As I opened the door and stepped into the house my head exploded and darkness engulfed me. Later, I don’t know how much later the blackness slowly, ever so slowly became a hazy gray and as if from far away I heard muted voices. The throbbing in my skull made it extremely hard for me to concentrate on what was being said but I tried. With great difficulty I managed to somehow tone down the pounding in my head and the ringing in my ears. At first the words made no sense but slowly what at first had sounded as if a hundred voices were all talking at once they gradually solidified into perhaps three individuals. As their words began to make sense and despite the fear clutching at my heart as concerned my own safety my thoughts flew to my wife. Where was she? Had these persons done to her the same that they had done to me? God I hoped not.

Suddenly powerful fingers gripped my chin forcing my aching head up and back. As my head rose and I starred through blurry eyes at the face before me then and only then did I realize that I had been tied to a chair. As I looked stupidly at and tried to bring into focus the dark face before me he spit welcome back mother fucker a millisecond before his fingers contemptuously released me. The push to my head was so hard that I tittered for a second and then as if in slow motion I fell over backwards. As my head hit the hard wood floor and darkness again closed in about me a gravely voice snickered how dah honky mother fucker gonna see his woman pleasuring us you go knocking his ass out all dah time.

When next I awoke I thought I had gone blind, but then through the murky inkiness I began to make out my surroundings. A strangled giggle that was a mixture of relief and pain echoed hollowly through the dinning room. Quiet, I had to be quiet I silently admonished. I couldn’t risk discovery and the chance that I would again be knocked senseless. Neither my skull or brain could take another walloping like they had without serious and possibly permanent damage being inflicted. I had to assume that whoever the men were that had been in Regina’s and my home earlier were still here until I could prove otherwise.

An involuntary gasp ripped from my throat as I turned my head. The gasp had not been because of the pain even though a lightening bold had exploded in my skull when I moved. No it had been one more of discovery then pain. Discovery that across the table from me with his arms crossed atop the table and his head resting upon them sat one of the men.

If one of them was still here then in all probability the others were too. How many others? Two, three, yes definitely two others because that was how many voices I’d heard before darkness had closed about me. More importantly then their number though was who the hell were they and what the hell did they want. No sooner had I asked myself those questions then the memory of a snickering voice from heaven only knows how many hours earlier came to me. Oh my god Regina. The son of a bitches hadn’t knocked her senseless and tied her to a chair like they had me they had …. they had …. Oh God no please nooooo.

I had to get free, I had to. But how? Calm John. Stay calm and access the situation. Your tied to a chair stupid. Ok no problem. All I have to do is somehow quietly make it from the dinning room into the kitchen and then once there all I had to do was locate one of my wife’s many carving knifes and cut myself free. Just two nearly impossible and improbable task. No, better make that four nearly insurmountable task because if by some miracle I could cut myself free I still had to locate Gin and then after that make it out of the house without the assholes being any the wiser.

OK. Slow real slow. Lean forward, thats it, thats it. Now make like a duck and before you know it you’ll be in the kitchen. In the long agonizing moments that followed I moved a foot, then another and then two more. I wish I knew what time it was so I’d know how long I had to complete the almost impossible task I had set I silently muttered to myself. Suddenly and as if in answer to my quandary just as I was framed in the doorway that looked out into the living room the antique Grandfather clock chimed twice. Out of the corner of my eye I caught movement and like a deer caught in the spotlight of a poacher I froze.

After several long agonizing minutes and with my already aching joints cramping even more because of my duck like position I ever so slowly eased the chair to the floor As I sat there frozen my mind did a little math problem. 5:30 to 2:00. Thats what God damn it nine, ten hours? No you stupid shit it’s only eight and a half hours I admonished. Only…. my mind giggled almost nonsensically…. only eight and a half hours. Shit the world could have ended in that length time and I wouldn’t of been none the wiser what with being unconscious the whole time.

When after several ragged breaths no alarm was raised I slowly ever so slowly turned my head and stared into the deep shadows of the living room. At first I couldn’t see anything then in the darkness I made out three, no four darker blobs amongst the outlines of furniture. God damn it there were five of the sons of bitches. Oh well at least they were all asleep and if I was quiet they’d never know what I was doing. As I waddled forward a foot the thought struck me that perhaps my earlier fear that at least one of them had taken liberties with my wife had been purely speculative. Assumptive.

Who in their right mind though could blame me for jumping to such a conclusion. After all these men who held us prisoner and whose motives I wasn’t aware of were nothing like the two highly educated negro’s I had working at my bank. I didn’t have to be a rocket scientist though to know that the men that had knocked me senseless and who had tied me to this chair were evidently hardened criminals. So it was completely understandable why having just recovered conscious and having recalled the gloating remark as well as my beautiful young wife’s conspicuous absence I had thought as I had.

Suddenly a thought struck me and as it did relief washed over me. These hardened miscreants had no intention of willfully harming either myself or my wife they were simply holding us incommunicado because they intended to rob the bank first thing in the morning. Granted they had knocked me out when I had walked through my front door. If one thought logically about it though the action could be construed as a means to prevent me from raising an alarm. As for the second time, well that could have been a fluke. An unforeseen accident when I had been contemptuously shoved. As for my wife not being by my side when I awoke well that could be their way of making sure I did nothing to jeopardize their plans.

Well no matter what their plans for us, come dawn, or hopefully a lot sooner, my wife and I would be gone and they’d have the house to themselves. Just as I again leaned forward and like a duck took a waddling precarious step toward the kitchen I heard noises coming from our bedroom. Well at least I knew where my wife was even though from the sounds of it she was having one hell of a nightmare.

Hell who can blame her what with five strange men in our home and her husband knocked senseless. But why the fuck hadn’t she checked on me. Whoa mother fucker. How would you know if she had or hadn’t checked on you what with being dead to the world for over eight hours. Your pissing and moaning about a lousy eight plus hours when you should be asking yourself how long has your wife’s been alone with the assholes. Hell, for all you know the sons of bitches could have broken in minutes after you had left for work. Highly unlikely but still not a thought to dismiss lightly

If such were the case though I doubted seriously if it were that would mean your lousy eight hours is only a drop in the bucket to the possible seventeen plus hours she’s had to endure the mother fuckers. So yea she was entitled to a nightmare, and who knows maybe she’ll awake from it and with everybody dead to the world she’ll rescue me. That’d be something, my petit little Regina rescuing her big strong protector. Well who gives a fuck who rescues who as long as the both of us are out of the house and away from these bastards who tried to do brain surgery on me with a blunt instrument.

As I waited for my wife to appear I hardly dare breath for fear I might not hear her soft footsteps or faint inquiry as to my well being. But she didn’t appear and other then the sounds coming from the bedroom the rest of the house was silent. Once more leaning forward and making like a duck I slowly waddled a few more feet toward the kitchen. Just as I was at the entrance to the kitchen the man that was at the table, supposedly to guard me I presumed, lifted his head and twisted it about as if assuring himself that I was were I was supposed to be.

Damn, damn, damn. Ten feet from freedom and caught. But then with a big yawn the asshole once more folded his arms and lowered his head to the table. Throwing caution to the wind and giving little thought about the noise I might be making I waddled into the kitchen. Twice I fell and only by absorbing the fall with my shoulder instead of my face was I able to keep going. What seemed like an eternity later and after chipping a tooth on the drawer handle I was in position of a knife.

A good hour and a half later and with my hands, wrist and forearms looking as if I had fended of an attack from a knife welding manic I finally rose from the chair. Free, free at last. Thank God Almighty I’m free at last. My legs felt as if they were made of rubber after my long hours in the chair so I had to lean heavily against the counter to keep from falling. As I rubbed circulation back into my legs the clock chimed 4:30. Move you dumb ass you don’t have a whole hell of a lot of time left. Pushing myself away from the counter I took a shaky step then three more, but then I stopped and turned back.

Bending down I picked up the knife I had carelessly discarded after having performed surgery. I might need it. After all maybe the reason she hadn’t awaken from her nightmare and rescued me was because they had tied her to the bed. Better they tie her to the bed I reasoned then to put up with a hysterical woman for God only knows how long. As I took another step a thought lanced into my brain making me stagger. Perhaps when they had knocked me out she had tried to get to me or perhaps on seeing my plight she had tried to escape and the bastards had beaten her.

If such were the case that more then even the scariest of nightmares would explain the oddly discordant and nasally grunts on top of the warbling drawn out moans I’d heard. Hefting the knife I silently vowed that if they’d harmed one hair on her head they would pay dearly I made my way from the kitchen and into the dinning room. I didn’t have any delusions that the knife would do me any good against the five of them but that wasn’t why I carried it. Freedom, freedom for my wife just as it had been for me, that was the reason. Slowly, carefully I edged my way along the wall so as not to trip over something and alert our captures as to my intentions.

Just as I had edged around the door frame and entered the living room light spilled out of the hallway leading to our bedroom. My heart leaped with joy, my wife was coming to me. She wasn’t tied to the bed as I had feared after all. But several heart beats later instead of my petit wife appearing an ungodly large dark blob followed closely by another of nearly equal proportion stepped from the hallway. Had her nightmare woke them and unable to drop back off to sleep they had decided to check on her. If they had then in all probability they would check on me too and when they discovered I wasn’t where I was supposed to be all hell would break loose.

Holding my breath I watched the two dark blobs. Unconsciously the knife in my hand shifted as together with preparing to make a mad dash for the bedroom and my wife I steeled myself to strike at whichever of them tried to stop me. But instead of their turning toward the dining room to check on me as I had suspected they would do, they instead stepped deeper into the living room. Ok no sweat ol’ bean, just take it easy and let them get settled back in. It doesn’t get light till around 6:30 or so so you can afford to wait them out. In all probability by the time the clock strikes 5:00 they’d be sound asleep again.

Even if in the worse case scenario it took them till 5:30 to fall asleep it still gave me about an hour to free her and get us out of the house. Yea plenty of time to make our escape and after we were away I’d make a quick call to the cops as payment for the way they had treated us. I just prayed the sons of bitches would sleep like babies until the cops broke down the door. All their carefully laid plans would go the way of the Dodo bird after being startled awake and looking into the barrels of a hundred cops guns. Even as my questions and well thought out plans rolled through my brain the nagging concern of why had they left the bedroom light on nagged at me.

To my surprise and dismay instead of the two indistinguishable blobs falling into chairs and dropping back off to sleep they instead moved amongst our furniture. As I watched horrified four grumbling blobs rose wraith like from where they had been laying. Wait a minute, two coming from having checked on my wife rousing four others. How was that possible? I had spotted only four men when for long minutes I earlier had starred into the darkness of my living room. Oh God, oh God oh God there weren’t five of them there were seven! I had missed counting two of them because…. because…. because….

Even as the obvious came to me the two men’s muted chuckling voices confirmed my worse fears. The noises I had heard coming from our bedroom had not been because my wife was having a nightmare or as I had feared because of pain. Oh God please, please tell me that the warbling moans and discordant muted ramblings I’d heard were not because the two men had been venting their lust upon her petit girl like body. Please God please tell me that what the monster is snickering to the others is not the truth.

Like a puppet whose strings had been cut the knife dropped from my numbed fingers and I slid down the wall to land in a heap like so much carelessly discarded mush. As I sat there fervently prying it wasn’t so the giant’s gravely voice burned the reality of what had transpired over the last seventeen hours into the mush jokingly called my brain. Like the searing of flesh by a branding iron the horrid reality of what my beautiful young wife had gone through both in the hours I had been at work and unconscious flickered kaleidoscope like over the inside walls of my skull.

“You nigga’s be wanting any more pleasuring from dat honky slut you best be getting your lazy black asses moving. Best be waking dat worthless fucker Martin too, dat way I ain’t gots to listen to no bitching later from any of yous nigga’s about not getting to slam fuck duh black cock loving slut one last time.” A boisterous laugh filled the room silencing the other blobs mutterings and then once more the guttural voice pierced my soul. “What it going to be nigga’s? Is you going to get yous black asses in dar and gives dat honky cum slut duh gang fucking she be liking and even now expecting or is yous going to disappoint her?

For a moment the mans jovially spoken words dropped to indecipherable mutterings as one of the men that had been awakened got in his face. Then together with pushing him away he hissed menacingly. “I don’t want to hear no more shit bout holing up here till the heat cool down. Ain’t gonna be no cooling down, yous is escaped convicts or has yous forgotten dat too. Yous got to be duh dumbest fucking nigga’s dar is if’n yous think you can just stay here and ain’t nobody gonna be duh wiser. Sooner then later someone’s gonna ask where her ol man at. when dat happen duh cops gonna come around den what yous dumb coons gonna do huh.”

Again there were angry mutterings. But then together with a guttural growl from the large blob the congealed mass of those about him split apart and for a moment silence fell over the living room before his gravely voice was again heard. “Yous mutter fucking nigga’s ain’t never happy. Now yous telling me yous wants to take duh honky slut wit yous when we cut out come first light. Well dat fine by me, but don’t yous be looking to travel wit stick an me cause I ain’t wanting no white bitch anywhere round my black ass if’n duh man do catch us.

Dis may not be duh 50’s no more you dumb mutter fuckers, but dem honky bustards what runs duh prison you nigga’s scaped from thinks it is. Duh catch’s you coons wit a white woman yous ain’t going to have to worry bout spending no more time cause like as not da just shoot your black asses. Now…. If’n yous is wanting to give dat honky cum slut a third and final gang fucking den yous get Martin up likes I told’s yous and gets your black asses in dat bedroom. If’n yous doesn’t den start gathering up shit an gets ready to carry your ass. Makes no never mind to me one way or duh other what yous nigga’s does but make no mistake come first light we’s leaving.” .

Then to my dismay and despite the fact that I was sure he had long ago become aware of my presence he turned his back to the others and strode across the room toward me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that the living room had become a flurry of motion. The almost as impressionable blob that had been with the giant sank to the couch with a sigh while the four other blobs melted together. For a moment muttering came from their midst then a smaller dark glob separated and strode across the room and around the hugh blob that was standing before me.

A second later the dinning room light came on and I realized that what I had thought was a seven foot four hundred pound monster was in reality a normal man standing no more then six foot tall and weighing perhaps two hundred fifty pounds. Though I found relief in his normalcy the twisted evil smile on his blue black face told me more then words could have that this was a man not to be taken lightly.

As if the knife of reality that he had seconds earlier plunged into my heart hadn’t been enough with his next mirth filled words it was twisted and pushed upwards in a killing stroke. “If’n it will make yous feel any better John boy when we first shoved our way in yesterday morning that little redheaded slut of yours raised a fuss that would’ve made da Grand Dragon of the KKK proud. Course all dat changed once me an my stickman shoved our big black baby makers into that hot snatch of hers and rode her for a bit. By da time we rolled off her weren’t a hole of hers that weren’t familiar with and liking nigga cock.

Dat wouldn’t duh half of it though John boy. Once dat little redhead of yourn got a taste of duh pleasuring nigga cock’s gives she was like three bitches in heat all rolled into one, she couldn’t get enough. Not only did she drain our black snakes at least three times she must’a had a couple dozen orgasm’s while doing so. When stickman an me finally rolled off’n her spent but satisfied she were still screaming for nigga loving.

Kind hearted darkie I is and not wanting to disappoint duh little cum slut I tolls her duh only way she be getting any more nigga cock right den was if’n duh others fucked her skanky white trash ass. I tells her dat John boy dat horny little slut of yourn jumps out’a bed so fast stickman an me was caught by surprise. Stead of her screaming and carrying on though as I specs her to do she instead makes a beeline for duh living room. Time we catches up to her naked ass she’s on da couch astraddle of an dry humping one o’ da brutha’s.

Me an stickman tried to pull her of a him but she had her arms about his neck so tight it were like trying to pull a drowning man away from a life preserver. Gotta tell you white boy dem coons wasn’t da only ones dat was surprised as shit, but none of dem made a move on her till da seen I didn’t object. I were laughing so hard I just plopped down beside her and watched. Tween her raining kisses on dat brutha’s ugly ass face and trying to get his dick out’s his pants she were whimpering for him to fuck her.

When she finally did get his black snake out she rolled to her side pulling him wit her. A minute later me an da others is off da couch an she’s flat on her back wit her legs wide apart. She were humping empty air and screaming her lungs out for him to fuck her skanky white ass while both trying to pull his pants from him and guide his dick to her needy snatch. Fore he can sink his black snake into her an set up a rhythm though da others pulls his black ass of a her and hustles her back to da bed room and your king size bed

Unlike me an stickman most dem nigga’s ain’t had a woman in better den ten years but she took all da had to give an den some. Duh whole time dem coons was pounding her she was screaming at dem to shove dar black dick’s into her lilly white black cock loving body an fucks her. Even when dem brutha’s started humping her two an three at a time she was begging and screaming for dem to fuck her. Course whenever a brutha was shoving his cock down her throat, which more often then not was da case, she didn’t beg for dar cock’s as much. But the noises she made and duh way she thrashed about let dem brutha’s know she was liking what da was doing to her.

Couple three hours later most dem nigga’s comes out’a da bedroom dragging dar asses an shaking dar heads. I liked to bust a gut when stickman after checking to see what da last nigga was doing tells me da brutha so wore out he just laying atop her. Da funniest part though was that she was humping up at him and pleading with him to fuck her again.

When he finally dragged his ass out’a da bedroom his dick looked like it had gone through a meat grinder it was so raw. Hours later while dem stupid coons is still bragging bout how many times da done fucked your pretty little wife me and stick was making plans to cut out come dusk we get da surprise of our life. Dat little slut comes traipsing into da living room stark naked an still wet from having taken a shower. As if’n she was giving us duh time of day she say she done changed da sheets on da bed case any of us is wanting to fuck her again. When no one moved she walks to the kitchen asking if’n we wanted her to fix us something to eat.

Took her almost two hours to fix us a couple of sandwiches each what with dem pussy loving coons fingering an feeling of her an a couple even eating her out. Da had just got her back into da bedroom an was starting to pleasure her some more when you opened da door. Needless to say we didn’t leave last night as planed, an before yous ask da answer is yes. Yes da noises you heard coming from da bedroom when you finally woke and cut yous self free was stickman and me pleasuring duh little cum slut. Hadn’t planed on fucking her again but when she come out bout 2:00 looking none duh less for wear after having rested a few hours from her second gang fucking what you going to do. Specially before sweetly asking if me and stickman would fuck her again she tells me she showered an done changed duh sheets yet again.

After yesterday John boy I don’t think dat little red headed slut of yourn will be much satisfied with just your dick anymore. No sir I surely don’t. Fact I don’t think she’ll be satisfied with anything short of several brutha’s at a time slamming meat to her skanky white trash ass if you want my opinion.” Then laughing so hard I thought he would bust a gut he managed to sputter talk bout ass John boy, you ain’t seen or heard nothing till you’ve seen that little redhead cum slut of yours get her shittier reamed. Duh harder an faster a brutha’s dick plows her shittier duh wilder and louder she gets. Gotta tell you boy, dar ain’t a hole of hers dat doesn’t like dark meat. But her poop chute now, well I believe if’n she had her druthers that’d be duh hole she’d want a brutha’s dick in more den any other.”

For a minute he paused in his all to explicate narration and looked at me askance. Then reaching down he pulled me to my feet as easily as one would a small child. Putting his thick arm about my shoulder he turned me to face the interior of my living room just in time to see the negro who was supposed to have been guarding me step into the hallway leading to our bedroom. He made no mention of the noticeable tent in my rumpled suit pants as his hot breath hissed mockingly against my ear. “I told duh brutha’s to play with her a bit. Told dem to get her all worked up so she’d put on a real good show for you.

Wouldn’t sprise me non if’n while a couple of dem nigga’s is fingering her snatch and sucking on dem firm little titties of hers a couple others ain’t running dar hard black dick’s cross her lips while teasing her bout yous watching her pleasuring dar black asses. She was raring to go better den a half hour go and now wit all dem hard black dick’s around her an dem teasing her like da doing she probably wound tighter den a two dollar watch. Gotta tell you John boy when dat little cum slut of yourn gets wound up dar ain’t no holding her back. So unless you want to miss some of da action, an we wouldn’t want that now would we, yous best get yous ass in gear. Then together with pushing something into my hand along with a slight nudge to my back he set my feet in motion.

Whether the next snickering remark came from his throat or from deep inside my own brain I can’t rightly say. But as my feet entered the hallway and I looked into the brilliantly lit interior of our bedroom and at the dark bodies jockeying for position about my petit young wife I heard the words as clearly as all the others I’d heard moments earlier. “She’s a slut John, a white trash black cock cum loving slut. Can you hear her John? Can you hear the cock hungry little sluts lustful moans? Can you hear her whimpering near hysterical pleas for them, for all of them to shove the powerful black cock’s into her black cock loving white trash body? Just a few more steps John. Just a few more steps and then you’ll not only be able to hear her beg to be fucked you’ll also be able to watch her.”

As together with the voice droning on and as I drew ever closer to the bedroom I looked down at the object the negro had pressed into my hand. Despite what the object portended and the certainty that our marriage was all but finished a shiver raced through me and cum stained the front of my rumpled suit pants. He was right, the arrogant God damn son of a bitching negro was right. He along with all the others had ruined her as far as my ever being able to satisfy her again. A chocked sob that I loved her, that God damn it to hell I loved her broke from my throat. Angrily swiping the tears from my eyes I stepped over the threshold of our bedroom and brought the 8mm video camera to my eye. As if they had been waiting for me, which I’m sure they had been, they stepped aside allowing the camera’s lens to focus on her young petit writhing body.

A heartbeat later and in compliance to her lustful pleas for them, for all of them to shove their hard black dick’s into her three of them joined her on the bed. After positioning her in the center of our bed they themselves took up positions beneath, before and behind her. As the camera’s lens picked up each guiding their black rigidities to the hole before them a thought crossed my mind. Perhaps, just perhaps despite our living in Alabama there was a way to satisfy her need and yet remain married. For a moment the grunting demanding voices of the profusely sweating negro’s interrupted my thoughts. But instead of resenting the intrusion I was thankful. Their demands on her and the interruption they had caused allowed me to brush aside and dismiss the certainty that I would be ruined both socially and financially if one of my board of directors or a city councilman ever got wind of what I intended.

– The End –