Last week my friends and I were watching “Romy and Michelle’s Reunion” and there was the scene where the two girls were arguing about who is cuter. One said “I lost my virginity first.” Her friend said “That didn’t count because it was with your cousin.”

Everyone laughed, including me but what I didn’t let on was the fact that I had my first sexual experience with my cousin.

It happened four years ago, early in the summer. Our extended family has some shared vacation property and we see a lot of our relatives during the summer. My cousin’s family lives about two hundred miles away so we see each other on all the major holidays. But summer is the time where we get to spend a lot of quality time together.

So this summer, just before my sophomore year, we all got together for two weeks before all the kids headed off to various summer sports camps etc. My cousin, I’ll call him Mike is a year older than me and very tall, athletic and cute. Even though I had been interested in boys for a couple of years, I had never looked at as a desirable boy. After all, he is my cousin. I don’t think he noticed me as a girl either. But that summer I guess our hormones had really kicked into high gear because I found myself looking at his lean, athletic torso and powerful legs. I thought I noticed him checking me out as I ran around in my little bikinis.

I’m relatively short, just 5 foot 1 and 103 lbs. I’m nicely built with medium long, nicely sculpted legs and a cute 34B-24-33 figure. I’m also fairly pretty, kind of like the girl who plays Rory on The Gilmore Girls.

So we spent the first couple of days hanging our and doing what we do every summer. We kayaked, floated around on inner tubes, took the small sail boat out and played practical jokes on each other. We also seemed to make a lot of excuses to have physical contact, like wrestling and rough housing, or just hugging.

So our parents went off and left the two of us alone for the afternoon. Mike and I had just finished kayaking and we jumped into the lake for a race to the floating raft near the center of the lake. He won and was already up on the raft when I reached it. As I pulled myself up onto the raft my top caught on something and slid down exposing my young tits. When I realized what was happening I squealed and slid back into the lake trying to readjust my top. Mike had gotten a good look and he grinned, saying “nice, very nice.”

I was embarrassed but sort of proud of my tits. I’ll say with all confidence that they are very pretty. They are nicely rounded with perky pink nipples. I clambered out of the lake and onto the raft and gave him an affectionate shove, saying “Shut up.”

He laughed but I thought I saw a bulge in his swimming trunks. We swam back to the shore and of course he beat me to shore too. As I stood up and waded out he said “Try not to lose any clothes on the way out.” Again I told him to shut up and I started chasing him. He let me catch him as we got into the house and we fell to the floor laughing and wrestling. He let me pin him to the floor when he got a serious look on his face and said “Seriously, you do have beautiful breasts.”

“Breasts” I thought, he didn’t call them boobs or tits. I was almost like he said “Breasts” as a sign of reverence.

I felt myself blush and said “Really?”

He nodded and gently lifted the cups of my bikini top up so that he could admire my breasts some more. I didn’t protest at all. Instead I leaned forward so he could suck my left, than right breast.

“Have you ever let a guy do this before?” he asked. I shook my head. “Then” he sort of stated in a half question “you’re still a virgin.” Again I nodded and blushed.

He said there’s nothing wrong with my being a virgin, but he was surprised that I didn’t have all kinds of guys trying to get with me. I was flattered. Truth was, I did have guys flirting with me and even hitting on me but I didn’t want to just toss my virginity away. I wanted my first time to be with somebody I really liked.

Then Mike said “We should stop doing this now or I won’t be able to stop.” I knew exactly what he meant and I said “But what if I don’t want to stop?”

“Then we don’t have to, we can keep on going.”

With that, we got off the floor and went to one of the bedrooms. Soon I was standing naked and he was gently running his fingers through my light brown pubic hair. I have a small, compact tuft as opposed to a lush bush and he said it was cute. I reached for his swim trunks and started to lower them. His penis sprang up and slapped his stomach and bobbed a couple of times before pointed upward toward me. I had never seen an erect penis before, and I was thrilled and a little frightened. It looked huge, and in hindsight, it is good sized, it’s about seven inches long.

I sat on the bed and grabbed his wrist to pull him in front of me so I could play with and admire his penis. It was so cute with a big pink and purplish head. There were bulging, pulsing veins. I just seemed to naturally know enough to begin sucking and bobbing up and down on it. Since my first time with Mike, I’ve seen my share of penises, and most have been somewhat to much smaller. I managed to get about half of it down my throat.

He stopped me and gently pushed me back into a prone position. He spread my legs and kissed my thighs before he began licking and probing my pussy with his tongue. I was a bit embarrassed but happy. He told me I have a really cute little pussy.

Now I should mention that I was on the pill, not for birth control but for hormonal treatment to try to get my periods on a regular cycle. Of course, being protected from getting pregnant was a great side benefit.

I felt an orgasm coming on and I closed my eyes and whimpered before waves of pleasure shot there way through my lower tummy and down my inner thighs. I was flushed across my chest and at the tops of my thighs and my nipples were so swollen and hot.

Then he said “Now it’s my turn to cum.” He gently entered me. It hurt, but it was an enjoyable pain. His penis stroked in just a little at a time. I found out later that he had already penetrated several girls including an older one who taught him how to enter a small tight pussy as gently as possible. I’ll get to just who that pussy belonged to in a moment.

I found his gentle fucking to be so pleasurable and I had the second orgasm of that afternoon. Before that day the only orgasms I had ever had had been when I was alone, playing with myself. They were nothing compared to the orgasms my cousin had given me.

I lost track of time, we could have made love for ten minutes or an hour, I was lost in the moment. Then it happened, I felt his penis flexing inside of me and the warm spurting sensation. I was so proud of myself, I actually made Mike cum inside of me. He told me over and over again how good it was.

We rested for a few minutes and got into it again. This time I laid on top of him, then we did it doggie style.

I asked later just who he had fucked before me and he named them off, including, to my surprise our older cousin from another branch of the family. She is a very pretty brunette, two years older than me and very petite. Mike said her pussy is quite small and she made him be extra gentle when he penetrated her. He also said that my older brother had to be even more gentle since his penis is almost 10 inches long. I was shocked by the fact that my brother had fucked our cousin, and intrigued by the thought of a penis that big, but that’s the topic of a later story.

— end —