her hips were moving in an in and outward position just waiting for the exciting moment. She then left scracthes on his back as she began to scream in enjoyment.

Slowly he took his penis and teased her around her wet pussy that was just soaked with her cum. She grabbed his penis and began to suck on it more intensly.. He began to breathe more intensly again.. Then when he was ready to cum she stopped again.. Finally she grabbed his penis and lightly inserted it in her wet pussy that has been waiting now for over a half an hour. He kissed her sweet lips and then she began to tongue him. Riding him up and down with her body in perfect motion.. He was just so horny he began to grabbed her tits and licked them while she rode him.. She switch postions and then rode him backwards. He held her ass and guided it up and down even faster. He can feel his penis just starting to pulsate.. Her pussy was just dripping now all over his balls which began to pulsate as well.. He was just breathing so deeply now.. She was just a riding him up and down and slowly coming to a stop where she rocked back and forth on his penis. Then finally a loud scream came from her and his chest got scratched and his penis became drenched again..

With this in mind she decided to let him go on top.. He began to slowly move and just began to go deeper and deeper into her wet pussy where he found her G-spot and he began to pump slowly into this spot. He began to open his mouth and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as they both moaned and began to cum together. His penis let out this big load. His penis was sensitivie now but still pulsating with enjoyment. His mouth was caressing her sweet tits that were the size of his hand.. He grabbed her and then began to kiss her and caress her again.. She then pushed him off of her and began to caress his penis once more.. He was now just getting really horny and wanting to fuck her again. She licked his penis again and again and grabbed the tip and slowly took it into her mouth then she let go and went on top of him once more where she was now pumping with all her might and she was just going crazy on him.. Moving so fast that he could not catch up.. He could feel the orgrasm starting to build again. She did not slow down but she moved in a motion that just made both of them crazy for eachother.. He was now caressing her breasts and suckling them like a new born baby.. He tongue and lips were all over his neck and ears. He was just getting so close now when she got off of him and began to suckle on his penis which has begun to pulsate needing to let go.. She finally sucked him one last time when he began to moan. she began to swallow his load and then licked his penis clean.. Then they both rolled over and curled up together where they fell asleep…

– The End –