The first thing I did the next morning was take a shower, just like every morning. I had some breakfast, then went through the girl s things. All she had with her was clothes and a purse. The purse was very small. I looked through it. She had a cell phone, condoms and a wallet, and some receipts from various clothing stores. Looking through her wallet, I discovered two things. The first is that she’s broke, and the second is that her name is Sandra Dimas Howler. I find both facts humorous. She does howl, after all.

Nothing in there is important, so I take her phone and leave the rest on my table. I walk into the room and shut the door, turning to find her asleep. She’s still spread eagle, but she doesn’t have much a choice in the matter with those cuffs keeping her that way. Checking the bed pan, I see she’s released her waste some time in the night. I remove it, which wakens her. Immediately, she begins screaming her lungs out, telling me to release her. I dispose of her waste in the conjoined bathroom. When I enter back into the room, she get’s louder. I replace the bed pan, and land a strong back-hand across her face. The left side of her face becomes immediately red, and is darkening. She quiets down. “Good morning, how are you?”, I ask. She replies with more screaming, so I backhand her again. “I asked you a question. Answer it. You’re in no position to make demands and your wailing will earn you nothing more than pain.”

She hesitates, but replies, ‘Bad. My breasts are very sore and I’m dirty. Oh, and I was raped last night.”

“That’s the will I saw in you last night. Good answer. Your breasts will be sore after last night, duh. You’re dirty because you pissed yourself. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that soon enough. Your rape was your first taste of actual kink. Did you lie to me about your interest in kink? Did you not enjoy last night?” She didn’t immediately answer. She was probably trying to think of what I wanted to hear. “Don’t lie. Your punishments will be more severe if I discover you ever lie, or if you ever disobey me. Tell me the truth, even if you think I won’t want to hear it.”

She seemed very embarrassed, but answered me, “I enjoyed being tied up, and tied to that contraption. I even kind of enjoyed when you put my breasts in it. I didn’t mind the pain too much, but then it felt like you were trying to squish my breasts off. I didn’t enjoy anything after that point. I’m honestly interested in kinky sex, but not rape or extreme pain.”

“Good, I like honesty. I’ll reward your honesty by sedating you before I operate.” That statement was followed by a long series of questions from her, but I was ignoring her and preparing the sedative. When I reappear with a syringe full of a clear liquid, she begins thrashing about, attempting to escape, no doubt. I simply inject it into her wrist, which is still bound and easy to get to. “Give me some of that wonderful head, or I’ll add a surgery to the list, and remove your tits while you’re out.” I shoved my dick towards her face, and told her she better make me cum. She’s really good at giving head, and she manages to get me off before she goes under.

When she wakes up, she’s in the same bed, cleaner, and completely aware. I injected her with a counter agent to the sedative I used so that she would be able to comprehend what I tell her in it’s entirety. She simply looked at me, waiting for an explanation. Not quite what I expected, but it’s certainly easier this way.

“Don’t say a word until I tell you it’s alright, and it’s very important you follow this order. You’ll discover why either when you speak, or after I’ve told you. The wiser move is the former.” She remains quiet. “I’m not certain how knowledgeable you are, so I’ll keep it in laymen’s terms.”

She fidgeted, but seemed to be heeding my advice about not speaking, so I continued, “The first surgery I performed on you was to remove most of your uterus, so that you will never again have a cycle, nor will you be able to become pregnant…”

She immediately cut me off, looking as though to chastize me for ruining her future. However, in the midst of her words, I pressed a button on the small device in my hand. Her word were cut off. She went rigid, paused for a moment looking surprised and horrified, staring down at her clitoris. She breathed very deeply, and let out a loud scream. After a total of ten seconds she stopped, but continued to stare at her clitoris. She looked at and began to yell at me, but then I pressed the button, and the same thing happened. After this ten seconds, she looked back at me, but said nothing.

“Are you finished?” I asked her. She continued looking at me, saying nothing. “Good. I suppose I’ll tell you about that surgery, as you disobeyed me and spoke out of turn, bringing it to the forefront of your attention as well as mine. I’ve implanted a small device into your clitoris. It’s not big enough for you to feel it while it’s inactive, and it’s activated from only this key chain.” I showed her the device in my hand, which looked exactly like a remote car starter. “When I press this button, the device in your clit shocks you severely. In fact, the only reason the shock isn’t lethal is because it doesn’t last long enough. It lasts exactly long enough that it doesn’t permanently damage anything, yet the pain… well, you should know.”

I sit back in my chair and relax a bit. “That’s only how you count the number of times you disobey me, though. The true nature of this device is, in fact, a lethal one. The device has a counter onboard it, and when it shocks you a certain number of times it releases an undetectable neural toxin. In addition to causing some pain, the toxin will kill you. In addition, when it releases that toxin, it will explode. This may destroy your clitoris but the device itself will deteriorate into it’s constituent elements, which are elements normally found in burn wounds. The wound it leaves may be an oddity, something the coroner will find fascinating. However, there will be no evidence the device was ever there. It has a number of charges somewhere between one and one hundred. You’ve already determined it has at least three. I wouldn’t recommend disobeying me ever again, because you may learn, for a few excruciating seconds, how many it did have.”

Her face was beautiful. It displayed an assortment of fear, lingering pain from the shocks she experienced, disbelief, and depression. Most importantly, I could see that she understood her position.

“Now, on to the other surgeries. I removed some of the width of your vagina. It will be tighter, and more pleasing to me. I also aggravated your asphincter and rectum to induce muscle growth and increased sensitivity.” With this, I reached between her legs and touched her asshole. She yelped and jumped, looking at me, shocked. I smiled, “Do you see how my mere touch felt somewhat painful? Of course, bowel movements will be even less pleasant, but that’s not the reason I did that. You said you’d never been fucked in the ass. When I do decide to take your ass, I want it to be very painful for you. That’s why it’s fun, after all. Well, that, and it’s tighter than your vagina. Sure, I tightened your vagina, but I tightened your ass, too. Your future is very appealing, no? Also, you’ll find the only place on your body that grows hair any more is your head.”

She didn’t say a word. “I give you permission to speak, now, but only in a civil tone. If I feel you’re not taking to your role as my slave, I won’t hesitate to use my button. Oh, one more thing before I listen to you; That device is very stable. I could bludgeon your cunt with a 2×4 for days before it would take any damage. Speaking of damaging your vagina, guess what today’s activity will be. That’s an order.” Of course she wouldn’t immediately answer me. Her shock is understandable. After about a minute of silence, though, I showed her the button. That got her talking.

“Are you going to bludgeon my vagina with a 2×4?”, she asked fearfully.

I laughed, “No, but I may chose to some day. I’ve never done that before. I’m going to unstrap you. Remember to do everything I tell you, and don’t try to escape. It may be the last thing you ever do.”

I unstrapped her, and she was as calm as she could be until I unstrapped her legs. She jumped up and grabbed at my hands. Of course I expected she might try something like that, so I pressed the button. She froze in place, took a deep breath, and grabbed her mound while screaming and falling to the floor. She writhed on the floor, then stopped after ten seconds. She sat on the floor, legs apart and bent at the knee, staring at her clitoris. She prodded it a few times, but didn’t seem to satisfy her at all. I could see she was crying. “Well, It has at least one charge left before it kills you. Do you want to continue discovering how many charges it has, or will you obey me?”

“I’ll obey you.”

“Good, follow me.” I took her to the room we were in the other night. It’s been three days for me, but she was asleep for a night and then about 48 hours. I tied her arms behind her back and strapped her knees onto the rollers again. She was crying the whole time, but she’ll eventually learn to accept my authority better than even willing slaves.

“Lean forward so that your tits are between the bars like the other night.” She did it slowly, but she did it without complaining, unless crying counts. I tightened the bars as tight as they were the other night. Then she looked pitifully up at me and spoke, “Are you going to stab my breasts like you did?”

“Maybe. I haven’t really decided, yet.”

“Why did you do this to me?”

“Because you’re a beautiful young woman who I want ownership of. I also love inflicting pain onto women. Beautiful young women are even more beautiful when they’re in pain.”

“You said you wouldn’t hurt me as much if I’m honest and do what you say. Are you going to hurt me as badly as last time?”

“Maybe. I’ll hurt you because I enjoy it. That may be a lot. However, I will hurt you even more if you lie or disobey me. In fact, I’ll probably use my button in addition to that additional pain.”

She continued crying and looked at her now purple tits. I adjusted the toy such that the bars would both move in unison along with her moving, and the rollers would, too. She hadn’t yet moved to discover that, though. She wasn’t in a position that makes moving easy. In fact, any moving would probably hurt. As she was, her knees where three feet apart, displaying her cunt lewdly.

“Stand up. No, wait.” I almost forgot about the spring chain on her nipples. I set up the chain with the springs along it on the wall, they clipped her nipples and connected the chains, as I did the other night. Her tits were being stretched from the nipples and trapped in the bars.

It was wonderful looking. “Now stand. It will be difficult with your weight on both your knees, so you may have to pull on your tits a bit. It’ll hurt, but that’s the point. I want you standing in one minute. Don’t fail me.” She did exactly as I suggested, and it appeared it did hurt her. Particularly since the higher she stood the harder the chain was pulling on her nipples. She got up within thirty seconds, though it caused her to cry harder.

After she got up, I locked the bars in place, as well as the roller on her left knee. I lifted up her right leg, though. It forced most of her weight onto her tits, but then I locked that roller into position as high as it could go, under the bottom bar. She put her weight back onto that leg. Her cunt was now displayed much more lewdly. There was no part you couldn’t see. Her legs were spread almost as far apart as I imagined they could be.

“Wiggle your ass”, I commanded. She did. She didn’t do it well, but I wasn’t trying to get her to turn me on. I was already erect, as she could see (why bother putting clothes on through all this?). Her ass was too easily wiggled. I want her to not be able to move her cunt at all. I tied her feet to the toy, which limited her movement slightly more, but that wasn’t enough. I got an idea.

“Yes, I suppose I will stab your tits, but not in quite the same way as last time.”

She kept crying, but said nothing. I walked to the other side of her and looked through my box, finding a two foot long skewer. It was quite thick, too. It would do the job nicely. I also found two that were only six inches long. I sanitized them. Walking back around her, I set the larger skewer on the chair next to the front of her. The smaller ones I pierced, carefully so as not to pierce anything besides skin, through the skin between her cunt lips and legs. They didn’t block the view to her cunt. All the while, she had been screaming. I didn’t mind, though. This is only preparation. The other skewer went through her tits horizontally. She screamed some more while I adjusted it to be even, though it took longer than necessary. I enjoyed that.

I grabbed the skewer on either side and pulled it up and down about two or three inches either way. I loved watching her face contort in that scream, so I did it again. Then I got a brilliant idea. I found the ring gag and put it on her. I commanded her to stick out her tongue and keep it out. I went through the box again and found another skewer six inches long and more chain. On the other side of her again, I pulled her tongue out even further and quickly skewered it horizontally. She made a muzzled yelp. I placed some short chain on either end of the skewer, and attached the longer chain to those, as I did with her nipple clamps. She couldn’t get her tongue in her mouth, so I used this time to get the ladder, then attached the chain to an eyelet in the ceiling. I made sure it was tight enough to cause pain, but not enough to seriously damage her tongue. She made fun noises the whole time. Now she had a hard time seeing what I was doing.

I got some more spring chains from my box, and attached them to the skewers between her vagina and legs. I stretched them up to her tits, forcing her to press her cunt forward as far she could. In this position, I pulled a few inches further and placed the chains on either side of the skewer through her boobs. Her tits were now being pulled in two directions, in addition to being smashed between the bars. I love tits in pain.

She was crying very hard, and she asked me something. I think I could understand “Am I like this so you can fuck my tighter cunt?”

“No, I’m going to whip your cunt.” I told her. She didn’t cry any harder, but I think that’s because she was almost out of tears. I had one last thing to do before I did that, though. I found the dildo. It was the most expensive dildo I had ever seen, but that’s because it’s the best. It has moving parts, not merely vibrating parts. It was coated in a film so the parts wouldn’t catch flesh. It also had a clit simulator. I oiled it up, and attached a belt strap. I jabbed it in her, and put the belt on her. Then I turned it on. “I command you to have at least five orgasms.”

I watched her for about half an hour before the first one hit. I got an idea, but not until the orgasm already hit her. I got some skewers ready, and jabbed them through her tits vertically when she had her next one, fifteen minutes after the first. I moved them around in the holes they made for a couple minutes, just for the fun of it, but her screams made it obvious it wasn’t helping her orgasm. I poured some warming lotion onto her cunt, and she had another again in twenty minutes. I left her alone again, and it only took her ten minutes for the next one. When I saw her getting close to the fifth, I played with the last pair of skewers again. She had an orgasm while she was contorting her face in pain. I did that with the skewers through three more orgasms. On the last one, I turned off the dildo and removed it along with the belt.

“So, do you enjoy pain, or hate pleasure?” She mumbled something about enjoying pleasure and hating pain. “Well, that’s acceptable, too.” No more lollygagging. I got my cat’o nine tails and stood in front of her. I put more oil on her cunt, and she seemed to enjoy it, so I massaged her mound for a bit. She got close to orgasm, so I played with one of the skewers. When she began orgasming, I grabbed the cat and whipped her cunt as hard as I could.

“GAAAAAEEEEEEEAAAAEEE!” She let out a horrifying scream that lasted a couple seconds and began crying again. I hadn’t noticed she’d stopped, but she was doing it again. Not that I cared.

I played with the skewers for a little, then smacked her cunt hard again. “AAAAAEEEEEHHHHOOOOOOWWWWW!”

While playing with the skewers, I said, “You know, I hear pussy whipping is the most painful thing some slaves have ever felt. Would you say it is?”


“Good, I’m going to do this 13 more times, then fuck you in the ass. With your improved rectum, that may be even more painful.”

“O, pea e dun’t!”

“That counts as disobeying me. Never ask me to not do something. Ever.”

I pressed the button and whipped her cunt once each second. Her reaction was lacking. She simply made a very soft whining noise, like she was trying to scream but couldn’t breath. After the ten seconds, I stopped. A few seconds later, she stopped making the noise, took a deep breath in, and screamed very loudly. “Did I get you in between breaths?”

That was interesting.

I looked at her, and I saw that she was passed out. That’s very interesting. While I was operating on her, I injected her so that she would heal exceptionally quickly, and intravenously fed her. Those worked perfectly. She was already completely healed. However, I also injected her with chemicals that would slightly alter her physiology so that she would remain conscious through all pain. I guess I discovered a new threshold. I woke her with smelling salt. It was easy, that treatment did work. She was no longer crying, either.

“Passing out you couldn’t control, I won’t hold that against you. However, between every stroke, ask me to whip your cunt as hard as I can.”

“Pea e ip my cont os had as ou ca?” I whipped her again.


“AAAAAEEEEEHHHHOOOOOOWWWWW!”, She was crying once more. “…Pea e ip my cont os had as ou ca.” I whipped her.


“AAAAAEEEEEHHHHOOOOOOWWWWWEEEEEAAa!”, She was crying still, but there was no longer water coming from her eyes. “…Pea e ip my cont os had as ou ca.” I whipped her.


“OOOOWWWWWEEEEWWWAAAAAAAAAOOOOOWW!!… Pea e ip my cont os had as ou ca.”

“You know that’s one more than I was going to, but if you like it so much…”



She was still dry crying when I got behind her and began kissing her neck. She didn’t seem to notice or care. I lubed up my prick, and shoved it into her ass. It only got half way in on that one, powerful stroke, but she was wailing “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” for the life of her. I slid the rest of the way in. It took a lot of effort on my part. When I told her she was tight, even I didn’t properly imagine just how tight. She was screaming the whole time.

She hadn’t stopped screaming yet when I asked her, “So does it hurt more or less than the whipping?”, holding my dick all the way in.


“Did you say ‘worse’?”


“Good, ask me to fuck you hard.”

“EEAA, PEA E FOCK ME HADAAHH! AAAHH!” I did as she asked. I fucked her ass as hard as I’ve fucked any cunt. “Keep asking me to fuck you harder!”, I told her as I grabbed the two skewers in her tits and played with them.


“Ask me to fuck your ass as hard as I can, tell me to pound you, tell me to hurt you! Tell me to hurt you more than you’ve ever been hurt!”


I came in her ass harder then I’ve ever came before. Not only was I fucking a beautiful woman while causing her more pain than she’s ever felt before, she was asking me to do it! Sure, I forced her to ask me on burden of possible death and more pain, but it’s still very hot.

I unhooked her from everything and she laid on the floor dry crying very hard. At first I wondered why she wasn’t grabbing many of her sore areas, but then realized I had probably cut off the circulation in her arms, and she simply couldn’t, yet. After about five minutes, her arms began moving, but it was obvious she couldn’t focus them on her wounds. Another five minutes and she began holding and massaging various parts with her right hand, but her left stayed covering her ass.

“Get up.”

She moved some more, got up on one arm and fell back down, then lied there for about twenty seconds. I pressed the button. She stopped moving, and every muscle in her body went rigid for ten seconds. I kicked her in the back a few times while she was like that. Then she got somewhat loose again, and jumped straight up. She was using all of her strength to remain standing. I took her to her room and tied her to her bed. Before leaving, I said, “I lost count of how many times I’ve used the button. I hope I don’t have to do that again, because I don’t want you dead.. You re much more fun in agony like I saw today.” I covered her wounded areas in my creme.

I left and went to bed. It was the middle of the day, but I wore myself out. Now that I think about it, I wonder how she still had the strength to stand at all after all I put her through.

To Be Continued…