I had endured weeks at Journey’s End being milked of my lifefluid constantly by hundreds of very pretty women. Unable to control my masterbation needs during all of this, I violated a primary rule…that I must not masterbate myself at any time regardless of my needs.

I had not been able to obey this rule, and had been severely punished, being sent to the special treatment area of the complex for usage by beautiful, and sadistic female personnel.

I had been tortured mercilessly by two pretty nurses, and after being reduced to a sobbing fool, made to promise complete obedience of any order thereafter.

Now I found myself on another assignment, sitting in a room with one way mirrors, waiting for whatever came next. I had been heavily dosed on sophisticated aphrodisiacs again, along with drugs designed to remove most of my conscious will.

The two well dressed training wardens that I had met earlier in the Head Warden’s office came into the room and sat beside me. One of them spoke quietly…

“Did you enjoy your session with Nikki and Sandra?”, she quizzed, as she massaged my still sore pecker. I didn’t know what to say and immediatedly answered..”Yes..I..uh..yes.” She stroked my dick and it was becoming hard now under her expert touch.

“Do you remember what they told you?”, she said seriously, pinching my nuts. “Yes…”, I gushed, looking at her fearfully. She stuck her finger in my mouth and moved it in and out grinning at me. “Suck it!”, she commanded moving four of her fingers into my mouth. I didn’t hesitate at all and sucked her fingers, looking at her.

“Thats a good cocksucker!”, she grunted, “you’re very good at this!” I continued to suck her fingers as the other woman stuck her fingers in my mouth also.

Soon I was sucking both of their fingers and my mouth was stretched to the limit.

She looked at me intently…”There are twenty spectators watching us now, cocksucker…twenty paying customers. We have to make a profit you know.” They pulled their fingers from my mouth and wiped them off on a towel nearby.

“We’re going to leave now dickwad, but we’ll be right on the other side of the windows watching you closely. If you hesitate even a little, and don’t show complete enthusiasum, we will watch you go through another, and even harder appointment with the torture nurses, understood?”


I looked fearfully at the gorgeous women… their perfect asses were outlined against their tight skirts as they walked out the door.

I sat there alone again, looking at the dark, opaque windows, knowing that I was the featured attraction. Soon the door opened and a naked male walked in…he had on a black head cover, and his penis stood out long and hard dripping cum.

He walked over to me and stroked his pecker near my mouth. “Blow me!”, he ordered, as he rubbed his wet pisshole over my lips.

I looked over in shame at the dark glass as his dick pushed into my open mouth. He bulged out my cheeks as he used me, and soon was fucking hard and fast nearing a climax.

He groaned loudly, and just as he shot his thick mass of cum in my mouth the dark window became clear, and I could see twenty leering people oogling me. I couldn’t move and was forced to gulp down his large ejaculation, and the semen splattered out and ran down my chin as I ate it.

I looked at the two assistant wardens, and they were quite amused, and pleased, and indicated so to me.

When he was finished the masked male looked down and called me a good cocksucker, and left the room. I took the towel and wiped off my face…and had the swampy taste of cum in my mouth as the two wardens came back in.

“Good boy!”, one of them said, “you suck real good! Next we’re going to find out how well you suck cunt and asshole.”

They left and the guards took me back to my room where I showered and ate a large meal. After that I slept for at least eight hours and when I awoke found two older women standing over my bed.

They were very attractive women in their fifties, and they also wore tight business suits revealing very nice assets.

The one who seemed to be in charge looked at me lustily. “You’re going to eat my ass…right now!” The guards closed the door and left the three women alone with me, and I pulled the covers back and waited for instructions.

The woman pulled her dress up revealing a perfect ass…she pulled her panties off and her well formed asscrack was spread open a few inches from my face. Her anus was hairy and dark, and had a slight odor to it, indicating that she’d had a bowel movement recently, and had not totally cleaned her rear.

“Suck my asshole!”, she gasped, spreading her nasty cheeks even wider. I was always in an aroused state, and moved quickly forward and stuck my nose in her ass and smelled her open hole. She pushed back and I began to lick her dark bunghole, cleaning the faint residue off, and soon my tongue was shoved all the way up her crapchute…to the hilt…and I was fucking it in and out cleaning her inner recesses.

I began to suck her obscene anus, and soon a thin brown ring began to form around my lips as I eagerly ate her rear hole.

Suddenly she moved back a bit and farted loudly into my open mouth, and I felt my eyes bulge out as I ate it. The smell wasn’t bad…just to the point of being erotic.

She farted several more times as I sucked her shithole, and when she was satisfied, pulled up her panties and turned around facing me.

“You son-of-a-bitch!, she groaned, “you suck ass real good!” The other women pulled their skirts up and took their panties off, and I got a whiff of their fragrant cunts as they pulled me to my knees in front of the bed.

The two spread their well formed legs and revealed two very hairy and juicy pussyholes. One of them grabbed my head and shoved it into her obscene hairpie, and my face was soon covered with a thick salty, and smelly gloss of cuntjuice.

“Eat me asshole!”, she groaned, as I lapped her wet hole with my tongue. I was sliding my tongue into her smelly cunt and eating pussy juice as she masterbated herself, and soon she neared orgasm, holding my head firmly as she squirted her juice into my mouth.

The funky and odorous cuntslime flowed down my gullet, and splashed over my nose and lips as I ate it.

When I’d done her, the other forced my sopping face into her fragrant snatch, and rubbed it in, and spread her slit for me to eat. I lapped my tongue in deeply, and the smell was overpowering but actually made me very horney, and I jacked off as I slurped my tongue in and out of her wet fuckhole.

I began to suck her asshole just as I shot my wad, and she farted at just that moment giving me a hot mouthful of gas along with the mouthful of cunt slime.

I gulped her load down and cuntjuice covered me from head to toe as I gasped for air and fell back on the bed. The lady in charge grinned slyly at me…”Good boy…filthy boy!”

They put their panties back on and left, and the smell of cunt filled the room for hours afterward. I fell into another deep sleep and didn’t awaken until late morning.


After breakfast, I was taken to another wing in the area, and would spend two full weeks having the cum fucked out of me by every nurse and guard in this section. I produced much semen during this time and was traded back and forth like a sextoy.

Soon after these sessions I began a most painful period of extreme forced cum extraction…and they tested all of their latest and most effective methods and ideas on me…using me like a guinea pig. I spent many hours in their special labs squirting and yelping, as my cum filled their storage containers.

My pecker and balls had grown significantly, and the vacuum extension treatments had stretched my already large peter to a length of twelve inches, when hard and fully erect.


I was sent back to the section that I had been in originally, and soon found myself sitting and jacking off in front of pretty women, who degraded me, and collected my ejaculations for storage.

I had broken my habit of jerking off by myself now…and found that I could do it in front of attractive women everyday to my hearts content. There is, however, something quite embarrassing and degrading about doing this, and the hypnotic enhancement sessions that I had forced on me aggravated the problem even further.

Of course, that was their point, they wanted to embarrass me so that I would become hornier, and produce more cum. It was a never ending cycle, and the the pretty women, either singly, or in groups of two or three, embarrassed the cum out of me everyday, until I actually wanted to crawl under a rock and hide.

There was no hiding at Journey’s End, however, and any thought to the contrary was sheer nonsense.

– The End –