In the quiet room, he sat, awaiting her summons. His heart was thundering loudly and rapidly in his chest, his breath rapid. Fear and apprehension mixed within him. His fingers beat a soft tattoo on the arm of the chair to burn off some of the nervous tension as he waited. There was no fear in him over what was go come, only a delicious anxiety and the anticipation of what was to come. Shutting his eyes he waited.

After what seemed like an eternity to him her soft, husky voice summoned him to the toy room. Quickly, with butterflies of anticipation, he hurried to their toy room where she awaited him.

Standing in the doorway, awaiting her permission to enter, he could see her lounging in a chair. Dressed in a black leather cat suit that clung to her curves like a second skin and thigh high black leather high heeled boots that showed off her long shapely legs like nothing else in the world. A soft musk that was her perfume wafted over to him like a silken cloud causing his blood to surge faster and his pulse to pound. That scent was almost her signature. Whenever he smelled it he thought of her and instantly got a throbbing erection.

He saw him when he showed in the doorway but pretended not to, examining the fob on the end of her riding crop. When she finally looked over at him her gaze was cool. She leaned back in her chair and crossed one leg over the other, her foot swinging. “You may enter. Now, come over here and kneel in front of me like a good boy.”

Quickly he obeyed, crossing the expanse of the room and falling onto his knees before her, eyes lowered. A shiver of pure excitement raced through him, causing the blood to pound in his ears and his erection to strain against the buttons of his jeans.

She let him wait silently while she looked him up and down. A smile turned up the corners of her mouth as she saw the large bulging erection straining the crotch of his jeans. Reaching out she let the fob at the end of the riding crop rub up and down over the telltale bulge, smiling a bit more when she heard him gasp. She tapped the bulge very lightly with the crop, watching him jump slightly before trailing it lightly up his chest. Putting the fob under his chin, she made him raise it and look at her. Looking into his eyes she smiled, “You have been a good boy.'” She purred softly.

He smiled a little, “Thank you Ma’am.” He swallowed hard over the lump in his constricted throat. Pleasing and submitting to her totally and completely was his foremost goal in life. So to hear she was pleased with him sent his heart soaring. The soft silken purr of her voice when she had spoken those words to him made his cock throb madly.

“I think your behavior deserves a reward.” Reaching out she traced one long nailed finger over his jaw line.

All the hairs on his head stood on end. She was wearing fingerless kid leather gloves and the slightly coarser and rough finely tuned leather was a delicious contrast on his already over heated skin. A ragged breath escaped him as he felt her touch while he looked into the dark brown pools that were her eyes. “If you feel I deserve that Ma’am.” His voice was soft and respectful but there was a noticeable quiver to it that told of his underlying excitement.

Standing up, even in the five inch heels she was still shorter than him, she looked down at him and smiled. Then she walked over to a nearby cupboard and pulled out a black strap-on dildo that was about 10 inches long and three inches around. She buckled the black leather harness around her crotch and adjusted the soft pliable appendage until it stood out from her crotch like a glistening ebony dagger.

Looking at the gleaming black instrument that had given him so much pain and pleasure, depending on whether he was being rewarded or punished, he moaned softly. Sweat was beading on his forehead and upper lip, his rock hard throbbing cock had started leaking pre-cum that was mow leaving a growing wet spot on the front of his jeans.

Seeing the darkening spot on his jeans she grinned slightly. Cocking her head to the side, her long honey blonde hair spilling over her shoulder in a soft waterfall, she looked back into his face. “Stand up and get undressed. Now!”

He stood up so quickly his feet got tangled together and he almost fell but caught himself before he did. Quickly, his clothes fell into a pile on the floor beside him and he stood there looking at her, the light coating of sweat making his pale, naked skin glisten in the low light. His erection, now freed from the confines of his pants, stood straight out from the pale forest of his pubic hair, throbbing, the head most and shiny with pre-cum.

Looking down at his seven inch member standing so proud, like the limb of a sturdy tree, she smiled then looked back into his face, “Get down on your knees and crawl over here to me.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He said then fell onto all fours and crawled over to her, his pale buttocks shining. He stopped when he got to her feet then leaned forward and kissed each toe of her shiny boots.

Nodding her approval she looked down at him. “That is my good boy.” She put one foot on his shoulder and pressed down, a signal for him to lower his chest to the floor.

Quickly, he lowered his chest to the floor, resting his head on his folded arms.

She walked around behind him, the riding crop dragging down his back and the dildo swaying with each step she took as if it had attached it’s self and become a part of her. Gently she kicked the inside of his thighs with the side of one boot as a signal for him to spread his legs further apart, which he quickly did. When his rear cleft parted it exposed his tiny reddish brown pucker to her view. The low light seemed to illuminate all the short light hairs in his deep cleft. His balls hung low between his legs, swaying slightly with each breath he took. One single drop of pre-cum leaked from the red slit on the head of his cock and fell onto the dark, plush carpet. Again, she smiled at the sight of her sub waiting for her to give him the pleasure he so craved. She lifted the riding crop and brought it down once on each of his cheeks.

He jumped, not because it hurt but because it startled hi,. He bit his bottom lip but a small whimper escaped before he could stop it. His cock started throbbing more madly than before.

She gave him 20 soft swats on each cheek, not hard enough to hurt or even sting but jest hard enough to heat up and redden each cheek. When she was done she rubbed the fob on his low hanging sacs and up the underside of his shaft.

He shuddered violently as the coarse leather rubbed against the tenderest flesh, raising gooseflesh on the inside of his thighs and making him shiver uncontrollably.

Tossing the crop aside she knelt down between him spread legs. Firmly grasping the fake phallus in one hand she guided it to his tight pucker. She rubbed it around the entrance before centering it against it like a bulls eye. She reached forward and grasped one of his shoulders and pulled him back, forcing him to impale himself on it.

He moaned loudly, eyes screwed tightly shut as the soft plastic invader forced open his tight anus, skidded over his ultra sensitive prostate and buried its self all the way into his rectum. Pre-cum was now steadily leaking from his twitching cock onto the carpet.

Once it was buried all the way in him she ground it around, loosing up his tight little hole before starting to thrust it in and out of him in long, hard steady strokes. Looking down she watched his tight little asshole grip and stretch around the long thick invader. With one leather encased hand she reached under him and gripped his wildly throbbing cock and started to slowly masturbate him. Then she whispered, “There is no need for you to hold back. Release when your feel the need. That is your reward for being a good boy.”

A long low moan escaped his lips and his fingers dug into the thick carpet as the rod raked back and forth across his prostate, making his cock throb and twitch faster.

Having done this to him many times in the past she knew just how to grind and thrust the invading appendage to get the most reaction from him.

It wasn’t long before he was writhing under her, eyes rolled back in his head, with his fingers dug into the carpet so hard his knuckles were white. When she thrust all the way into him and ground it in a circle he let out a moan so loud it could have been mistaken for a scream. His balls drew up next to his body, his cock jerked sideways a couple times then thick ropes of semen spurted out the head onto the carpet.

She continued to grind into him until he quit spurting and just lay there quivering and whimpering. Slowly, she withdrew from his stretched and tender anus and let it slide out with a soft pop. Then she stood up and unbuckled the harness and dropped it beside him.

He collapsed on his side and lay there panting, trying to catch his breath, a dazed look on his face.

She smiled down at him, “My good boy. I’m glad you enjoyed it. When you rest up I want you to clean the toy that gave you such pleasure and then mess you made on my carpet. Then you may come join me in my bed where you can show me how much you enjoyed what I just did for you.”

He cleared his throat and licked his dry lips, “Yes Ma’am.”

She nodded with satisfaction then turned on her heel and stroke out of the room, leaving alone her satisfied sub.

– The End –