The cell was stark and dim. Cindy was terrified and totally
alone. Her world ended at the concrete wall just beyond the bars
which stared daringly at her and mocked her terror. She was
considered beautiful..short black hair, blue eyes, a pert nose,
thick, red, moist lips. Her body was covered from shoulders to
ankles in the standard dress for the women, a sheer white long
tunic with a leather belt. Although her feminine assets could be
partly hidden by arranging the folds of the tunic just so, it was
obvious that her breasts were full and firm, her waist narrow, her
hips and ass trim and well-rounded. Her legs were very long and
well-tapered and her ankles thin. Arranging the folds
appropriately to hide her charms was difficult, because her hands
had been tied behind her and attached to a metal ring in back of
the leather belt which cinched her waist. She trembled at the
possibilities which raged through her mind.

In her early 30s, Cindy was still unmarried, but no stranger
to sex. She had been reared in a rather modest home, and was not
accustomed to performing “unnatural” sex acts, or even having sex
more than once or twice a year…and never in the light…and never
with anyone “experienced.” In fact, she really was too ashamed of
her voluptuous body and the feelings which it aroused within her to
allow herself to actually enjoy sex at all.

She had been drugged and captured in a parking lot only two
days earlier. She had awakened to find her expensively tailored
business attire had been removed by unknown persons, and she found
herself naked under the tunic which she now wore. cindy shuddered
as she realized that she had no idea whose eyes had feasted on her
nudity. She wondered what liberties had been taken during her
period of unconsciousness.

She had no idea exactly where she was, but she knew she was at
the mercy of a cult of sex slavers. Cindy had been “given” to one
of several “trainers” whose job seemed to be to train new captive
girls in the codes of conduct expected by their captors. She had
steadfastly refused the most basic demands of her new slave
trainer. Such refusals, she had been sternly warned, would bring
unmentionable punishments.

Her refusals had resulted in her being bound and placed into
her cell to await trial. TRIAL…a JOKE!! Her only role in the
“trial” was to be taken for sentencing after judgement had been

Her mind began to reflect on the events earlier in the day.
After refusing the demands of her trainer, her hands were bound,
and she was thrown into the care of a cadre of other female
“trustees.” They promptly took the hapless captive into a
“preparation chamber where her hands were freed, and she was told
to strip naked. She again refused. Her hands were rebound behind
her, and the sheer tunic was crudely ripped from her body. She was
examined and her ravishing sexuality was carefully described in the
most vulgar of terms.

“Look at what lovely tits she has…milky white!”

“Yes, but the nipples are a bit pale. We’ll have to give them
a bit of color, don’t you think?”

“Of course, but that’ll be easy.””

“Look how flat her tummy is, and what a neat bush of pussy
hair she has. Pity she can’t keep it.”

At that remark, Cindy shuddered. The prospect of having her
pussy shaved nude and completely exposed was beyond her
comprehension. However, she quickly decided that the smart thing
to do for now was to remain silent.

“Her legs are so long and slim. Look how there is a small
triangle at the top, even when her legs are touching at her knees!!
You can see her cunt through it ever so clearly!”

I bet you can see her cunt from the rear when she bends over.
Let’s see!”

Cindy was embarrassingly forced to keep her knew together as
she was bent forward at the waist. Her face was beet red.

“Look! You CAN see her cunt through her legs. Isn’t her ass
a beauty? Her cheeks are SOOO tight and firm. And her ASSHOLE–
its so-so-so TIGHT and PUCKERED! Makes me want to LICK it here and

At that, the hapless captive stood straight up and howled.

“NOOOOOOOO–you mustn’t do that . It’s-it’s-INDECENT to do
things like that to a girl–especially by other girls!!”

“Far worse than that’ll be done to you before they’re through
with you, for sure.”

With that, they untied her hands from the back, and retied
them to a hook in front which was attached to a pulley system
hanging from the ceiling. Her feet were shackled to two widely-
spaced rings in the floor. Then one of the tormentors tightened
the rope against the pulley. Cindy’s hands were drawn high and
tight against her shackled ankles, so that her chest, abdomen,
legs, and loins were stretched taught. The position was racking,
but quite effective. Cindy’s pussy lips were gaping wide and her
clit pertly protruded out of its hooded sheath as if to take a peek
past the clouded veil of false protection of the soft, dark pussy
hair. Cindy knew she would die of shame, but her struggles to
cover her most intimate parts were useless. She then remembered
that the only ones to see her helpless spectacle so far were the
three female “trustee” slaves. SO FAR!! She panicked anew when
she realized that her predicament rendered her helpless and totally
available to the gaze and desires of ANYONE who might decide to
walk into the room!! The thought brought renewed futile struggles
against her bonds. Cindy finally abandoned all hope of changing
her position, and awaited her fate with silent outrage.

The preparation was at once both sensual and humiliating. She
was bathed head to toe with sponges of soap and water. The bathing
was slow and methodical. The slaves spent time gently caressing
her breasts and nipples with the sponges. As the sponges moved
slowly lower, the captive girl felt her breathing quicken and her
muscles stiffen.

“PLEASE! Not my PUBIC area!!”

“What do you call it, slave?” asked one of the bathers.

“M-my pubic area.”

“I call it your CUNT! SAY it!”

“That’s so VULGAR! I can’t!”

“SAY IT!!”


The taught captive was pleading, panting, sweating, and
totally without composure. The onslaught continued until the
bathers were satisfied.

It took a long, long time!

As a last indignity, the bathers completely shaved off all
pussy hair from the captive girl. They were kinder now. they
avoided stimulating the clit at all, but in the process of putting
on the shaving cream, shaving, and cleaning after, “accidental”
stimulation would occasionally occur, bringing spontaneous
struggles and pleading from the captive. After perfuming, doing
the captive’s hair, and dressing her in a new tunic similar to her
first one, the “trustees” took Cindy’s hands down and again tied
them behind her back, attaching them to the new leather belt which
again cinched her waist. Her feel were unshackled, and she was led
to her cell where she now awaited the pronouncement of her

As she awaited her fate, the sexual novice was aware of her
freshly-rouged nipples which were now standing erect because of the
stimulation of the tunic which partly covered them. She was
painfully aware of her pussy–now shaved and totally exposed in a
way ever bit as shameful as she had imagined, and covered only by
the careless folds of the sheer tunic. But mostly, Cindy had
become aware of a new and more terrifying feeling–a feeling worse
than just being bound and helpless and totally exposed. It is the
awareness of being powerless to do anything but endure whatever
sensation anyone might wish to inflict! Defenses are abandoned.
Sensitivities are heightened. Time looses meaning. The rebellion
of the mind and body mean nothing. Desperate efforts to remove the
offensive stimulus mean nothing. One must simply endure totally
without control. A girl in such a predicament is Totally sexual!
Totally pain! Totally ticklish! All tits, pussy! Totally female!
Totally helpless! TOTALLY VULNERABLE!! Cindy wondered which was
worse, the sentence itself, or her anticipation of the sentence.
Somehow, she knew that the preparation was nothing compared to what
awaited her. Her darkest fantasies could not begin to grasp the
insults to her secret senses which would be her sentence.

Continued in Part II