Sarah wanted to experience a really big penis, so Kelli decided to arrange another group date with Barry and Sid plus another guy. Of course Barry and Sid jumped at the chance to another date with us. For Sarah, Barry and Kelli recruited another one of their high school friends, Cameron. Unlike Barry and Sid, Cameron isn’t equipped with an over sized penis, he was chosen because he’s so nice, and very, very cute. Sarah would pair up with him for dinner, but we knew we would switch partners once our orgy started so Sarah would get her chance to have sex with the other two guys and she would know what it was like to have her little pussy stretched to the max.

What I didn’t expect all three of us I would agree to let the guys do double vaginal penetrations on us.

Dinner was great, we ate at a neighborhood Italian place and Kelli and Barry (he’s also from a rich family) treated everyone. By then I had learned not to argue with Kelli when she insisted on treating me to dinner. She told me to “just keep on being a good friend”. We were all in a fantastic mood as we left the restaurant.

We decided that instead of going back to the dorm, we would should find a modestly priced but nice motel. A nearby Comfort Inn had suites that suited our needs and we eagerly checked in. It didn’t take long for all of us to get naked. Kelli, in her own commanding way, told the guys to go and scrub their penises so that we girls didn’t have to taste and urine residue when we performed fellatio. The girls all went to freshen up as too, then the fun began.

We began by making love with our respective dates and I think the three girls enjoyed watching each other as much as we enjoyed having sex ourselves. Of course, Kelli looked so sexy as Barry banged his big cock in and out of her. Sarah was really into it, she had that “sex blush” on her neck and upper chest. As soon as Sid pumped his first load into me, he moved over to Sarah. Kelli, the two other guys and I all paused to watch her take her first really thick penis into. Her sweet face had a look of sheer joy on it.

“My god” said Sid “Sarah, you’re even tighter than Kelli and Michelle.” I asked Sarah if she was OK. She gasped “couldn’t be better .ohhh, oh my gosh .it feels so good.”

She was obviously fine so Kelli grabbed Cameron and I grabbed Barry and we both got a good stroke session. Having Barry’s big dick in me again was a treat.

Then the double penetrations began. Kelli said “It’s been a while since I’ve been DP’d. Now since we talk about sex a lot, I knew that each of the three girls had tried anal sex prior to that night, and none of us enjoy it at all. But Kelli wasn’t thinking about a vaginal/anal DP. She meant a DVP. Sarah’s eyes opened wide as she stammered “Is that even possible.”

Kelli said “Well, I’ve been doing it since I was sixteen.”

Barry and Cameron, her two long time high school friends entered her at the same time and it was obvious that they had done this before. Kelli mounted Barry in a pile driver position and Cameron entered her missionary style.

Sarah and I watched, fascinated. Sarah said “I’m seeing it but I can’t believe it.’

Kelli, between pants of pleasure said “You should try it .ohhh .while your pussies are .ahhh ..still full of cum, its ahhh ..a good lubricant.” The two guys continued to use their cocks to stretch Kelli’s tiny pussy to what I thought were its limits for several more minutes.

Before long, Sarah was on top of Sid, doggie style while Barry approached her from behind. I almost protested, I wanted to tell Cameron, with his smaller dick to do the DVP. But I also wanted to see if both giant dicks could fit into Sarah. They did, but I could tell it hurt a bit. The look in her eyes, and her body language told me she couldn’t take this treatment for too long. Barry sensed that she was in pain too because he pulled out.

Kelli gently stroked Sarah’s back and asked if she was OK. Sarah smiled and said she would be fine and started to glide up and down on Sid’s fat penis.

Then it was my turn. Barry laid down behind me and entered me spooning style then Cameron positioned himself in front and entered me. It was only mildly uncomfortable at first, then I really started to enjoy it. I couldn’t believe my itty bitty pussy was able to take so much abuse.

The guys weren’t trying to cum, they were just enjoying the idea that three cute, petite girls were willing to submit to their “molestations”.

Finally, Kelli took her DVP with both Sid and Barry. Obviously, she was used to doing it because she really let them hammer her. Obviously, her pussy was capable of being stretched even more than I would have imagined. I wanted to see if I could take it too so after they pulled out of Kelli, I gave it a try.

I mounted Sid in the pile driver position then laid back on top of him while Barry entered me missionary style. It hurt and I wasn’t able to take more than about four of his eight inches. Kelli joked that I had eleven inches inside of me, meaning all seven inches of Sid’s cock plus half of Barry’s.

It goes without saying that all three of the girls had sore pussies when the guys finished. It was the first, but not the last time we all got together for a sex party. Over time, as Sarah and I continued to see the guys, we both learned to take both big dicks completely into us.

– To Be Continued… –