The weeks flew by and thankfully the weather wasn’t too bad, Angie had taken some of the pressure off us and her presence allowed me to spend most days on the site, it was a fair bit easier than I’d expected because of the jobs the plant would bring to the area, the building regulations weren’t enforced as harshly as they might have been.

Really all it consisted of, was three floors of bedrooms and wash rooms, our existing bar and kitchen were plenty big enough to take the extra men and one or two of them volunteered to give up their weekends to help out.

Gradually it took shape, but it was an expensive business and five months after we started, the extension was complete, furnishing the rooms had left both me and Cathy completely cleaned out, I’d had a few thousand of my own but it had all gone as Cathy’s had too, but all the lad’s paid up on time at the end of the week and we were in the clear, all we had to do was to knock through into the existing passage way and the whole job was done.

“We’ve done it” I shouted to the world as the last man thanked me and left the site, but the world wasn’t listening, only Cathy, Charlotte and Angela, so as it was a Friday night and nearly all the lad’s had gone home for the weekend, we decided to celebrate by going out for a meal and a few drinks.

“Do you mind if I don’t go?” Angela asked, “I’ve got a date”

I grinned, because I knew it had been coming, Terry a young electrician had been making moon eyes at her ever since she arrived and he’d been teased unmercifully by his mates at every opportunity,

Cathy was pleased too as was Charlotte so the three of them nipped down to the shops to get her something to wear while I lay in the bath and soaked away five months of sweat, bruises and worry.

“You look gorgeous darling” Cathy told her sister as she paraded in a pretty pink dress, matching pink shoes and a little white cardigan, all very feminine and girly and Terry grinned when he knocked on our door,

“Don’t be late mate” I chided him, “She turns into a pumpkin at midnight”

“That was the coach you fool” Cathy laughed and we all left together, we were going to another hotel where I’d had some help and advice from the owner, he was on the refinery’s list too and was looking forward to filling all his rooms in three or four weeks time as we were.

It may sound silly, but to eat a meal that someone else had cooked and be served by someone one else felt absolutely marvelous and we really enjoyed it, the night was topped off for us though when I asked for our check and was told that our money was no good there.

“I count the lot of you as my friends” Gerry the manager told us, “And I don’t take money off friends”

I swallowed the lump in my throat and thanked him profusely, the girls kissed him warmly and we left feeling that the world wasn’t such a bad place after all.

Back at the hotel, I poured us out another drink and turned to give the girls theirs but they were otherwise engaged, Cathy was already half out of her dress as Charlotte kissed and nuzzled her heavy breasts sucking each nipple into her mouth while Cathy held her head and lovingly stroked her hair.

I eased Cathy’s dress down and admired her long stocking clad legs for a moment before turning to my sister and unzipping her long dress, she wore stockings too with a little black thong and my prick began to grow as I slid them down,

I don’t really remember going into our bedroom, but I certainly remember lying naked on the bed with Cathy’s hot mouth on my cock, I remember seeing Charlotte’s naked sex briefly as she swung a leg over my face and settled on my mouth.

I heard her telling Cathy to sit on my prick so they could kiss and then I moaned into Charlotte’s hot, wet sex as I felt the velvety warmth of a cunt surrounding my penis. Not being able to see what they were doing only added to my excitement, I had to imagine their tongues in each other’s mouth, the long strings of saliva between them as they pulled apart to savor the moment before devouring each other again.

Charlotte wiggled her bottom and I held her hips to allow my tongue to delve deeper into her pussy, she moaned into Cathy’s mouth and my mouth filled with her sweet, tangy fluids, I swallowed quickly again and again until there was no more and I moved very slightly to snake my tongue up into her tight little anus.

I felt Cathy’s hand on my chest and neck and sensed that she was pleasuring Charlotte too, her hip movements became quicker as she approached her own climax, Charlotte was breathing faster too, the aroma of her sex and anus made my senses reel, I went back to her cunt and she squealed as I nipped her clitoris and held it with my lips, Cathy flicked a finger across it rapidly and Charlotte squirmed on my face, then she screamed and flooded my face again as she came.

I felt my own orgasm nearing and Cathy used her cunt muscles to squeeze me, reaching behind herself, she cupped my heavy balls and urged the spunk up out of them, I roared as I shot it, my legs went stiff and I felt the searing heat as I ejaculated spurt after spurt up into her body, Charlotte got off me giving me an all too brief glimpse of her glistening wet sex and I saw Cathy closing her eyes, I gripped her heavy breasts and squeezed them hard, she screamed and bucked and heaved, then a smile spread across her pretty face and she grabbed Charlotte as they collapsed on top of me.


I liked Terry, he was a lovely polite man, not brash and noisy like the others, in the bar at night, he would sit quietly and smile at me occasionally, or comment on my appearance, then when he finally plucked up the courage to ask me out, I was over the moon.

The taxi we hailed dropped us off at a very classy hotel cum restaurant where we ate a delicious meal and drank rather too much red wine, he asked me about myself and I told him, he was easy to talk to, so without really intending to, I actually told him everything including my experiences with my sister!

He looked a little bit shocked and sat back in his seat,

“Is that it then Terry?” I asked him softly, “You asked me and I told you, I didn’t lie, I told you everything, everything Terry”

He reached across the table and took my hand,

“Calm down Angie” he smiled, “I’m glad you told me, I really am”

“I take it there’s a but?”

“No, not at all” he grinned and I looked at his teeth, they were straight and perfectly white, almost like those of a film star,

“I’m not exactly whiter than white you know, I learnt my trade in prison”

“Oh!” I sat back in surprise, “Can I ask what you were in for?”

“Nothing really” he laughed, “I drew some money out of a bank” he sipped at his wine and asked if I wanted another drink,

“Yes please”

He summoned the wine waiter and asked for another bottle before adding that the bank hadn’t been open at the time!

The way he said it set me off giggling and I carried on laughing while he told me the rest of the story, he’d been eighteen and just on the fringe of the criminal element in East London, a gang of older youths had seen his driving skills in and around the run down estate where they all lived and roped him in as a getaway driver for their heist, it would have been okay but for the fact that the police were waiting and as our merry men came out of the bank with their ill gotten gains, two police cars boxed him in and two van loads leapt on the other lads.

“Seven years they gave me Angie” he said bitterly, “And I never saw a bloody penny of the cash”

“How long did you actually serve?” I asked him and took hold of his hand again,

“Four years, two months, four days, three hours and twenty one minutes”

“How long have you been out?”

“This is my first job”

“So you’ve not had a lot of experience with the ladies?”

He shook his head and smiled shyly,

“None at all Angie”

I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost eleven o’ clock.

“It’s not too late you know Terry”

“What for?” he really didn’t have a clue.

“To get a room for the night”

“What?” he nearly jumped out of his seat, “You mean you and me, I mean can we, you know, oh bloody hell” and he tripped over his own seat in his haste.

He was loving and gentle, undressing me with care as he kissed me all over and he had a truly wonderful body, it showed the hours that he’s spent in the gym hadn’t been wasted and his stamina was amazing, we made love three times before sleeping and when I awoke in the morning my head on his chest, I found him fully erect and he moaned with pleasure when I slithered down and took him in my mouth,

“Oh God Angie” he gasped, “Oh bloody hell, that feels wonderful”

He tried to move me away, because he told me later that it wouldn’t have been polite to cum in my mouth, but I was having none of it and pumped him until I was rewarded with a mouthful of his “almost” virgin cream.

We got ribbed unmercifully on our return to Cathy’s place, Derek in particular teased him but showed his pleasure by inviting him to join us in our own quarters for lunch,

They all had what they called a finance meeting afterwards so Terry and I went for a walk in the local park, we held hands and kissed occasionally, he brought me ice cream and licked some off my lips, I was falling in love for the first time in my life and it felt great!


I’d already decided what I was going to do even before I called the meeting and even as I said what I’d planned, I knew Derek and Charlotte would object, my mind was made up though and I saw it through.

“You Derek, because you lent me money and quite frankly without you, this hotel would now be gathering dust, you will become my equal partner, I will not repay my debt to you, because on our wedding day you’ll be legally entitled to half of everything anyway”

I hushed his protest because it would be useless anyway, under British law, what I had said was true, so he blew me a kiss and accepted it!

Turning to Charlotte, I smiled and told her that she was now a junior partner in the hotel,

“A very junior partner I’m afraid, but nevertheless, I think we must reward your hard work and commitment along with that of Angela, you will both hold a 15% share as well as having your wages increased in accordance with the viability of the business, if we continue to be fully booked as we are at present, my partner and I”

I grinned across at Derek, “Have agreed that your wages will be increased by 50% but of course if and when the bookings ease off, they will be reduced accordingly”

Charlotte got up from her chair, came across to me and gave me a pussy tingling, open mouth kiss,

“Thank you” she said simply and sat down again leaving me trembling for more of the same,

“Right” Charlotte said with all the authority of a new shareholder, “I propose a motion that we get pissed”

“And I second the motion” Derek laughed and his laughter became guffaws as Charlotte stood up and slipped off her panties,

“And we all know what happens when us three get pissed don’t we?”

Well far be it for me to be the only one not playing, so I took mine off and threw them to Derek, who held them to his nose and inhaled whilst still guffawing.

“Well ladies, you’ll have to start without me for the moment, I need to check out and make sure that everything’s ok at the extension and ready to knock through in the morning.

I was starting to get very, very fond of Charlotte, so when she suggested that we went to our local pub for a celebration drink, I readily agreed, we dolled ourselves up which took the best part of an hour and said cheerio to Derek without actually kissing him because he was all grubby,

“But don’t worry darling” I told him, “We can all get dirty when we get home”

It felt quite odd going out with another girl and knowing that we were more than likely going to have sex together before the night was out, odd but pleasant and I had a delicious tingly feeling in my pussy as we walked into the pub.


I was really pleased that Cathy suggested going to the pub, she was good fun to be with and a very sexy lady, she’d actually asked me to help her put her stockings on after we’d showered together, the minx knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist the aroma of her sweet little cunt whilst I was on my knees in front of her, so I didn’t even bother to try and I gave her the first orgasm of the night as she sat with her bottom on the dressing table her hands scrabbling at my hair as she came strongly under my mouth.

We were surprised to see Angela and Terry sitting in the garden, so of course we joined them and whilst Terry got the drinks, Cathy told her about the new deal she’d worked out and her face lit up in the biggest smile I’d seen in a long time, she was a lovely girl and I was pleased how she and Terry seemed to be getting along, she told us about the previous night and how he’d tripped over his chair, Terry was a wonderfully open and uncomplicated young man and didn’t seem at all phased when Angie told him that they’d been a little closer than most sisters,

“Oh I guessed that” he said shocking us all, but went on to explain how he’d read as many books as he could get hold of during his four years plus as a guest of Her Majesty,

“I learned how you read people, their actions, how they speak and how they look at other people, plus of course my great, great grandfather was a gypsy so I think I’ve become a little bit fey”

“So clever clogs” Cathy laughed, “What about Charlotte, what are you going to tell us about her?”

“No, I’d rather not” he said shyly, but we all prompted him and finally he said that he suspected I was closer to Derek than most other siblings!

“I think you and Cathy are lovers too” he smiled, “In fact I think” he stopped and smiled, “No, I know that you’re the happiest bunch of people I’ve ever met”

I stood up and leaned over to kiss him on the lips,

“I think you’re a nice man Terry” and Cathy did the same causing him to blush furiously, her phone rang then and after talking for a few moments, she said goodbye and announced that Derek was going to be working all night, he’d started to knock the dividing wall down and just got carried away.

“He’s doing what?” Terry asked and when Cathy explained, he kissed Angela goodnight and said he would help him with it,

“We can’t pay you Terry, that’s why he’s doing it himself” Cathy told him, “We’re almost totally broke until you lot pay up at the end of the week”

“Oh bugger it” Angie giggled, “Come on girls, I reckon I’ll look pretty chic in overalls, boots and a hard hat”

She didn’t, none of us did, and only Derek and Terry had used a pick axe or sledge hammer before, they knocked and thumped while we three girls, blistered our hands, ripped our beloved finger nails and ruined our make up, to be truly honest it was one of the best and funniest nights of my life, we sweated and cursed while throwing the rubble down into the skip Derek had arranged in place with virtually the last of our cash.

At one point Cathy stopped to look at yet another ruined finger nail and before I could stop the swing, a brick hit her on the back of her helmet,

“You bloody blind cow” she yelled and then we collapsed in a fit of the giggles, at round about midnight, we stopped for sandwiches that Angie and Cathy had prepared but the break only lasted for half an hour and then we were back on the job.

It was just after seven in the morning when we swept the last bit of rubble off the sheeted carpet, Derek thanked us all profusely and told Terry not to bother coughing up the next weeks board money,

“Buy that little sweetheart something nice instead” he said with a big grin over his dirty, sweat stained face, “Oh and by the way mate” he laughed, “The top room is yours, the one next to the bathroom, you’ll recognize it no bother, it’s the one with a double bed!”

-To be continued…-