When I was 16 and my sister was 14, she was constantly a bitch to me. No matter what I did, it pissed her off. We lived on a farm and had played doctor and fooled around bunches until I got a girlfriend about 6 months before. I didn’t know that Amy was just jealous of the time I was spending with my girlfriend.

One afternoon, I had just put the tractor in the barn, when Amy came out and started in on me.

“Jesus Christ, you almost ran over the dog when you came through!.”

I had had it. I reached around her and pulled the door shut. We were alone in the barn. “Why have you been such a bitch?” I asked.

“You have ignored me ever since you started dating Mary.”

“THAT’S your problem??”

“We used to have so much fun together and now you don’t even talk to me,” she whined.

With that, I picked her up and turned her over me knee and pulled down her jeans. “You are acting like a child and I’m going to teach you a lesson.” Amy struggled as I tugged off her jeans, fought so hard that I also pulled off her panties. Her bare white ass was set off by the magnificent tan from working in her bikini.

My cock was stiffening as I spanked her pretty little ass. Amy stopped struggling and her pussy was dripping as I felt my hand warming her ass. Our dog, Tony, was a large collie, he was great bringing the cows in for milking, but was now sniffing the air. He could tell that a juicy pussy was nearby.

“So Amy, you haven’t been getting enough attention, eh? Well that’s going to change. Here, boy.”

Tony came over and immediately put his nose into Amy’s sticky twat. “Don’t let him do that!” she yelled.

I just smiled as I spread her ass cheeks for the dog. He licked from her clit to her asshole and back. Amy was reacting to the rough tongue going where only I had before. She climaxed as I held her immobile.

“Get on your hands and knees,” I told Amy.

“Enough is enough. You’ve had your fun. Let me go!” She protested.

“No Amy, enough is not enough. You came, but Tony didn’t. If you take good care of him, maybe he’ll eat you again.” I pushed her off my lap and onto the barn floor. Pulling her shirt and bra up over her titties, I reached down and sqeezed her nipples hard. Amy was crying when she realized that the dog was going to fuck her, no matter what she wanted. My own cock was stiff as her face pressed against my pants and Tony began riding her leg, masturbating furiously.

Laughing at her predicament, I grabbed the dog’s collar and pulled him forward. His sliver like cock was thrusting in the air, but soon found pay dirt. Tony soon had worked his entire dick into my sister’s tight little pussy. Despite herself, the friction soon had Amy panting like a bitch in heat. Her open mouth, so close to my cock, proved too much. Unzipping my pants, I pushed her face onto my trouser snake. Even though Amy had given me a couple of hand jobs and I had jerked her off, sucking my prick had been too far out and she had refused, before.

Now she gobbled my cock like it was a peppermint stick. Amy, Tony and I all came at the same time. While Tony remained locked tightly into her first time fucked twat, I wiped off her chin and told her, “From now on, I own you. You are nothing more than a dog fucker and I will tell everyone what you did, unless you do exactly as I tell you.”

She just hung her head, “I know.”

For the next 2 years, until I left for college, I used her for all kinds of adventures. All my friends fucked her. Maybe, I’ll give you more details later. She had 2 years of hell and to this day, 20 years later, sucks my cock every time I tell her to.

– The End –