Terry and I were both filthy, but happy, happy, tired and horny.

When Derek told Terry that he’d been given a bedroom with a double bed, I realized that my sisters fiancĂ© was something special, we took our dirty overalls off outside and I was a very tired but very happy bunny when Terry knelt down and slipped my panties down over my thighs.

We got under the shower together and it seemed as though the spray rejuvenated us both, I forgot all about how dirty I was as he leaned me back against the wall and lifted up my left leg, the feeling of his gorgeously erect prick nudging against the entrance to my hole was enough to get me gasping and clutching at him urgently.

It was the most beautiful experience of my life, he was inside me, his cock doing incredible things to my pussy, but he was washing my hair running his shampoo laden hands through it sensuously as he moved inside me, he washed my face, my neck, my breasts and my back and it was only when he moved his hands downwards to wash my bottom, that I exploded and swore at him obscenely,

“Will you stop being so fucking nice and gentle and just fuck me?”

He grinned at me and turned me round roughly so that I had to use both hands against the shower wall to hold myself up, my bottom was jutting out and I gasped as I felt him sliding into me again, his hands cupped my breasts and he began rutting into me like a dog, my nipples felt like bullets under his fingers as he rolled and squeezed them.

I felt his lips on my neck sucking and nibbling, he bit my ear lobe and licked inside my ear as he fucked me hard, he was breathing heavily now and I felt as if his prick was my whole world, it was all that I could think of, it filled me, my cunt and my senses.

I turned my head and our mouths met wetly, our tongues delved and explored, we sucked and licked and swallowed saliva, he moved his hands down from my breasts, over my stomach and I gasped again as his big, work worn hands found the very core of my being, a thumb ran over my clitoris and a finger joined it, together they squeezed the little nub gently and sent me into a wild, threshing and very loud orgasm,

“I’m coming Angie” he hissed in my ear, “Angie, fuck yes, yes baby”

I squealed again as I felt his cock spurting inside me and I think it was at that moment that I knew I would marry this lovely shy man.

It was almost teatime before I awoke again feeling refreshed and ready for anything, I heard a noise in the corridor outside Terry’s room and pulled on his shirt to investigate,

“Oh my God” I laughed, “Don’t you two ever stop?”

Terry and Derek were plastering the walls where we’d done all the knocking out last night, but as neither of them were tradesmen at plastering, there was more on them than on the walls,

“Hey up mate” Derek laughed, “It’s that woman who you said abused you this morning”

Terry grinned shyly and kissed me tenderly,

“Hello gorgeous” he smiled, “Any chance of a cup of tea?”

The way I felt about him, I’d have run a bloody marathon for him so boiling a kettle was nothing, I went downstairs and put a kettle on and then felt a feminine pair of hands encircling me under the shirt,

“Hello little sister” Cathy said softly, like earlier on with Terry, I tilted my head back and kissed her, she was slightly damp and smelt fresh and her tongue was a lovely, lively little snake as it slithered between my teeth,

“You look happy” she smiled as I turned to her and I nodded in agreement,

“Yes” I said, “I am, I’ve made my mind up Cathy, I’m going to marry Terry, one way or the other, he’s the one I’ve been looking for”

“Mind you” I added and ran my hands down onto her bottom, “I’m not giving up girls as well”

Like me, Cathy wore only a shirt and there were no panties beneath my hands as I caressed the flesh of her bottom, our mouths touched again, our lips parted and our tongues intertwined, I felt her heavy breasts crushing mine and I moaned softly into her mouth,

“Let’s take the tea up to the boys and then go back to bed”

I saw how Terry’s eyes nearly popped out when he saw how my sister was dressed, her breasts were only just covered by the shirt and the underside of her cheeks were displayed temptingly as she walked,

Derek was chuckling too and said to Terry, “No mate, she isn’t”

“Isn’t what?” he asked innocently and then blushed bright red when she lifted up the front of her shirt,

“Get used to it Terry” Derek laughed as he kissed my sister, “You’ll see a lot more of that with us lot, believe me you will”

Charlotte had stirred as we again reached the kitchen, but unlike us, she had on panties beneath a very short robe,

“I just got up to use the toilet” she yawned, “But I wondered where everyone had gone to”

Whilst I told her where the boys were, Cathy opened her robe and nuzzled into her lovely little breasts, her lips taking in each nipple and sucking them lovingly,

“You’re sex maniacs you two” she giggled, but made absolutely no objections when I knelt down and took hold of the waist band of her tiny panties,

“Am I being raped?” she asked and giggled when she drew my head between her legs,

I nodded in agreement as I handed the panties up to Cathy,

“Yes darling” I breathed into her cunt, “You’re about to be violated”

I sensed Cathy standing beside me and glanced up quickly to see her wiping the panties over her face, I smiled and turned back to examine every detail of the beautiful little slit in front of my face, I felt a nail running softly down my spine and I shuddered as Charlotte eased herself forward and wrapped both legs around my neck.

Cathy straddled me, the wetness of her slit anointing my naked back, she leaned forward and kissed Charlotte whilst rubbing her smooth pussy along the ridge of my spine.

Charlotte was leaking now deliberately, rolling her hips lewdly against my mouth, I sucked her wetness out and swallowed then went back for more as I eased a finger into her tight little anus,

She gasped and I felt her hands in my hair gripping and pulling me into her cunt, the wetness increased and I had to gulp, but it was sweet and I relished it, above me Cathy was panting and gasping, the pressure on my back increasing as she rubbed harder and harder.

I rammed my finger hard upwards and Charlotte squealed and climaxed as she writhed against my mouth, more of her tangy liquid filled my mouth and just the thought of what this beautiful, sexy girl was doing sent me over the top into my own orgasm, Cathy groaned and I felt her own delicious wetness flowing onto my naked skin.


It was late when I finally cleared all the remains of the plaster away and went dreamlike through into our bathroom, I’d already thanked Terry for his help and sent him off to bed, he was as knackered as I was, but his help had been invaluable.

I showered and shaved and crept into bed beside Cathy and Charlotte who were wrapped in each other’s arms, faces together and legs entwined, it was a beautiful, sexy image but I was almost asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!

Almost unbelievably, it was almost noon before I awoke and hurried downstairs to ask why nobody had woken me,

The foyer was almost invisible under a mountain of suitcases, rucksacks, travel bags and hold alls,

“Why the hell didn’t you wake me?” I thundered, but the sight of three lovely faces all grinning at me calmed me down and I realized that they’d checked all the new arrivals in themselves so that I could sleep,

“Sorry” I muttered, “Was Terry up on time?”

“Relax Derek” Cathy said softly, “Everyone who booked in has checked in, Terry was well on time and all we have to do is to take their bags up to whichever rooms you’ve allotted to them, we don’t know who is who so we told them we’d have everything sorted out for when they get home tonight”

I felt very churlish when Charlotte added that everyone had got on the work’s bus complete with sandwiches etc which all three of them had prepared, but it was Angela who snapped me out of it by stepping out of her panties,

“Come on girls” she laughed, “Our lord and master is in a grumpy mood because he’s tired, so get ’em off”

And I had three sexy and very fragrant pairs of knickers thrown at me,

“Go and have a shower or a bath darling” Cathy said and kissed me on the lips, “You’ve worked wonders and now it’s our turn, your breakfast will be ready whenever you come down again”

The next few months flew by, the money rolled in every week, we all worked hard, very hard, but we were all rewarded by the thanks and friendliness of the contractors, I spent most of my spare time doing up the grounds and the car park, I planted shrubs and bushes as well as young trees, it was a wonderful and very rewarding time and then one day as Cathy and I lay in bed together, she broke the news to me,

“What shall we call it Derek?”

“Call what?” I suddenly didn’t feel drowsy anymore, I turned round to look at her smiling face,

“The baby I’m expecting, of course, what else?”

“My whoop brought Charlotte in from her room next door and she hugged us both when we told her the news.

We sought out a lawyer the following day and began proceedings for her to file for divorce, I wanted to marry her before our child was born, everyone was kind, Angela cried, Terry pumped my hand and kissed his future sister in law and I swear I saw a hint of a tear in his eye!

Some shuffling around in our quarters was necessary, but within a month, we had a little nursery all set up and I went with her to the doctor’s for a scan,

“What colour have you done the nursery?” he asked her after carefully studying the scan,

“Why?” I asked, dumb as usual and the doc laughed, “Because if you’ve done it in blue, you’ll just have to do it again”

“I don’t understand” and Cathy giggled,

“I think what he means is that I’m having a daughter Derek, I’m having our daughter”

“You mean it’s a girl?”

She had to sit down again, she was laughing so much,

“That’s what daughters are Derek, they’re little girls darling”

Outside in the car, she was still laughing, but it was all right for her, I kept telling myself that I was going to be a dad, I’d be able to hold the hand of a beautiful little girl on walks and I’d be able to read to her, play with her, there was no end to the things I could do!

“You could do all those things with a son as well you know” she told me, wiping the tears of laughter from her eyes,

“Yeah but I’d feel stupid kissing a boy”

“No you wouldn’t darling” she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, “You’d love him every bit as much as you’ll love your little girl”

Her divorce went through in time thanks to the idiot having found another girl he wanted to marry and she waddled duck like down to the registrar’s office for our wedding, Cathy was one of those women who bloomed in pregnancy, she smiled a lot, her eyes seemed brighter than ever and altogether I was the proudest man on earth as I put the ring on her finger, it was a Saturday morning and nearly all of our guests were there, some had even brought their wives down, so there was a lot of room juggling done that night.

At the reception at our friend’s hotel, Terry stumbled through the best man’s speech to much booing and catcalling, but he was as pleased as anything to be my best man and took it all in his stride,


I turned to see Cathy gripping her stomach, her face contorted in pain,

“It’s coming darling” she said, “My water’s have broke”

Mass panic gripped us all, I dropped my phone and someone stepped on it, Terry asked what she meant by “it’s coming” and I asked her if she was sure, I was in a daze as I turned to explain to him, but instead crashed into a waiter who happened to be carrying a tray packed with brimming champagne glasses, there was an almighty crash and a yell of anguish from one of the lads who was waiting for a drink,

“Oh bloody hell, I need a drink!”

It took Charlotte to ring for an ambulance and thankfully she came with us, holding Cathy’s hand and wiping her brow,

They’d no sooner got her onto the labour ward than she screamed and gripped my hand, I felt her nails digging into me, the midwife pushed me to one side and promptly cut Cathy’s underwear off with a huge pair of scissors, it was all very messy so I won’t go into details, but needless to say that when they cleaned the baby very briefly and held her up to Cathy, we both cried,

“Look Charlie” I said, “Look what I did”

I stayed all night with her without sleeping for a second, she was quite weak but also a very happy lady, we both kept looking at our daughter and grinning at each other,

“Do you think she’ll make a good waitress Derek?” she asked me and we laughed together.

– The End –