In my earlier story I told everyone about how I lost my virginity to my cousin Mike. I also mentioned that Mike admitted that both he and my older brother Jason had made love with another cousin, Miranda (Mira). So here’s the next part of my story.

As I explained in the first part of my story, our extended family owns a large piece of lakefront vacation property. My grandfather and his brother had bought about 20 acres way back in the 1930s. On top of a fairly good sized house, there are several cabins and yurts so there is room for everyone so it’s not unusual for 3 or 4 families to be there at the same time.

Mike’s family and mine were the first to arrive that summer and that gave the two of us a chance to spend a lot of time together, and that’s how we wound up having sex. As I described, it was my first time and I loved it. After we made love, Mike told me that he had made love with Mira. To top that off, my brother Jason had made love with her too. It gets even better, after she had sneaked off with each of them individually, they had a threesome. I was surprised to hear that, but who was I to judge them all, after all I had just made love with my cousin.

I asked if what Mike had told me about Jason having a 10 inch penis was really true. The idea of a penis that big surprised and intrigued me. I was amazed that Mira was able to have something that big inside of her because she isn’t that much bigger than me. She is a drop dead beautiful brunette. At 5 feet 2 inches, she’s just an inch taller than me but she has long, incredibly beautiful legs, a firm, perfect butt, and an hourglass 35C-24-34 figure. On top of that, she is so classically beautiful with beautiful blue eyes and a perfect nose and smile. I had also seen her naked and I knew she has the most wonderful pair of breasts, they are bigger than mine but just as perfectly round and firm. I could see why both Jason and Mike couldn’t resist the chance to make love with her, and since both guys are pretty cute. I could see why she wanted to be with them.

I asked if it hurt her when Jason entered her and Mike told me that both he and Jason were very gentle with her. She told them that even though she had let 7 guys fuck her by then, none of her partners was what you could call well hung. The biggest penis she had ever seen before Mike’s 7 inches and Jason’s 10 inches was about 6 inches long and none of them were nearly as thick as Mikes. He said Mike had to really take his time as he eased himself into her.

Now here’s how we’re all related. Mike’s dad is my mom’s brother. Mira is actually a 1st cousin once removed – her mom is my mom’s older cousin. Mike is a year older than me, Mira is a year older than Mike, and she is exactly 3 days younger than my brother Jason. There are numerous cousins who are either quite a bit older or quite a bit younger. The four of us were the ones who pretty much entered the horny teenage years at the same time.

My brother Jason had gotten a summer job so he didn’t come up to the lake at the start of the summer but he was planning to drive up for a long weekend. Mira arrived just four days after Mike and I had our first lovemaking experience together. Mike had told me that even though he loved being with me he hoped to make love with Miree again. I had no reason to be jealous, it’s not like we were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

So the afternoon Miree arrived, she, Mike and I went out to cruise around the lake in the small sailboat. We cruised along were cruising along, getting caught up. After a while I said in a really smart alecky tone “I know what naughty things you did with Mike and Jason last summer.”

Her jaw dropped and she sort of gasped and laughed at the same time. Mike gave me an annoyed look and said “You’re not supposed to just blurt it out like that.”

Then he smiled and told Mira about my recent deflowering. She said “I guess I should congratulate you” as she gave me a hug. Then she added “Nice penis don’t you think?”

I nodded but said I didn’t have anything to compare it to.

She smiled and said “speaking of nice penises, when did you say Jason is coming up.”

“This weekend” I answered.

“That’s good” she said and as she looked at Mike she added “I’ve been looking forward to repeating that little threesome we had last year.”

As we sailed along Mira had me tell her what I thought about my first time and of course I told her I loved it. By then Mike and I had made love two more times. I asked her when she did it for the first time and she said it was when she was 14. So she was a year younger than me when she gave her virginity up.

I asked her and Mike how they decided to make love and they said it was just sort of spontaneous. It was the week I had left to attend sports camp and she, Mike and Jason were alone for an afternoon. “It just happened” she said “I had gone a month without getting laid and I was going crazy, so when I found myself alone with my two cutest cousins I decided why not?”

So she got the guys interested by taking her bikini top off. Like I said, she has perfect breasts and if I were a guy I would have gotten an instant erection looking at them. They are so perfect and so pretty. I admitted to being a little jealous of the fact that hers were quite a bit bigger than mine and Mike said “You’ve got beautiful tits, small but beautiful.”

Mira had seen mine and she added “Yeah you do, they have a lovely shape.”

I noticed that Mike was steering our boat toward shore on the opposite side of the lake. I asked where we were going and he said “somewhere private”.

There was a private cove where we had constructed a fort out of logs and branches when we were younger. We headed toward it and found that the walls were still standing. As we waded onto the shore, Mike grabbed some towels and cushions. It dawned on me what he was thinking.

Like I said, the previous summer, he, Jason and Miree had a threesome. He was planning to have one with Miree and me. I could tell that Mira was just as excited as I was.

Soon we were all naked inside of our little fort. Mira had me lie down and as Mike performed oral sex on me, Mira gently sucked my breasts. Then she took over making oral love to me. I was a little shocked at first, but it felt so good I just relaxed and enjoyed it. She told me I have the “cutest pussy” and she brought me to an orgasm. I asked if this was going to turn me into a lesbian. Mira laughed and assured me that it wouldn’t. Then Mike and I took turns performing oral sex on her. She has a really beautiful, sensual pussy. Her lips are a little bigger and fuller than mine and they are also a beautiful shade of pink instead of brownish like mine. The taste was wonderful, mildly salty, very mildly tart, and her soft silky pubic hair tickled my nose. As I kissed her shapely thighs, the scent of her skin was so nice.

Then Mike said he couldn’t wait any longer and he gently pushed his penis into Mira. He said he had been thinking about this all winter. Even though he had seen Mirea at Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter, they never had a chance to sneak off together. As I found out later, Mira did get a quickie with Jason at Easter.

So they made love and I got to watch. I loved seeing her sexy legs spread wide, and her beautiful breasts gently heaving and rolling slightly each time he shoved into her, and I loved watching her lips clinging to his shaft as he pumped in and out. She moaned in such a soft, sexy way and I could tell when she climaxed. Mike obviously had a really strong climax inside of her but it wasn’t enough for him. He pulled out of her and grabbed my hips and entered me doggie style. By then I knew I like missionary better than other styles of fucking so after a couple of minutes I laid down on my back and we gave Mira a show like the one she had given me.

We got to make oral love to each other again and we both tasted Mike’s semen as it ran out of each other’s pussies.

So this is the second of three stories I’m going to send you. The third is even more exciting. It tells about when Jason showed up with his 10 inch penis.

— end —