As I looked stupidly at the young negro holding the door so I could slid behind the wheel I shivered visibly. What the hell was going on? His words that it had only been a battery cable didn’t make sense, didn’t jibe with what I was certain had taken place. Twirling about I starred into the deep shadows searching for the others I was certain were still there. Yet with the exception of the young negro and myself the parking garage was empty, and there was no indication it had been otherwise. At least not since the other employees had left work hours earlier.

But if there were no others here, if what I was certain had occurred really hadn’t then dear God in heaven what was wrong with me. How was it that the use of my body by this young negro and an untold number of his friends could have been so explicitly vivid? There had to be a reasonable explanation, there had to be. There was just no fucking way my mind could have imagined such vivid happenings, no way.

Even as I pondered the mystery of what I was certain had been reality I was acutely aware of the dampness between my legs as I turned once more to stare at the young smiling negro. Was he smiling because he as well as his friends had used me as I was certain they had, or was he smiling simply because he was friendly. Well whatever the reason for his smile there was no reason to dwell on it, I had to get to the hotel and check in. Had to get a full nights rest so I could tackle these damn claims tomorrow.

As I slid woodenly behind the wheel of my car my skirt rode so high that my naked crotch was clearly visible. Naked? How was that possible? I had worn panties this morning, hadn’t I? In my confusion and doubt I simple sat there with skirt up and legs open making not the slightest attempt to hide my nakedness. Perhaps my inability to do anything was because I still hadn’t come to terms with the fact that the panties I was certain I had put on this morning were absent. For what seemed like an eternity I looked into the young negro’s smiling eyes then I broke eye contact but not before muttering thank you Joseph.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw him lean down and into my car and inexplicably my heart skipped a beat. As I turned quizzically once more in his direction the crazy thought that he was going to kiss me raced through my mind. The thought had really been more wishful thinking then any thing else even though for the life of me I don’t why I thought such a thing. Then as if in answer to my wishful fantasy his thick lips touched mine and in answer my own parted, both to accept his probing tongue but more so to let him know I welcomed his kiss.

A soft rumbling purr vibrated in my throat and my heart beat furiously as our lips and tongues pressed and dueled each with the other. In the thrill of the moment I had forgotten about his hand which he’d placed on my thigh as he’d leaned in to kiss me. But I was quickly reminded of its presence as his fingers walked feather like along my inner thigh then fluttered against my damp lips. My pleasurable moan was swallowed by Joseph’s hungry mouth as without conscious thought my legs opened wider and my hips bucked from the seat in an effort to make greater contact.

Whether it was my imagination or whether my ringing ears actually heard the question I can’t rightly say. But in answer as to did I want to be his bitch, his white trash slut to use whenever and however he wished a choked pleading “Yes, oh God yes” escaped my trembling released lips. To compound my confusion and uncertainty as to what was real and what was imagined I was certain I heard a chuckled course you do sweetmeat, and you’s going to be a good fuck slave for diz nigga ain’t you white girl.

Not until my head had snapped back as if jerked and my sightless eyes were starring beyond the headliner of my car was I aware that he had broken the kiss. Reason left me as my lungs desperately gulped in much needed oxygen while my hips as if with a mind of their own bucked spastically up at the fingers rhythmically delving into me. Repeated soulful moans of “YES, Oh God YES a thousand times Yessssssssssss spilled from my trembling lips in answer to his questions, his taunts.

Then inexplicably I somehow managed to regain a measure of control over my facilities. Maybe it was because a small spark of sanity in my aroused brain screamed that what was happening was perverse, was sick, or maybe it was because for a moment Joseph’s fingers ceased their movement. Whatever the reason was though, and whether it was real or imagined, together with pulling on his wrist in an attempt to dislodge him my legs snapped shut.

“Please Joseph please. Please stop. It was wrong for me to tease you all those times but it was especially wrong to let you kiss me. I’m sorry, truly I am but there’s nothing between us. There can never be anything between us.” For a moment he simply looked into my eyes without saying a word then he jerked his hand from between my tightly clamped legs and slowly stood upright.

“It’s cause I’m black ain’t it bitch. Shit. You fucking white cunt’s piss me off to no end! You struts around in dem short little skirts shaking your tight little asses an showing lots a flesh. You like a thousand other white bitches in thinking it’s ok to tease da darkie, make him think he’s going to get a little. But when da brother tries to gets a little of what you’s been throwing in his face you starts blubbering noooooo.”

Without knowing how else to defuse the situation that I had unwittingly allowed myself to be dragged into I muttered that there were just some things that were wrong, and I didn’t mean just the difference in race either. Had he ever once stopped to consider that the reason I dressed the way I did was because of my husband. Or that because my skirts were so short it was inevitable that men saw more then what I really intended for them to see.

For a second I paused trying to think of what else I might say that wouldn’t sound to ridicules then I blundered ahead. Had he forgotten that I was a professional business women. That I had a reputation to uphold and had to set an example for others. What would those people think, what would my bosses think if I had an affair with a lowly mail clerk. But like everything else that had gone wrong that day my babbling instead of accomplishing what I had hoped for did just the opposite.

Even though I had thought, even though I had prayed that I had defused the situation nothing could have been further from the truth. My failure became all to apparent as Joseph with a smug arrogant grin slowly unfastened his belt then slid his baggy jeans from his hips.

For several heart throbbing moments he stood there in his shorts with his pants about his ankles looking directly into my eyes without saying a word. Then dropping his shorts he grabbed his semi hard cock stroking it slowly while at the same time jerking his hips in an exaggerated humping motion. Then still pumping his cock he shuffled forward hissing you stupid God damn white trash cunt. All I wanted was to bust my nuts. I weren’t looking for nothing permanent. But no, you couldn’t see your way clear to let the darkie stick his dick in that precious white pussy of yours again could you you stupid fucking slut

To say I was flabbergasted would be an understatement. How could he have so badly misinterpreted what I had said? How could he have read more into my words then I had intended. How? And dear God what had he meant by again. In my confusion of the moment though those thoughts fluttered by to swiftly to grasp. My whole thought process was centered on what had given him the impression that I was looking for a long term relationship. Then suddenly I remembered the last flustered words that had tumbled from my mouth. Oh God noooo, noooooooo.

As if to validate my panicked thoughts he growled you want something permanent sweetmeat, you gots it. How’s your pleasuring this nigga whenever he takes a notion to bust a nut sound ho. That more like what you had in mind when it come to giving up that pussy skank. Well is it you fucking cock hungry white trash slut?

I tried to respond, tried to tell him that he had completely misunderstood what I had said. But all that came from my throat were little squeaks as my eyes flickered repeatedly from his smiling face to his cock. Which even as I starred at it seemed to grow longer, thicker, harder.

Unconsciously my tongue traced over my scarlet colored lips adding sheen and invitation as my mind fixated on the size of his cock. It appeared to be nearly twice the length of my husbands four inches and every bit of twice again around. My God how could a boy so young have such a penis I wondered as unresistingly I let him remove my right hand from the steering wheel and place it on his pulsing origin.

Whether my soft whimper of no was spoken aloud or but a figment of my imagination I’m not certain. The one thing that was certain though was that despite my real or imagined feeble protest my fingers closed, or tried to anyway, about his throbbing dark hunk of flesh.

As if guided by their own thought process my fingers began a slow clinching pumping motion up and down. About every third stroke my fingers rolled over his bulbous knob smearing his pre cum over it before again sliding down his tumultuous length. “Oh yea bitch, dat’s it, dat’s what I’s talking bout. Stroke Mastuh’s cock sweetmeat, shows Mastuh how much you wants his fine black cock. Makes Mastuh nice and hard so’s as he can fuck your bigoted holier den thou mouth.”

Whether or not he realized he had pushed my button I don’t know. But a shiver of arousal and a mad desire to please the domineering young negro raced through me and I began to stroke and massage him faster. Other words, other promises spilled gutturally from his mouth and the thought of acceding to his ever perverted desire sent my heart to racing. Leaning forward I starred fixedly at his slit and the pre cum leaking from it.

I wanted to stop. I wanted to pull away from him then slam the car door and drive away, but I couldn’t. His self assuredness, his gruff authoritative manner was like a magic spell binding me to him. For a moment the memory of the five white men who had used me weeks earlier filled my consciousness then faded, its place taken by the young negro mail clerk Joseph. Was this what I had been searching for? Had I been unknowingly praying for someone to command me, to bend me to his desires.

Then the thought was forgotten as the minuscule distance remaining between his beautiful dark cock and my face was quickly and unhesitatingly closed. “Go on slut, wrap dem painted lips of yours bout your Mastuh’s black cock. Shows him how much you wants to pleasure him.”

Unaided by him even though his fingers were still entwined in my hair I bent forward at the waist pressing my lips to his throbbing black hardness and kissed him. Not once but several times, both on his bulbous head and all along his almost midnight dark eight or nine inch length. Then together with my lips parting and after my tongue had swiped over his bulbous crown lapping up his pre cum I took his twitching blackness into my mouth and began to lovingly suck him.

Together with my tongue swirling about and while drawing a suction on the head of his dark cock my right hand continued its clinching rolling motion up and down his thick length. My left hand, at first fluttering as if uncertain as to what to do, slipped beneath his shirt to stroke his abdomen and hairless chest. The blood pounding in my ears deadened his exuberant youthful voice making it hard for me to understand, but the pulling of my hair the pumping of his hips spoke volumes.

Leaning forward further I took another inch then two more between my lips before pulling back then doing the same all over again. How many times I did so before my lips hit my hand and my gag reflex kicked in I’m not certain but with each jerk of his hips I tried to take even more of him into my mouth. From somewhere deep inside me an insatiable desire to please this negro youth in all and every way grabbed hold of me.

My right hand, long ago having dropped from his cock to his testicles began to roll and squeeze them in ernest as he pushed ever deeper into my mouth. Like a sixteenth century European lady of royalty before her Nubian captor I slavishly, lovingly with both mouth and hand paid homage to his beautiful throbbing black staff. Another word, another action on his part and my subservience to this young virile black would be total. When that happened, and I was certain that it would, he would truly be my Master and I his slave. My marriage, my job would be but secondary nuisances to whatever his desires were.

Yet even as the certainty of my fate enveloped me a flickering spark of sanity, of reason tried to shine through. But it was to little to late. A moan of arousal, of supplication vibrated my larynx as my left hand slid from his abdomen to his waist then to his jerking hip as he began to hump even faster. I had heard about deep throating. Had even watched a porno movie once with my husband in which a lady had done so. But until that moment I had never in my wildest dreams imagined myself doing such a thing.

As his cock hit the back of my throat then pushed into my esophagus I felt as if I would throw up. The slurping purring noises I had been making turned to gagging hacks as again and again and ever deeper into my throat his thick dark hardness slithered. Joseph’s pleasure was evident each time his hips jerked forward sending his tumultuous dark hardness further into my esophagus. His grunted taunts for me to take his black cock, for my white trash ass to fuck my throat with my nigga Mastuh’s chocolate baby maker sent my heart, my mind reeling.

My entire being filled with an unbridled desire to pleasure him completely and I pushed forward not stopping until my lips pressed into the sparse kinky hair surrounding the base of his cock. At that moment and not one second sooner my gagging hacking sputters once again turned to meowing purrs of supplication and pleasure. With both my hands clutching, squeezing, jerking on his ass cheeks it was me that was now controlling how often and how deep his cock pushed into my throat, not him.

For what seemed like an eternity I pulled him to me. My need to have him fill my mouth, my throat, my stomach with his seed was like an obsession and I tried to tell him as much each time his cock pulled from my throat. My whimpering pleas were incomprehensible though even to my own ears. Yet I’m sure he knew of my hungry need to taste his seed because faintly I heard him jovially encouraging me to suck his black popsicle. To gobble my nigger Masters cock and drink his seed. Then a grunt such as that that a wild animal would make filled my ears as together with a spastic quivering of his wonderful black cock and a tightening of his buttocks he pushed yet once again deep into my throat.

My heart, my mind soared heavenward because of his words and actions. They were as if in answer to my fervent pleas that I was unable to give voice to yet were echoing inside my skull. His cock quivered and jerked in my mouth as if it were a living entity as his fingers tightened in my hair. But even as he held my face tightly to his loins my own hands pulled even more franticly on his tight quivering buttocks. He was so deep in my throat that I couldn’t taste him and oh God how I so desperately wanted to.

As if Joseph, no, that’s wrong not Joseph my Master, yesssss my Master. As if my Master were aware of my hungry need to taste his seed he jerked his cock from my throat micro seconds after his first ejaculation had coated the walls of my esophagus. As all but the broad knob of his wonderful cock slipped from my mouth I began a frantic sucking on his cock such as a newborn baby would at its mothers tit. With cheeks hollowed and with tongue lapping at the underside of the bulbous head between my tightly clasping lips my right hand flew to his testicles rolling them, hefting them, encouraging them to release that which I so desperately wanted.

His chocked grunts for me to swallow my black Masters seed, to drain his balls of every drop vibrated like a tuning fork in my ears. In a mad desire to both please and obey the youth who I had willingly surrendered to my throat muscles worked desperately to accomplish what he as well as I wanted. Like a traveler on a desert who is dying of thirst and then offered water I drank long and greedily, not stopping until I had drained him completely.

When at long last he pulled his cock from between my lips I turned my face up to his. As our eyes met I opened my mouth showing him what little I hadn’t already swallowed then together with a smile touching my lips the thick warm globular mess joined that which was already in my stomach. As his hand tenderly, almost lovingly, caressed my cheek and tickled my ear my trembling fingers pushed the single globular string of his cum into my mouth that had earlier escaped from between his tumultuous cock and my lips. Then as he patted and rubbed my head much as one would a favored pet he commended me for being such an obedient slut.

But then the tenderness and affection he had shown vanished like a puff of smoke as his hand dropped from my head and he stepped back. “Shows Mastuh your snatch ho, shows him what’s going to be pleasuring nigga cock from now on.” For a moment I hesitated as I hadn’t been prepared for his declaration. “Now God damn it, not tomorrow you white trash slut.” A salacious thrill at being talked to, of being commanded thusly shot through me but yet I hesitated. At my continued hesitation he stepped forward twisting his fingers cruelly into my long red hair and yanked me to my feet.

His gruff voice, his sudden rough treatment so scared me that it brought tears to my eyes. Still though I had enough presence of mind to whimper yes Joseph when he hissed don’t you ever make me have to repeat myself cunt or you’ll regret it. Pulling my face to his he hissed menacingly while looking into my blue gray eyes. “I doesn’t ever wants to hear you calling me Joseph again either sweetmeat. When you address me from now on you best be doing so as Mastuh, you got dat bitch. Dat goes not only for when I be pimping your white trash ass to some bro’s but at da office as well.”

My face must have betrayed me for he chuckled dat’s right ho, da only thing I ever wants to hear out dem pretty black cock sucking lips of yourn, an den only when I speaks to you, best be yes Mastuh, no Mastuh. You member dat white girl den everything’ going be just fine, yes sir just fine. Then as quickly as his anger had flared he laughed don’t worry pet, I ain’t going to make your life a living hell at da office. Least ways not as long as your an obedient little slut an continue to please me.

Releasing his hold on my hair he stepped back and said go on bitch show me that snatch, and you best make it quick. With the implied threat hanging in the air and not wanting to take the chance that he was making idle threats I hastily raised my short skirt about my waist. For a moment he stood there unmoving then faster then I thought it was possible for someone to move he was on me.

Smiling broadly he pushed his hand between my legs fluttering his fingers lightly against my wet puffy lips. My mouth became dry and a lump formed in my throat as a heartbeat after his fingers ceased moving he drove a finger into me and began slowly moving it about. A mocking taunt of had I ever found enjoyment in servicing black cock’s before caused my face to redden profusely as the gray matter between my ears again flashed explicate images.

Yet even as I nodded negatively my mind gibbered almost hysterically your a lying filthy slut. Or do you still think it was all a dream. Confused and uncertain as to what was real and what wasn’t I could only stand there with downcast eyes as he snickered had I ever dreamed of groups of nigga’s shoving their hard dark cock’s into me. For what seemed like an eternity I stood unmoving and then hesitantly, reluctantly I nodded affirmatively.

“Well den we’s going to have to sees to it you gets what you be wanting ain’t we sweetmeat. Course your going to have to tell me what you be wanting seeing as how I just a dumb ignorant nigga.” My addled brain screamed for me to tell him that I wanted nothing more to do with him. That my kissing him, my letting him fondle me but most of all my sucking of his powerful black cock had all been a mistake but the words caught in my throat. My silence was like a green light to him as like a bully tormenting a classmate he continued to taunt me.

“Does Sherri wants Mastuh to shove his big black cock in her sweet smelling cunt and fucks her likes she ain’t never been fucked fore? Would she likes Mastuh to do dat, well would she huh?” Despite my initial reluctance to admit that his words were affecting me his brazen relentless questions were having the affect he desired. As a shiver of unbridled wantonness racked my slight frame any flimsy pretense I’d had of denying my need vanished like mist on a summer morning. Even as the gray mush between my ears struggled to form an answer to his relentless taunts my lips parted and a pleading whimpered yes Master, oh God yes spilled from them.

But he wasn’t through tormenting me, in fact far from it. His next taunt though instead of being answered with a near hysterical scream of yes Master as he expected elicited only silence as I looked beseechingly into his eyes. “Maybe sweetmeat would like it if stead of just Mastuh fucking her lilly white ass other nigga’s did too! Dat is what you be wanting isn’t it sweetmeat? You does be wanting a bunch of other black ass big dick nigga’s sides Mastuh pounding dat fine white pussy of your’n doesn’t you?” If’n dat be the case sweetmeat den Mastuh be more an happy to see you gets all da nigga cock you wants, den some.”

Then together with his thumb and forefinger hurtfully pinching my aroused moist lips he growled answer me you God damn white slut. “Does you or doesn’t you want lots of big dick black bucks pounding dat sweet smelling tight pussy an filling you with dar seed?” Numb and in shock at the turn of events I could only nod in reply. But my hesitant affirmative nod was not what he wanted because together with pushing yet another finger into me he growled Mastuh didn’t hear what you be wanting ho.

Despite the pain he inflicted I refused to say aloud what I had hesitantly nodded affirmatively to. I knew that if I admitted aloud what my curious mind had repeatedly fantasied about after my husband’s vivid telling of two negro’s breaking into our home and using me repeatedly even animalisticly throughout the long night I would be lost. But lost I was as with a knowing smile on his face he pushed yet a forth digit into me while at the same time vigorously rubbing his thumb over my clit.

“Tells me sweetmeat. Tells Mastuh how you be wanting lots of horny ass nigga’s shoving dar hard black cock’s in your holes. Tells Mastuh how you wants dem to breed you like da white trash slut you is, tells me!” Like a lost soul I caved into my perverted desire as together with shivering uncontrollably a brilliant flare of light exploded on the backs my tightly closed eyelids. As my petite body shook uncontrollably from my orgasm a near hysterical scream of “Yes Master, oh God yes lots of them, lots of themmmmm burst unashamedly from my dry throat.

Pulling his fingers from me he stepped back chuckling I knew you was a black cock ho first time you flashed your panties at me sweetmeat. Then as if he were a totally different person, as if he were once again the young innocent mail clerk I had imagined him to be he pleasantly said call me after you checks into the hotel. Then pressing a piece of paper into my shaking hand he turned and disappeared into the shadows but not before throwing back over his shoulder gonna be an interesting weekend slut, yes sir a real interesting weekend.

For a moment I stood there starring at his back until he disappeared into the darkness. Then dropping my skirt I slumped to the seat and together with placing my head in my hands I cried brokenly. Like a broken record I repeatedly sobbed was I so fucked up from my husbands and my own fantasies as well as my gang fucking weeks earlier that I could so easily fall pry to such a boy. After countless minutes of soul searching I brushed my tears away and slid behind the wheel. Then with the last part of my inquiry of what had I gotten myself into filling my brain to overflowing I drove from the garage.

Fifteen minutes later I was in front of the Hyatt Regency. As the valet opened my door I picked up my briefcase and laptop. Slipping the ticket he gave me into my purse I walked woodenly by the doorman and to the front desk. After telling the clerk I would be staying the weekend I inquired in what I hoped was off handily about security, about unwelcome intruders while signing the registry. After being assured that no one other then guest and the parties they specifically authorized could enter the hotel a thousand pounds seemed to fall from my shoulders. Then following the bellhop I walked jauntily to the elevator and made my way to the twelfth floor.

After opening the door to my suite the young negro bellhop carried my briefcase and laptop into the bedroom placing them on the bed. After showing me through my suite he opened the heavy drapes showing me the balcony and a panoramic view of the city. As I pressed a twenty dollar bill into his hand he winked then smilingly said that if there was anything, anything at all that I needed he would be more then happy to oblige me.

Still holding my hand he both pulled and leaned into me. His breath was like a blow torch against my ear as he whispered I’s real good at scratching itches missy. As if a spike of electricity had shot through me the fine hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and a soft moan issued from my lips at his insinuation. My addled mind screamed oh God what was I a magnet for blacks and I swayed drunkenly as his tongue swapped over and into my ear. Then suddenly I was alone with his huskily whispered feels free to call room service and ask for Jamal if’n you be wanting something special ricocheting against the walls of my skull.

Slumping to the couch I looked at the door. What the hell was it with negro’s that made them come onto a white woman so blatantly as that bellhop had just done I wondered. They’re like dogs sniffing the wind looking for a bitch in heat, which by the way is probably what I smelled like and why he had come onto me as he had. Well no matter I sighed. There was no need to dwell on his thinly disguised hints as there was no fucking way in hell I’d ever call him. Another sigh together with a mumbled I may as well get this over with spilled from my lips as I recovered the piece of paper from my purse that Joseph had given me. After a cursory glance I reached for the phone and punched in the number.

My first attempt was greeted by a busy signal. Slamming the phone down I looked at it as if it had betrayed me then picking it back up and while looking at the piece of paper dialed the number again. As the connection was made but before it was answered I giggled almost nonsensically that there was no reason to worry about Joseph either. There was no way in hell he could get to me. After all hadn’t the desk clerk said as much. I was safe at least for the weekend. As for work, well I’d worry about that when the time came. For right now though I’d just go with the flow. Let the young black think I was eagerly awaiting him.

My thoughts that I was pulling a fast one on Joseph were interrupted as suddenly the sound of rap music blared from the phone. After the briefest of pauses I cheerfully said Master it’s sweetmeat, I’m in room twelve sixty three.” But instead of receiving acknowledgment to my call as I had expected, the phone instantly went dead. With a smile creasing my lips I hung up assure in the knowledge that no matter what I had said or how eagerly I had said it I would not be seeing Joseph. Not this weekend or any other weekend for that matter. What’s more, with him like my husband out of the way for the weekend I would be able to save my job.

Together with unbuttoning my blouse and pulling it from my skirt I sat cross legged on the bed then opened my briefcase. As I reached for the first file I remembered I had promised myself a drink or three, and Jesus H Christ did I need one after the way my day had gone. Hell, a good stiff drink might even wash the lingering taste of Joseph’s cum from my mouth I snickered. Reaching for the phone I asked for room service and after placing my order for a bottle of Glen Moray Scotch I turned back to the file.

As I finished entering the second file into my laptop I glanced at my watch cursing the incompetence of room service. Just as I angrily reached for the phone with the intention of giving them a piece of my mind a knock along with a muffled room service stilled my hand. About God damn time I muttered as I uncrossed my legs and climbed from the bed just as the door opened and the service cart was pushed into my room. As I started from the bedroom I suddenly remembered that my blouse was open. Turning about I fumbled with the buttons not even paying attention to the service clerk.

Hardly had my fingers touched the second button of my blouse when like a disjointed marionette I twisted about almost falling in the process as an all to familiar voice snickered waz up sweetmeat. My hand flew to my mouth to stifle my gasp of surprise as I starred stupidly into Joseph’s grinning face. But how? How was it possible that he was standing before me? Yet even as I pondered his appearance I obediently turned and walked back into the bedroom at his command. After clearing the bed of my work in compliance to his wishes I turned and faced him waiting for his next command.

“Time to check out dat pussy sweetmeat. See if’n it be liking nigga cock much as your mouth does. Now why don’t cha go on ahead an get out of dem clothes den get yourself comfy on da bed. I’ll join your cock hungry ass soon as I have a drink of this fine whisky you was kind enough to order.” As I began to hurriedly remove my clothes he laughed easy sweetmeat easy, take it slow. I knows your anxious to have nigga dick pounding your snatch but damn cunt we gots all weekend.

My shame was like a living breathing entity as heaven help me I couldn’t stop myself from obeying him after looking into his twinkling dark eyes. Slowly, teasingly as he had instructed me to do I slide my blouse from my shoulders. Then after but the fleetest of pauses I reached behind me and loosened my skimpy lace bra and dropped it to the floor to join my blouse.

The tiny flickering spark of reason and sanity that had earlier appeared in the company parking garage again tried to exert itself. But just as before it faded to nothingness as my fingers after loosening the zipper of my skirt slowly slid it from my hips then down my legs letting it pool about my feet. His sudden sharp intake of breath let me know that he found my slim pale body to his liking, and my heart thumped crazily with the realization of it.

Shivering slightly with arousal I stepped from my skirt then turned and walked slowly, seductively to the bed and pulled down the covers. At that exact second my educated white suburban house wife and executive brain receded to a minuscule grain. The emptiness left behind was filled with a selfish insatiable need to please this negro youth who was every bit of six years my junior. Instead of simply getting onto the bed then rolling onto my back and fingering myself as he had instructed I became like a jungle cat as my knees hit the mattress.

Slowly, sinuously I crawled forward and upon reaching the headboard I lay face down cradling my head in my arms. Then together with bending my left knee up till it almost touched my perky firm breast I turned my face to look back at him. I knew I looked sexy, even seductive, but I didn’t know just how much until together with his drink slipping from his hand he hissed holy God fucking damn sweetmeat you is one fine piece of white tail. You perform as obediently with other bros. you’s going to make me one very happy nigga. Yes sir, one very happy and very rich nigga.

Then tearing at his clothes he literally jumped across the intervening space between us landing heavily beside me. A shiver of desire racked my slim curvaceous frame as together with his torso pressing full against me his heavy dark cock fall on my right thigh then jerked against my damp pussy lips. At the same time he turned my face up and around to his and mashed his lips against mine. As he hungrily almost savagely ground his lips against mine his hands began to roam freely over every part of my pale smooth flesh.

For long immeasurable minutes his lips held mine. Then turning me fully onto my back his lips moved down over my chin to press against my throat. For what seemed like an eternity his lips, his teeth playfully nipped at every centimeter of my throat before moving downward to finally close about my left nipple.

A stuttering moan of supplication, of arousal issued from my quivering lips as he suckled and nipped first one then the other of my lust taunt nipples. Then teasingly his lips grazed lightly down over my quivering abdomen stopping momentarily to lather my belly button. My gasping repeated moans of yes Master, Oh God yes sounded abnormally loud in my ears as his face moved downward replacing his hand that had been rubbing, probing my hot wet lips.

Then together with splaying my legs further apart he crawled between them. Slipping his hands beneath my slowly rotating bouncing buttocks he raised them from the bed. As his thick lips covered the boiling cauldron between my legs and his tongue flicked and stabbed against and between my flowering moist lips I screamed in joyous rapture.

How many times his thick tongue lapped between my puckered anus and cunt or speared between my moistened lips I don’t know. But by the time he bent my legs back over me then climbed between them and pushed his beautiful black cock into me I was a quivering mass of flesh. His taunts of did I love my Masters cock, did I love his big nigger cock pounding my snatch were answered first by breathless moans then near hysterical screams as he drove animalisticly sometimes savagely into me.

When finally after what seemed like hours and a thousand mind warping orgasms he pulled from me. Like a well played with rag doll I lay there breathing heavily while repeatedly gasping oh God Master, oh God. At that moment my contentment knew no bounds. I knew both in mind and spirit that if I were never fucked again the memory of his taking of me would carry me through the rest of my days. But the young negro I now unquestionably acknowledged without the slightest of hesitation both in thought as well as in voice as my Master was not through.

My further slide into servitude and unquestioning obedience was demonstrated and driven home when after releasing my legs he moved up over my limp body and straddled my chest. Without a word from him I closed my fingers about his semi erect cum smeared cock pulling it to my lips while at the same time raising my head from the mattress and toward his odorous loins.

In an insatiable desire to yet again have his beautiful dark cock inside me I lovingly lapped and sucked his cock and balls of our juices. As I slavishly sucked his semi hard dark cock his huskily whispered words of praise made my brain reel and I doubled my efforts to make him hard yet again. But it was his taunts of a surreal existence as his white slut, his whore to be sold and on occasion freely given to countless other blacks that drove me to a fever pitch of wantonness.

Unknowingly I had found that which I had sought and on finding it my hesitation, my reluctance to again succumb to several men at the same time fell by the wayside. Unlike my whimpering husband who only suggested or hinted how I might fulfill his wishes here was a man, really just a boy since he was only nineteen telling me exactly what my role would be. In unvarnished words he told me that I was his not only in body but soul as well. That my cunt, my ass, my mouth were his to pleasure himself with as he say fit.

His authoritative self assured words were like an aphrodisiac as I lovingly sucked and lathered his hardening hunk of dark manhood. His boast that as his slut I would daily pleasure him and others of his choosing made my heart beat so rapidly I thought it would burst. But what sent my body to quivering and my mind to spiraling out of control was his declaration that I would be the pleasure receptacle for countless numbers of blacks.

Promises that I would be called to the mail room to pleasure not only his coworkers but delivery drivers sent shivers of want through me. But it was his contemptuous mirth filled chuckle declaring that I would also entertain an endless number of brothers in my home that sent me over the edge. The orgasm that racked me was so violent that I honestly feared I would bite him

Pulling his rejuvenated dark cock from my mouth he growled roll over and get on your fucking hands and knees slut. As I eagerly complied his strong hands closed on my hips jerking my buttocks even higher. “I’s going to fuck you like a bitch dog in heat you filthy black cock slut.” Then kneeing my legs even further apart he pressed himself to me. But instead of burying his poker hard wonderful black cock once more into my cum filled cunt he instead guided it to the tight puckered ring of my anus.

Having only experienced anal sex once before and that when three of the five white men who had gang fucked me weeks earlier had done so fear clutched my heart like a vice. It wasn’t the length or girth of my Masters cock that caused my fear because his cock was only slightly larger then Tony’s, the largest of the trio that had used me thus. It was just that I was inexperienced, and being inexperienced I doubted my ability to pleasure my Master as I so wanted to do.

Despite my hesitation though a salacious wave of arousal roared through me the instant my Masters dark cock pushed against the tight crinkly ring of my ass hole then slowly wormed into me. Even as the tight puckered ring of my anus splayed open to accept the bulbous head of his dark cock the memory of the pleasure, of the seemingly endless orgasms that had racked my slight frame as the trio of white men had vented their lust on my ass hole filled my consciousness.

The pain, the discomfort was brushed aside as my Master’s cock wormed ever deeper into me. Like a shameless nymphomaniac I began pushing back at him as he like a machine repeatedly drove his glorious black cock in and out of my ass hole. Pleading sobs for him to use me, to ravage his white whores ass hole spilled from my trembling lips as I repeatedly and hurtfully skewered myself on his powerful black cock.

His sweat sizzled on my naked quivering flesh like water droplets on hot oil and endless waves of ecstatic pleasure rippled through me as time and again he drove powerfully into me. His labored grunts, his raspy assurances that countless other negro’s would find pleasure in shoving their dark cock’s into my mouth, my cunt, my ass hole sent my brain to reeling and my body to vibrate like a tuning fork. Long before his cum scalded my anal cavity and he fell heavily over me, my screams for him to shove his black cock harder, deeper, faster into his black cock loving white whores ass became raspy grunts.

After long minutes he rolled to his side and with his arms about me and his cock still embedded in my ass hole I could only do that which I wanted to do anyway and that was to maintain body contact with his youthful body. When he finally did pull from me I whimpered noooo but my disappointment was short lived. Rolling onto his back he chuckled clean me bitch. Without hesitation I curled up beside him then with tongue and mouth lathered his slimy cock until it was once again hard at which point he commanded me to straddle him.

As I straddled his hips and guided him to the seething boiling cauldron between my legs he taunted me saying I was an insatiable slut. That perhaps he should call room service and see if there were any horny nigga’s wanting a piece of white tail. But I knew he was only teasing me as together with his fingers pulling twisting my engorged nipples he lunged upwards from the bed sinking fully and deeply into me. As I bucked and undulated atop him I knew his taunt was an idle threat, that this was our weekend together. A weekend, perhaps the only one we would ever have, in which he and he alone would repeatedly and animalisticly enjoy all that I had to offer.

Later, much later with his arm draped over me as I lay on my side with him pressed tightly against me and with his cock still buried in my cunt I drifted off to sleep with a contented smile on my lips. Hours later with the sun shining fully over me I awoke. But instead of my Master being in bed with me as I had expected him to be I was alone. Had last night been a dream, an all to real vivid fantasy like what I’d experienced back in the garage.

Dropping my hand between my legs the puffiness of my lips and the residue that lingered between them from his multiple use of me assured me that last night had indeed been real and not a fantasy after all. As a contented sigh slipped from my lips the smell of freshly brewed coffee caught my attention. Climbing from the bed I headed for the bathroom and a quick shower. I wanted to be clean and fresh before joining Master at breakfast.

Without bothering to wrap a towel about my still wet body I walked into the front room. Why pretend modesty when my Master had seen every part of me already. To my surprise instead of just my Master being in the front room there were two other negro’s with him. The bellhop Jamal I knew but the other one, the one I instinctively knew was from the kitchen because of his white uniform, I had never seen before.

Silently praying that my face showed not the least bit of surprise at finding them in my hotel room I continued forward as Joseph laughingly said was I lying when I said my slut was something else. With heart beating crazily at his words of praise I leaned down to kiss him. As I did so he pushed back from the table and patted his lap. The beaming smiles, the in drawn breaths and the nods of approval as I obediently slid onto his lap shot my pulse rate up even higher.

As Joseph’s mouth closed about my left nipple and his hand slipped between my legs to teasingly flutter against my pussy lips my gasp of pleasure almost drowned the exclamations of holy shit from the others. Together with my legs falling open I shamelessly squirmed in his lap and soft mewing purrs of pleasure issued from my throat as my Master’s mouth and fingers worked their magic.

Stuttering inquiring gasp as to whether Jamal and the one I later learned was Marcus were to be the first of of his many friends to find pleasure with my body tumbled from my trembling lips. Such was not to be the case though as Joseph after relinquishing my nipple laughed maybe later sweetmeat. Then indicating I should take a seat and eat breakfast he turned his attention back to Jamal and Marcus.

Their disappointment was evident but Joseph paid little heed as I prepared a plate and sat down. As the three of them talked, Joseph describing in explicate detail his use of my body and with the others hanging onto his every word I ate in silence for the most part. A couple of times though I was asked to verify a particular piece of Joseph’s story when the others disbelievingly muttered no fucking way.

When finally I’d finished eating and after Joseph had finished telling of my night of debauchery and burning hunger for his cock he told the others that he was taking me shopping. Then turning to me he asked if perhaps after we returned I’d like to model some of my new clothes for his friends.

“Would you like that sweetmeat? Would you like modeling a few of your new sexy outfits for my bros. Would you like to put on a really hot show for dem and maybe even give dem a sample of what others will be paying for.” Telling Joseph I’d like that very much I walked to Jamal and Marcus and together with kissing each I fondled them through their pants. My boldness surprised me almost as much as it did them as after breaking each kiss I breathlessly whispered into each of their ears in turn that I was looking forward to that evening. Then turning I headed for the bedroom and my clothes.

On the way to the mall I almost wrecked the car twice because Joseph together with fingering my naked snatch taunted me about his friends fucking me that evening. By the time we reached the mall I was so hot that if he would’ve said he wanted to fuck me right there in broad daylight before God and everybody I would have done so without the slightest of hesitation. But instead he slipped his arm about my thin waist, then smiling broadly guided me into the mall.

As we walked through the mall I was apprehensive, maybe even a little bit frightened that one of my neighbors or someone from work would see us. But as we went from store to store, and as I tried on and even modeled several outfits for him my apprehension faded then altogether vanished.

Until we had walked into Dillards nothing that I had previously modeled in any of the other stores had been to Joseph’s liking. In Dillards though he found what he’d been looking for and it wasn’t long before we were at the cashiers. As he paid for the clothes I’d modeled for him from the young miss and petite section I noticed that a few of the skirts he’d fussed over and that I had liked immensely were being picked over by teenagers. The thought that when he presented me to others that I would be wearing skirts that a teenager would wear excited me tremendously and I breathed huskily into his ear thank you Master.

Looking at me questionably I inclined my head in the direction of the young girls picking over some of the same skirts by way of explanation. Looking in the direction I had indicated he laughed so you want to be a naughty little school girl huh. When I eagerly nodded affirmatively and muttered please Master he laughingly said If thats what my little slut wants then why the hell not.

Rummaging through the bags he pulled a pleated green and black checked mini skirt from one and a white cotton blouse from another. Then together with pulling a pair of white socks from the counter display and he snickered to the sales lady my bitch is going to play dress up. Then playfully smacking me on the ass he laughed best get some shoes to go with that outfit cunt

As I hurried toward the changing room I paused for a moment at the shoe section and picked out a pair of black and white loafers very much like what I had worn when I’d attended Catholic school. Less then ten minutes later along with my hair up in a ponytail I was standing beside my Master in my new outfit feeling for all the world like the teenager which I strongly suspected I looked like. The nasty look from the cashier, the envious looks from the teenagers at the clothes rack all let me know that what I had hoped to achieve had been accomplished.

The possessiveness of his arm about me, the intimacy of his hand on my ass as we strolled through the mall blanked from my mind what people might be thinking. That we had presented an odd couple before, what with me wearing my business clothes and him replete with baggy jeans and looking for all the world like a teenage gang banger, there was no doubt. But now with me dressed like a teenager we looked more like any one of dozens of other young couples strolling through the mall, albeit of different races.

That the envious looks of others were directed more at Joseph then at me there was little doubt. Still though I did draw my share, especially when while fondling my ass he either inadvertently or otherwise hiked my short skirt up allowing a fleeting glimpse of my bare buttocks. That he did so mostly when other blacks were near and once when a group of white jocks were walking behind us making snide remarks about niggers and white girls sent ripples through me and I clung even tighter to him.

As we were about to pass by the Frederick’s of Hollywood store Joseph steered me inside. I didn’t understand why he was doing so as they were noted mostly for their lingerie and Joseph had made it abundantly clear the night before that as his bitch I wouldn’t be wearing a bra or panties anymore. As he had so colorfully put it while fucking me for the third time, he, or for that matter any other nigger he gave me to, didn’t want to waste time taking off or even pulling aside my panties when it came time to fucking me. He wanted me open and ready to service him and any other nigger if they but smiled at me

Silently but with a questionably look I followed him as he walked among the racks. Every so often he would suddenly stop and after thumbing through various sizes and colors pull an item. What he wound up purchasing after I’d eagerly modeled them for him were two Sheer Lace-Trim Babydolls, one in pink the other in white, as well as an Open Mesh Chemise. His purchase of three Marlene Lace Garter belts along with several pair of Scallop Lace Top Stockings though I put off modeling for him until we could get back to the privacy of my hotel room as I did not want to be arrested for causing a riot.

Even before we were out of Fredrick’s Joseph was digging through my purchase and as we walked by a trash receptacle he throw the skimpy G-string panties away that had come with both of the Babydolls and the Chemise. Then at his insistence we stopped at a shoe store. But before we entered he instructed me to not only flirt with the clerk who waited on me but to show him what he was fucking.

Then to my surprise he pushed my forward saying he was taking my packages out to the car and that he’d be back in a few minutes. Joseph’s few minutes though turned into a half hour then forty five minutes as I sit there with skirt almost to my waist flirting with and showing my pussy to not one but four different clerks.

When Joseph finally appeared I was a nervous highly aroused wreck and he didn’t help matters any when after sitting down beside me he tugged at my short skirt exclaiming loud enough for the closest customers to hear damn cunt I leaves you alone for a minute and what you do. At first I was confused and a little frightened because even though I had done as he’d asked he seemed to be mad at me for obeying him.

As he continued to rant that my pussy was his and that I ought not to be showing his property to the likes of that fat fucking nigger sitting on the floor at my feet like a beached whale I blushed profusely. “Shit bitch, I bets you done even let dem honky mother fucker’s standing over dar get a peek at your snatch too.” Whether or not he knew or suspected that his words were exciting me I wasn’t sure but never the less I tried to defuse his seeming anger by begging his forgiveness.

For a moment he seemed to calm down as he looked at the two pair of Ankle Collar Patent Pumps as well as the two pair of Strappy Sandals, all of which had five and a quarter inch stiletto heels. Then the moment passed and he snickered ain’t no fucking way I be buying them fucking shoes after you been showing that pussy slut. Sides you ain’t old enough to be wearing shit like that. Then pulling me to my feet he growled lets go you stupid cunt. Our departure though was halted when the rotund negro still sitting on the floor between my legs and looking up my dress coughed and said that ain’t no way to treat such a sexy little thing nigger.

Then pulling himself to his feet he told Joseph he didn’t know what such a fine looking white girl saw in him but it wasn’t his generosity that was for sure. As they exchanged angry stares I clung to my Masters arm meekly telling him to forget about the shoes, that I didn’t really like them anyway. I was honestly and truly afraid as the rotund negro standing several inches taller then and outweighing my Master by better then a hundred pounds starred icily at him. But then the tension broke somewhat as he laughed that since the young buck didn’t want to spend the three hundred and twenty dollars on his pretty little white girl who wanted to dress grown up he was sure he could come up with a solution.

A silent scream echoed through my head. I knew that my Master had enough money to pay for the shoes I had picked out. I also knew that I hadn’t done anything wrong so I couldn’t understand why he was being so confrontational. What I couldn’t understand most of all though was why my Master was even considering such a proposition from the fat beast. Yet at the same time I felt a dampness between my naked thighs at the realization that the slovenly negro wanted to fuck me. My heart beat crazily not only with but with excitement and arousal as the fat negro taking my Masters silence for acceptance motioned all three of the white clerks over.

Stepping out of ear shot they conversed for several minutes though every now and again one or more of them would glance back at me smiling broadly. Despite my apprehension about what I was certain was going to happen I couldn’t help but shiver with excitement and anticipation. Then their conference broke up and the clerks hurried over to other customers while the rotund negro ambled toward us.

As he approached he hissed lets not play games anymore shall we you arrogant young buck. Its evident to me and everyone here that this little girl is putting out for you and all she’s asking for in exchange is a couple of pair of shoes. I don’t know why she wants them and I don’t really care. But I figure the reason you putting up such a huff about buying them for her is probably cause you ain’t sold your shit yet and ain’t got the money.

I could hardly believe what was happening as he continued to talk as if I were a commodity to be bartered for. “Personally I think she deserves the shoes just for letting you put your arm around her you sorry piece of shit. Seeing as how she’s letting you do more then that though nigger I tell you what I’s going to do. I’m going to take the sweet little thing back to my office and work out a trade. That way you ain’t out no money and the little girl gets her shoes. As for me, well I get to smile for awhile”

Then without waiting for my Masters response he grabbed my arm and started toward the back of the store. As I was hustled from the sales floor I looked back over my shoulder at a grinning Joseph. You could have knocked me over with a feather as before he turned his back and walked from the store he laughed you do what ever tubby wants you hear slut.

I was hurt and confused. My Master, the young negro who I had literally given my heart and soul to was giving me to another without the slightest of protest whereas he had earlier denied two very close friends the use of my body. Oh God what was I to do? Then as the door to the rotund negro’s office opened and I was ushered inside my Masters voice came to me.

As clear and distinct as if he were standing beside me I heard his voice saying when I gives your honky ass to a brother bitch you best be obedient. Nigga get nuff static from black bitch’s last him three lifetimes, he don’t need no shit from a white piece of tail to add to his woes. You member dat sweetmeat den everything going to be fine.

Then I was startled back to the present as the rotund negro’s gravely voice said God damn it white girl I said sit your ass on my lap. As I timidly sat across one thick thigh my legs tightly together and with hands on my lap he chuckled you a shy one ain’t you girl. My only reply was a questioning faint sir before suddenly and without preamble he turned my face to his mashing his lips to mine.

For a fleeting moment I didn’t return his kiss but then my Masters words about obedience again flashed across my mind and like the shy teenager I was portraying my lips slowly parted. A heartbeat later soft purring moans issued from my throat and in complete abandonment of the shy teenager I had pretended to be I threw my arms about his shoulders passionately returning his kiss.

For untold minutes we sat kissing and then his hand wormed between my legs and began making its way upward. My legs which had parted only slightly at the touch of his hand on my thigh fall open completely as his hand slid beneath my short pleated skirt and his fingers tickled my cunt lips. As his fingers teased me I squirmed in his lap lightly bouncing up and down and against his finger while moaning ever louder into his mouth before he broke the kiss.

“Hot damn white girl that young buck of yours teach you to kiss like that or do you just come by it natural.” For some reason I can’t explain I fell back into the role of a shy teenager. Meekly I told him that my boyfriend Joseph wasn’t the one who’d taught me to kiss, that it had been my daddy. With that he snorted just how old are you anyway girly. “Seven — seven — seventeen sir. But I’ll be eighteen next month. Oh please sir, please. Please don’t call my daddy. He’ll be furious if he found out I was with Joseph. Daddy doesn’t like him. He says the boy is a bad influence on me. But ohhhhh I do need him so sir.”

For several minutes the rotund negro looked at me questioningly and I began to panic. What if he did want to call my fictional daddy? What phone number could I possible give him? Then to my relief instead of reaching for his phone he hugged me to his massive chest laughing softly. “Your a naughty little girl aren’t you. You should be ashamed of yourself for sneaking around behind your daddy’s back. Specially after all your daddy’s taught you. He teach you anything else sides kissing little girl?”

Through it all his finger had continued to rhythmically saw into me. I know that wherever this game was going it had better end soon because I was a screaming mass of nerves. Putting my head against his chest I looked up into his eyes mumbling my daddy taught me lots of stuff. But I ain’t never done what he taught me with no one but him an my boyfriend.

His jovial laughter startled me and as I drew back he wheezed girlie I surely is glad you is sneaking round with that young buck otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting on my lap. Your daddy’s right though you know. That young nigger ain’t nothing but trouble and as for needing him sweetmeat that’s bullshit. You don’t need him, all you need is hard black cock, and with your looks any nigger would have to be crazy not to crawl between them legs of yours if given the chance.

I should have caught his slip of the tongue when he used my Masters pet name for me but I didn’t. Maybe it was because I was so aroused by his words and the fact that finally a negro other then my Master was going to fuck me. Or maybe it was because I was so into acting the part of an innocent upper middle class white teenager being taken advantage of by her black boyfriend that I simply ignored it. Whatever my reason was though the rotund negro’s booming laugh as I meekly asked if he was going to shove his big black dick into my white pussy and fuck me like my daddy and boyfriend did was as music to my ears.

“White girl I’s going to do more then that. Not only is I going to pound your young white snatch with my big nigger dick I’s also going to get me some brown sugar too.” Then together with indicating I should slip from his lap and to my knees he jovially exclaimed first though I wants you to wrap them pretty lips of yours bout my black cock. Obediently and without hesitation I slipped from his lap and a moment later after fumbling with his zipper my lips and tongue were lavishing attention to his engorged dark cock.

As I slavishly sucked and swirled my tongue about and over his cock his words of how obedient I was, of how sweet my mouth felt on his black cock sent my mind and heart to racing. With my small hands on his thick thighs and with head bobbing ever faster up and down the six plus inch’s of his cock I was vaguely aware that he’d picked up the phone. But because of my efforts to please him I paid scant attention to what he said.

My heart was thumping maddeningly and lurid pictures flashed on the backs of my closed eyelids as I concentrated on pleasuring him, and in a small way myself. Minutes later together with his dark cock jerking in my hungrily sucking mouth like an unmanned fire hose the first of four spurts of his cum filled my mouth and I drank greedily of his offering.

Just as the last spurt of his cum filled my mouth and as my throat muscles worked feverishly to swallow I felt hands beneath my armpits. Without resistance I let the unseen hands lift me from my kneeling position between the fat negro’s legs. For a second I became disoriented but then I found my self leaning over the rotund negro’s desk. Obediently as the excited voice commanded me to do I placed my hands upon the desk then stepped back two paces while spreading my leg widely apart.

For a moment, for an eternity my unseen tormentor teased me both with word as well as with fingers while I, quivering with excitement and lust, starred into the eyes of the smiling obese negro I had just pleasured with my mouth. Behind me the taunting words that my nigger loving teenage ass wasn’t just going to pleasure the boss caused the fine hairs on the back of my neck to rise. Then together with hands slipping beneath my short pleated skirt and pushing it up about my waist a cock pressed against my sexually charged cunt lips.

As the cock slipped between my moistened lips and into the tight clinging channel of my vagina only to withdraw partially then once more push forward and deeper a whimpering plea to be fucked hissed from my throat. Before me, behind me the snickering voices of the two men telling me how I was going to service them and all the other sales clerks sent my mind over the edge. Like a bitch dog in heat I pushed back at the cock deeply and powerfully fucking me screaming, pleading with him to fuck my slutty teenage white trash whore body.

But even as small continuous orgasms rippled through me building toward a crescendo the one behind me together with a final powerfully lunge groaned hurtfully and flooded my insides with his thick hot spunk. Despite my muscles tightening about his cock in an attempt to keep him in me and perhaps bring about my own climax he pulled from me snickering God what a cock crazy slut. But my disappointment at not having climaxed was short lived as hardly had he withdrawn and even as my oxygen depleted lungs had filled another cock slipped easily into the bubbling seething cauldron between my legs.

After that things became a blur as cock’s, sometimes multiply but more often then not singularly in a seemingly never ending procession used every orifice of my petite white body. Several hours later as the mall was about to close, but even then not until the obese negro manager along with the seven clerks that’d been scheduled to work that day had satiated their lust and depravity on me was I finally allowed to stagger from the office.

Of the eight cock’s that had repeatedly and at times animalisticly used me though only one had been memorable. A young white clerk by the name of Jeremiah had been comparable both in size as well as in ability to my Master, but regretfully, or maybe not, he lacked the domineering nature of the one I had given my soul to.

After cleaning up the best I could in the managers washroom I emerged from the back and there to greet me just as I knew he would be was my Master. I had learned early on, though I couldn’t recall exactly when, that my Master had prearranged the shoe store gang fuck. So yes I’d had no doubt that he would be waiting for me. As I slipped into the chair beside him I noticed that not only were the four pair of shoes I had originally chosen stacked neatly at his feet but so too were two pair of five inch Stilettos, one black and the other in blue denim.

Like a child at Christmas I threw my arms about my Master thanking him profusely for all the shoes. As I tried on the two new pair, the store manager whose name was Lionel told my Master how obedient I had been and how much everyone had enjoyed fucking me. My Master for his part snickered that since everyone had been pleased with his little slut he just might bring me back sometime in the near future. Then pulling me to my feet and with his hand squeezing my ass cheek we walked from the store and out through the mall.

As Master drove us back to the hotel I snuggled against him. With teasing slowness I unzipped him after running my fingernails up and down his inner thigh for untold minutes. Then pulling his beautiful dark hardness from his pants and together with my hot breath on his cock I began to slowly squeeze and stroke him. As his cock began to jerk and throb indicating he was about to ejaculate instead of taking him into my mouth and finishing him off as I knew he expected me to do I instead squeezed him tightly stifling his ejaculation.

Then with eyes twinkling and with my Masters assurance that yes indeed Jamal and Marcus and perhaps two or three others were eagerly awaiting my return I leaned over his lap relaxing my grip as I did so. As his wonderful black cock slipped between my lips then deeply and fully into my mouth his pleasurable sigh was like music to my ears. As I slavishly labored to bring him off so that I might once more taste his hot thick cum he chuckled I was one insatiable black cock hungry slut.

I couldn’t be certain because of the blood pounding in my ears as well as my Masters ragged breathing but as his buttocks jerked from the seat and my taste buds were inundated by his thick globular cum I thought I heard him mutter that tomorrow he just might invite a dozen, hell two dozen of the hotel staff up to my room to enjoy the pleasures of my black cock loving white trash body.

– The End –