After two weeks at Journey’s End I discovered how intensely horney I could be…and this induced state was constant, and unrelenting, and produced with great prejudice by the dedicated female staff.

I was so incredibly hot that I was pressured to masterbate myself, surrepticiously, but was caught several times, unfortunately for me, and found that my moments of intense, and much needed release, would cost me dearly.

My punishment the first few times was done by degradation, in that I was forced to clean the toilet stool lids in the large women’s bathroom area, and I was spanked with a paddle while doing this to insure my complete focus on the project.

After the seventh time, however, the punishments became more painful and corporal. My penis and balls were shocked by the guards with electric wands, with enough force to make me yelp in pain, but not actually with enough power to cause severe physical pain. Finally, on my eleventh infraction of the ridiculous rule however, I was taken to the Head Warden’s quarters for a special evaluation interview.


I was naked and my hands were secured behind me with special restraints, and my ankles with a two foot cord, which allowed limited movement. I was left standing in front of a large desk, that of the high power in this area of the vast complex, the Head Warden.

I was alone in the room, and stood there looking nervously at the finely appointed decor, the wood paneled inlay, the fine furniture, and the unique semen production awards that adorned the walls.

I was becoming quite concerned at this point, because the leg restraints had not been used before, and I knew I had gone over the line with my persistant behavior. I actually couldn’t control myself anymore, since my balls were producing large amounts of cum, and when by myself, I just had to release my deep sexual pressures.

I was being milked each day in ways I could barely comprehend, and the semen squirted out of me in copious amounts, but this made me even hornier when I was by myself.

I deeply regreted ever imbarking on this strange adventure, but I also knew that it was too late, and that I would be forced to endure whatever lie ahead during my remaining time here.

I heard movement in the back room of the office, the rear door opened, and three women walked in, all dressed in expensive business suits, and all quite serious in their demeanor.

One of the women was obvioiusly the Head Warden…she wore a very tight black skirt and business suit, and her pretty face was heavily adorned with makeup. She sat at the desk looking at me briefly. She picked up a folder, and began to page through it making notes on the sides of the pages.

The other women sat beside her at the desk, and they looked at me curiously as they opened small leather bags that they had brought with them.

They fingered through the bags, checking the contents, as they looked up at me from time to time. I could detect a slight malevolence on their faces, and finally one of them pulled out a hypodermic syringe, and a vial, and extracted a clear fluid, and squirted a bit of the contents into the air, in preparation for an injection.

The other retrieved some kind of an ankle band, a sophisticated one, and my stomach began to do flip flops as I stared at them, and their paraphernalia, and their strangely cold attitude, as the Head Warden finished her paperwork.

The Head Warden looked at me with derision in her eyes, and stood and walked around to me as the other two women followed her.

The two women stood on either side of me, and the one with the syringe swabbed my arm and gave me an injection as the other woman grabbed and held my balls tightly. After the injection the extremely pretty Warden spoke to me softly.

“You have violated one of our prime rules a number of times, and , I’m afraid must now be transferred to our special treatment wing, where you will receive special usage while being milked of seminal fluid.” She looked at the women who held my arms now…”These trainers have unique skills, and will indoctrinate you concerning your required obedience of our rules. You will be required to remain in their tender care until further notice.”

She slapped my ass very hard, and spoke to the women quietly, “I think this cocksucker would benefit from special oral usage ladies, if you get my meaning.” The two women smiled widely, obviously amused.

The woman with the leg band attached it to my right ankle, and pressed a button which apparently activated the band. It was leather and plastic with a metal surface inside next to my skin, and about two inches wide. She clicked a remote control held in her hand and I jerked and yelped as a sharp pain stung my lower leg.

“That was the lowest level of pain”, she whispered, “there are nine higher levels. If you don’t obey each order given you with great, great dedication, you will receive more severe punishment. Now get your ass moving fuckface!”


The women smiled widely and led me rudely from the room, slapping my ass several more times as we departed.

I shuffled down a long corridor to a large steel door where two guards waited. The door was opened and we were allowed in, and I could hear a loud ‘clang’, as the door was shut behind us.

The two women shoved me along to an elevator, and we rode downward for several minutes until it stopped with a jerk, and the door slid open.

This was a lower area, and my stomach churned with fear as we stepped out and walked toward a special security desk staffed by two pretty guards.

I was extremely hot from the aphrodisiac they had given me, and felt unusually vulnerable, and my pecker bounced up and down involuntarily. We walked through a wire gate to another area with cubicles along either side.

We entered a large room, filled with many kinds of unusual devices and restrait fixtures, and I was made to stand there while the women conferred with two very pretty nurses.

I could hear them murmuring in the next room, and the nurses nodded their heads in unison and looked at me as they were being briefed. I was near vomiting now, and my dick was dribbling cum on the shiny tiled floor.

Soon they all came in smiling pleasantly at me, and the two well dressed women left the room. I stood there shivering with fear as my poor dick dripped cum.

The two very pretty nurses sat on rolling stools beside me, and begain to fondle my balls and pecker with no great tenderness. They pinched and twisted my balls and made me yell in pain, and seemed oblivious to my discomfort.

One of them finally spoke to me emotionlessly…”The injection you were given will make you feel pain much more intensely, will make you much more agreeable to suggestion, and will also cause you to be extremely aroused, at the same time.” I began to plead with them and the nurse slapped my bare ass very hard as she pulled on my stiff peter.

“Each time you speak we will increase your torture session time, as well as intensity…so you want to keep your fucking mouth closed…and not speak unless requested to do so…am I being understood.?” I croaked involuntarily, looking in fear at both of them…”Yes…I grunted…my voice choked with pain and dread.

“Good….now we’ve been informed that you are to be treated as a cocksucker, and you understand that any reluctance on your part will result in severe pain…nod your head if you understand.” I was shaking terribly now, and nodded my head in agreement.

They strapped me into a fixture as my legs wobbled in weakness, and soon I was leaning bent over, my legs spread widely, and my arms secured tightly in a downward position. They rolled over a stainless steel cart filled with instruments, and sat on either side of me.

The remote for the ankle shock device lay on a nearby counter, and I was hoping they would not have use for it. One of them swabbed my arm and gave me another injection. “This will prevent you from vomiting…we can’t have that can we”, she purred sweetly.

They shoved a rubber cock in my mouth through which I could breath, and fastened it tightly with a strap around the back of my head so that I could not speak or yell.

One of them flipped my rock hard pecker back and forth several times as the other took a long , thin metal tube from the cart and slowly began to insert it up my pisshole.

She dipped it in a paste first and slowly wiggled the tip around my sensitive opening, and then moved it painfully up my hard penis.

The tube slid in further and further as I pulled against the restraint straps , and the wicked device continued all the way up my urethra. I was writhing in pain now, my eyes watering and one of them came around and put a leather bite strip between my teeth.


The nurses stopped to examine their work, and flipped my swollen pecker a few more times. “You will be able to ejaculate through this tube so that we will collect your semen at all times while you are being tortured.”

One of them squeezed my hanging balls painfully, kneading them, and pulling on them.

A weight was attached to my nuts using a special attachment, and pulled them down painfully, making them stretch downward an extra inch or two. “We’re going to leave now for awhile, and when we come back we’re going to electrocute your penis and testes while we masterbate you until you ejaculate. It’s going to be very painful!” With that they left, and I grimaced in pain as the cruel instruments hung from me.

I was sweating now and wanted to throw up but knew that I couldn’t and that it would be very dangerous at this point anyway.

Butterflies of fear were churning my guts now, and I tried not to think of what lie ahead. I tried to put my mind somewhere else, but found that impossible, and my normal sense of fear had been increased significantly by the exotic drugs.

Soon I heard footsteps and my guts wrenched into a knot as I pushed against the restraint straps.

The nurses sat beside me again and connected electrodes to the metal tube and the leads coming from my balls. One of them stroked my pecker while wearing rubber gloves. As one nurse turned on the electric current, the other began to jack me off slowly at first and then increased her pace.

A painful shock ran through my whole cock and nuts, and I yelled against the straps holding me, crying and groaning as the two nurses did their thing, and as the current rose my eyes were bulging in agony, and my body convulsed as my balls and peter were subjected to intense pain.

I cried and grunted and screamed, and finally the nurse jacking me off quickened her hand speed and I let out a loud and muffled groan and shot a very large load of fresh semen into the metal tube.

The thick white liquid was quickly sucked away into another receptacle, and this went on and on until I spasmed uncontrollably, six or seven times, pumping my hips against the nurses vicious hand, again and again as she jacked my hard spitting peter.

“Empty your balls you son-of-a-bitch!”, she wheezed, as the other nurse painfully massaged my hanging nuts to make them give up all their contents.

My balls were hanging a little lower now thanks to the light weight, and when they’d finshed their disgusting labor the nurse flipped my nuts back and forth making them stretch even more as they bounced up and down and right to left.

They got up and released my restraints and removed all of the items on my privates, and two guards sat me on a wheelchair to be taken back to my cell.

Before I was taken away the two nurses looked at me very intently…”You don’t want to visit us again do you boy?”, said one of them, holding my hair in her hand. I looked at her in complete submission and nodded several times, my eyes filled with tears.

“So you’ll do anything you’re told to do without a moments hesitatioin, and with complete dedication?, she sneered at me. “Uh huh…uh huh”…I grunted…I will…yes I will!”

She released my hair and the other nurse smoothed it over gently…”Of course you will cocksucker…”, she winked knowingly at the guards who grinned widely. “Give him eight hours, food and supplements and then take him to the blowjob room.”

They all seemed vastly amused by this, and soon I was being wheeled down the hall to my cubicle. It was just as well, I couldn’t walk anyway and my nuts and cock were on fire like they never had been before.

When we reached my room the guards took me inside and gave me a powerful painkiller and sleep aid, and special foods. I lay down carefully and slept for the next eight hours, completely zonked out.


I was awoken by the two guards, made to dress in a comfortable hospital gown, and wheeled down the hallway again to another elevator.

We went up several floors and when the door opened again I was taken to a room with what appeared to be many one way morrors along the walls, and I got off the wheelchair and sat on a comfortable couch.

The guards left me there and I sat rubbing my sore balls and pecker. I had the distinct feeling that someone was watching me behind the opaque windows, but could detect no movement or sound whatever

I realized that I must obey them completely in the future, and that the slightest infraction would result in another visit to the torture room, and I was sure I couldn’t tolerate another session there. I didn’t savor what that blind obedience would mean, but knew that I really had no choice.

-To be continued…-