So as over-the-top as the earlier sexcapades were, our sex lives got even more wild over the next few months.

Just after our first set of stress filled mid-terms, Kelli decided to take Sarah and me home with her for a long, relaxing weekend. Like I said before, she grew up in the area she had taken us home for dinner a couple of times, but we had never stayed over as guests before. Sarah and I were both looking forward to it. Sarah grew up much like me. Her family is comfortable but not wealthy, so the first time we visited Kelli’s home, we were impressed. It’s a 22 room mansion that sits on five lakefront acres. It was too cold that time of year to water ski, but we were looking forward to using the covered, heated swimming pool and watching DVD’s on their 48 inch home theater system afterwords..

So we arrived for a long three day weekend. Kelli’s parents were going out for the evening, but her little sister Andi was home. Andi is a beautiful girl, just as beautiful as Kelli, but she’s blonde and a couple of inches taller. The extra height is in her legs so their just as shapely but even longer than Kelli’s. It was a little unusual for Andi to be home on a Friday, but she had just broken up with her boyfriend so she wasn’t in the mood to go out. She joined us for a soak in the hot tub and some girl talk. It didn’t surprise me that she’s just as sweet and witty as Kelli and I enjoyed her company.

As we sat there, I noticed that she seemed that her boobs are bigger than Kelli’s and I tried not to be too obvious as I checked them out. Eventually our conversation got around to boys and of course, sex. As I said, Andi had just dumped her boyfriend, and as I found out, it was because he was too possessive. When they started dating, they agreed to have an open relationship where they could both enjoy sex with other people. But even though he had his share of other partners, he didn’t want her to sleep around, so she dumped him. She was upset because she did like him but didn’t like that he tried to force a double standard on her. Kelli tried to cheer her up a little by reminding her that he wasn’t all that great in bed.

The guy was all about his own pleasure when they had sex. His performance was generally short and not so sweet. Kelli suggested that if Andi wanted a night of really good sex she should call our good friend Barry. As Sarah and I knew first hand, he’s not only well hung, he’s also caring and considerate toward his partners. Sarah asked if Barry and she had been together sexually before and Andi confessed that she had sex with Barry for the first time when she was only a freshman. It was just after Kelli and Barry and done it together for the first time. Kelli had told her about Barry’s big penis and she had begged her big sister to set them up so that she could see what it would be like.

Sarah said, in a joking way, that she was jealous because she had to wait until college to have a penis that big inside of her. She also mentioned the double vaginal sex we had both recently experienced. Clearly, Kelli had told Andi about our orgy a week earlier. We told her about it in detail and found out that she had been double penetrated by Sid and Barry too. The first time was two years earlier. Kelli said “I was so proud of her when she did it, she has a small pussy too.”

“You watched your sister having sex?” asked Sarah.

“Well somebody had to hold her hand” she said. Sarah and I gave each other an amazed look and the two sisters started to laugh.

“Don’t be such prudes” Andi scolded.

“So have you had sex in front of each other a lot?” I asked. Kelli smiled and nodded and went on to describe various sex parties they had both been at. She said the guys in her circle of friends liked to have her bring Andi along because of her big breasts (along with the rest of her luscious body). Kelli joked “Don’t you think it’s wrong for the baby sister to have bigger tits?”

As I described earlier, Kelli has beautiful B-cup breasts, but her sister has D-cup breasts. As we were to soon find out, despite their size, they are just as firm and perky as Kelli’s.

Then she told her to show us her tits. Andi smiled and complied and Sarah and I got to see one of the most incredible sets of breasts on earth. They are so firm and perfect. Kelli surprised us be leaning forward and gently taking her right nipple in her mouth. She motioned me with a hand to do the same to her left breast.

It didn’t take long for all four of us to slip out of our bikinis. We wrapped towels around ourselves and went upstairs to Andi’s room. Soon I was on one bed making out with Andi while Kelli and Sarah were making out on the other bed. I worked my lips down Andi’s body, joyously sucking her breasts. Her stomach and butt are like Kelli’s; smooth and firm. I kissed up and down her beautiful thighs before I went down on her beautiful pussy. She made the cutest sounds as I took her closer and closer to an orgasm. She was so wet and her juices tasted so good.

Kelli was giving the same treatment to Sarah and I looked over just on time to see her tilt her head way back and arch her back before her whole body trembled.

Sarah made oral love to Kelli’s pussy as Andi did the same to me. My orgasm was so nice. Then Kelli joined me on the bed while Andi moved over to make love with Sarah. Kelli and I got into the 69 position and we both brought the other to at least two orgasms.

Then Kelli and Andi made love right in front of Sarah and me. Two beautiful sisters locked in love making was really a sight. Even now, I can close my eyes and still envision the two of them, so beautiful and so loving toward each other. As we watched, Sarah gently slipped her arms around me and we cuddled close together as Kelli and Andi put on their show.

We finished making love and went and slipped into our shorts and t-shirts so that their parents wouldn’t come home and discover for naked girls asleep in each other’s arms.

– To Be Continued… –