I suppose it all began over a Rampant Rabbit. I’ve never really been much of a fan of sex aids though I know lots of men like to see women using them and I’ve occasionally been happy to use a variety of them even the larger ones at the request of the man of the particular moment if that’s what gets him going.However as a general rule I prefer the real article and it was only because a couple of my female friends raved about how good the RR was that I even heard about it. Neither were either of these women as far as I knew adventuress in their sex lives so I thought perhaps I should check the rabbit out.

When I mentioned it to my husband Gary and suggested he buy one for me, he said it would better to visit a couple of places in Birmingham and pick one that I liked. I knew without asking that what he was suggesting was a trawl of the cities sex shops where I would be probably the only real woman in shops full of furtively leering men most of whom you would certainly avoid if you passed them in the supermarket. It amused him and turned him on to think all these ‘unsuitable’ types were checking out his wife. Sometimes it amused me too, to humour his idiosyncratic fantasies.I thought it kept our sex lives interesting and stopped us getting bored with each other. Not that we were conventionally monogamous, both of us had enjoyed an extra marital flirtation here and there and we even had an enjoyable threesome once with one of Gary’s squash partners, another man, after a rather drunken dinner.

So we determined on the following Friday afternoon. It was half term, the kids were away on holiday and Gary could meet me in the city as he finished work early.He was clearly looking forward to this and the days before were full of relentless veiled hints as to what to wear etc. Friday morning began sunny and warm, a portent of summer. I decided to wear a navy polka dot dress that I bought last year and hardly wore. It swirled nicely around my knees,fitted snugly on my hips and had a draw string lace at the bust that you could adjust to bare your shoulders if the fancy took you. Underneath I slipped on a delicate cream pair of french knickers, a matching garter belt and champagne coloured stockings. The garter belts a pain but Gary likes stockings and in any case I find hold ups come down if I have to walk far. I decided on no bra. Despite two kids my 36B breasts stand up on their own and I like the way they move as I walk in my high strappy white sandals.My dark hair contrasted nicely I thought with my pale neck and shoulders. Completing my outfit with a white handbag, poppy red lipstick and a heavy application of my favourite opium perfume I was ready for the train.

Leaving the car at the station I click clacked to the ticket office then to the platform. The looks of a group of young men on the platform reassured me that at forty two my size ten figure was in good shape and I could still turn heads.I smiled to myself happy that my preparations were a success.

The train journey into town was uneventful. The sun through the carriage window was warm on my body through the thin fabric of my dress, as I absentmindedly watched the back gardens and yards of factories flicker by and I was able to eaves drop the conversation of the few others in the carriage. My young admirers from the platform were seated a row back from where I sat at the window. I could just see a couple of them watching me diagonally across the gangway. Their overheard comments made me smile and feel quite sexy, just the right mood for today.One of them ventured “I tell you she’s wearing stockings and not much else under that dress” and his mate replied “some lucky sods going to be shagging her later on and unfortunately it won’t be any of us”. As I left the train at the jewellery quarter I blew them a kiss as it rolled out again to Birmingham.

It was a short step to the pub where I was to rendezvous with Gary.The quarter was busy with lunchtime shoppers and workers making the most of the sunshine in their break. I felt exhilarated with the weather and the attention of the men on their way to their lunch time pints, wondering if they discerned in my demeanour the sense of delicious anticipation of the slightly seedy adventure I was about to embark on. Gary had managed to get a table in the crowded pub and had already bought me a large red wine. He rose to kiss me and I knew from his look that he approved of my outfit. As we parted his hand slid down my behind checking in a brief touch the flimsy knickers and the button of the suspender.’you look great’ he said and took a sip of his Bacardi and coke.

We made small talk for a while, then after a second large wine I asked, ‘OK, what are we doing,and what are the rules?’. He responded ‘Well I thought we’d visit a few sex shops and buy you a new vibrator and maybe a couple of videos.’ Quietly I said ‘but we both know that really you’d like to see me tease and turn on some of those creepy guys you think will be there, wouldn’t you?’ I slid my hand up his leg to his crotch. His hard cock betrayed him. Uncomfortably he agreed, but said he only wanted me to do it if I wanted to. ‘Right’ I said ‘These are the rules! I’ll go wherever you want but If I say its time to go home, we go home. If your not comfortable with anything you let me know by a clear shake of the head and we’ll quit whatever and come home, no recriminations! OK!’ With that I downed the last dregs of my wine and said ‘lead on’.

Gary took my hand and led me through the quarter until eventually a narrow street opened onto a run down but major thoroughfare. Across the road was an Adult Shop at least that’s what it was called. Dodging the traffic we entered the shop via a lobby bedecked with warnings of offensive material and a bead curtain. Inside it was I thought, not having been in such a place before, surprisingly normal. A bit like a regular magazine shop, just grubbier.Racks and racks of mags and videos lined the walls of a long narrow room. Disappointingly we seemed to be the only customers. From behind us a voice asked if we needed any help. Turning round we faced the counter behind which a rather corpulent man sat. He was squeezed into a T shirt through which his flesh protruded from a number of holes.’No thanks we’re just looking’ Gary answered a bit to quickly,’he’s nervous’ I thought.

We browsed the shelves examining videos and magazines. At the far end of the shop was a cabinet displaying an array of vibrators and other sex toys and another with various outfits. Approaching the counter I asked the store owner if he could let me see the vibrators. Easing his stomach round the counter he followed me back to the cabinet and opened the glass door.He stood there the top of his trousers concealed by his overhanging gut. It occurred to me, ‘he’s not seen his cock in a long time.’ Looking straight at my cleavage he leered, ‘which one takes your fancy?’ I pointed to a large veined black one complete with testicles. Gary had stood back affecting to check out a costume but I could tell he was watching intently. I noticed another equally fat man had now appeared behind the counter. The man handed me the vibrator it was about 9 or 10inches long and thick. ‘How do you switch it on ‘I queried’ holding the knob end and offering the balls end to him. ‘Batteries are extra’ he quipped. ‘Well I’m not buying it if I don’t know it works.’ I smiled. He shuffled off to get some batteries. Gary came over to me and kissed me putting his tongue in my my mouth, his cock was hard against my leg. The store owner returned and as he handed the black vibrator to me switched it on. It jerked in my hand powerful and throbbing as he still held it by the balls.’Bet you fancy this up you?’ he demanded with a smirk. I took it from him and as it whirred put its knob end against my left nipple, the vibrations reverberated through me and my nipple showed hard through the dress. As the man stood watching I pulled down the shoulder of my dress exposing the breast I’d begun teasing. I resumed the treatment on the engorged nipple.The fat man was transfixed and perspiring freely, his rank odour permeating the air.Transferring the vibrators attention to the other breast I pulled his head down to the exposed nipple. He began to suck on me gently like a baby.I felt his hand inching my dress up and exploring my behind. ‘Toss me off.’ he pleaded in a whining voice. ‘Drop your trousers then’ I whispered.

He straightened up and began to fumble with the belt that was somewhere under his gut. Dropping to my haunches I began to help him, tugging his scruffy jeans down round his ankles.He wore no underpants and his average size cock poked out from under his belly right in front of my face. Looking up at Gary I paused waiting for a signal. It was obvious he was turned on but he had a sort of glazed look as if he didn’t quite believe what he was seeing.Taking hold of the pulsing stiff prick in my hand I leaned forward almost touching it with my lips. Then still holding it, I said ‘you’re right the vibrator looks a better bet, but I think we’ll check out the prices somewhere else’.

Standing up suddenly I left the poor man standing with his trousers down in the middle of his shop, as grabbing Gary’s hand I made for the door pulling up the top of my dress as we went. His partner made no move as we ducked through the bead curtain and exited into the sunlit street.

I don’t know if we thought we might be pursued but we hurried over the litter strewn pavements away from the shop, both of us laughing a bit hysterically. We turned into a narrow side street. There were no shops just entrances to warehouses many of them with piles of rubbish waiting for the bin men. Gary pulled me into a doorway and began to kiss me and had his hand up my skirt and in my knickers.’That was unbelievable.’ he panted. ‘You wanted me to suck him off didn’t you’ I said ‘ Yes’ he murmured between kisses, ‘I wanted to See his cock in your mouth and then you fucking him and his fat mate, They’re so fucking gruesome and you’re so lovely it really makes me hot’. Squatting down I pulled his rigid prick from his trousers and began to suck him off. In seconds he was groaning he was about to come. As I jerked him to a climax he shot his stuff all over my face and neck.Taking his jis slicked cock back in my mouth I teased the end of his still hard dick with my tongue.

Suddenly there was the sound of a car horn. Across the road less than thirty feet away an Asian guy sat in a transit van and must have watched our performance. He put his head out of the window and shouted ‘Hey gorgeous, You can suck my cock any time, how much you want?’ His accent that curious mix of Brummie and Pakistani many Asians have round here.

‘He thinks your a prozie.’ Gary said stuffing his tackle into his trousers as fast as he could. Standing up I wiped his spunk from my face with a tissue. ‘Well I could be, couldn’t I’. I gave a questioning look at my husband. He made no response. Leaving him leaning weak kneed against the doorway, I crossed the road to the van.Fishing out my lipstick I used the wing mirror to reapply a layer to my smudged mouth.

The guy wound down the window again. I was shaking with nervousness but so turned on. ‘Its ten quid for a blow job’ He motioned for me to get in the van.’Not in the van’ I said. Getting out he led me behind the van. There was an alleyway between two buildings. I followed him about ten yards in. ‘Here do?’ he produced two fivers and offered them to me. As I took the money he pulled me to him and kissed me. This hadn’t been part of the deal but I found myself wrapping my tongue round his as his hands roamed over my body. Sliding down his his body,I thought this not so bad, he had a bit of a belly, but his buttocks felt taut. I pulled his track suit bottoms down past his knees. From the join of his hairy brown legs,his cock stood up long and thick and nearly as black as the vibrator we saw earlier, the end circumcised, bulbous and twitching, his balls a mass of jet black hair. Stretching my jaw wide I lowered my mouth over it. He sighed as I began to gently suck. His hot prick filled my mouth and I lathered it up and down with my tongue. I thought I’ll be be the best whore you’ve ever had. He gripped my face with his hands and pushed his dick in and out of my mouth. Then he paused and asked breathlessly ‘how much for a shag’.Pulling off his cock I responded ‘How much you got’ I still slowly wanked him and slid my hand under his balls to tease his arsehole with my finger.He shivered ‘Only about twenty quid’. ‘That’ll do’ I whispered swallowing his cock again.

He pulled me to my feet and foraging in his pockets produced a tatty fiver and a handful of change which he counted into my hand. It was bizarre but here I was in a filthy alley, a ‘respectable’ mum with a well paid job,about to fuck a stranger for a few quid. Dropping the money into my bag I pulled my dress up. ‘ Nice knickers ‘he commented easing the flimsy material to one side and pushing two large fingers into my cunt. They slipped in easy I was so wet and as he reamed them round inside of me I was instantly on the way to a climax.He smelt of oil and sweat the way my dad used to when he came home from the factory. Pulling my arms out of the dress I.gave his mouth access to my breasts. The nipples were as hard as bullets and it was a genuine sigh of pleasure that came from me when he began to tongue them. Drawing his fingers from my cunt he lifted me bodily.’Put your legs round me he instructed’ With one hand under my arse he held me up while he opened up my cunt and guided his cock in with the other. Leaning my naked back against the cold metal wall of a building he gently lowered me onto his cock until my groin met his. Then he began to thrust in and out with urgency, his swarthy face feasting on my breasts in turn.It felt dirty and brilliant and I found I was making little gasps with every stroke of his dick. Over his shoulder I could see that Gary had followed us into the alley and was observing with that detached glazed look he’d had in the book shop. I began to feel the beginning of the spasms which eventually lead to orgasm. The guy fucking me must have sensed this too as he began to pull my arse cheeks apart as he thrust into me, pushing his fingers into my cunt alongside his cock and probing my bum ring. As my orgasm overwhelmed me he once again began to kiss me and as I convulsed, my juices running round his cock, I was sucking his tongue into me and could feel my sphincter fluttering around his fingers.I was done, but he was not. Putting me down, he left me shaking against the wall. Pulling over some cardboard boxes which lay near, he flattened them, then made me remove my knickers which were soaked anyway and kneel with my bum in the air.It must have been an interesting spectacle as I waited on my hands and knees, my dress round my waist in just my stockings suspenders and high heels. He then began to fuck me once again from behind alternatively leaning over to fondle my tits or holding my buttocks and pushing his thumb into my arse.Every stroke made me squeal with the impact and delight, I wouldn’t come again yet but it was bliss.It was not long before he grunted ‘I’m coming’ and shuddered the last few strokes into me. I contracted my cunt tightly round his dick as it spat its spunk into me. He lay over me for a moment breathing heavily.’That was fucking good’ he mumbled and I felt his cock slipping out of me. He wiped the end of his dick on my bum and stood up.

I too gingerly stood up.Gary had gone. Amazingly my stockings were intact, and I slipped back into the dress, watching the guy pull up his track suit bottoms. Picking up my knickers I put them in handbag. I could feel his stuff leaking from me and running down my inner thighs as I turned to walk away. ‘That guy who was watching, the one you gobbled in the street, is he your pimp or something?’ my first ever punter asked.’sort of’ I answered, not to sure where this was leading. ‘Well if you want to do some business and you don’t mind fucking Asians or blacks, I can get you plenty. You’re a nice piece of ass, but I am not paying any pimp’ He passed me a card with his name and phone number. ‘Thanks,maybe I’ll be in touch’ was all I could say as he disappeared into the street.

Before I got to the end of the alley, Gary appeared. ‘Nice show, I think you enjoyed it as much as he did you dirty sod’ he laughed,’but there’s something here you better deal with and it won’t take much of your time’. Looking down I saw his cock was already out and erect. Turning round, I led him back to where he had just watched me fuck the Asian bloke. Leaning with my one arm against the wall I pulled my dress up revealing my bum.’No knickers, now that’s my girl’. he said as he traced his fingers between my legs, slipping inside my cunt lips. ‘He certainly shot plenty up you,’ he gasped, as he pushed his dick up to the hilt in my well lubricated fanny. His hand came to my mouth and I realised it was dripping a mixture of the previous guys jism and my own juices.I took all of his fingers in my mouth and licked them clean. This was to much for Gary who humped me for about ten strokes and withdrew to shoot his spunk on my buttocks. We both slumped back against the wall. ‘I think I could do with a drink’ Gary said quietly ‘Good idea, lets go’.

When I checked my watch I was amazed that it was only an hour and a half since we left the pub. We took a taxi over to the Digbeth side of town and went into a little pub just getting busy with Friday early finishers. While Gary went to the bar I found the ladies for a bit of repair work. My dress being the sort of material that recovers well, looked ok., as did my stockings, but I needed a bit of a clean up in the active areas shall we say. A few wet wipes later, a comb through the hair, and the re application of the poppy lipstick and I was more than ready for another couple of red wines and whatever may come my way. As I found my way back to my husband I wondered what his thoughts were now. I knew he was turned on by events so far but would he want to continue. I felt I was up for anything just now and would be really disappointed if we went home. It wasn’t easy in the crowded pub to discuss the afternoon in detail, but suffice to say it seemed my husband had enjoyed the sight of me prostituting myself in the alley. In truth while the Asian man had by any standards given me a good time I think it was the sordid situation which had really got me going and which now I wanted to explore further.I suggested perhaps we should return to the bookshop where we had started the afternoon. The idea of giving myself to the two flabby unkempt storekeepers now seemed repulsively appealing as I imagined them exacting their revenge for my earlier teasing.

Gary liked the idea but thought things might not work out as we imagine and it would be better to leave things to chance, after all so far he said ‘I’ve no complaints’. He did suggest that it would be more interesting if it appeared that I was alone to anyone we may encounter, their reactions would he said not be constrained by concern about a husband.. I was happy with that as long as he stayed in close proximity. We agreed to visit another sex shop which he said was just round the corner from the pub. He left first so that he could be there when I entered the shop alone.

The shop was less than two hundred yards from the pub. It looked even more tatty than the earlier one we visited, with boarded up windows and a shabby name board proclaiming ‘Adult book exchange’.Once through the obligatory bead curtain however the scene was much the same shelves and racks of mags and videos everywhere.Unlike the other shop this did not stretch back in one long room but comprised of several small adjoining rooms seemingly devoted to differing sexual appetites. A section devoted to gays, the same for lesbians bondage freaks and so on. As I entered the main lobby of the shop a buzzer sounded to warn the counter staff a customer had come in. There were quite a few men this time and they all briefly looked up from their perusals to check the latest entrant. If they were surprised to see a woman it didn’t show and the man at the counter just nodded to acknowledge he had seen me as he would to any other customer. I couldn’t see Gary, he was probably in one of the smaller rooms away from my line of sight. Moving around the store picking up videos and mags I became aware that a lot of the men were uncomfortable if I stood near them, and didn’t want me to see what they were thinking of buying. If I stayed by them they would move away. Strange, in a place full of images of good looking women with their every orifice stuffed with cocks or other objects that men should be still embarrassed by the presence of a real women.Catching a glimpse of Gary in the far room I approached the counter and asked to see the vibrators. Unlike the previous experience this transaction was almost clinical, not what I wanted at all. The assistant showed me a number including the one we had tried before. I decided to buy it.It cost me more than I’d charged the Asian guy for a shag.

Since entering the shop not one man had spoken to me or even looked me in the eye, but as I carried my purchase from the counter a short stocky black man touched my arm and said.’If its black dick you want?’ pointing at my parcel ‘ I’ve got the real deal and the biggest in Brum.’ He laughed and turned back to the video he was looking at. I smiled a coy smile back ‘I’ll keep it in mind you never know your luck’. Returning to a room at the far end of the shop I discovered rails of costumes. PVC, nurses outfits and the like. A couple of men were examining them and I too began to flick through the display.Selecting a white PVC dress I looked around for a changing room. There was a door with yet another beaded curtain marked ‘staff only’ but other wise nothing. Enquiring at the counter I was told they didn’t have a changing room as mostly the items were purchased by men for their partners, but that if I wished I could use the room behind the curtain.Checking it out it was no more than a broom cupboard with full of junk. Luckily there was an old stool which I could put my dress on.The little room was now occupied by three or four men supposedly surveying the clothing but who I suspect had heard my request to try on the clothes. A tall, paunchy chap in a faded suit stood near the curtained doorway. His florid face and pudding basin haircut would have made him a good Friar Tuck.’Excuse me’ I asked ‘ I want to try this dress on. Would you mind making sure no one comes through here for a minute’ ‘No problem’ he answered smiling. Slipping through the curtain I moved a few items to give me enough space then began to take my dress off. I could see clearly into the room and was sure the curtain offered little obstruction the other way. The pvc number was to big.I took it off and tapped the shoulder of my ‘security’ man through the curtain. Like a gent, he had had his back to me. Handing him the dress I asked if he could find me the next size down.Clearly taking in my complete nakedness apart from stockings and suspenders, he was all enthusiasm and in seconds passed back the required size. This time he remained facing the doorway watching me struggle into the dress. I emerged from the cupboard, the dress clung tightly barely reaching my stocking tops. I was unable to pull up the zip so demanded another favour from the man, who happily obliged. ‘What do you think? Do you think it will get my husband going? He said it turned him on so he thought it would.

Then he suggested he find me something to try on as an alternative. While I was waiting I took off the PVC outfit and stood in the cupboard. There was a steady passage of men across the entrance all pausing to take a peek.One cheeky sod even pretended to walk in, opening the bead strands to have a proper look, then saying sorry.My man returned handing me an outfit which seemed more straps and buckles than material.’Try this’ he gasped ‘I’ve only ever seen it on women in bondage mags but never in the flesh’ He seemed really excited and to be fair I was getting a bit that way, so I agreed.It quickly became clear that it was impossible to put on without help. ‘You’ll have to fasten these straps for me’ I whispered though the curtain.The outfit was black PVC and leather. At the front two hole were cut out through which my breasts protruded then it continued shaped up under the neck and finished with a mask over the face with an only hole giving access to the mouth.The lower half was a sort of hot pants affair with strategic holes for cunt or arse. All this was held together with straps and buckles down the back and the final touch was a dog lead from the collar round the neck. He stood behind me in the doorway feverishly fastening buckles and muttering about how sexy I was and how he’d like to fill my mouth with spunk and fuck my arse.I felt a tug on the lead and followed my man into the shop. I sensed there were now quite a few men in that small room, as was Gary I learned later.My self appointed master began to pull me around the room between the lines of muttering incredulous men.He enjoined them to touch me to feel how beautiful I was, and they did.Twice he stopped and made me bend over so they could see how my cunt pushed trough the PVC holes. Their hands were everywhere, in my mouth, fondling my breasts, and probing my cunt and bottom.Then he said ‘ok gents shows over’ and he led me back to the cubicle.’Did you enjoy that’ he asked. I said I had even though I was a little scared being blindfolded ‘ Will you suck my cock’ Kneeling down I found his engorged member already in front of my face.It was short and fat and I had to open my mouth wide. His trousers had a faint whiff of stale piss or maybe spunk.Maybe it was wearing the mask but every thing sounded and smelt more acutely. He held my head firmly and rapidly slid his cock in and out of my face and erupted in my mouth without warning. I swallowed the vaguely acrid spunk. Just at this moment the storeowner pulled back the curtain.’This is not a fucking knocking shop, so you two can pay for the outfit and fuck off’.he bellowed, and returned to the counter.

My partner in the show, for apparently it was the cluster of men round the doorway watching which had drawn the storemans attention, began to unfasten the buckles. Pausing at my crotch he slid two fingers into my vagina I gave an involuntary shudder. ‘You’re not ready yet to quit playing games are you?’ he whispered.’Would you like me to organise you a little more fun’ As I replaced my dress I asked him what he had in mind.Secretly, I didn’t want to be whisked away someplace Gary couldn’t follow and keep an eye on me, both for his benifit and my security. As we went to the counter he told me of an adult cinema close by where perhaps we might have fun. Gary stood looking at a book near the counter and mouthed ‘Are you ok?’ I knodded and signalled he should follow us.

We walked my new acomplice and I through the almost deserted industrial backstreets.He was not the most prepossessing of companions but clearly confident. As I said before he was a bit over weight enough to make his shirt work out and he walked with a curious rolling waddle both feet splayed. Even so I had to trip alongside of him sprightly to keep up. It was still sunny but in the shadows of the buildings it began to feel a little cool. Arriving in a street bordered by an elevated railway line, David, thats what he said he was called,announced ‘Here we are’. In the archway of the railbridge was the entrance to the cinema.

He paid the admission as he had in fact paid for the costume though I had not said I would ever wear it again for him or anyone else.Guiding me into the cinema he selected seats on the end of a row about halfway down. It was very dark and difficult to see if there were any other people there. On the screen a very attractive blond was sucking enthusiastically on a big black cock while an equally endowed white man was shoving his cock up her arse. David lost no time in getting going.

He began to kiss me declaring he could taste his spunk on my mouth. Pulling up my dress he eased it up and over my shouders, draping it over the seat in front of him. I was sitting naked in the cinema.Looking round as my eyes became accustomed to the light, I could see there were a few people in and all men as far as I could make out.My companion began kiss my breasts and to stroke my cunt making me put my feet up and wide on the back of the seats in front.Someone made their way from the other end of the row and sat down next to me.It looked like the black guy I had spoken to earlier in the shop but I wasn’t sure.Sliding out of his seat he dropped under my legs and pushing Davids hand away began to lick me out.Whether it was because I was as horny as a stoat because of the intense activity I don’t know but I began to come almost imediately in buckets, spraying the shirt of the guy who’s tongue was doing such a good job.Meanwhile David had stood up dropped his trousers and was again feeding his dick into my mouth. From behind me another set of hands were carressing my breasts and tweaking my nipples.The cock in my mouth began to spurt and David pulled it out to splatter my face. My hands were on the bald head of the guy between my legs as he continued to tease the walls of my fanny. Lifting his head hetold me to kneel up on the seat. It was the black guy from the shop.I did as he said and reached round to encounter a very big dick. Guiding to my hole I released him and despite its obvious length and girth it slid in up to his balls easily.As he began to pound my cunt I held onto the seat. The young man behind who had been massaging my breasts offered his cock to my mouth.I sucked on it like a school kid with a lolly. He shot his load into my mouth in what seemed like seconds,whereupon the guy sitting two seats up shuffled over and filled my empty mouth with his dick. The sensation in my cunt began to build again and as guy pulled out of my mouth to jet his stuff all over my face I began to orgasm again. My black lover too reached his climax and held me tight as his cock pulsated its white cream inside me.

For a few moments no one moved and I realised David was missing.Then suddenly he reappeared. The black guy pulled his long now softening dick from me and David resumed massaging my cunt and bottom. I realised he was spreading some cream on and in me as he began to push his fingers into my arse as well as my cunt.Another black guy was now sitting in front of my face pulling on a very respectable cock. Reaching out I pulled his dick to my lips and once again began to suck off a strangers penis. Without warning Davids penis entered my cunt. It slid up and down a couple of times wallowing in the sperm of the previous donor. Then he pulled out and placed at my anus. As he pushed I pushed back opening my ring as though about to shit. Abruptley it slid in and he started to fuck my arse properley.The black guy I was sucking had been joined by a friend so I was now sucking them in turn.David began to shout that he was going to come up my bum .I shouted not to stop as I was about to climax as well.The two guys facing me began to jerk their cocks in rythm with my movements and ejaculated almost similtaneously over my face neck and breasts.He shot his load up my arse and pulled out.I turned shouting ‘someone finish me off, somebody fuck my arse’. Some white guy already had his cock out and was quickly in me. He held me gently while he pounded in and out for the few seconds it took. He lowered me down as I collapsed into the seat.As I lay there stupified, a guy came up parted my legs got his dick into me and fucked away to a climax,While he did so two others jerked off and added their jism to that I was already spattered with. I hadn’t the energy to encourage him or complain.

I was vaguely aware of someone putting my dress back on and kissing me in a familiar gentle way.It was of course Gary. He too was sated and according to him had had the pleasure of me during this episode. We exchanged a couple of phone numbers said goodbye to David and the huge black guy and left to find a taxi home. We have plenty of memories now to fuel our sex life for some time to come, but I wonder if having tasted and enjoyed the seedy side of sex we will be able to keep away from it.

– The End –