As I stated earlier, I wanted to give my slave a gift for his faithful service. Unbeknownst to him, I had been surfing the net, looking for female dominants to add to our little family.

I contacted several that I thought might be promising and made arrangements to meet all of them at one time in one place. Several miles away, in another town is a small dom/sub club. I ordered my slave to put on his party outfit.

I then put on mine, which, starting from the underwear to the top, consisted of: a black lace pushup bustier, with a garter belt and black fishnet hose, a black lace thong, which fit nicely up my ass cheeks.

Over that, I put on a sheer black pullover shirt and a black sued miniskirt with long fringes. I wore black, silver studded boots and had my hair pulled up, with tendrils hanging around my artfully made-up face; which glowed in anticipation of tonight’s events.

We put coats over our outfits for the drive as to not arouse attention to ourselves, but when we arrived at the club, we threw our coats in the back seat. I ordered my slave to stand before me so that I could inspect him.

He looked absolutely adorable in his black leather thong. Around his muscular chest was a leather harness, which had chains attached to his nipple rings.

He wore leather sandals and around his neck was a leather collar with silver studs, to match my boots. His long black hair was flowing free, the way it must have been in the old West, when Native Americans roamed free and proud.

But, my warrior stood humbly before me, with his head bowed. His eyes looked up beseechingly at me. I nodded approvingly. “Do I meet with your approval, Mistress?”, he asked meekly. I answered by giving his nipple rings a tug and a smirk on my face. “You won’t shame me tonight. You look fine. Behave yourself, or I will have to punish you when we get home. You don’t want me to take you to “the room”, do you?”, I asked.

His eyes glowed and I knew he would act up on purpose, just to be taken to the room and I couldn’t wait. My pussy tingled in anticipation. We turned and walked into the club.

I told the person at the door that we were meeting some friends. My slave knew better than to question me and quietly followed me to our table. Sitting at our table was 6 attractive women.

I sat down and introduced myself to each one, taking careful note of how each were dressed, looked and behaved. They were all eager to please and it was hard to choose between them.

I finally settled on one that I thought was a little more arrogant than the rest of them, though I didn’t say anything just yet. After a couple of hours of partying, I told the girls that I would think about it and contact each of them with my decision. I stood up and all the girls, plus my slave; stood in humble positions.

We walked to the car and as we got to the door, I saw the one that was so arrogant. I decided right then and there, to knock that arrogance right out of her.

I told my slave to follow me and we quickly walked over to her vehicle. I called to her, just as she was putting the keys in to unlock the door. She turned, waiting for me to come to her.

This angered me, for she should have run to me. I grabbed her by the hair, before she had time to react and told her she was coming with me. She laughed haughtily, but the laugh was soon stopped, when she felt the point of my inch long knife in her side. Of course, she didn’t know it was that small.

The fear in her eyes, turned me on, like I had never felt before. I turned her around, holding her long hair and holding the knife on her. When we got to the car, I ordered my slave to put on his coat and drive us home. I got in the back with Miss Priss and put the coat over our seatbelts. I sat by the door and she sat in the middle and I had the other door convientently blocked off with a bunch of boxes, so she couldn’t escape.

At long last, we arrived home and I pulled her out of the car and practically dragged her inside. I ordered my slave to unlock the room to the door and she started trembling when she heard that.

She knew she was in for something, she just didn’t know what it was. When we get inside, my slave locks the door and looks at me, awaiting instructions. I tell him to strip her naked. She complies, because; looking around, she realizes there is no escape.

Her eyes widen as she surveys the room. All around are various instruments of sexual torture and various hooks on walls and the ceiling. In the middle of the room is a double bed, with 4 long posts. There are hooks all along the sides, head and foot boards.

After she is stripped naked, I grab her hair and pull her to the bed. I stand her by the side of it and she just looks at me. I roughly push her down onto it and she lands face down. Perfect!

I point my slave to stand on the other side of the bed and I am on the other. When he sees me start shackling her to the bed, he does the same. She starts begging me not to hurt her.

I take a band and tie her head to the bed, so that she can’t move it at all. I loosen the bonds on her legs, so that I can force her into a kneeling position, with her face, still on the bed. I tighten the bonds back, so that she can’t move them.

She is whimpering softly, but I see her pussy starting to glisten. I look over at my slave and his cock is dripping pre-cum. My own pussy is aching at the sight of the two of them, so excited. I can’t wait to begin the torture and breaking of her.

My slave lights a couple of candles and we turn out the lights. The room is sound proof so, we can make as much noise as we want to. I start lightly stroking her upturned asscheeks, pinching them roughly every now and then.

She gasps at the sudden change from pleasure to pain and then realizes the sensuality of pleasure/pain. She starts relaxing a little, til she feels something probing at her tight asshole. She tries to get away, but is helpless before the relentless probing.

Finally, with lots of lubrication, the strapon dildo that I’m wearing, which happened to be a double dildo. I inserted one end into my pussy and the other end into her ass. She groaned and then gasped at the sudden pleasure of it.

As I reamed her ass with the dildo, I asked her, “Bitch, does it feel good”? She refused to answer, so I took the whip and gave her ass a few good whacks. She cried out and I said, “Answer me when I talk to you, slut, or you’ll get more of the same!”

“Now, when I ask you a question, you always address me as Mistress. Is that understood?” She started to spout off and I motioned to my slave and he immediately stood before me. Head bowed, he asked, “Yes, Mistress, what can I do to please you?”

I reached out and grabbed his balls and roughly squeezed them. “My pet, I want you to go, untie her head and loosen her arms a little, til she’s up on her hands and knees. Then, tie her head to the bonds on her feet, so she can’t move her head. Then, take your huge cock and fuck her mouth until she submits to me. She will show her submission, by sinking down on the bed and bowing her head.”

His eyes lit up and eagerly he ran to do as I commanded. I don’t like to suck cocks and do it to him, only when he deserves a special treat, so this is a great surprise for him. Her eyes look pleadingly up to him as if begging him not to do it, but his desire to please me is much too strong and he thrusts his cock into her mouth.

As I watch him fucking her mouth, I continue fucking her ass with my strapon. After a few minutes of unrelentless double-fucking, she finally submits. I tell my slave to turn her over and tie her spread-eagled to the posts.

I look down and am greatly pleased to see her pussy dripping with moisture. I put a blindfold over her eyes and as I am still wearing the strapon, I start fucking her pussy with it. I motion to my slave and he again starts fucking her mouth. She is moaning over his cock and I motion for him to stop. He obediently pulls out and kneels beside me, awaiting more instructions.

I tell my slave to tie her to the chair that we have for this purpose. It is a high backed wooden chair, most uncomfortable. She is snugly tied to the chair, which has been placed by the bed. She has a good observation point from where she is sitting.

I tell my slave to lay on the bed and proceed to satisfy myself on his cock until I finally allow him to come all over her face and hair. She is not allowed satisfaction until she is trained more. But, she eagerly and willingly joined our little family and later I told my slave that I had set up the whole “kidnapping” in advance.