It all started a couple of months ago, new neighbors moved in across the street. He was a traveling salesman that was gone most of the time. She was a corporate attorney who was taking some time off to tend to there 4 mo old baby who had become quite ill. My wife and I became friends with Steve and Vicki, and did things together socially. My wife and Vicki were friends and I kept An eye on things while Steve was away. It was a Saturday and I was out doing yard work, and had a tee time set for later in the afternoon and my wife had taken the kids to her mothers for the weekend. I was just finishing up, when I noticed Steve and Vicki’s lawn was in need of attention, Steve had been gone for a couple of weeks out of the country and Vicki had been at the hospital again with the baby.

Being the nice guy that I’m I went over and mowed their lawn. I had just finished trimming the edges and was gathering all my stuff up , when Vicki appeared on the porch, with a nice big glass of ice water, I had assumed no one was home and had planned on doing a good deed unnoticed. So much for that. I asked her how the baby was doing, and she started to cry, explaining that this time he was very ill and had been unable to nurse for a couple of days. I had noticed her breasts where extremely larger than normal, and probably explained why she was wearing one of Steve’s dress shirts. We sat down on the bench in the coolness of the porch and talked about the problems with the baby. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off her breasts, especially when they showed signs of leaking. I asked her if I could do anything to help, She started to ask, but hesitated, I was finally able to coax out of her what she needed, She desperately needed to relieve her breasts and had brought home a breast pump from the hospital that she couldn’t get to work…. So we went inside to have a look. I found the problem quickly, the batteries were in backwards. I changed them around and flipped the switch the pump hummed to life….she was a little red with embarrassment, with it being so simple a fix. I handed her the pump and she went to the kitchen, and I sat on the couch in the living room, telling her that I would wait and see if it worked ok.. I could hear her as she got ready to milk herself. Remembering my wife doing the same thing I began to get a hard on. I looked for something to take my mind off of the matter, as a good neighbor shouldn’t be thinking like that(yeah right) I saw a new copy of a magazine on the table across the room I went and picked it up, as I looked up I saw a mirror that was in such a position that gave me a view of Vicki in the kitchen, that enabled me to watch her with out being seen, the shirt was unbuttoned and both breasts were fully exposed and what a sight it was. I have always been a breast man and would have to say these breast was one of the finest pair I had ever seen. I could tell she was struggling with the pump and only had a little of her mothers milk in the jar of the pump, I could also see the tears running down her cheeks as she tried in vain to relive her milk. After a few minutes of watching her I realized her problem her nipples were so big and protruding that the suction cup wasn’t quite sealing off , so it couldn’t build the suction to pump out the milk. I know because my wife had had the same problem. I return to my place on the couch and ask how she was doing, her answer came back in the form of her sobbing, and saying it wasn’t working. I told her it was ok, and everything would be all right, I told her if my wife was here she could show you a trick we had developed when she had returned to work, and had wanted to continue breast feeding, (which was fine with me.)She laughed and asked…a trick you developed?? seemingly questioning my involvement in the matter. With that I walked into the kitchen catching her off guard, she quickly covered up her engorged breasts, saying what are you doing? I told her that since my wife wasn’t there to help, I would teach her the trick. I picked up the pump and removed the jar, and set the baby bottles in a row, and just in case there was more then enough to fill the bottles, which once again looking Vicki’s enlarged breasts I fully suspected more than enough. I had her hold one of the bottles and I stood behind her overlooking her shoulder and reached around her grabbing her right breast, I told her to hold the bottle up and I squeezed her nipple ever so gently, she let out a sigh as I stroked the extended nipple and it began to expel the milk, at the sight she started to sob a sob of great relief, and my cock harden to its full mast and pressed against her butt, I could tell she could feel it as she tensed up, I told her to relax and continued to hand milk her breasts, and full she was, I could tell the right tit was about empty and we moved to the left one, this put my cock more centered on her butt but she no longer was tense, she commented that she didn’t think the right one was empty yet, I said I know we’ll get back to that later she looked up at me with a puzzled look, and I just smiled , knowing that what was left was for me!!! as I continued to milk her I could hardly contain myself at the sight of these breasts of my neighbors in my hands, she showed obvious signs of relief and she thanked me over and over for helping her, I said I was just being a good neighbor… by this time I had began rubbing my hard cock against her ass, and could smell her wetness so I took one of my hands to see how wet, when mine hand arrived to her pussy she tensed again and tried to pull away,asking what I was doing. I said I was checking to see how this milking was making her react, I couldn’t believe how wet she was, by this time the left breast was almost empty and the last bottle was full so I took it and set it down. I turned her towards me looking at the now smaller but still quite large tits and exclaimed now its time to empty them all the way, she said she didn’t have any more bottles, I smiled and said we don’t need any more bottles, again she looked puzzled, I just bent over and put my mouth to her breasts and began emptying the left one as I played with her pussy through her shorts, she at first tried to pull away but quickly relented and began to enjoy herself. I noticed that she was breathing hard and her pussy began to gush as a big orgasm ripped trough body I had to act quick as she slumped to the floor to catch her before she hit I manage to get her to the couch, as I laid her down I looked into her startled eyes, I then realized that this could have been her first, so I asked her if it was she said she had never felt anything remote to this, nor had she ever had her tits sucked, I was dumbfounded, how could a man married to this lady never had sucked them, didn’t he know what a good thing he had, we talked for a few minutes as she recovered from the emotional roller coaster of the day, she told me of the boring sex life they had the husband was gone so much and when he was home he was to busy to spend any time with it, settling for as she said a wham bam thank you maam. So I asked her if she had ever been satisfied sexually she said no, but I really haven’t had much of sexual life to compare with,I was amazed here was a lady that most men probably wished they could have, and allot fantasized about, who today had her first full orgasm. I felt like beating the shit out of her husband, how dare he not take care of his wife properly. By this point she had tears running down her cheeks I leaned forward and kiss them off and moved down her neck back to her breasts sucking what was left out of them, how I missed the mother milk, after they were bone dry ( I wasn’t about to leave a drop)I continued down reaching her belly button I spent a few minutes there, it was clear she had never had a tongue there before, I continued my ascent and started to kiss her pussy through her shorts she wasn’t sure what to do and once again I got her to relax I pulled down her shorts and went back to eating her sopping wet pussy through her panties, which were drenched,it didn’t take long for her to cum again I told to let it all out and she let out the loudest wail I ever had heard , and her body convulsed as I continued to lick her flowing juices, by this time it was all I could do to hold my load back, I climbed back up and slide my throbbing cock in to her pussy. Vicki clearly enjoyed it, exclaiming wow your so big, I didn’t consider my self much more then average, so as I rammed her wet box she told me how small her hubbies dick was, (now I could have guessed that)and that she never had felt so good I could sense her building up to another strong orgasm I told her to tell me when she was going to have it, after a couple of minutes she once again let out a loud wail and I proceeded to spew my hot load into her at the same time she continue to have those little after tremors for a number of minutes , as I could feel her pulsating pussy on my cock . We laid there for a few minutes and she feel asleep I got up and covered her up with a lite blanket and put my shorts back on, put a couple of bottles in the frig and the rest in the freezer. When I showed up barely in time for my tee time my buddies asked what the big smile for. oh nothing just been helping a neighbor out, I remarked When I returned home the phone rang it was vicki asking me if I could come help her again, I said no problem I’ll be right over. After we had filled some more bottles this time leaving more for me, as I sucked her tits this time she asked how it tasted,I kept some in my mouth and brought it up to hers lips and kissed her and let her taste it, she replied it does taste so sweet, I went back to sucking her tits, and then had an idea. I stopped and looked up she ask what was the matter I took a tit in my hand and pointed her nipple up, at the same I grabbed the back off her head and pulled it down, she fought at first but like always quickly relented as I made sure her lips met with her nipples, the look in her eyes told me she liked that and she quickly emptied her own tit and switched to the other quickly emptying that one. When she was finished she looked up smiling as she went through another orgasm. When that had subsided I asked her to suck me dry!. Once again she looked surprised and asked what I meant , I told to relax and not worry as I sat her down and pulled out my cock and slid it into her mouth and instructed her on how to milk a man, she was hesitant at first but quickly got into the rhythm of it and soon I was unloading my load down her throat and remarkabley she didn’t miss a beat or a drop, when she was sure I was dry she stopped and look up,licking her lips and said thank for being so helpful I smiled and said you can call me anytime, she grinned and said she would as she pushed me back on to the couch and mounted my still hard cock and fucked me like I had never been fucked. She sure had changed that day but I don’t complain, I like being a good neighbor and she has since refereed some of her friends from the hospital for my services,of the milkman and occasionally she comes to help. But that my friends is a whole different story!! And she has divorced her husband, because according to her, I’m the man!!!!!!!!