It was a warm summer day, the trees swaying slightly in the breeze as Hena walked out onto the deck. Hena’d been cleaning all day and was ready for a well deserved break. Setting her glass of tea down on the table, Hena settled into her chair and opened her book. Out of the corner of her eye Hena caught a glimpse of him, mowing his lawn. “This must be the new neighbor”, Hena thought to herself as Hena allowed her gaze to travel across his handsome face. Dark hair, curling just at the nape of his neck…

Her eyes moved down his body, clad in blue jeans tight enough to accent his hard muscular ass and thighs. His t-shirt also tight, revealing a strong chest and flat stomach. Hena found herself watching him, over her book, trying to be inconspicuous about it. Watched the way he moved the mower purposefully across his lawn… the way his body moved… imagining it moving over hers… He saw her glancing over at him, though Hena was quite adept at concealing her movements. Suhail felt her eyes on him, watching as the sinews of all his ripped muscles flexed and bulged while he calmly mowed his lawn. He purposefully wore his tight jeans, aware that all those squats and leg lifts had sculpted his ass. He liked to show it off. And so he strategize how to mow his lawn to give her the best view.

Suhail felt his cock bulging from within, thinking about her, imagining what Hena was thinking, thinking of what he too, wanted to do to her, with her. His “innocent” smile concealed his sinister intentions as he glanced in her direction, waving to her as he passed the mower easily over his lawn. He slowed the pace, catching an eyeful of her body.

Hena was in a red halter top, tied loosely around her neck, and it accentuated her swelling breasts beautifully. He felt a small dribble of spittle ease down his chin as Suhail thought of her erect nipples calling to him, beckoning his touch, and he gasped. Suhail was so aroused, his pants did little to hide his bulging crotch swelling beneath the denim. Never wearing underwear was the quickest way to arousal, and he was throbbing for her.

Suhail looked down at himself, and quickly glanced at her, surprising her as Hena caught him catching her looking at that very same bulging crotch. He thought he noticed her licking her lips and smiling mischievously, but he wasn’t sure. That’s when Hena distracted him. Hena reached over her chair, stopping for a moment as her halter top slipped forward, revealing her glorious breasts and swelling nipples, and lifted a gaze to catch him staring straight at her tits. Hena watched him through lowered lashes… knowing full well he was staring at her breasts, her erect nipples, marveling at the valley between them. A small bead of perspiration began at the base of her throat and traveled slowly down her body, into her cleavage. Seductively Hena moved her finger to scoop it up, then brought it to her lips… tasting the salty wetness as he watched. Hena curled her fingers around the glass of iced tea before sitting down again, offering him a small smile as her eyes met his. Suhail smiled back, continuing to move his mower slowly across his lawn. It seemed to be getting even hotter outside, Hena thought… or maybe it was the desire sparked between the two of them. Half lying in her lounge chair, Hena allowed her legs to part slowly… just slightly… knowing her tight cut-off shorts would show him just what Hena wanted him to see. Hena could feel herself becoming damp with wanting… needing to feel him next to her, all around her, inside her………… Suhail gasped as he saw her part her legs. The small tight gap between then clearly showed the flesh underneath her shorts as Hena was without panties. A woman after my own heart, he thought to himself.

Hena writhed a little in her chair as she slid one way and then the other, giving him strategic views of her glistening wetness. He started suddenly, aware that he had been staring at her crotch for too long, and hadn’t realized that he was now mowing the hedges, or trying to.

Embarrassed but smiling, Suhail backed the mower up and proceeded to make a slow trek across his lawn so that he could again catch glimpses of swelling lips between her parted legs. His crotch throbbed at the thoughts he had, imagining sitting closely by her side, imagining slowly parting her legs, revealing her wet slit clearly engorged and throbbing, imagining taking his tongue and darting it quickly between her pink lips, thrusting it deep inside her, delighting in the tart taste, and reveling in her fragrance. “Ahhhhhh,” to be there now, doing just that.

He licked his lips, then wiped the beads of sweat cascading down his glistening chest, and slowly walked his mower around the yard, giving her moments to catch him. He hoped that Hena was admiring his muscular body, one that he had proudly worked on for countless hours over the years. His abs were scalped, his chest was chiseled, and his thighs were rock hard. He hoped he would be able to put his body in motion soon–on her. His desire for her was apparent, as Hena stared at the crotch of his tight jeans. Normally Hena wouldn’t have thought to approach someone this way, but Hena just had to meet him, had to touch his body… even in just a passing neighborly way. Standing up and adjusting her halter top slightly, Hena made her way across his lawn… he saw her approach and turned off the mower.

Hena introduced herself with a smile, and he returned the gesture. “I thought you might like something cold to drink, after all the hard work you’ve been doing”, Hena said… and hoped he would say yes. He grinned and followed her to her deck, where Hena poured him a fresh glass of iced tea and waved her hand towards an empty chair.

He sat next to her after taking the glass from her hands… his fingers brushing hers for just a moment, but enough to send a spark of electricity between them. Looking up into his eyes, her breath caught… Hena had to say something, do something… Hena couldn’t let this moment go. Smiling shyly at him, Hena commented that he must really take care of himself, his body lean and sculpted… and inquired as to whether he worked out… “I work out daily,” he answered with just a hint of pride. “I love going to the gym, too. But I have a machine in my basement that I use. If you ever want to stop by for a brief workout, I would love to show you,” he added. The hope self-evident by the sheepish look on his face. ‘OH man!’ would I love to show you a workout, he said to himself.

He sat and stared at her heavenly chest. The soft swell of her breasts made him anxious. Suahil didn’t want to appear overanxious for her. But her hard nipples that were clearly showing through her top were driving him insane with desire, and the pounding in his groin only made him more self-conscious of his posture.

He was squirming in his chair, not at all like himself. He was confident, but Hena was reducing him to a blithering idiot. A blithering idiot with a stiff erection and a body that could last through countless hours of wonderful sex, he silently added. “Mmmmm,” he really wanted to get a close up of her body, a real close up. So silently, deliberately, he got up from his chair, and walked with a stride filled once again with confidence and determination to kneel beside her. Once there, he rested his chin on the armrest, looked up at her gleaming smile, and waited. The twinkling in her eyes matched his own as Hena brought her hand gently to his face… brushing her fingers over his cheekbone, smiling at his expression… his eyes closed… his lips parted and emitted a soft moan from the touch of her fingertips. His face was clean shaven, soft, and warm. Bringing her hands to either side of his face, Hena bent down to him… gently teasing his lips open with her tongue… drinking from him… consuming him, the softness of his lips on hers driving her desire for him.

Hena felt his arms snake around her waist and pull her up out of the chair… and gasped as he swung her up into his arms and started for the house. Suhail gazed down into her eyes and Hena became lost in those endless pools of blue… and his smile, so warm yet seductive… made her want him madly. Hena could barely speak to direct him to her bedroom… Hena felt like a wanton woman… breathless and so ready to have him… He stride quickly to her house, opening the front door with his hand as his other pressed her breasts firmly to his chest, and kicked the door as it swung open. He then turned and took her lips into his, kissing her deeply as his surroundings closed in on him and he focused on her seductive lips, her beautiful eyes, and her soft but firm cheeks. He saw from the corner of his eyes a beautiful lush sofa and threw her down onto it. Her magnificent breasts just bounced up and down as Hena landed on the plush pillows. Suhail smiled as he reached behind her neck and undid her ties, loosening her top, slowly peeling it away from her chest, gasping as her glorious breasts pitched forth, nipples swelling at their sudden exposure. He leaned forward, kissed her lips, then slowly slid his tongue down her cheeks and stopped at her breasts, circling the left nipple first, then the right, as his mouth and hands greedily played with her silky mounds. Hena let out a soft moan,”ohhhhhnnnnn” and arched up toward him as his hands encircled her curvaceous breasts… his thumbs lazily toying with her nipples… his tongue gliding slowly over them. Her fingers entwined in his hair, pulling his lips closer to her. Never had Hena experienced such sensations of pleasure coursing through her body.

Suddenly he nipped lightly at her skin with his teeth, and Hena let out a sharp gasp…”oooyyyyeeeee” followed by a low moan…”ahhhhhh” almost purring as he continued to bathe her breasts with his tongue… touching them… admiring them. Her eyes closed as Hena gave in to the feelings of desire sliding through her body. Hena became a pool of liquid heat… moist between her thighs… parting them almost subconsciously, wanting to feel him positioned between them.

Her head spun, the emotions so new and different… Hena wanted to feel him everywhere… touch him everywhere… became one with his body. Lightly Hena dragged her nails across his shoulders, smiling as Suhail moaned against her breast. Allowing her fingers to explore him thoroughly, Hena memorized each part of his body… down his smooth back, his sides, his hips… then finally down to cup his ass… squeezing lightly, finding it so firm… muscular. Hena couldn’t help but imagine his ass rising and falling as he thrust deeply into her… Suhail flattened his tongue against her nipple, delighted in her soft moans of pleasure as he gripped it between his teeth and tugged on it lightly. Her nipples were hard, succulent, and inviting. He was in Heaven, sweet clouds of flesh on his face, cradling his cheeks as he lapped from one side to the other.

He sensed her rising desire, and felt it within himself as he continued playing with her. And when Hena parted her legs, a quick wave of passion washed over him.

Quickly he looked down to her waist and found her shorts already unfastened. He moved down a little closer between her legs as Hena scraped his shoulders and then his ass when he moved.

He was admiring the sinuous curves of her flesh. Her hips, her thighs, her calves, all gloriously proportioned and toned. His arousal was unbearable. He had to taste her, he had to feed from her, as her arousal was undeniably evident from the fragrance that Hena was emitting. The liquid heat between her thighs was heading to a boil. And it was releasing a scent that he could not deny, nor one that he would resist. Hena tightened her thighs around his body as he moved lower down… his tongue seductively dipping into her navel… bringing forth a sharp gasp from her lips “eeehhhhh.” Hena marveled at the wondrous feelings he created within her… delighting in every moment of pleasure he gave. Hena was lost as Hena gazed into his eyes once more, silently pleading… urging him to the source of her fire… the burning heat and wetness between her legs.

Suhail kissed her body over and over… everywhere… making her squirm underneath him… grabbing at his shoulders, his hair… pushing him down further. His lids were lowered… his lashes softly brushing his cheeks… his hair falling over his forehead. Hena felt such a rush of lust… mad desire for this man… it overtook her. “Pleeeeaseeeee”, Hena breathed in a husky voice, “touch meeeee… taste me… love meeeeeee”. Suck my clity and make me cum,, “pleeeassseeee.”

Suhail looked up at the sound of her voice… eyes dark with desire… and smiled. Silently bending his head to her, he swirled the tip of his tongue over her sensitive bud and Hena gasped… moaned… and bucked her hips toward him. A rush of juices exploded from just one touch of his tongue… and he eagerly lapped them up. Hena raised her arms up above her head, gripping the pillow and cried out as his tongue moved over her again… Her pleads rushed over him like a whirlwind, swirling delicious thoughts through his head as he cascaded down her body, licking every inch of her, kissing her soft smooth flesh. His eyelashes flickered over her, bringing sighs of delight with their soft touch on her aroused body. The feel of the soft bristles his eyelashes gave contrasted with his satiny wet tongue had her writhing with ecstasy.

Slowly, Suahil descended, caressing her swollen clitoris with his tongue as if it were the last meal he would ever taste, a delicacy he would savor over and over. As he wrapped his magical tongue over it, he heard her soft moans, and saw her luscious folds swelling, erupting with juices.

Eagerly he lavished her moist center, the liquid heat burning his tongue, making him hunger for more. He thrust his tongue deeply, and felt her buck her hips. He thrust in again, and Hena crooned as his tongue filled her with sinful delight.

His chin grinded against her legs, rubbing her dripping juices all over his face. His pleasure was undeniable, as he smiled up at her while he continued to feed his insatiable appetite for her fleshy lips. He wanted her so badly, he wanted to feel himself wrapped by those luscious petals of flesh, he wanted to feel her take his raging cock deep inside of her, feel it dance in her womb, thrust her hips to him as he thrust his towards her. He wanted to feel all of this, and so much more. But for now, he continued feeding, consuming her flesh, bathing in her juices, embedding her scent on his face-forever. Her climaxes consumed her… completely… sending her spinning into sweet oblivion as his tongue continued to delve between her soft folds… his lips nibbling on her sensitive clit. Her hips rocked wildly… juices coated his face. He drank from her like a dying man, being offered his last meal.

Her fingernails bit into the pillow at her head… Hena moaned louder,”Ohhhhhhhhh” crying out his name as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. Her body was uncontrollable… completely under his spell… these magical feelings he brought from inside her made her clench her thighs tighter around his face. Hena had to have him… to feel his hardness buried inside her… tightening herself around him. But first, Hena wanted to taste him… give him the same pleasure he was giving to her.

Slowly Hena entwined her fingers in his hair and pulled him up on top of her. Her juices dripped from his lips as Hena darted her tongue out to tease the corners of his mouth. Then, slipping her arms around his neck, Hena slid her tongue between his lips… finding his tongue and tasting herself. Hena lightly licked his cheeks, lips, and chin… her hot sweet juices being greedily taken in to her waiting mouth. Her arousal was unmistakable… Hena moved her body against his, feeling his hardness pressed between her legs.

Smiling, Hena motioned for Suhail to sit up on the couch… and straddled his lap. Her lips found his ear, breath warm in it… tongue flicking over the lobe. Beginning at his neck, a slow exploration of his hard body was in order… He felt the orgasms as he flicked his tongue inside her fast and furious. In and out he thrust, engulfed by the flowing fluids that were erupting all around him. Hena was feeding him so well.

He slid up her body when Hena pulled him away, grinding himself along her thighs and hips, feeling himself swelling, raging, throbbing for her. The sensations of her flesh against him drove him mad with desire. He was erect, hard, and charged.

As Hena had him sit on the couch, Suhail gazed at her sensual skin, the glaze that had formed over her pelvis, and the soft lush folds of her flesh pouting for him. They were still engorged and wanting.

His shaft was moist, glistened, rubbing against her lubricious flesh, so wet and so hot. It was pulsing, awaiting her attention, awaiting to be sucked, to be licked, to be consumed.

It involuntarily pulsed, and as it did, his own juices started ebbing down the side, coating its head with something for her when Hena explored him there. It would be so hot to have her lips wrapped around him, feeling him pulse for her. And he couldn’t wait. Slithering down his body, Hena pressed her erect nipples against his chest… using her lips to feed on him. Flicking her tongue back and forth, slowly over his earlobe… while her breath came in soft, warm, gasps… his hands roaming her back tenderly. Letting her tongue slide down his neck, Hena moaned against him before sucking his flesh between her lips.

Lower Hena moved… finding his hard male nipples… circling her tongue around them, taking each one into her mouth… sucking, nibbling… making them harder… making him arch toward her with a need as great as her own. Hena felt his hands cup her ass… squeezing, kneading her flesh… pulling her against his hardness.

Her eyes met his as her tongue lazily moved across his muscular abdomen… dipping into his navel… swirling around slowly, bathing his skin. Hena felt his thighs flex under her body… knowing he wanted to feel her warm mouth surrounding him… tasting him. Deliberately Hena moved her tongue over his skin… not touching the throbbing heat between his legs, but instead her tongue danced across his inner thighs.

Unable to resist anymore, her lips found his shaft and slid down… slowly… until her nose was buried in the coarseness surrounding his cock. Hena paused, inhaling his scent… musky with desire for her. Her eyes drifted closed as her nipples pressed into his thighs… the friction making them harder… sending a shiver of pleasure through her body. Then Hena began to move… up, slowly… then down… taking every delicious inch of him between her soft, full lips… “Mmmmmm,” he moaned as he felt her satiny lips surrounding his shaft. The velvet feel of her tongue on the purple mushroomed head of his shaft was exquisite. The more Hena licked, the more he pulsed in anticipation. He could feel her swelling nipples on him, burning trenches through his inflamed thighs.

His balls were hot, boiling, as Hena sucked on him with a fervor of unbelievable intensity. And Suhail was loving every moment of it. Her body was hot, her flesh against his, and he knew before too long they would have to join, become one, and release this passion between them.

He was so aroused, the head of his cock pulsing inside his own head, sending him signals-it wanted release. He wanted release.

Hena was sucking him madly, deeply, with a consuming desire that would not quit. And he wanted so much more. He would have her, and so much more. Her head looked beautiful bobbing up and down between his thighs. Hena was a vacuum, and the pressure was immense. “Ohhhhhh,” could he hold it, or would he release? Hena would know in an instant–the same instant Hena would begin to taste his salty fluids releasing from deep within. As her tongue slid slowly back and forth across the head of his cock, Hena tasted the warm stickiness of his precum… and it drove her to suck him harder. God Hena wanted to taste him… consume him… take him to the edge and back. Her tongue slithered over his shaft, bathing every inch… then Hena slid her lips over him again, moaning around him… enjoying the fullness in her mouth.

His thighs flexed and he arched up… thrusting his cock deeper into her mouth… his fingers tangled in her hair… pushing her down, clear down over him. Hena could feel his cock hitting the back of her throat but still wanted more… sucking furiously… nibbling… licking.

Her eyes met his, sending a silent message to him… Hena wanted to taste him, wanted his hot creamy cum to fill up her mouth… and he knew it. He began to thrust wildly… fucking her mouth like a man possessed. Hena held on tight to him, waiting… wanting to feel that final thrust. He watched with wonder as her hunger for his throbbing cock drove her into a frenzy. His fullness disappeared repeatedly inside her mouth, and he simply marveled at her dedication. Hena wanted him to cum, to explode inside her mouth. And he was only too happy to oblige.

Suhail flexed, his thighs tight with the contours of his hamstrings. His muscles were bulging everywhere, and the closer he came to his release, the more rigid he became.

He placed his hands on her head, urging her to take him deeper. And Hena complied, swallowing the length of his shaft down to the coarse hair, making him gasp.

It was thrusting deep inside her mouth, his mushroom headed cock brushing the back of her throat. He was close, oh so close.

He looked at her as Hena paused, the link between their minds obvious, and then Hena resumed sucking his engorged cock. His thrusts were faster, harder, deeper, and he wanted to explode.

Hena stopped at the top, then plunged down again, then paused a second time as her lips curled over her teeth and descended over his shaft. He gasped, arched his back, and thrust into her mouth a final time, exploding in a fury. Hena grasped the base of his shaft tightly in her hand as he exploded into her mouth… sucking just on the head of him, milking every drop of that hot, salty, sticky cum. Hena moaned out loud as it filled her mouth… waiting for the last of it to spurt out before Hena swallowed it down.

Slowly moving back up his body, Hena kissed him wildly… teasing his lips with hers. Then positioning herself on his lap, with her pussy just inches from his still hard cock… Hena slid down… impaling herself on him. Hena gasped as her pussy stretched to accommodate his fullness. Bracing her hands on his shoulders, Hena began to move… with him thrusting upward, long deep thrusts into her heat.

Tossing her head back, letting her hair fall across her shoulders… breathing deeply through parted lips… her breasts bouncing as they moved together in one fluid motion. Hena felt his hands cup her breasts… teasing her nipples with his thumbs. Her pussy clenched in response… Hena gasped… knowing her climax was not far away at all… He wrapped his arms around her as Hena slithered back up his body, appreciating the swell of her breasts, the feel of her hard nipples on his chest.

Suhail moaned in delight as Hena kissed him deeply, then growled ravenously as he felt her pussy slide down to his pulsing cock. And then when Hena impaled herself on him, his eyes glazed over in utter bliss.

Rapidly Hena descended, taking him fully inside her hot pussy. Her lips parted, stretching to allow his raging cock to slide inside to the depth of his balls. And he began to thrust in the same rhythm Hena was.

Together, they became one motion. Fluid, graceful, and fulfilling. Hena rose, he dropped, then Hena descended again, and he thrust. Yes, this is what they wanted. A union, connected beyond doubt, one link between them as their bodies coupled as one.

Their motion intensified, as instincts took over. Feral deep fucking, his cock plunging deeper inside her pussy, as they both worked to an earth shattering climax. He was a piston, non stop in and out, and Hena was the receiver, taking him in, sucking his head and holding him there, then releasing it to plow forth again.

Slowly, this climax was building. Slowly, they neared release. It was fantastic. It was perfect. And soon, this eruption would be the culmination. And so they continued. Hena was on the verge of explosion… white hot liquid gushing from her, coating him fully as he continued to stroke inside her… moving deliciously slow… then faster… faster… so much deeper than before. Her chest rose and fell, his hands still cupping her breasts… holding them as if he couldn’t bear to part with them.

Hena cried out his name… over and over again…”Ohhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh,Offffffffffffff”, her pussy clamped down hard on his cock… feeling it pulsating deep within her womb, knowing his release was coming as well. Her body shuddered… weak… but wanting more… wanting him so desperately.

Feeling his balls tighten as they slapped against her skin… pulsing shaft ready to release his load within her. Hena was ready… waiting… wanting… legs around him, giving herself to him. Hena sensed his urgency… the overwhelming need as he thrust once more, deeply… shooting his hot load of cum into her. He pulsed… and shot more… again and again… it was wonderful, delicious, and never-ending.

Hena wrapped herself in his arms, relishing the effects of his lovemaking. Her body slick with perspiration, hot… very satisfied. Hena rested against his chest… her breathing returning to normal… and looked deep into his eyes… Suhail felt himself exploding, releasing gush after gush of his seed within her hot channel. Her pussy was draining him of all he had, and it felt fantastic. That final thrust had been a powerful one, and Hena had pounced on him with fierce determination, knowing his load would be a heavy, womb-coating hot one. And it was. His cock throbbed, finally releasing the last of the swirling tide inside her, over flooding each other with his juices and hers.

Spent, drained, and utterly exhausted, they collapsed onto each other. Her silky fine body felt warm and comforting against his. As Hena looked deep into his eyes, he looked into hers.

Suhail locked into her gaze, fierce, passionate, and content. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around her. They lay prone, together, skin against skin. And they felt the beat of one another’s hearts within their chests.

It was a beautiful melody. First his beat, then hers, then, as one, theirs. And they realized, this was a moment of wonderfully fulfilled pleasures. Both were mutually satisfied. And they knew this would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, two neighbors, pleasuring one another, for days yet to come.

– The End –