Terri Crystals watched the scenery whiz by through the bus window. It had changed since she first started her trip. It went from rolling hills covered with forest to flat farmland. There were many tractors and other equipment which she couldn’t identify in the fields. She checked her watch and felt her heart jump in her breast; she was less than ten minutes from her destination.

She was on her way to spend summer vacation with her Cousin Katy. Her uncle Frank, aunt Alma and Katy stopped by her house just two weeks ago. They had been to visit Frank’s sister and stopped on their way home. Aunt Alma and Terri’s mom were sisters. Terri was still in school, but Katy’s had closed for summer vacation two week’s earlier. Terri hadn’t seen them in almost three years and had not seen Katy many times in her life. Terri and Katy were both thirteen. Their birthdays were just a few weeks apart.

Terri couldn’t believe how much Katy had changed. Of course she realized that she had changed too since Katy saw her last. They were almost identical as far as height and figure, but Terri was fair with blond hair and Katy was dark skinned with black hair. Terri’s firm C-sized breast may have been a little larger and Katy’s hips a little wider, they were both striking young girls.

They liked each other immediately; they went to Terri’s room and talked for hours. Catching each other up on what they did since they saw each other last. After dinner they went back to Terri’s room and talked some more. At eleven, Terri’s mom knocked on Terri’s door.

“Lights out girls, time for bed,” she said through the door.

Terri went to the door and opened it. “Mom, This is Saturday, can’t we stay up a little longer,” She begged.

“No, honey Katy’s got a long trip ahead of her tomorrow and needs her sleep,” her mother said shaking her head.

After she left Terri whispered, “After everyone’s asleep we’ll surf the net. The walls in this old house are so thick we could set off a bomb in here and they’d never know it.”

They went to the bathroom and changed, when Katy came out she was wearing baby doll PJ’s. Terri thought she looked beautiful. Terri went in and changed into her baby dolls. When she came out she thought Katy gave her a weird look. She turned off the lights except for a night-light and they sat in the middle of the bed talking and waiting.

When the house was quiet, Terri went to her computer and turned on the monitor. They started looking for sex sites. A screen came up and asked if she was eighteen.

“No actually I’m thirty two,” she said clicking the yes button. In thirty minutes they had found all kinds of pictures of men and women sucking and fucking.

“Have you ever done any if this stuff?” she asked Katy.

“No, I haven’t. Have you?”

“I’m still a virgin, I’ve kissed a couple of boys is all,” Terri said.

“I’ve done some stuff, but not with boys.”

“You mean like jacking off? I do that too.”

“No I mean other stuff, here I’ll show you. Click on that banner.” Katy said pointing to a bestiality add.

When the page came up, there were several pictures of women with dogs.

“I’ve done that, and that.” pointing at a woman with a dog fucking her and another with a woman sucking s dog’s cock.

“Oh Katy you’re so funny. You’re kidding, right?”

“No, but let me have the mouse, I’ll show you what I really want to do,” Katy’s voice sounded a little hoarse.

She clicked on a banner, and a lesbian page came up. “What I really want to do is that,” she said pointing to a woman that had her mouth covering another woman’s pussy.

“You want to eat a pussy?” Terri said feeling her panties get suddenly wet.

“Yes, real bad.” Katy said softly.

“You want to eat my pussy?”

“I don’t think I could find a better one to start on, I’ve never done it before,” Katy said rubbing Terri’s bare thigh.

“Oh Katy, I want you too, just tell me what to do.”

“Let’s both take our pajamas off and get on the bed and see what happens,” Katy suggested.

The two girls wasted no time getting naked; they crawled onto the bed and lay facing each other but not touching. Both girls were nervous but curious. Katy reached out her hand and cupped one of Terri’s big breasts. Terri did the same to her. Katy leaned over and kissed her nipple, Terri moaned.

Katy gently pushed her onto her back and sucked her nipples, kneading tit flesh in her hands. She kissed and licked her way down Terri’s stomach and put her tongue in her navel. Terri moaned and giggled. Katy continued downward until her lips were in Terri’s cunt hairs. She worked her tongue through the hairs and found her clit. Terri’s loud moan made her want more, so she quickly moved between Terri’s legs and gently pushed them wider apart. She parted her cunt lips with her fingers and tasted the inside of Terri’s pussy. She softly and slowly ran her tongue through her hole up to her clit and back again putting it in as deep as she could. She could feel the thin membrane of Terri’s hymen. The soft flesh of Terri’s pussy was delicious; she licked and sucked every inch of it. Terri was beside herself. Katy hoped what she said about the room being soundproof was true because Terri was moaning and groaning, along with shouting an occasional word of encouragement. Suddenly Terri pushed her head away, with both hands.

“What’s the matter. Don’t you like it?” she asked, almost in panic.

“No, I love it, I’ve never felt anything that good in my life but I want you to feel it too, I want to suck your pussy too,” Terri cried.

Katy moved around until she had good access to Terri’s pussy and waited until she felt Terri’s tongue swipe through her own, then she went back to licking. They lay side beside with their heads resting on the others thigh and their top leg pulled up and trapped under the others arm. After a good five minutes Terri heard Katy mumble that she was going to cum, just as her own orgasm started somewhere deep in her belly and spread through her whole body. She had read on the net about full body orgasms but didn’t believe it until now. Both girls pushed their cunts as hard as they could into the others face and both pushed their faces into the others cunt just as hard. It’s a good thing they did, because their cries and screams would have awakened everyone in the house if they hadn’t been muffled.

They slowly sat up and hugged. Their mouths melded together as well as their large firm breasts. Terri felt Katy’s tongue brush against her lips. She pushed her own tongue out and licked it. Slowly their mouths opened a little at a time as they licked each others tongues. Soon they were licking all around in each others mouths and taking turns sucking each others tongues, enjoying their first French kiss. Finally they lay down still holding each other.

“Oh Katy, That was so wonderful, I’ve never made love to a boy, but I don’t see how it could be better than this,” Terri whispered.

“Oh baby, I can tell you. I’ve been fucked plenty of times and this was much better.”

“I thought you never did it before,” Terri said, a little jealous.

“I’ve never done it to a boy. I told you, I fuck my dog, and suck him too.”

“I thought you were kidding.”

“I wasn’t, I meant it, and you’re the only one I’ve ever told. And I tell you what, I bet he fucks better than any man around, but it can’t compare with what we just had.”

“I’ve never felt so loved and cared for by anyone before,” Terri said.

“I know. Me neither, this was something special, something we will remember for the rest of our lives.”

“I want to make love to you, I want to lick and touch every inch of you inside and out, while you just lie there and enjoy. After I make you cum and we rest a while you can do it to me. Does that sound good,” Terri said kissing her.

“That sounds great, you little doll, just start anytime your ready,” Katy sighed.

It was four AM before they finally fell asleep in each other’s arms. Terri’s mother knocked on the door and woke them at eight. They dragged themselves out of bed and showered together, then went down to breakfast. After breakfast, they sat on Terri’s bed and held each other, their mouths glued together and their hands caressing every inch of the others body, until they called Katy to leave. As the car drove away both girls had tears streaming down their faces.

The girls had exchanged ICQ numbers and promised to meet on the web at eight every night. That first night when Terri went on, there was Katy, they talked for hours. It wasn’t until the second night that Katy got the idea. Terri was telling her she would be leaving for summer camp in a week or two after school closed, no arrangements had been made yet. Katy came back and said, “Why don’t you come here for the summer.” That’s when the planning started. Three days later Terri’s mom got a letter from her sister, inviting Terri for the summer. Her parents talked and decided it would be fine, She could help on the farm and they would save a few hundred on summer camp fees.

The day after school closed Terri was on the bus on the way to see her lover. Now she was just minutes away from having her in her arms. When the bus pulled in to the depot, she saw Katy before it stopped rolling and was at the door when it opened, she ran down the steps and into Katy’s waiting arms. They hugged and kissed and swung each other around. In the car on the way to the farm they sat together in the back seat, giggling and touching every chance they got.

“I didn’t realize you two had become such good friends,” Alma said as she turned the car on to the highway.

“Yeah Mom, we’re soul mates,” Katy said with another giggle, because Terri was tickling her,

“I’m glad dear. It’s nice that you have a good friend like Terri,” Alma said smiling.

It was a big farm. Frank had inherited it from his parents who died some years ago. Frank didn’t like farming, so he rented the land. It gave them a good income plus he and Alma both had good jobs in town. They left for work at seven and didn’t get home until five-thirty or six. Alma was glad Terri had come, she worried about Katy being alone all day. Katy had a big dog to protect her but she worried anyway.

When they got to the farm, Alma dropped them off and headed back to work. Katy led Terri to her room, both of them carrying bags. Without a word they both started stripping.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Terri said.

“Me too.” Katy said as they melded their bodies and mouths.

Two hours later, they were up and dressed and Katy was leading her outside to show her around. They were just about to enter the barn when a big black dog came bounding around the corner of the barn. The dog was huge; Terri was sure the dog weighed much more than her hundred and five pounds.

“Hi Jack,” Katy yelled and dropped to her knees.

The dog licked Katy’s face with a long wide tongue, Terri patted him on the head.

“Hey Jack, this is Terri, boy.” Katy said. Jack licked Terri’s hand.

“Wait until you feel his tongue licking your pussy, baby, he drives you fucking nuts,” Katy said and giggled. Let’s get him in the barn; I want to show you something.” The girls went into the barn and the dog followed.

“We don’t have time to fuck him right now, Mom will be home shortly, I just want you to see his cock.”

Katy went to her knees beside Jack and reached under his belly and stroked his sheath. Jack stood stock-still, the rear leg next to Katy slowly lifted like a dog pissing. He was giving Katy full access to his cock. Terri saw the pointed end start to come out, the more Katy stroked it the farther it protruded. Katy spit in her hand several times and grabbed the bare part of his cock and stroked it.

“His cock looks wet but it’s really dry, you have to wet it or it will hurt him,” she explained, spitting in her hand again. “Now watch this.”

She pushed her hand back on his cock forcing his sheath farther and farther back. When she had it back as far as it would go she slid her hand back to the tip. Terri saw a small knot near the base of his cock; it was holding the sheath back leaving his whole cock exposed.

“This is what his cock looks like when he first starts fucking you. Do you see his knot.”

“Yes,” Terri said, mesmerized.

Katy started stroking him faster, and Jack’s cock started to grow.

“The longer he fucks you and the closer he gets to cumming the bigger it gets, the knot too. It first his knot will go in easy, it’ll slide right in and out while he fucks you. But then it will get really big and won’t come out, but that’s OK,” Katy explained.

Terri’s eyes were as big as saucers. Now Jack’s cock was huge and his knot was bigger then her fist. Katy leaned over and took several inches of the fat thing into her mouth and sucked it, then she sat back up and stroked him again.

“I don’t want to suck him off. I want you to see him shoot. See how big his knot is; that means he’s about ready to cum. Do you want to suck him a little? If you do I’ll stop jerking him.”

“No, I’ll do it later, right now make him shoot. I want to see it,” Terri breathed.

The cum shot out, it went between Jacks front legs and landed about two feet in front of him. Another followed, then another. When the force of the squirts started to diminish, Katy held her hand in front of his cock and let several squirts hit her palm. Katy lifted her hand and licked some into her mouth.

“Um, good. Do you want a lick?” she asked, holding her hand up to Terri.

Terri licked across her palm; she tasted it, then smacked her lips.

“It is good,” she said, a little surprised.

Suddenly the knot in Jack’s cock just disappeared, it was like a balloon that someone stuck a pin in.

“Wow, did you see that,” Terri cried.

“Yeah, nine times out of ten that’s what happens after he cums but sometimes it don’t, that’s when you get tied.”

“Tied, what’s that?” Terri asked.

“It means your stuck on his cock for as long as it takes for it to go down. I like being tied the best, his cock stays hard too and I usually get myself off three or four times before we finally come apart. Sometimes it takes as long as twenty minutes or a half hour.”

“I can’t wait to fuck him, but I want to watch you do it first, then I’ll know what to do. What do you do? Get on your hands and knees and let him ride you?”

“No, I tried that the first time, but he’s way too heavy and we tied that time. That was no fun, he somehow got his leg over my back and we were stuck asshole to asshole. He drug me all over the barn. I bet they could hear me screaming in town. It was over a week before I screwed him again. I got on the web and found a better way. I lay on a bale of hay face up, and he jumps his front paws up on the bale on either side of me. That way I can guide him right in, and if I’m in a hurry and don’t want to get tied I can hold his cock and keep the knot out. But if we do get tied I can hold him in place by his collar and fuck my pussy up on his big cock until his knot goes away.”

“God, I can’t wait,” she patted Jack on the head. “Looks like you’re going to get yourself a cherry, big boy,” Terri said, giggling.

“Mom won’t be home for another half hour. I have something else to show you.”

Katy went to the rear of the barn and opened a big door. She whistled and a beautiful bay horse came running up to her. He nuzzled his nose into her belly.

“This is my horse Jacob. Jacob meet Terri,” She said rubbing behind his ears.

Katy led him into the barn by his halter.

“Don’t tell me you’re fucking him too,” Terri said in wonder.

“No not yet. But I want to. I haven’t figured out a way to do it by myself. I think you need help to fuck a horse. I do jack him off and suck and lick his cock. You ought to see him cum, you wouldn’t believe it. Right now I just want to show you his cock. Hold his halter while I jack him.”

Terri grabbed the halter and petted the side of his head. Katy grabbed his sheath and started stroking. His big cock slid slowly out, Katy kept jerking it, soon she had it full hard.

“My God, Katy, what a cock. Do you really think you can fuck that? It must be almost two feet long,” Terri was amazed.

“I know I can’t take it all, but just think what it would feel like to have this monster deep in your belly,” Katy said stuffing the big head in her mouth; she could only take the in mushroom shaped head and her mouth was completely filled. After sucking a little she spit it out. “Now it’s your turn.” She said.

They switched places and Terri wrapped her fingers around the big cock. She could feel his pulse in his cock. Her pussy was drooling she could feel fluid running down her leg. She did just as Katy had done and when she got it in her mouth she started licking, and she put her tongue in the hole in the end of his cock and licked. It didn’t taste good but she didn’t care. This was the sexiest thing she had ever done. She spit it out.

“Shit, Katy we have to figure a way to fuck him. I love his cock. I’m almost cumming just from sucking it.”

“I cum every time I make him cum, without even touching myself. We better knock it off now it’s almost time for Mom to get home and we need to clean the pussy juice off your legs,” Katy said with a giggle. “If you don’t mind I’ll do it with my tongue.” Terri didn’t mind.

The big sprawling ranch house was designed and built by Frank’s parents. They designed it with their own privacy in mind, the master bedroom was at one end of the house and the other bedrooms were at the other end. You could stand in the middle of the master bedroom and scream as loud as you wanted and not a sound would be heard in the other bedrooms. Of course it worked both ways, the girls would probably never have been discovered if Alma hadn’t ran out of toilet paper when she got up to go to the bathroom. She looked in the vanity and there was none there either. She knew there was some in the bathroom at the other end of the house. As she went down the hall past Katy’s room, she heard a shriek.

“Eat me Katy, lick my clit, your making me fucking cum.”

Alma smiled and continued on her errand. When she returned she stopped and listened at Katy’s door.

“Now it’s my turn Katy, I’m going to eat you alive,” she heard Terri say.

Alma went quietly down the hall grinning.

The next morning, Terri woke up at around eleven. She stretched and yawned, she looked at Katy her breasts were bare and her nipples that were usually hard and protruding were almost flat. She couldn’t resist. She took Katy’s nipple in her mouth and sucked. Katy stirred, then she pulled Terri’s head up so their lips met.

“Well, what are we going to do today? You wonderful little bundle of sexiness,” Katy said smiling at her.

“Were going to fuck Jack, and I’m going to lose my cherry,” Terri said excitedly.

“Do you want anything to eat?” Katy asked.

“Not anything but you, sweetie. It’s almost lunch time. Let’s go fuck Jack. Then we can have lunch.”

They dressed in just a pair of shorts and a halter. Katy got a towel from the bathroom, saying, “That damn hay sticks.”

They went to the barn; on the way there Jack came bounding up. Katy closed the door and locked it, they both stripped. Katy spread the towel over a bale of hay, and lay down on it. She spread her legs wide. Jack was sitting on his haunches watching every move she made. Terri could see the tip of his cock come out of his sheath, and he was whining.

Katy giggled, “Jack’s horny as hell. Watch this. Jack lick,” She commanded.

Jack was quickly between her legs, licking her cunt from asshole to clit.

“Sit on my face baby, I’ll get you off while he’s getting me off,” Katy moaned.

Terri straddled her head facing the dog and eased her cunt down on her mouth. Terri had a mind shattering orgasm; at the same time Katy had hers. She lay there breathing hard for a moment. Terry stood up on trembling legs. Jack was still lapping at Katy’s pussy.

“Now it’s time for the main course. Jack fuck.”

Jack jumped his front paws upon the bale, he humped at her his hard cock poking around her opening. Katy grabbed it and lined it up with her pussy. Jack slid right into her to his balls. Terri saw that her pussy was pushing his sheath back over his knot. She went around behind him and went to her knees. She lifted his tail. By bending over she had a perfect view of his cock fucking in and out of her cunt. Katy was right, the dog was fucking her three or four times faster than any man she had seen in movies on the net. Terri saw his cock and knot continue to grow, the knot must have been going in her at least three inches then popping back out on the out stroke. Finally it was so big it wouldn’t come out. She saw Katy’s pussy bulge way out when he pulled back to lunge in again. Katy had her legs sticking straight up; her hands were behind his neck.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck Jack, fuck,” she screamed the command over and over.”

Terri saw Jack shove all the way into her and stop. Then she saw cum seep out of her cunt down the crack of her ass and drip on the towel. In just a few seconds Jack backed up and his cock slipped free, and cum ran out of her like water from a faucet.

“Shit, we didn’t tie, damn,” Katy complained.

Jack licked her pussy lapping up his own cum. Then he lay down and licked his cock. Terri lay on top of Katy and kissed her.

“Baby that was beautiful, I can’t wait to get his cock in me,” Terri whispered.

“It’ll only be a few minutes and he’ll be ready to go again.” Katy said and put her tongue in Terri’s mouth.

Terri rubbed her clit against Katy’s. Then Katy pushed hers up against Terri’s their kiss became more passionate. Terri was squeezing Katy’s firm breasts and Katy was doing the same to Terri’s ass cheeks. They came grinding their cunts together. After the spasms in their bodies faded, they still held the kiss for some minutes, then Terri raised her head and smiled down at her.

“That was wonderful,” She whispered.

“I’ll say. Let’s not ever stop finding new ways to make love,” Katy said nuzzling her face into Terri’s neck.

Jack was dancing around and whining.

“I think he’s ready again,” Katy said kissing her. “It’s your turn baby.”

Terri was so excited she was shaking. She lie down on the bale and spread her legs like she saw Katy do.

“Jack, lick,” Katy commanded.

When she felt his wide tongue swipe her pussy she almost fainted.

“I can’t believe this. Fuck, it feels good, he’s going to have me creaming in no time,” She moaned.

“That’s what he wants baby, he wants to eat your cream.”

“He’s about to get what he wants, shit, here it cummmmss.”

After her contractions stopped. with the dog still lapping at her she looked up at Katy. Make him do it now. I need it now,” she begged.

“Jack fuck,” Katy said.

Jack mounted her, she felt his cock poking around between her legs, she looked down and saw Katy guide it to the right spot. He slammed his cock into her, then started hunching rapidly. She felt a sharp pain that went away or was hidden by her lust. She could feel his knot enter and leave her cunt; she loved the feeling of the long thing pounding deep in her belly. Then his cock started growing, Terri had her first orgasm, and when she felt his knot grow so big it wouldn’t come out, and begin pulling her pussy back on the outstroke, she came again. When she felt him stop and fill her pussy full and felt his cum run down the crack of her ass, she had her third.

Katy grabbed Jack’s collar and petted his head.

“Easy boy, stay Jack,” She commanded.

After almost a full minute, Terri looked up at Katy.

“Are we tied.”

“I think you are baby, I’m so glad you tied on your first try. Now, just fuck your sweet little pussy up on his cock, You won’t be able to move much but with that knot stuck right there on your “G” spot, you’ll cum like mad.”

Terri knew what the “G’ spot was, she had read about on the web. She started pumping up at his cock. She pumped herself to three more orgasm before she felt his knot collapse. Jack pulled out and licked her clean.

“Oh Katy, that was incredible. I can’t believe how good it was. The only thing better is making love to you.”

It was Katy’s turn to lay on her. I’d love to get off on your pussy again but we better stop and eat lunch. I’m starting to get light headed.” She said.

“I’m starved. I think it’s from all this exercise,” Terri agreed.

They got up and put on their clothes. “We’ll just leave the towel here and fuck him again after lunch,” Katy said.

Alma never came home at lunchtime. It was a half hour drive from the office, so she always ate in town. Today she was driving home. She had a Big Mac in her hand, fries in her lap and a large coke in her cup holder. She could kick herself. She’d promised a co-worker she would bring her some birthday stuff that was left over from Katy’s last party. It had totally slipped her mind when she went to work that morning. The co-workers son’s birthday was today. Now she was going to be late getting back. She told her boss she would be a little late, but she didn’t like being late.

She pulled up next to the barn and went in. The Birthday stuff was in a box on a shelf in the back. As she walked by the bale of hay with the towel on it she stopped. She noticed there was a big wet spot on it. She picked up the towel and looked at it, then she smelled it. She thought she knew what it was. She rubbed her finger in it and tasted it. She hadn’t tasted dog cum in a long time but she recognized it immediately. She put the towel back the way she found it and located the box. As she drove back to town she had a big grin on her face, now she was glad she came home. Terri and Katy were having lunch. They had MTV on with the sound turned up; they had no idea that Alma had come and gone.

After lunch they fucked Jack again. Neither of them tied and they were both disappointed.

“I want to do the horse now,” Terri said.

Katy opened the door to the pasture and whistled. Jacob came galloping up, they led him into the barn and closed the door.

“What do you want to do first?” Katy asked.

“I want to blow him. I’ve never given a blow job before, so I might as well start on the biggest cock around,” Terri said.

“OK but when I tell you he’s about to cum you better get him out of your mouth, or he’ll drown your pretty ass,” Katy said giggling.

Terri stroked his sheath until his cock came out, then she put the head in her mouth and sucked while stroking it with both hands. His cock was soon full hard. She sucked and licked. She pushed her tongue in his piss hole as far as she could get it. She sucked and stroked him for about five minutes, then he started to whinny and his back legs started dancing around.

“I think he’s going to cum baby, you better spit it out,” Katy yelled. But she was too late. The first shot was already in Terri’s mouth. Luckily she had her tongue stuffed in his piss hole and it shut off the full force. She pulled away with a mouth full of horse cum, but she didn’t choke or cough. She let most of it spill out of her mouth onto her tits. He continued to shoot covering her face and running down her body and finally dripping from her pussy hairs.

“Oh fuck. That is so fucking sexy. I’m fucking cumming,” Katy screamed.

” Me too Katy, so fucking hard,” Terri moaned, swallowing the horse cum in her mouth.

That evening the girls went to Katy’s bedroom to research fucking a horse. Frank was out bowling. Being left alone in the kitchen Alma called Her sister Lori.

“Hey baby. I missed you.”

“I missed you too babe,” Alma replied.

“I’m calling to tell you about these daughters of ours. It looks like we have a couple of live ones here baby.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean they are just like we were at their age, they have their heads buried in each other’s pussies all the time.

“Oh T, do you think they love each other as much as we do?” Lori asked.

“I’m sure of it, you ought to see how they look at each other, and they have to be touching all the time. I mean they’re not covering it up very good.”

“Do you think Frank suspects anything?”

“Not a thing. Them having sex together would never cross his mind. He thinks all a woman has on her mind is a big hard cock, which he wishes he had,” Alma said laughing.

“I’m so glad they found each other. We know what they’re feeling, isn’t it wonderful.”

“There’s something else. They’re fucking our dog too.”

“You’re kidding, just the way we did Rebel. How did you find out about it?”

Alma told her how she found the cum soaked towel.

“That’s great,” Lori shrieked. “Is he a big dog? Does he have big cock?”

“The fucker is huge, I haven’t seen his cock hard but I’ll bet it’s at least a foot long, and probably as thick as my wrist.”

“Oh fuck. Is Frank home?”

“No this is his bowling night. The girls are in Katy’s room, probably eating each other out, so I’m alone.”

“Me too. Let’s jack-off together.”

“God sis, I thought you’d never ask.”

At that particular moment Terri and Katy were not eating each other out, they were surfing the Internet for information about fucking horses. They didn’t find much. They saw some pictures and found two movies of horse fucking. They came to the conclusion that you just had to have a big pussy to fuck one. They came across a page that was filled with women being fisted, both by men and other women. One woman had both of her hands in another woman’s cunt.

“You know, Katy, if we could do that, we could probably fuck a horse,” Terri said, thoughtfully. “I don’t mean two hands. I don’t think Jacob’s cock is any bigger than our fist. Do you?”

“No I don’t, and that’s a good idea. Lets try it right now.”

They soon found they needed some kind of lubricant other than their own pussy juice, to aid in getting their fist in. Neither of them could get all of their fingers in past their knuckles. So they stopped trying and made love.

The next morning, they both fucked Jack, and Katy sucked off Jacob. Then they had lunch. During lunch they decided they would spend the afternoon trying to fist fuck each other. After lunch Katy got a large bottle of vegetable oil from the pantry. There were several bottles there, so she figured her mom wouldn’t miss one.

They went to the barn, after undressing, Katy lay on the bale and lifted her knees spreading her legs wide.

“Just keep trying until I say stop.” She said.

Terri poured some of the oil into her open cunt and some more on her hand. She began working her fingers in. It was easier than they expected, in less than a half hour Terri slid her whole hand in to her wrist. She could feel Katy’s pussy contracting on her hand, and knew she was cumming, even if she hadn’t screamed it out. Terri waited until the contractions stopped. Then she made a fist and pushed in half way to her elbow.

“Yes, Baby, fuck me,” she screamed.

Terri bulled out slowly maintaining her fist, Katy thought it felt like Jack’s knot. Terri kept pulling her fist through her opening, and suddenly it popped free. Then she pushed back in with a steady pressure until it popped back in. Terri kept doing that until it slide in and out quite easily. Katy had another orgasm. After that one subsided, Katy smiled at Terri.

“That was good baby, now it’s your turn,” she said.

They changed places but Katy didn’t get between Terri’s legs. She straddled her and the bale and pulled Terrie’s knees back until they were against her shoulders.

“If we do it this way you can keep me stretched while I’m doing you,” Katy explained.

Katy soon had her hand inside of Terri; the experience they gained when Terri did it to her was paying off. Terri came when she worked her fist deep into her cunt. And again when Katy slid her fist in and out of her of her cunt.

“I think we’re ready,” Katy said.

“Yes, let’s do it.”

Katy called the horse and closed the door. She attached a lead rope to his halter and tied it to one of the boards of the stall. She tied him up close so he couldn’t move his head very much. She oiled his cock head liberally, it was already hard. Jacob thought he was about to get another blowjob. They decided earlier that Terri would go first by tossing a coin. They also decided they would do it the way the woman in one the movies had done it. They knew they had to be as quiet as possible to keep from spooking Jacob while they fucked him.

Terri slid under the horse, bent at the waist. Then spreading her legs wide she straightened them. She held his front legs with her hands. The hairs of his belly was just touching her ass and his cock was against her belly, she leaned forward and Katy positioned his cock at her gaping hole. Terri pushed back hard, at first she didn’t think it would go in, she pushed harder and Jacob jerked forward, the mushroom head popped in. Terri felt it grow bigger.

“Oh God, fuck Katy, you’re not going to fucking believe this,” she moaned softly.

She pushed back, taking more of the thick shaft and sending the big head deeper into her belly. When she felt it hit the bottom of her cunt she started rocking back and forth on it.

“Oh Goddamn, Fuck Katy Oh my God, I’m fucking cumming,” still keeping her voice down.

Jacob had fucked mares before, but he had never fucked one like this one, usually he had to work hard when he fucked a mare, but this one was fucking him, he tried to stay as still as possible, but he couldn’t help but lunge forward just a little and some times he just had to dance his rear feet a little. The last thing he wanted was to hurt this little fragile mare that was fucking him so good.

Terri was just past her third orgasm and was still pumping herself onto his massive cock. She heard him whinny and felt him shoot his first load of cum into her belly.

“Oh Katy, the bastards blowing holes in my pussy. It feels like somebody stuck a fire hose in me and turned it on.

Katy could see cum streaming from around his cock to the ground in long thick strings. Terri was still pumping trying to get one more orgasm before he went soft.

“Oh Katy, I’m cumming, fuck, this is good. Horse fucking is the best. I don’t think my legs can support me any more, too weak,” Terri moaned and sank to the ground.

Katy helped her over to the bale; she sat next to her and put her arms around her.

“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever saw baby, just watching you made me cum.”

After a little while Terri felt her strength return and she felt like she could stand again.

“I think we better get you ready again Katy. I’m sure you have shrunk some, I’ll keep you spread until Jacob can get it up again.”

Terri worked her hand back into Katy and pumped her fist in and out, she kept it up for some time. Katy had a couple of orgasms, they heard a loud slapping sound. They both looked at Jacob, he was watching them and slapping his hard cock up against his belly.

Katy laughed. “Looks like he’s ready for some more pussy, and I’m ready for some of what you got, baby.”

Katy got under Jacob and Terri aimed his cock. When she got the head in she looked back at Terri.

God! You were right. This is wonderful,” she moaned.

Katy worked on his cock through three mind shattering orgasms. When Jacob started cumming she screamed. She couldn’t help it, but at that moment nothing would have moved Jacob from the spot where he was. Katy fell to the floor just like Terri had. Terri helped her up and over to the bale. After a long time, Katy got up and led Jacob outside. They didn’t put their clothes on. They just picked them up and headed for the shower. After showering they crawled on to Katy’s bed and fell into each other’s arms. They spent the rest of the afternoon lying there resting and occasionally making love. Katy looked at the clock.

“We better get up and get dressed, Mom will be home in about a half hour,” she said.

“Katy, I like your pussy big like this. I can reach places I couldn’t reach before.”

“Yeah, I like it to, but I don’t think I can stand this everyday. We need to set up a schedule; maybe we fuck him just on Mondays and Fridays, that way we’ll have time for our pussies to get back in shape in between fucks.”

“You’re right. If we fuck him everyday we’re going to have pussies the size of a mare,” Terri giggled.

A week later on Saturday, Alma was home and Frank was at work. She always washed towels on Saturday. It was late morning and the girls weren’t up yet.

“Probably stayed up all night sucking each other’s cunts,” she said aloud.

She gathered all the towels from the hamper in the master bathroom and went through the house to the other bathroom. They never left the bathroom doors open, so she thought nothing of the door being closed. If you wanted privacy in this house you had to lock the door when you went in. She threw the door open and froze. Terri was leaning against the wall with her knees bent and spread. Katy had her head buried in her crouch. When the door opened, Katy jumped up and they both grabbed towels and covered themselves. Katy knew they would be separated and maybe never see each other again. Terri thought the same thing. Both girls started crying.

“Mom please don’t separate us. We’ll do anything. Just let us be together, we’ll never do it again we promise. Don’t we Terri?” Katy begged.

Terri nodded but said nothing.

“That’s a lie, you’ll never stop and you know it. So stop lying to me,” Alma said smiling.

Her mother’s smile confused her. “I don’t understand, Mom why are you smiling?”

Alma threw the towels on the floor. “Come on girls it’s time we had a little talk.” She said and led them into Katy’s room. The girls climbed on the bed and sat. Alma sat in front of them.

“First of all, I have no intention of separating you. As a matter of fact, I’ll do everything I can to see that you stay together,” she said.

“Really Mom?” both girls breathed a sigh of relief.

“Why would you do that aunt Alma?” Terri asked, puzzled.

“OK girls I’ll tell you the whole story, but you must never tell another soul. Promise?”

Both girls said yes.

“When Terri’s mother and I were your age we did the same things you’re doing now. Lori is ten months older than me, so two months out of the year we’re the same age. When we were thirteen we fell in love, and we’ve been in love ever since. I don’t mean sisterly love. I mean love like you two have. About a year after Lori and Dan married, I got pregnant with Katy. Lori got that way almost at the same time. The man that got me pregnant was married and wanted nothing to do with Katy or me. So I moved in with your mom and dad, just until I had Katy. We made love everyday, we both loved it when we started lactating, we sucked milk from each other constantly. After you two were born, I found a job and rented an apartment, close to where they lived. Lori baby-sat Katy while I worked. Dan worked nights at that time, so we spent every evening making love. When Katy was three, I met Frank. He was nice and he loved Katy so I married him. I knew he could give Katy things that I never could. I never truly loved Frank. I like him a lot, but there’s only one true love in my life. All that happened ten years ago and I’ve missed her every moment. When we were at Terri’s house a few weeks ago, Lori and I waited until the men were sleeping, then we met in the living room and made love most of the night. I believe that was when you two found each other. I thought I saw it the next day, but I wasn’t positive until I accidentally heard you one night in Katy’s room. So you see, I’ve known about you two a good while. So what I saw in the bathroom doesn’t matter. Oh and by the way, Lori and I had a dog too.”

“A dog? What about a dog?” Katy said innocently.

“Katy, don’t give me that, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Both girls blushed. “How did you know?” Katy asked.

Alma told them about finding the towel.

“Our dog died when we was eighteen, he jumped the fence chasing a cat and was run over by a car. Lori and I cried for days. That was over fifteen years ago. I haven’t had a dog since.”

“You should do Jack, Mom, he’s great.” Katy said beginning to relax.

“You know, I think I will. I think I might just do that,” Alma said with a kind of dreamy look on her face. “Do you two have anything you would like to ask me about?”

“Yeah, Why did Mom get married? I mean, you two had each other,” Terri said.

“She wanted to have you baby, and she didn’t want you to be without a father, we loved our father very much. We talked about it a lot before she married, we thought we could stay close by, and did until I married Frank. We talk on the phone all the time, we even have phone sex.”

“Oh wow, this is so neat Katy we don’t have to hide any more.” Terri said.

“Whoa, girls your still will have to hide it from the men. This will just be between us girls.”

“Mom knows about us too?” Terri asked..

“Who do you think was the first person I told, she knows everything that I know.”

Alma got up to leave. “You girls stay here and make love. I don’t want to see your faces for at least an hour. I have something I need to do,” and started out.

“What do you need to do, Mom?” Katy asked, grinning.

Alma laughed, “OK smarty pants, if you must know, I’m going straight out and do Jack.”

“Can we watch Mom? Please,” Katy begged.

“Of course not, I don’t mind you knowing about it, but you certainly can’t watch, after all, I am your mother,” she said as she left the room.”

“He knows two commands, Jack lick and Jack fuck, and be sure to lay on your back, Mom.” Katy yelled at her back and giggled.

Everything was wonderful for the next two months. They fucked Jack every day and Jacob twice a week. It was easier and easier for them to fuck the horse, and Jacob was so used to it, they didn’t even tie him up. About two weeks before it was time for Terri to go home, their mood changed. Alma noticed their long faces and several times she caught them setting on the couch in each other’s arms with tears in their eyes. Finally she couldn’t take it any more.

One day when she caught them, she said. “OK girls. What’s the problem?” although she knew very well what the problem was.

“Terri’s got to go home. I think I’ll die without her,” Katy cried.

“Me too aunt Alma, I don’t want to live without Katy.”

“OK Terri, I was saving it for a surprise, but since you two have got yourselves so screwed up, I’ll tell you now. If you remember I told you I would do anything to keep you two together. Well Lori and I came up with a plan, If Katy wants to, she can go home and live with you, and go to school with you. Of course you’ll both come here for the summer. I’ll miss her very much, but I can’t imagine she’ll be very much fun to be around with you gone.”

“Oh Mom do you really mean it? Of course I want to go. I’ll miss you too, I’ll miss Frank and Jack and Jacob too. But I promise I’ll die without Terri, I just have this empty feeling deep inside and it hurts so bad every time I think of being without her.”

“I have the same feeling, Aunt Alma and I love you so much for letting her go home with me,” Terri said, hugging her.

That’s how they came to be on a bus holding hands, and speeding towards Terri’s hometown. Alma had tears in her eyes when they left, but at the same time she was smiling because they were together.

>From that day forward Terri and Katy were never apart, when they were sixteen they decided it was time they fucked some boys. Boys followed them around all the time, so they had no trouble dating. They always stipulated when a boy asked one of them out, that he had to get a date for the other. After fucking four or five each, they decided they were not getting anything from it. The little tingles they got from fucking them weren’t worth the effort. They talked about it and decided that maybe they just needed guys with bigger cocks. There were two basketball players that had a reputation of having huge cocks, they were twins and black. The girls flirted with them and the boys asked them out. The night after the date they lay in bed and discussed it.

“You know Katy, those guys may have been all right if they hadn’t shot off so quick. I didn’t even get close to cumming before he was blasting inside me.”

“The same with me, but men are so rough and the only one they care about is themselves. All they think about is getting their self off. They don’t think about you at all.”

“I think we should just forget about men. You’re so much better than they are it’s unreal. I think we’re wasting our time with them, we could be home doing each other,” Terri said.

“I agree, from now on let’s just tell them to fuck off,” Katy said.

During their senior year, they had no problem getting a date for the prom. Once they got there they spent the whole evening dancing with each other.

After graduation and the summer, they started college. They rented an apartment and got their own web page. They both wanted digital cameras for graduation and they already had taken loads of pictures of each other both in sexy underwear and nude. Advertisements started pouring in, and soon they had enough to buy some web cams. They put one in their bathroom one in their bedroom, and another in their living room. They were on line twenty-four hours a day. They never wore clothes, and made love just as though no one was watching. Word got around and soon they had more hits than any site on the net. Advertisers were scrambling to get on their page.

Their apartment had two bedrooms and a bath; the living room was a big room that included the kitchen and a small dining area. The apartment as well as the university was chosen with one thing in mind, and that was to get their mom’s back together. The university was about halfway between Alma and Lori’s homes. They could both drive there in about three hours. The extra bedroom was for them. They took advantage of it. They came almost every weekend and the girls hardly saw them, except when they came out to eat something, or to go to the bathroom.

Terri and Katy graduated, both with degrees in computer science. They opened another web site while still maintaining their “Terri and Katy Cam.” Their new site was an auction site; they purchased some nice antiques and auctioned them off while inviting others to auction their own stuff. The site took off; before they knew it they had more money than they had ever dreamed of. They had to rent an office and hire people to help them.

They purchased a large house in the country. It had a kennel and a stable and a separate apartment, originally built for the owner’s mother. Shortly after they moved in their mothers visited. They both loved their new home. The four of them sat for hours and just talked. At one point when there was a lull in the conversation, Lori blurted out a revelation.

“Alma, I’m leaving Dan, I’m not getting a divorce or anything, I’m just leaving. He won’t miss me. He’s got a couple of lovers on the side. Not that I mind that it keeps him from trying to jump my bones. I just want to be near you.”

“Baby, this is amazing. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing. Frank is screwing some little waitress that works at the truck stop. That’s who he’s with when he goes out on his bowling and poker nights. I was thinking of moving back in with you,” Alma said kissing her.

“You two should move in here. We have that big apartment and you could work in our office. We’ve been interviewing for a receptionist and a bookkeeper, you two would be perfect,” Katy said, excitedly.

“Yeah, and we’re moving Jack and Jacob here. Jack is old but were going to get a couple of other dogs. And you two could get a horse if you wanted to,” Terri added.

“A horse? What would we do with a horse?” Alma asked frowning.

Terri and Katy was grinning from ear to ear.

“Don’t tell me you two screwed Jacob. I’ve seen his cock.He’d split you wide open. I don’t see how it’s possible,” Alma exclaimed.

Believe me, Mom, it’s possible. It just takes a little preparation. It’s the best sex Terri and I have ever had, except for each other, of course.”

It was decided. Alma and Lori would return home Monday morning and pack. They would return Monday evening. They grabbed each other and started kissing. The girls quietly went to their bedroom. They were happy their mothers were back together again. Soon you could here cries of pleasure throughout the house.

Two years after their mothers moved in, Terri and Kathy adopted one-year-old twin girls. They were beautiful and the four women doted on them. They all decided from the beginning that the twins would grow up to be just like their mothers and grandmothers.

– The End –