My wife and I were in San Francisco for a meeting, and were

staying in a hotel near the convention center downtown. Our room

was on the 16th floor, and faced east toward the bay. The

windows in our room were very wide, covered with curtains, and

reached nearly from ceiling to floor. Another hotel was about

two blocks away, and was nearly as tall as ours. I am a bit of a

voyeur, and always bring a set of binoculars along on such trips.

My wife and I not only enjoy observing the “activity” in the

adjoining hotels, we also enjoy viewing the scenes in the streets


We had been into bondage as a part of our sex play for some

time, and had discussed public bondage, but she had always been

reluctant to go along. She voiced concerns over getting caught,

her vulnerability in unknown situations, etc., all of which were

perfectly true potential problems. I respected her concerns,

since she would be the one tied up and defenseless should

something unexpected happen.

After returning to the hotel the last night we were to be in

town, my wife was in the shower. I darkened the bedroom and took

out the binoculars. I began looking through my binoculars at the

street below. Nothing was going on, so I brought the binoculars

up to the hotel across the way. Directly across from our room, I

noticed a man in the window looking back through binoculars at

our hotel. Suddenly, I had an idea!

I quickly closed the curtains and turned on one room light.

The effect was one of romantic low lighting. My wife came out of

the shower, naked, except for a towel wrapped around her and

tucked over her breasts in front.

She was a short haired brunette in her mid-forties, but

looked like she was in her early 30s. She was about 5-6, with a

doll-like face and nose, tremendous figure, and smooth skin. She

liked showing off her figure, but in a way that was classy, not


“Feel like playing the slave tonight?” I asked as I held her

to me, pinning her wrists playfully behind her back.

“Welllllll, if you insist, Master,” she said, in her coy

voice. She knew I always brought some restraints, masks,

blindfolds, and other toys on these joint trips, but she was

never sure just what I had brought. I took a chair without arms

from the desk and placed it in the middle of the room, facing

away from the curtained windows. My wife straddled the chair,

and placed her arms behind her over the back. I soon had her

tied fast, with her arms drawn down behind her and her knees

spread wide. I raised her ankles off the floor and tied them to

the rear chair legs on either side. The towel had slipped a bit,

and I rearranged it and fixed the opening with two spring clips

so that she was again completely covered–for now!! I

blindfolded her, and began to play under the towel. I reached

inside the towel and gently stroked the sides of her breasts and

slowly tickled her ribs and stomach. I avoided her pussy

altogether–for now!! Then I stopped.

“What are you doing?”

“I just want to check something. Wait a minute.”

I took out the binoculars and slightly opened the curtains

behind her . Looking across the way, I saw the same man still

looking back. I would give him something to make his night! I

closed the curtain.

As I began turning her chair, I said, “I’m going to turn you

around facing the window. I believe it will be better this way.”

“What will be better?” she asked, a bit nervously.

“You know how we have discussed public bondage and sex play.

You were always understandably reluctant because of the obvious

dangers involved. Well, here’s a way that we can do it and not

be in danger.”

“What do you mean?” She already felt her pussy getting wet

at the idea of being seen naked and bound, not to mention being


“There is a hotel across the way. If anyone happens to be

looking this way with binoculars, they will get a real show.”

“I’m not sure–Oh, God! You’re going to do it, aren’t you??

Have you thought this through??”

“First, I’m going to cover both our faces with the ski masks

we brought. I’m going to keep your eyes uncovered, because I

want you to be able to see, too. If anyone is looking, they

can’t identify us. Second, it would be next to impossible for

anyone over there to correctly identify our room. Third, we are

leaving in the morning. Fourth, you have no choice at this


“Well, since you put it that way…Anyway, we don’t know

anyone’s watching. It will probably be OK. I’m game!”

“Might as well be.” I put on our ski masks, and moved her

chair closer to the window. Two lamps were against the wall next

to the window. When I turned them on, my wife’s bound body was

lit up like the New York City Christmas tree. The romantic

lighting suddenly was very stark and revealing. “Ready?” I asked.

“Y-Y-Yes. I might as well be, as you say.”

I opened the curtains slowly, as if to tantalize an audience

that I knew was there, but she did not yet know existed for sure.

Suddenly, her awareness of the possibility of being seen

increased. The curtain was open, she was tied facing a hotel,

she was in full light, she was totally naked under her towel, she

was spread wide! Moreover, she knew that when I started to work

on her, her involuntary reactions would be very arousing to

anyone watching. She would feel humiliated, and excited all at

once. Her pussy was tingling with excitement at the possibility

of being discovered and watched! She quickly glanced at the

hotel, but did not seem to notice the silhouette of the man in

the window. I started working on her before she could

concentrate on trying to find any audience that might be


I began by standing behind her and gently stroking her neck

and shoulders and the sides of her tits above the towel. She was

very ticklish, and found the combination of tickling and bondage

very sexually stimulating. Her struggles in bondage were

greatest while being tickled. Although she always pleaded

incessantly, she confided often that she never actually wanted me

to stop.

My stroking caused her to start to struggle against the

tickling fingers.

“Oh, God, you’re starting early, aren’t you?”

“I want anyone watching to see you really struggle, that you

are really tied tight, and are completely in my control.”

Her fantasies took over, and her struggles increased. She

twisted and turned and tried to bring her knees together, all

unsuccessfully. She threw her head back and forth and side to

side, and frequently looked at me, begging me with her eyes to

stop as if she were playing a silent movie role. She begged and

pleaded verbally, but she realized the fantasy audience could not

hear her. So, she accentuated her visible pleadings for ‘his, or

their’ benefit.

I whispered, “Now I’m going to pull your towel down and show

off your tits.”

“Oh, God! Wait, wait a minute. I’m not sure I can do this

anymore! Are you sure it’s OK? I mean, I’ve never been naked in

public before. I’m sure the way I react will be very humiliating

if we’re seen. God, it’s exciting, though. My pussy is


“You’re forgetting, you have no choice. You will be

displayed to anyone watching in the hotel.”

I untucked the towel and removed the top spring clamp. The

towel fell away to the waist, revealing her 36-D tits and their

large, pink areolae. Her tits did not droop, but stood out

proudly from her chest. I could not help but notice she

unconsciously raised her chest slightly, as if proud to display

her tits. As I cupped her tits from behind, I said, “I want to

present you to the audience.”

“AAAAAHHHHHHH!! God, I’m embarrassed! What if someone sees


“Then they will see you. You’re magnificent. Don’t be

ashamed!” I squeezed and kneaded both tits simultaneously, and

raised them to present them to the man I knew was watching. I

gently stroked the nipples, and then stepped around to her right

side and began suckling her nipples. She threw her head back and

began moaning and raising her hips slightly in rhythm with my

sucking motions on her tits. Then I stepped behind her again and

continued my stroking.

“I want them to see your tits jiggle,” I said. I began

stroking the sides of her tits and her ribs. She exploded in

laughter and began bucking up and down in the chair. She was

unable to prevent her tits from bouncing up and down as she

bucked against my fingers dancing across her ribs.

After a couple of minutes, I was ready for the big news.

“Now, I’m going to remove the towel altogether, and let him see

your gaping pussy, too!”

“What do you mean, HIM!!??”

“Well, I have to tell you now that someone has been watching

all along. There is a man in the hotel directly across from our

room that has a pair of binoculars. I spotted him while you were

in the shower. If you look, you can still see his silhouette in

the center window right across, look!” I did not point, because

I did not want him to know that I knew he was there…watching.

She saw him! “Geez, you’re going to really strip me naked

with him watching, aren’t you!!?? Can he see my nipples and

cunt? Can he tell I’m naked and tied? God, are you really going

to make me cum with him watching??!!”

“Yes, to all the above. With those binoculars, he can not

only see your nipples and cunt, he can see your clit swell and

your juices flow.” I lied a little, but I wanted to heighten her

excitement as much as possible. “I’m going to take your towel,


She moaned and threw her head back as the other spring clamp

was removed, and the towel fell across the chair seat beneath

her. Her breathing quickened, her hips rose a bit, and her knees

fell apart a bit more. I knew she was thrilled at being

completely exhibited to the stranger.

I placed the “Swedish” vibrator on my right hand, but did

not turn it on. She had not noticed the vibrator. I reached

down with both hands and gently pulled her labia apart, showing

her swollen clit and her pink pussy to the stranger with the

binoculars. Then I began to gently stroke her slit up and down,

occasionally burying a finger up to the hilt in her cunt. I

moved around to her right side again, and continued to play with

her cunt as I resumed my sucking on her tits and nipples. She

became lost in arousal.

“That’s it, show him what you’ve got. Raise your hips up

and give him a good view of your pussy. Spread your legs as wide

as you can.”

She followed my command, presenting her pussy as widely as

she could. Her hips started rising and falling, rising and

falling with the stroking finger.

“You didn’t notice, but I have the vibrator on my hand.”

“AAAHh, AAHhh! AAaare you goo..AAHhh going t-t-to t-t- AAahhh!

Turn it O-O-Oon?”

I removed my hand for a second. “Of course I am. Don’t be


She got her breath and composed herself for an instant.

“God, that thing drives me wild! You’re going to make me crazy in


As soon as the vibrating fingers hit her pussy and clit, she

went wild!!

“Yep, I am. I want you to put on your best involuntary show

for our guest observer. You wouldn’t want anything but your

best, would you?”

She bucked wildly. She raised her hips so high, she was

practically horizontal, pointing her gaping pussy directly toward

the window. I began to resume sucking her tits as I continued

the up and down motions with my fingers along her slit. Then I

suddenly crammed three fingers into her hole and mashed my thumb

against her clit and held it there. She stopped in mid air, and

the first of several shattering climaxes hit her. I continued

playing with her until several more were unleashed. Then I

stopped and allowed her to recover a bit.

“What do you think, do you want to show him some more?” I

asked, playfully.

“Can you cover me now? God, I’ve never been so humiliated

and embarrassed!”

“Don’t forget aroused and excited, too!”

She blushed, “Yeah, that’s true, too. But, geez, to

actually have my tits and pussy shown, and to be made to cum too,

that’s really way out! I loved it!! But it is humiliating too.”

“It’s also beyond your control. In your slave role, you are

mine to show to whom I please. I don’t want to ever do it in a

way that’s dangerous. Trust me.”

“I do. Keep me naked, show him some more. I really want

to, I’m just embarrassed and scared. But I’m more excited!”

I closed the curtains, and untied my wife from the chair, but

left her hands bound just in case she tried to back out of more.

After turning the chair down with its back on the floor, I retied

her to the chair straddling the “front” legs, and bent her down

forward to tie her wrists to the back of the chair now resting on

the floor. The resulting position was that of

presenting her pussy and ass to the window from the rear.

“I wasn’t counting on this!! You’re going to present me in

the most degrading position imaginable!!”

“Slaves are supposed to be humiliated. I want him to see

all of your most intimate parts. I am presenting you to him as I

see fit. You have no choice but to allow yourself to be seen.

I’m going to reopen the curtains, now.”

She truly was presented in a position every bit as degrading

as she imagined. As her protests continued, I replaced the

vibrator on my right hand again, turned it on, and began to

stimulate her cunt once again, this time from the rear and from


“But my a-a-AAHHH-asshole-AAAAAA-GEEEZZZZ!!! asshole is on

full d-d-dispAAAAAAAAHHHH!!”

“Display? Yep, it is, and your cunt is dripping again. All

part of the show!”

I stroked her slit and slowly spread her juices toward her

asshole. She immediately knew what I planned.

“PPLLLEEASE DON’T–Don’t stick your fingers in my ass in

front of him!!” She knew pleading was useless, but now she was

really into the game. Begging was always part of the game.

“PPLLEASE! You know that is my most sensitive spot next to my


I squeezed her clit between my first and second fingers as

my thumb slowly–SLOWLY–entered her puckered nub. She came

unglued again! She raised straight up from the chair,

straightening her legs almost to their fullest, and began shaking

her ass up and down in the air, spreading her knees widely each

time she came down. With her ankles spread wide, her tits were

clearly visible hanging down between her knees each time she

straightened her legs out. The view presented to the observer

was magnificently complete!

None of this was lost on my wife. She shook her ass and

jiggled her tits as the second series of climaxes hit her. She

was absolutely magnificent in her reactions. After several

climaxes, I turned off the vibrator and took it off my hand.

“Hold that pose,” I said.

I quickly removed my clothes and put the vibrator back on my

hand. The touch of my cock against her pussy startled her.

“You’re going to fuck me now?! You haven’t humiliated me

enough?! You have to fuck me in front of him, too, and from the

rear–doggie style?!!!”

She wasn’t demanding that I not do it, I noticed.

“Yep, I’m gonna fuck you, too. Isn’t that a part of your

best show, too?”

I slid my rod into her from the rear, and reached around and

continued stroking her clit with my vibrating fingers. She was

soon bucking against my rod as it slid in and out of her pussy.

I was sure that the observer had a clear view of all the action,

including a full view of her jiggling tits between our legs as

she humped my rod. We soon came in shattering simultaneous

climaxes, and I withdrew to allow the stranger to view my cum

trickling down her leg…the last thrilling humiliation she was

to endure for the evening.

As I closed the curtains, I couldn’t resist the temptation,

“Th-th-that’s all, folks!”

My wife chuckled at the irony of the joke as I untied her.

“Well, still opposed to public bondage?”

“Well, not if it’s as safe as this. When are we going out

of town again?”

I smiled. I knew I had her now. The next time would be

more public, but I just had to figure out a way to make it as


The End