It had been nearly a year since the hospital incident. I was unable to keep most of the info from Taylor but he still didn’t know how I got there. I let him assume it was an assault (well it WAS!) and told him I didn’t remember much about it. I DO remember every second of it, while I was conscious at least, and will always love that experience! Crazy yes, but it is where I live!

I asked Taylor to see me and was invited to his house again. I needed him to want me so I had prepared. In the months that followed the hospital incident I had taken some steps to become what I wanted to be. Just eight days after that “weekend”, I got a profit sharing check from my job and knew what I must do with it! I got breast implants, big ones, that stretch my skin so tight, my breasts are round and shiny! I have a small frame and wide hips so these really do look good! When I raise my arms and look at my back in a mirror I can see them bulging out to the sides! I told the doctor that I like rough sex and he said I need saline implants with extra tough covers. I also went to a Tattoo shop, had my clitoris pierced and a nice thick permanent ring was welded in (against the shop owners recommendations). My nipples were ringed the week after that! I was working out every day to get a strong stomach and running to make my leg muscles sexy and build endurance. I went shopping and found some high heels that lock to my ankles, in the same store I bought a chastity belt with a slit in the front just big enough to expose my clit and ring but small enough to block access to my vagina. It also has an opening in the back where a stainless steel plug is inserted in the wearer and locked to the belt! I got the whole set, it is part stainless and part leather, really sexy looking and super tight. I also got a set of ten little brass locks that all use the same key. On the way home I stopped at a pet store and bought a leash for a big dog. It was chain with a leather handle on one end and a clip at the other.
When I got home I was feeling naughty so I set to work on removing the leather handle from the end of the leash. I held the last link with pliers and pried it open with a screwdriver, it was harder than I thought and I bent the screwdriver in the process but was able to get the link open. I hooked the open link of the dog leash into my clitoris ring and after some struggle (and a nasty Pinch!) I was able to close the link around the ring, thereby making it non detachable! I looked in the mirror and just gazed at all the nice things there are to play with! The weight of the leash pulled at my clitoris exposing it to view as the chain hung down between my legs to the floor. I tugged at each nipple ring then cupped the bottoms of my breasts as if presenting them for inspection. They feel so great to the touch now, I love to squeeze them! The way they jiggle is so unnatural. I can feel each step transmitted through to my ribs and I sometimes catch myself shaking my shoulders just to feel the bobble that follows. I don’t know why most girls with big breasts don’t like to run, I guess they aren’t firm enough, not a problem here! I don’t wear a joggers bra and have jogged topless at the nude beach quite a few times. I get a lot of compliments from men and women on my nipple rings and one time I jogged down the whole beach after I had attached little bells to my nips! I have flicked them with my fingers and they sound like a ripe Honeydew melon, in fact they look like two Honeydew melons except they are white with pink stems! In light of past experience, I had to try slapping them. I found out it’s just not the same to slap your own breasts but after a few tries I was able to get a nice smack when I hit them.

I had waxed every single hair from my body then put on some short ruffle socks, the high heeled shoes and chastity belt with anal plug locked in! My roommate had a couple friends over and they heard me making sounds. She asked what I was doing in there. I stepped back from the mirror, took a long look at the image reflecting back to me and decided that this was the time to let her in on my secret! I picked up the chain, grabbed a stretch dress out of the closet, walked out into my living room naked and showed my roomie and our two friends all my new hardware! They all laughed out loud at my titties. I put a show on for them by spreading my legs for them to see and bent over then turned around so they could look at the plug locked in my rear. Still bent forward, I turned to face them and tugged each nipple ring then invited them to try, only after a lot of coaxing did they touch me briefly. They freaked and could not comprehend but no one looked away! I stood before them, put my hair up in a tight pony tail, slipped the little stretch dress over my hardware and went off to Taylor’s, he will understand!

The drive to his house was fantastic! That chastity belt does NOT give and is made for standing! When I sat in the car I nearly ripped out my clit ring which was caught outside of the belt! The way my clitoris is trapped outside of the chastity belt, rubs it mercilessly on the seat! And the butt plug, was pulled so far forward it nearly replaced my vagina, stretching the opening to my anus to a place it had never been! I didn’t give any of this consideration when I bought the belt, nor was it mentioned at the store. It was all a delightful surprise! I HAD to stop at the mall and walk around some like this. The belt and it’s locks show through the thin T-shirt material of the dress as do the nipple rings! My leash hung down under the dress! If someone couldn’t guess where it went, well……..! I got so worked up in the mall. I went into a supermarket after that to get a little pair of scissors! I was seriously wet inside the belt, so much that it actually went through the little hole in the front of the belt (for urination) and dripped on the floor while I stood in line! I was speeding the rest of the way to Taylor’s house.

When I got out of the car there was a wet spot on the seat and I nearly ran to his door. When Taylor opened the door I stepped back off the front porch into the yard so he could take in the whole view. I used the little pair of scissors to cut my stretch dress off and at that point I was standing out in the sunlight, totally nude except for the high heels, ankle socks, chastity belt, chains and rings. I picked up the end of the leash hanging from my clit and turned slowly for him to see everything. People were driving down the street, staring at me as I turned but I did not falter and after two complete turns I stepped back up on his porch, handed him the key (to the belt) and the end of the leash then squatted on my heels, knees apart and with a finger through each nipple ring pulling straight towards him! Taylor was amazed! He told me how much he liked my new tits (I love to call them that!) and rings! I told him I had a plug locked in my ass and begged to show him! Of course he wanted the full show so I stood up and turned, stepping over the leash then got on my hands and knees to show him my ass. The car that had been driving by was stopped and I guess the guys were looking at the big round tits hanging from my chest or maybe the shiny rings dangling from the tips as I waited on all fours! I had resolved to wait for a command no matter how long it took! I saw a couple walking up the street, getting closer and I was getting more nervous (and turned on!) while Taylor just let me wait like a dog! Just as the couple got one house away my clit was pulled hard and I quickly backed into his house still on hand and knee.

The door closed and I couldn’t wait, so I asked Taylor if he liked my improvements. He let go of the leash and told me to turn around. I stayed on the floor and saw he was looking at my breasts so I shook them, like a dog would to shake off water and told him they could probably take a good caning! They are so big and firm that they feel like attachments and not really part of my body. I know they look a bit ridiculous, almost perfectly round and cartoon looking but men seem to like it. I liked the way that redheads big tight breasts looked and wanted to go a step or two farther! My breasts are less sensitive now and I know that everyone will have a good time grabbing and squeezing them! I have also tested my nipple rings at home and found that I can really pull them hard before it hurts, I’ve even tied things like small hand weights to the rings to see how much I could lift using only my nipples. I got one four pound weight (that’s all I had) to hang from each nipple ring as I crawled around my bedroom floor! I can lift a concrete cinder block too, with a string to both nipples and my clit ring as I crawl but I was not able to lift the block off the floor using only my clitoris ring. Yes, I have been playing.
Taylor told me I could get up so I squatted on my heels with knees far apart and my hands under my breasts, offering them for inspection, my favorite submissive position. I feel “open” like that and I think men like to see my clitoris peek out just a bit and have my breasts and face right where they could cum on them. I have practiced and can stay like that for hours. I can tell Taylor likes it too and I hope to find out if I can keep my balance like that while he fucks my face. He was smiling with delight as I presented myself to him! He told me to stand then unlocked the belt and removed it from me but left the plug inserted in my rear. I begged him to keep me and showed him, pulling and squeezing and slapping, all of the improvements I had made to my body. He was indeed impressed and curious when I’d done all that. I told him that I’d made my mind up the time he kept me in the garage, even though I didn’t really decide until the hospital stay. I told how I used my profit sharing dividends to renovate my young girl body into a female Ferrari!

He sat down in one of the big chairs and I kneeled in front of him. I explained that I was ready and wanted to be his if he would take me. I explained in great detail the preparations I had made towards this goal and told him how I knew I could be the best pet he ever had! I even told him how much money he could make with a filly like me in his stable. I asked him to look at me and see my great body, young and durable, waiting for commands. He agreed to at least devise a test for me then decide how valuable I was to him. For the time I was to remain with him and entertain some of his friends. I didn’t say anything because it is a given, I will just do as he says without question, it is not for me to agree or disagree, like the furniture I am there to be used at his whims.

I continued the sale a bit by begging to let me show him some tricks I had taught myself. When he said OK, I got in a raised push-up position and lowered myself slowly until my nipple rings were just above the hardwood floor then I dropped the rest of the way. My nipple rings clacked on the hardwood floor and I put my hands behind my back keeping my legs straight and head up. This position leaves me on the tips of my toes and balanced on my tits with no other contact with the floor! He likes it! I dipped my head up and down rapidly until I was bouncing on my boobs! Like in a freaky gymnastics competition I went right to my next trick, I pushed up and swung my legs under me then rolled back on my shoulders with legs above me. I am able to curl up and touch my clit with my tongue! I licked myself a couple times then got the ring in my front teeth and pulled as I uncurled, eventually letting go. He liked the way my clit snapped back into place. I went right to my favorite squat and pulled real hard on my nipple rings which distorted my tits even more than usual, then got on my back again and threaded the spike heels of my shoes through my nipple rings! Taylor loved that one and told me to stay like that while he took pictures. At the end of the roll of film he told me to continue. I got my heels out of my nipple rings and went to my next trick. There was a little statuette on the table, I got up reached behind me and pulled my pussy lips apart as I lowered myself onto the figure. It must have been sixteen inches tall and I got at least half of it in me then walked around and crawled some with it still inside. I carefully placed it back on the table, released it and licked it clean! I wrapped my leash around one leg of the coffee table got on hands and knees then pulled it several inches across the floor, a la “tractor pull” using only my clitoris!

I told him I had more but perform best with an audience! He left me there for a minute then came back with some new stainless steel cuffs! They were beautiful! I could barely see the hinge and they were fairly thick, perhaps two inches wide and the locks were so flat! There was a big “D” ring imbedded in each one and they fit so snug! Each wrist and ankle were adorned with a shiny stainless steel band then he secured a very wide matching collar around my neck. The collar was so snug and tall (nearly three inches) it stretched my neck! It was obvious how pleased he was and as he locked my wrists together behind me, I really wanted some attention (no shit!) and asked him to take me for a test drive. He is a man, so of course he let me lick and suck him for a few minutes before I was allowed to take him in my pussy. He pushed me over the end of the sofa and did me good from behind. I had been squeezing carrots and my fingers and even marking pens with my pussy muscles for months to be ready for just that occasion! Once he was all the way in me I squeezed his cock with all my might and he actually felt how strong my grip was on him! Had I been a little less wet inside he would not have been able to pull out. I did milk him to an early and unexpected cum which he let go of inside me. I didn’t care if he got me pregnant or not, I was HIS to do with as he pleased. As soon as he let me up I squatted over the bare floor and grunted as much of his sperm out of me while I licked his cock clean. After he was through with me I got on my knees, bent down and licked that clean too!

He told me there would have to be some radical test of my resolve before he would enter into a contract of ownership with me. Taylor told me to stay where I was and made some phone calls in the other room. I tried I could not hear what was said. After the calls he told me to get up and stay with him, that is what I did for the next few hours. I was well fucked and still naked, in heels, with my wrists secured behind me as I followed and stood by him while he went about his business for the day. He even made a few trips outside to move the sprinkler in the back yard but I stayed right with him. When he sat at his desk I squatted by his side and he would reach out now and then to feel my breasts or rub my belly, sometimes he even pulled on one of the nipple rings to see if I would lose balance but I didn’t.

It went like that until dusk. At one point Taylor told me to bend over and he removed the plug from my rear then left me there for a minute while he went in the den. When he came back he used a marking pen on my buttcheeks and even down the crack of my butt right up to and just touching my anus! He told me to straighten up and he unlocked my wrists, handed me my car keys, a piece of paper with directions and an address written on it. I asked what was on my back but he wouldn’t tell. He told me I was to follow the directions, then told me to go. I was not allowed to put any clothes on and was shoved out the front door as is!

I walked real fast to my car and fumbled with the keys for a second, but I think I got in before anyone saw me! This was going to be difficult, having to drive naked to some place on the outskirts of the city (judging by the directions). At least it will be night and I could sit real low! I followed the route given me I was glad the drive there was uneventful with the exception of my fingering myself a bit on the freeway. Down to the last few turns I could see this was in a ranch type area. I found the address and saw the house was dark. I wasn’t able to drive closer because there was a chain across the drive so I had to park on the street. The instructions said I was to get out of my car and walk up the driveway until I saw a tall wood fence with a gate. There will be a letter pinned to the gate, I was to open it and follow those instructions. When I had finished what was in the letter, I was to drive directly to my apartment and call him. I did as the instructions told me and the second I stepped over the chain, flood lights on either side of the driveway came on! I suppose they were on sensors but maybe someone was watching? The driveway was up a slight hill and more lights came on as I got closer to the house. I was blinded by the lights and could only see the driveway in front of me, well that wasn’t all, I also saw my breasts jiggling as I walked. There was the gate, and like he said there was a note pinned to it. It was easy to read the note with all those lights on and it had more instructions. The note said I was to go through the gate and find a short post in the back yard, some forty feet from the house. I was to attach myself by the ring in my collar and the lock provided to the top of the post and wait for orders and I MUST do whatever I was told, no matter what! I had no idea what was to be done with me but I wanted Taylor, so I tell myself that I had decided to be his and did all this to my body, so I will obey.

The yard was darker with only one dim spotlight directed towards a dirt area behind the house. I found the post imbedded in a small circle of cement. It was no more than a foot tall (if that!) and I had to lean on my elbows when I locked my collar to it! At first I waited on my knees and hands with my butt in the air. My mind was full of questions! Some time later, my knees were getting sore and I tried to lay down. I was cold and didn’t want to lay in the dirt but where was I going to go? I was tired but no way I would be able to sleep!
It seemed like hours later when I heard two or three cars coming up the driveway! Car doors opened and closed and then it was quiet. I listened real hard to see if I could figure out anything about the situation I was in! A door on the back of the house opened and I heard some men talking among themselves as they walked right toward me! I didn’t want to be laying in the dirt when I was discovered so I tried to get on my knees but before I could the men were next to me. I can’t figure out why it made a difference that I not be laying down as opposed to having my ass in the air, after all, I am naked and there is probably not going to be a lot of “respect” for me! More lights came on and one more set of footsteps walked up behind me.

I was on my side with one elbow on the ground and my neck firmly attached to that rediculously short post. I didn’t speak, choosing to wait until I was spoken to, I only looked up at the four men in front of me and shivered. Behind me a rough voice that I thought I recognized told me to roll forward and told the other men to look back there. I found out then what Taylor had written on my asscheeks. They laughed at the “Bitch Hole” inscription and large arrow that had been placed so clearly with a marking pen and agreed that it should be tatooed there! I had been sent by a friend for some obedience training. The “Bitch Hole” reference was to indicate how my training would begin. Still on my side, I was told to raise one leg for them to see “my holes”. They told me to stay like that as the man with the rough voice walked farther out into the yard, to a garage sized building with a door, he opened the door and called inside. Out of the door came two big dogs! Candi’s dogs! The man turned back toward me, it was KING!! The man that had tied Candi out in the yard for the dogs to have turns with! I was to suffer the same fate as she had! King told the others he was going to see how well “the Bitch” will obey. He walked back over to me and told me to get up on all fours. He said that one of the dogs was named Rusty and that I was to call to Rusty and have him come over to me. I have to say that I did not want to, so I kept silent! King stood at my side and pointed out to the others how ridiculously round my “tits” were, then without the slightest hint, he let go a kick to the side of my right breast I was going to be feel for a week! He yelled “Call him over, NOW BITCH!” Gasping for air I called “Rusty” “Here Rusty” over and over until I saw (through my tears) his paws in front of me! King told me to lick the dogs genitals and to beg rusty for sex! Immediately after a few hard strokes with some belt or whip, I begged like I was told then spun around and offered the dog my rear, hoping I could get this over with as fast as possible!! That dog climbed right on and pumped in my ass like crazy! A couple of times he slipped in my vagina and I was whipped and told to get him back in my ass! That went on for a minute or so then I felt a big knot slip in my rear! I started to beg for real! The dogs cock had a big ‘bulb’ near the base of it and it was inside my rear until I felt a painful pop as King grabbed Rusty’s collar and pulled him off me! King told the others how obedient he thought I was and they agreed with some cheers and jeers. He then told me “The next dogs name is “Brownie”! While I went through my paces with “Brownie” King told his friends that I was taking the dogs in my rear because he didn’t want such a pretty bitch like me to have a “litter” yet!

I know that it’s not possible (IS it?) for me to get pregnant by the dogs but he just wanted to give me the whole treatment. When the show was through he offered my pussy to the men there and two took him up on it but they didn’t want me to touch them with my mouth, instead electing to spray sperm on my back and in my hair. King and the other two just jacked off on me. King went to the house and came back with two more locks, he locked my hands behind me. My collar was unlocked from the post and I was told to squat over it where King put the lock through the ring in my clitoris and then to the top of the post. He pulled my nipple rings together, ran a lock through them and closed it. There I stayed for the night, unable to sit or lay down. I could only squat or get on my knees with my legs far apart and the transition between the two positions was painful! When on my knees I had to put my face in the dirt and those dogs were still out there sniffing around. I found a position that was sort of like sitting but I was really on my knees with the post pushing the lock up into my vagina. It was like that until late the next morning!

The sun was just about straight up and I was getting burned. Some tough looking old woman came out to find me in my “Face-in-the-Dirt” position. She lifted my head by the pony tail, pushed a bowl full of dog food under my face and let me drop back in it! A short time later she came back out and opened the lock in my clitoris ring to release the post then closed it back on my ring. She pushed me down, put her foot on my back and released my hands then gruffly ordered me to get up and leave! My nipples were still locked together! As such I was sent on my way. The drive back had people honking and following me, two managed to stay with me all the way to my apartment and tried to follow me into the garage! I was barely able to get inside the security gate before they caught up with me! I parked and ran up the stairs to my apt. I called Taylor and asked him if I could go to his place and get the lock off of my nipples but he ignored me and asked if I had a good night, I told him it was horrible. He told me I was going to be living there for a while! I was to wear only a short coat and meet him there the next Friday night at seven. Again I asked about the locks still locked to my rings and told him my nipples were in agony being locked together like that. He told me “SEVEN” and hung up! I spent the remainder of the day like that, in the bath and around the apartment. I wore a robe but got caught in the kitchen when my roommate walked in and as I turned in panic it fell open! She was stunned again and asked all sort of questions. It was really difficult to explain my nipples being locked together but I wanted her to understand so I told her almost everything. I was glad she had not seen the words on my back and I left out the dogs and gangbangs, only telling about my desire to be tied up and be used for sex. She tried to be understanding but I don’t think she really understood. I worked at picking the lock on my nipples for a whole day before I went to a locksmith. The next Friday she couldn’t believe I was going out with just a coat and the chain down my front that evening.

Neither could I but it was a sexy sort of amazement for me! I must invite her to see me as I really am sometime.

The End