Ryan was 22 years old and still a virgin it was beginning to affect his work and social life. Every hot piece of ass that went through the front door of the store made his cock hard in seconds and when it did peole noticed even though he had an impressive size of eight inches it still was embarressing when his coworkers noticed and laughed at him about it. This had gone on for eight months and was driving him mad until the day she came in.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life and all the other female customers couldn’t compare in his eyes long blond hair blue eyes legs that never ended and a petite chest she was perfect in every way and he knew he’d never have a chance in hell with her.

As he was bagging her grocieries a thousand thoughts flowed through his head but the main one was how to hide his massive erection trying to push out of his pants. She asked him to take out her cart for her with her beautiful voice he knew he was screwed, his coworkers were already trying to hide smirks, and he knew she’d notice eventually.

The whole time he was putting the bags in her trunk he could feel her watching his every move he was so surprised when she didn’t say anything to him she just handed him a tip after saying thank you. His day went by quickly and he was lucky that none of his coworkers said anything.

When he got home he cleaned out his pocket to count his tips and was surprised to find a name and number folded in the five she had handed him her name was Britney he quickly called her and was furtherly surprised and puzzled when she told him to wait at his wwork for an hour after closing.

The next day went by with agonizing slowness finally it was over and to her word she was there an hour later she told him to get in the car so he did she asked him as they were driving how he liked his work he told her it was all right. How would you like a job with better pay and lots of perks Britney asked Ryan told her he would love to but no one else will hire him.

She said she she’ll hire him. I have one question though.

Yes Ryan what do you want to know?

What will I be doing for you?

You’ll find out later she said with a slight smirk.

Well? do you want the job?I’ll only ask once.

Okay I hope I won’t regret this though. Ten Minutes later at her house she hands him a drink.

He downs it with out even tasteing. I hope your a good drinker she says to him. I think I can hold my own he responds.

A half hour and several drinks later she notices hes quite drunk. Ok I think we’ll get down to buisiness now. she starts taking off his shirt and he gets scared.\ What are you doing?!he asks. Oh Didn’t I tell you Britney says with mock surprise your going to be my new prostitute on the streets but first I got to test you out and see how well you’ll do for my clientell. B..B…B…But you cant! yes i can and will. No I wont let you!And why not? you just cant thats why!

Most men would die to be in your position! Your not afraid are you?O my god you are! theres only one way you could be afraid! Your a virgin aren’t you?! No!I mean yes..ooh I dont know! Just trust me Ryan you’ll have fun I promise!

Well… ok i guess.Britney took off her shirt revealling a low cut bra and then her skirt with a matching black thing.Oh your so beautiful Ryan whispered. Well thank you now lets see what you’ve been hiding before he could protest she had his pants and underwear off and had his rock hard penis in her hand. I knew it the other day at the store I was right you do have a huge cock.By then he was blushing but all the blood left his face when she lowered her head and slid his penis in her mouth.

He never knew it could be like this the thought alone made him ache with lust and he lost every fear he had he wripped off her bra exposing her perfect breasts and began to massage the nipples till they were hard and crisp by then the hummer she was giveing him drove him over the edge he pulled her off him and bent her over her coffee table Britney looked behind her and saw the look in his eye she licked her lips then with all the sensuality a woman can have told him to fuck the hell out of her. That drove him over the edge he plunged his thobbing cock deep in her beautiful pussy she bucked and moaned like a true whore as he repeatedly thrusted his cock in her.

Her pussy clamped on his cock as she had a giant orgasm with tha he blew his load in her tight wet snatch and passed out where he was. He woke up in the morning to find an envelope and a letter she told him to call her that night and asked how he liked his new job he quickly opened the envelope to find close to two hundred dollars in it. He knew then that he was the luckiest man alive.

– The End –