It cost me another dress for our visit to my sister’s house, but the prospect of seeing her and Cathy together made it very worthwhile and I thought she looked absolutely stunning in it.

Completely backless, it stopped just above the swellings of her buttocks and at the front, it plunged almost to her navel, leaving most of her lovely big breasts free of any restraint, she wore hold up stockings and nothing else beneath it, she literally oozed sex and teased me unmercifully as we enjoyed a drink in the bar before calling for a taxi.

“Oh my God!” Charlotte said in admiration as she showed us into the house, “If you want to go anywhere Derek, you can leave Cathy with me darling, I’ll look after her”

“You look kind of edible yourself Charlotte” Cathy said as my sister kissed her on the lips, “And I’m hungry”

I stood and watched as they shared the same breath, as Cathy reached for the spaghetti straps on my sister’s shoulders and slipped them down until only Charlotte’s arms around her neck prevented the dress from sliding down over her breasts,

“Don’t you think that we girls are lucky Cathy?” she said softly, “We have so many interesting little places to explore”

She dropped her arms just long enough for her dress to slip down and expose her pink tipped breasts,

“I’m a well known explorer Charlotte” Cathy smiled and bent her head to allow her tongue to lap gently at each nipple, the dress continued it’s downward journey, leaving her in a minuscule pink thong hardly more than a tiny triangle of lace at the apex of her hairless cleft.

They kissed again and I felt my prick showing it’s appreciation by rearing up in the confine of my jeans as Cathy’s lips parted for Charlotte’s eagerly exploring tongue and her hands caressed my sister’s gorgeous little bottom.

“Come and join us Derek” Charlotte breathed and I needed no further encouragement to kneel behind her and touch my lips to the little pink strip between her cheeks, she moaned softly as I eased the tiny thong down slowly and ran my tongue down into the valley of her bottom.

Cathy’s hands pulled them apart and I licked lovingly at the tiny puckered hole of her anus, pulling away only long enough to allow one of Cathy’s fingers to delve into the dark hole,

“Upstairs” Charlotte gasped and pulled away, “I want you two in my bed, now”

I stripped quickly and lay down with a girl on each side of me, two hot, wet mouths joined in a kiss around my penis and I groaned with pleasure as Cathy held my penis in her fist and watched Charlotte licking it avidly,

“Fuck her Derek” she said softly, “Let me watch you fucking your sister”

“Thank you Cathy” Charlotte smiled and kissed her deeply as Cathy pushed her onto her back, she still had her fist wrapped around my prick and as Charlotte parted her legs, Cathy held me against my sister’s hot, wet pussy and urged me forward,

“Oh fuck” she moaned, “I’ll come in a minute”

She sat next to Charlotte as I sank into the glistening pink wetness that caressed my prick like a glove, I felt my sister’s long suntanned legs locking around my thighs and we began to move together in a well practiced rhythm, her mouth was warm, her lips full and soft and pliable under mine, I tasted her tongue and her saliva as we fucked slowly, each one savoring the sensation of our incestuous coupling,

Her hands gripped my buttocks pulling me into her, I felt Cathy’s hand too gently fondling my balls and Charlotte hissed at her to put a finger into her bottom, I actually felt her finger through the thin membrane separating Charlotte’s vagina from her rectum, Charlotte bucked and whimpered beneath me, her finger nails ripped my skin and Cathy added to my pleasure by licking my anus.

I knew I’d be unable to last much longer, but I managed to outlast Charlotte who screamed out that she was coming, unusually enough, or probably because of Cathy being there, she came with just a little sob and a sigh of pleasure, but her eyes were open and locked onto mine, words weren’t needed, her look said it all, then as Cathy squeezed my balls again, I felt my semen rising,

“Fill her for me Derek” Cathy hissed behind me, “Come on my darling, fill her sweet cunt for me”

The thought of what she was going to do was too much for me, I jerked once and rammed my prick up until I felt the far wall of her pussy against it, then I came and came and came!

“She’s a lovely young woman Derek” Cathy said as we flew out over the Atlantic ocean on our way home,

“Yes” I replied softly, my thoughts elsewhere,

“I’ve done something darling, you won’t shout at me will you?”

“Of course not darling”

“Promise, you won’t be mad”

“Ok I won’t be mad, but I’ll bloody strangle you if you don’t spill it out”

She put her lips close to my ear and whispered it, I was amazed!

“But don’t you see her as a threat?”

“No, should I?”

“You know how close we were and I think we still are”

Then a voice behind me said softly,

“Thank you for that darling, a girl likes to know she’s appreciated”

I turned round in time to see the long curly wig come off along with the dark glasses and my sister smiled at me,

“Mr observant you’re definitely not are you?”

“You pair of bloody schemers”

They both giggled and Charlotte said with a laugh,

“Can we talk about the sleeping arrangements?”

The hotel was fully booked for the next six months, it was an incredible turn around from what it was when I first went there, the only nights that we could call reasonably quiet, were a Friday and Saturday when most of the married lads went home to see their families, but even then the bar was still quite full and business was good, very good.

The girls were the biggest and best asset we had and both worked incredibly hard, every morning we cooked forty four breakfasts in two shifts and every evening we dished up forty four dinners for the hungry men, then it was a quick change for the girls and they opened the bar leaving me to a mountain of washing up.

After the first rush was over, it was all hands on deck and we prepared forty four sets of sandwiches, it was hard work and long hours, but the money poured in, we invested in a dish washer at my insistence and we paid Charlotte very well indeed, but she earned it and she was extremely popular with the lads who soon began calling her Charlie!

We made love most nights too, either me and Cathy, me and Charlotte, or Cathy and Charlotte when I felt I needed a rest, then after about five months, the boss of the plant called and asked if he could call in for a chat, we presumed it was about the renewal of the lads contracts and that he was giving us notice that perhaps not all of them would be renewed, but I was a million miles out!

“I think you should buy another hotel” he said with a smile, “We’re doubling the workforce in six months time and we’re renewing every single existing contract next month!”

“But there must be plenty of hotels for the newcomers” Cathy said and he agreed that there were, “But you three folks are the tops according to the lads, they’re happy here and some of them are persuading their mates to sign for us, the money’s good, their digs are good and they want their mates to have the same”

“Well we’re certainly making money” I acceded, “But we’d struggle to buy another place”

“Clear the woodland at the back Derek” he laughed, “Build your own hotel mate, build your own or lose out”


Saying goodbye to Katie and the boys had been hard, we’d had some great times together but I felt that I needed to move on, they understood of course and wished me well.

I couldn’t believe that Cathy had actually asked me to go home with her and Derek, I’d often thought about him and the things we did together and it seemed that in Cathy, he’d found a woman who shared his desires and needs, that night at my house after he’d fucked me, Cathy had scrambled beneath me and sucked every drop of his cum from me, she hadn’t just been pretending to be bi-sexual, she really was and later on that night as Derek lay sleeping, she offered me a job at her hotel, she offered long hours, hard work but good pay and the chance to be with my brother again, I accepted immediately!

She wasn’t kidding about the hard work and long hours, but the guys were great, without exception they were all good humoured and friendly and they tipped well too, I took a leaf out of Cathy’s book and began to dress a little sexier when serving them in the bar at night, I had my own room within their living quarters but I very rarely used it, we ate all of our meals together in their lounge and as often as not we slept in the same king size bed.

I loved having Derek inside me, but sometimes in the bar at night, I’d find myself getting wet from just looking at Cathy and she was certainly on the same wavelength, sometimes she’d touch me briefly or slip a hand up my skirt, she loved asking me to go down into the cellar for whatever it was she’d think of and the horny bitch would stand over the hatch, legs wide apart and on more than one occasion, she squatted and washed the cellar floor giggling like a maniac, her panties on the floor beside her!

Christmas came and gave us a break thank God, the first night after the boys went home, we had a couple of drinks in the bar whilst Derek sat poring over the architect’s drawings for the new extension, Cathy was sitting with her feet up on the table giving me a pussy tingling view of a little green g-string between her legs, so I got up and walked behind her,

“Let’s give him a show darling” I whispered and slid both hands down into her shirt, her nipples hardened immediately under my fingers and she grinned as she tilted her head back for a kiss,

“Mmm yes” she replied softly, “I think a nice dirty little session will do us all the world of good”

Derek looked up as Cathy got off her chair and knelt in front of me, I was wearing little white cotton panties, nothing special but a thrill ran through me as she lifted my skirt and kissed them where they were stretched tightly over my sex and nuzzled her nose into the cotton.

Derek came over to me and his lips pressed into mine as Cathy’s tongue wormed beneath my panties and into the swamp that was my cunt,

“Oh fuck” I breathed into my brother’s mouth as he ran a hand down into my panties to hold me open for Cathy’s tongue, she found the little bud of my clitoris and sucked at it keenly, I felt Derek’s erection pressing into my back as his free hand found my breasts and squeezed a nipple.

Cathy pulled back just far enough to pull my panties down, then her mouth was on me again, I reached back and squeezed Derek’s erection through his jeans as Cathy used a hand to pull his zipper down, he groaned into my mouth as I drew his cock out and hissed to him that I wanted it up my ass.

His prick was so big that it always hurt when he first put it into my rectum, but with Cathy’s tongue scooping out all the juices from inside my pussy, I barely noticed the sharp pain as his swollen dome eased past the tightness of my ring, then he began to move in and out of me, the roughness of his open zipper only adding to the fabulous sensation of being royally sodomized by my brother.

Each forward thrust of his cock sent my pussy forward into Cathy’s face, onto her tongue that she used like a miniature penis, alternating between stabbing it upwards into my cunt and flicking it rapidly across my sensitive clitoris.

My whole body was on fire as Derek mauled at dangling breasts, occasionally I like rough, dirty sex and this was such an occasion, I relaxed my bladder muscles and heard Cathy gurgling as she swallowed quickly, eager to drink everything I gave her.

Behind me, I felt Derek pushing and lunging and I screamed at him to fuck me, it started in my inner thighs, a warm glow that I strived to reach, I climbed higher and higher until the glow became a fireball, a hot searing, atomic bomb of sheer pleasure that exploded in my brain and I almost blacked out with the force of it.

Then it was Cathy’s turn, I kissed her soaking wet mouth as I took her panties off and then lay down with my mouth under her pretty little cunt as she presented her bottom to Derek, I envied my brother because I would have loved to be there where he was whilst I worshipped both her holes, I settled for her beautiful, wet pussy though and arched upwards to meet her mouth as she delved again into mine, Derek’s heavy balls were on my face as he eased into Cathy’s bottom and he growled softly when I licked them in turn.

“Fucking do me” Cathy hissed into my cunt, “Shag me, shag my fucking arsehole you bastard”

He did, he fucked her every bit as hard as he’d fucked me and it became my turn to gurgle as her warm, tangy flow gushed out into my eager mouth, I wrapped my legs around her neck and heaved myself up again, suddenly I was coming and coming hard, I felt Derek stiffen and Cathy screamed as his spewing prick sent her over the edge too.

“Oh God” I giggled, “We’ve got another two weeks of this”

“Two whole weeks!” Cathy laughed and stepped into my panties, then the telephone rang and Derek answered it,

“Tell them we’re closed” I giggled as I draped myself on Cathy’s lap and kissed her,

“It’s Angela” Derek said and handed it to Cathy,


I hadn’t heard from Angela since she got married to someone who was nearly as big a bastard as the one I’d been living with, so I took the phone with some trepidation,

“Hello stranger” I said with a laugh, Charlotte had been stroking my pussy through my (her) panties and she drew her hand away as I spoke to my sister, but I quickly replaced it, I already knew that nothing or nobody was going to come between what I had here.

I listened to what she was telling me and then put my hand over the mouthpiece and looked questioningly at Derek and Charlotte,

“She needs a job and a place to crash for a few days”

Charlotte nodded her agreement and went back to stroking my pussy, Derek smiled and said, “Tell her the hours are long, the work is hard, the wages are good, but the perks are terrific”

He was still naked and I watched as he fed his re-awakened penis into his sister’s mouth,

“How long will it take you to get here Angie?”

She told me it was about half an hour in a taxi, but she didn’t have any money, she sounded desperate and scared,

“How much have you had to drink Derek?” l looked at him pleadingly,

“Not enough sweetheart, get her address and I’ll go now”

I got her address and described Derek’s car to her, plus the registration of course and giggled as Charlotte slid a hand between my legs and prodded the cotton of my panties against my bum hole,

“We’ll be there in about half an hour” I told her,


“Yes darling, my fiancĂ©, his sister and little old me”

It took us almost exactly twenty minutes to find the seedy little boarding house, traffic was light and I recognized her immediately in spite of the tears streaming down her face, she was arguing with a man, who was holding both her wrists,

“You’re going fucking nowhere, you fucking slag” he yelled as we pulled up,

“Is that her?” Derek asked and when I replied in the affirmative, got out of the car, opened the boot and started to pick up the bags and cases that surrounded her, I got out too and the relief on her face was obvious, she pulled away from the man and threw her arms around my neck.

“Who the fuck ar–?” that was all he managed before Derek picked him up by the lapels of his jacket,

“Shut it” was all he said before he smiled and lowered him again to terra firma,

“I’m a friend sonny boy” he said softly, “Just a friend is all”

“Yeah well she ain’t going anywhere wiv you, all right cunt?”

I heard Charlotte giggling as we all helped to load the boot up with her stuff, as I looked at her, she grinned and whispered softly,

“Watch this”

She’d obviously seen him in action before but I hadn’t and if I had blinked, I’d have missed it,

Slowly, he reached out with his right hand as if he was going to pat the man’s cheek, but his left hand seemed only to move very slightly and only far enough to smack into the man’s face, his nose exploded and Derek’s forehead smacked into the bridge of his nose, he went to sleep rather quickly and seemed to be snoring soundly as we drove away.


For some strange reason, I felt quite jealous as we drove away, Cathy and Angela sat in the back hugging each other, Angie was very upset, of that there was no doubt, I heard a few whispers between the two of them, but then Cathy, bless her, rescued the situation by introducing us all and then when Angie leaned forward and kissed my cheek gently and whispered,

“Thank you Derek” I suddenly felt a hundred times better.

It was still early when we arrived back at the hotel, so I decided to open the largest bottle of champagne that we’d got in stock, I filled four glasses and gave Angie my off the cuff welcome speech,

“Welcome to the madhouse Angie” I toasted her health as did the others, “This is your sister’s place, but as far as I’m concerned, if you agree to stay and work with us, this will be your home too, cheers everybody”

None of us had a clue where to put her belongings, all the rooms were spoken for, so we decided to forget it for the time being and get pissed while Cathy told her everything about all four of us, to be fair it stunned her, but as Charlotte was sitting on my knee and wiggling her bottom on my erection, the truth was the only option!

Two hours later we were all quite drunk and we didn’t give a fuck, we seemed to somehow have changed partners, Angie was curled up on Charlotte’s lap and they were kissing sensuously, Cathy was stroking my erection through my jeans, so it seemed that the thing to do was to go to bed.

I was up before anyone the next morning and before the others knew what time it was, I’d been into town and spent an hour with the building inspector, he’d told me that the plans had been approved in principal and suggested that I could go ahead with the building.

Nothing much happened during the next few days on the building side as it was Christmas, but on the second day of the new year, the dozers and diggers roared in and the project was underway!

-To be continued…-